Snippets - Susan (or Virginity Lost)

by RitalinUnderdose

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: How I lost my virginity to a biker babe. The process of losing one's virginity at an absurd age.

These are true stories from my life. They depict various experiences with partners I have had. These stories include sexual acts, and if you may not, should not, or don't want to read this, then do not read it.

This is a hobby, as well as a way to reminisce, perhaps in one or two cases, even to brag. My writing skills are not on a par with some of the other authors. I know this. If you feel inspired, write to let me know you liked, or did not like a story, maybe even why.

Susan technically took my virginity. I had done quite a lot with other girls by then, but never the deed. I'd rather not say my actual age, because it's a trifle embarrassing, but I was a bit older than I should have been.

It was a plan, really. I asked Susan if she would like to go for a ride (I had a motorcycle) and after a few scheduling problems we finally found ourselves setting out one fine summer Saturday morning.

I picked Susan up at her apartment. I had carried passengers before, but not often, and she lived on a steep hill, so it was a little harrowing getting underway. We stopped at her bank so she could get some pocket money and got on the highway. There is a state route nearby, that had once been an indian trail, and now is lined with souvineer shops and aluminum tee-pees along with some of the most breathtaking scenery and beautiful vistas. The only problem is the scenery starts a good hours drive from Susan's place.

Did I mention my motorcycle had a solo seat and a pillion pad? A solo seat is a seat not unlike what you would find on a bicycle, but wider and with much better padding. A three or four hour ride can make you saddle sore but you get used to it. A pillion pad is a small cushion about the size of a large, thick paperback book. Its a technical seat, and compresses to a thin, hard pad, about as comfy as that paperback.

We finally arrived at the pretty part of the trip, and enjoyed the sights. We stopped at some of the tourist traps and bought some junk. We had a bite to eat. I bought a racoon hat. We stopped along the roadside and sat and talked. I visited a bush.

After a couple hours of sightseeing, we turned around and headed home. The trip back was not as fun, we were tired, the sights going were the same ones we'd seen coming. At one point I shifted to one of the "A" routes for variety, but we got caught in traffic and I moved back to the main road. I hadn't really noticed just how far away we had gotten, and the return trip turned into a drag. We were both dragging by the time we reached town - I can only imagine what Susan's butt felt like.

I suggested we stop to rest at my place, which was about 30 minutes closer than her apartment. She agreed and we pulled up to the house.

My roommate was away on a business trip, so we had the place to ourselves. We collapsed onto the sofa and leaned against each other. I tentatively stroked her hair and got a good response. I worked my way to her shoulders and neck and gave one of my patented neckrubs. We progressed to kissing, and I began to massage lower down her back and I rubbed her tits and felt her nipples getting hard under her blouse. Our kissing was now a tongue dance, and except for the clothes we were all but making love there on the sofa.

I crossed my fingers and paused, and asked, "Would you like to go upstairs?". My stomach dropped as she appeared to be considering it (I had been so CERTAIN!) but then she said (this is a quote): "I would love to go upstairs with you." I led her by the hand...

The top of the stairs approached. I remembered my room was not in the best condition for guests. Okay, it was a disaster. Thinking quickly, I took her to my roommate's room, not mine.

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