A Weekend by Design

by strawberryangel

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Squirting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Abigail planned a surprise weekend for her husband, Sam. Their busy lives were getting in the way of their sex life and she needed a weekend of pleasure. He had a few surprises waiting for him when he got home.

Chapter 1

Abigail Pinot-Detrick stood at the kitchen sink washing some dishes while gazing out a near-by window. It was dusk, the rain was falling and she looked below at the reflection of the kitchen light in the puddles on the concrete driveway. It was Friday and the week felt twice as long as it had been. Although a stay-at-home mom, she was also a freelance Interior Designer. With appointments every night this past week she had only seen her husband during the kid's bath-time. He had to be up early all week because he had to be in court early. His client was important and the money for the firm could be big. He would go upstairs with his laptop to work on his last minute items before going to bed. She would sit up drafting plans and elevations on the computer and rendering them for presentations. They seemed like two ships passing in the night.

Catching a glimpse of herself in the glass of the double oven to her left she smiled. Her strawberry blond hair was loosely falling along her shoulders in soft curls, just as her husband loved. She looked just as youthful as the day they met, even now at 33 with two children. Her body was sculpted by her dedication to exercise and her vanity. She always thought, 'just because I am a 33 year old mom doesn't mean I have to look like a 33 year old mom.' Still feeling 18 at heart she used that lust for life to fuel her in everything she did.

Keeping in shape and dressing to show it off always made her feel good. You could say she was a bit of an attention hog. Her husband always told her that "that guy just checked you out" and yet she failed to see it most of the time. But when she did notice it she was proud of herself. It meant that she was still desirable and sexy. Every woman loves to feel that way. In the end, she used her feelings of being desirable and sexy to her husband's benefit.

Taking a deep breath she inhaled the scent of the lasagna that was beginning to bubble in the oven. The fresh bread that sat on the counter was cooling and made the house smell like a bakery. The meal was a quick and simple one to make but it was one of her husband's favorites. She had forgotten how much she loved to cook; it relaxed her to create a delicious meal or dessert. She felt the week melt away, along with the cheese on the lasagna.

Hearing the garage door opening below her she then saw the tail lights to his Lexus backing in their driveway to the rear garages. A smile widened on her face because she knew her plan was about to take shape. He had no idea she had arranged for the kids to spend the weekend at her parent's house. After the week he had she thought he deserved a few surprises. Just planning this night has brought her to a heightened state of arousal.

Continuing to wash dishes in her green apron, albeit a bit cliché, she heard the garage door close as she continued to stand at the sink with her back to the basement door. She could hear him enter the basement and climb the stairs that lead to their great-room. The stereo was playing in the family room section to her right. Off the kitchen to the left was the elegant red dining room, dimly lit as the flames on the candles danced, reflecting in soft pools on the walls. The atmosphere was magnificent.

She could hear Sam step up into the kitchen. Keeping her back to him the only noise in the room was from the soft music playing and the muted tinkle of the dishes sloshing in the sink. Feeling his eyes on her she stood with her bare ass facing him. She was at the sink in her apron, but nothing else. Her ass was exposed and her ample bosom peaked out the sides of the apron, threatening to pop out completely.

"Hello honey." Abigail said in a soft sultry voice, without turning her attention from the suds in the sink.

"Mmm." was all he said in response as his briefcase hit the floor. She then heard him place his laptop case on the floor as well.

The 'tap-tap-tap' of his Florsheims on the kitchen floor grew closer and his suit-coat brushed against her bare skin. In a nonchalant tone, but with a widening smile, she said, "I hope you are hungry, the lasagna is in the oven and will be done soon."

"I am hungry," he stated in a deep rich tone, "but not for dinner." He then changed his tone and asked, "Where are the kids?"

She replied, "At my mom's for the weekend," hearing the wheels turning in his head. The kids had never stayed at their grandparents before since they lived only 10 minutes away. She could almost hear the light bulb ignite over his head as he began to realize they were alone in their house for the first time in a long time and she was half-naked.

