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by JAX

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Almost every day I get something nice in the mail; stories from my many readers. Here are just a few:

Almost every day I get something nice in the mail; stories from my many readers. Here are just a few:

Big And Black

I'm just 16 with a 36EE-26-36 figure and still a virgin although I don't expect I'll shall stay one for much longer. I'm very shy about my big body but my older brother Billy says that I'm very attractive and that all his friends are lusting after my big breasts. It feels very weird when he talks about me like that for he is my brother after all and I don't think he should be looking at me the way he does either. He's been on at me to let him take some pictures of me at first I was flattered but he said he wanted them with me in the nude. At first I said no but after a bit I though it may be a good way to get over being so shy so I agreed. He also said he take care of my virginity problem too but that's definitely not going to happen.

He hadn't set a time or a date to take my picture so when he burst in to the bathroom with his camera I was quite shocked. I was in the middle of my shower when he started to snap away. My arms and hands aren't big enough to cover everything so in the end I let him get on with it. It felt very funny being naked in front of him, nice but funny. He asked me about my tattoo for he didn't know I had one. Me and a couple of my girlfriends had it done in the summer although we had to lie about our ages. The guy didn't I'm sure believe us that we were all 18 but he didn't seem to care that much. Debs had one done on her thigh, right at the top so she had to take her jeans right off so he could get at her. I think I would have died if it had been me but she seemed to like it when he touched her there.

Billy has said he's going to show my pictures to all his friends. At first I felt shocked but after a bit it gave me a funny feeling to know that they were all going to see me with no clothes on. I think Billy was expecting me to beg him not to but I didn't. "Show whoever you want," I said bravely. I'll expect I shall be getting more funny looks from now on but I don't care, let them leer.


Author's note: there was a picture sent with this story so if you want a copy please ask.

Gun Club

Why isn't she pushing him away, that was the thought that bounced around my skull. At first I deluded myself with the girl I saw being manhandled wasn't my wife of five years for the lighting in the carriage house were quite dim. But as I got closer I could see that it was indeed my Carol. We had been invited to the Gun Club as part of a fund raising night to help support the club's Lodge and Grounds. My wife and I had finished Dinner and we both had drunk our share and more, then after a few dances some other members waylaid me while she carried on dancing.

When I first spied them they were drinking and laughing about something but as I crept nearer I could see that they were now kissing and I could see that his hand was moving over her long legs. I wanted to bound out of my hiding place and shout at them to stop but instead I stood there watching as his hand continued to move over her body. As his hand moved under her skirt she, for the first time started to push him away; about bloody time I thought and I also thought that it would be the end of it but I was wrong.

"No don't," I heard her slur drunkenly.

He was not being put off by her words and he pushed his hand right up. Once he reached his goal the fight drained out of her and I could hear those tell tale moans and groans that she makes when she turned on. His other hand joined in now and under his twin onslaught she was losing it fast.

Now things got very serious for he pushed her flat and he had pulled her top and bra up to expose her lovely breasts to the dim light. Not that they remained exposed for long for soon he was sucking on them and during all the time his hand was moving between her thighs.

"No, no, we mustn't," she slurred.

For a second I thought he was going to stop but he just moved off her slightly so he could reach under her skirt and rip her knickers off. He undid his trousers and pulled down his boxers to free his hard cock.

"No, no," she said and she tried to get up.

He just ignored her completely and moved between her legs. With a hard thrust he was fully inside her and just to prove it to me she let out a low moan. Her arms went around his neck and her hips moved against him.

"Yes, oh god yes," she groaned and their hips moved together until I heard the familiar noise of her climax arriving. His rear twitched as he pumped his spunked deep inside her.

I left then and went back to the bar but watched the door way closely and after a few minutes a guy came out looking very smug; I instantly recognized him as Al. What to do now? For Al and I had shot together many times and I considered him a closes friend. As I was pondering this Carol came out looking slightly wobbly.

"Ready to go?" I asked as I fell in beside her.

"Mmm, yes please," she replied.

Once in the warmth of the car she fell instantly asleep. I stopped at some lights and in the dimness of the street lighting I pulled her skirt up to reveal that her knickers were missing and that her seat was damp from leaking spunk. My mind was filled with mixed emotions, firstly I can't remember my cock being so hard as I watched my drunken wife being taken advantage off and guilt for doing nothing to stop it.

It wasn't long for once again we were invited to another fund raiser and this time I noticed that Carol had dressed just a shade more sexily than she usually does. Her skirt was just a bit shorted and I also noticed that she put a really sexy bra on, something I had requested from time to time but usually she ignores me.

The dinner was excellent as was the free bar and again we both drunk far more than we are used to. Almost immediately I noticed my old friend Al come up to Carol and ask for a dance after which I lost track of her for some time as I was talking guns with some of the other members. When I did spy her next she was sitting at the bar with Al and somebody else who I didn't recognise. I was just about to join them when the two guys got off their bar stools and pulled Carol after them as once again they headed for the Carriage house.

When I got to my spy place they had Carol sandwiched between them and they were drinking and laughing with each other.

"No don't," I heard her slur as the nameless one reached under her short skirt.

After that she couldn't speak for Al was kissing her and his hands were mauling her breasts. By now the nameless one and exposed her knickers and was working his fingers between her legs. After a short while he slipped his hand down the front of her knickers and it became obvious that he was working on her pussy for her legs just flopped open. Between the two of them they then stripped her completely naked and for some minutes they kissed, licked and figured every inch of her groaning body. Somehow they ended up on the floor and Al manoeuvred himself between her legs and freed his cock from his shorts. As he pushed inside her, her body jerked for she had climaxed almost immediately. Al fucked her hard and fast until he too came and he pumped his spunk deep inside her. Al stayed still for a few moments, enjoying the sensation no doubt until his nameless friend pushed him out of the way. As soon as he pushed his fat cock into her Carol let out a long low groan and her body jerked against him.

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