Sam leaned into her back, sliding his hands under her apron, cupping her perky breasts. She was 5'1" and he was 5'8", their bodies aligned in a magnificent way. Her nipples immediately hardened as he pinched each one. His hand traced the skin on her breast softly, barely making contact with her skin. It was like delightful electricity spreading at the point of contact, making her squirm. A soft moan escaped her lips as she tilted her head back resting on his shoulder. Leaning into him the dish soap bubbles were dripping from her hands.

From the top of her bare back to the back of her calves Abigail could feel his wool suit on her flesh as his hands explored the treasures under her apron. She pushed her ass back into his body. She could feel his hard cock through his suit pants pressing firmly against the top of her ass crack and the small of her back. He pulled his hands out from his explorations and her nipples were piercing the cotton apron. He untied the strings at her tummy and they fell apart behind her.

Waiting, she was pressed between his body and the counter. In a moment he spun her around. Then he stepped back and lifted the top of the apron over her head. The only garment she was shrouded in was pulled from her and he threw it haphazardly away. Not bothering to pay attention to where it was thrown or where it landed she kept her eyes fixed on his. His caramel-brown eyes and long, dark lashes still made her heart flutter with their intensity. When he looked at her it was like she was the only other person on earth, even if they were in a room with 300 other people. The fire he had in them always made her melt.

Slowly he lowered his lips to hers in a passionate kiss that radiated throughout her body. Pressing into the kiss she matched his passion. Grabbing the sides of Sam's naturally tanned face her fingertips brushed his short dark hair, flecked with specks of grey far too premature for a man his age. As their tongues danced, her thumbs brushed his neatly trimmed goatee with matching grey flecks. He had such a bad-boy look with his goatee and eyes afire but she knew the real Sam. The passion for things in him was great but so was his devotion and love. From the day they met he was passionate for her and she knew it. Day to day life had hampered that passion slightly and she needed to see it in his eyes again. Feeling the passion radiating from him she sensed it matched hers.

His goatee tickled and rubbed her face and she moved soft kisses through his whiskers to his cheek then his ear. The goose bumps on his neck from her warm breath and nibbles told Abigail that her attention to him was evoking the reaction she desired. His hands were rubbing and fondling her smooth firm ass. Lowering his jacket down his arms, waiting for it to hit the floor she moved to loosen his tie and removed it completely. Then she set to work unbuttoning his blue and white striped Oxford shirt. The shirt was removed and hadn't hit the floor yet as the buckle on his pants became her next opponent. Then the pants were unbuttoned and unzipped by her dainty fingers. When the pants hit the floor, the silver buckle on his black belt clunked.

She peeled his black boxer briefs down off his waist and she watched intently as his hard, thick cock sprung out, brushing her bare belly with its mushroom tip. His pants and boxers were in a puddle around his ankles.

He stood before her, her Hazel-green eyes moving from head to toe of her dark, delicious man. Her gaze met his as his devilish goatee spread into a grin like she hadn't seen in too long. They stood before each other naked. They had stood naked before each other daily in the 41/2 years of their marriage but tonight there was something dancing between them. An electricity that seemed to warm the space between their flesh. The passion was brewing and dancing like the candles in the other room.

Just as the moment seemed to stretch out almost painfully long, he grabbed her shoulders pressing her backwards. He led her to the table in their eat-in-kitchen and shoved aside the salt and pepper shakers from the center. He laid her on her back in one swift movement.

She set her feet in a chair and he went down on bended knee, not to propose again but with serious lust and hunger in his eyes. He plunged his face into her sweet, wet center with a moan. She knew she was wet because the anticipation alone had her dripping. His touch now had her aching for his contact. She could smell her arousal over the lasagna. He flicked his tongue across her clit as he held her inner thighs with his palms. His masterful tongue was soft and warm. With each flick over her clit she jumped slightly, lifting her ass. From her center to her clit, he licked her length and with each lick she caught her breath. His whiskers were easily felt on her smoothly shaved lip area and inner thighs.

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