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by JAX

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: "So, you like the thought of your little wifey playing strip poker with guys then?" I asked sweetly, my hand rubbing his hard prick.<br>He just grunted and pushed me onto my back. Forcefully, he pulled my legs apart and fell in between them. God, it was so nice, nothing gentle or romantic this time, just your hard and fast rut.

We were lying cosy in bed this Sunday morning and after a very nice romantic fuck, he had asked me about some of the things I did before I met him.

"You did what?" asked my husband, Billy, who suddenly sat up and looked down at me.

"Well, it was all quite innocent," I explained.

"But you got your kit off in front of these guys?" he said.

"Sure, and they did the same," I said.

"I'm not sure that helps any," he said with a big grin. "So how old were you?"

"I don't know," I said thinking back.

God, it was some ten years ago at least, I thought.

"Well, I was still at school, that's for sure, because I remember we did it in our summer break," I said still thinking back. "So, I would say thirteen or fourteen."

"Shit," he gasped. "So you played Strip Poker with, what, three guys when you were thirteen?"

"Or fourteen," I said. "Anyway, I've known these guys all my life, one lived next door and the others lived across the street."

"I'm not sure that helps any either," he said with a laugh.

I rolled over getting closer when I felt something very hard.

"Fuck me, what have you got there?" I giggled.

"Well, you don't expect me not to get aroused do you?" he explained. "My wife suddenly tells me that she got her kit off and fucked half the guys in her street and not react."

"Hey, I didn't fuck anybody," I said indignantly. "We just played Strip Poker, that's all. In fact, if I remember rightly, I was still a virgin then and was for quite a long time after, too."

"I bet those guys tried though," he leered.

God yes, they sure did, I thought. I was so aroused seeing their hard pricks and their lustful eyes staring at my growing body. I could hardly catch my breath and it took all the will power I possessed to swot their groping hands away.

"So, you like the thought of your little wifey playing strip poker with guys then?" I asked sweetly, my hand rubbing his hard prick.

He just grunted and pushed me onto my back. Forcefully, he pulled my legs apart and fell in between them. God, it was so nice, nothing gentle or romantic this time, just your hard and fast rut.

"I've invited some of the lads over tonight," he said innocently but something in his voice that sounded strange.

"Oh, yeah/" I stood up and faced him.

"Just a friendly game of cards," he said still trying to look innocent.

"Friendly game of cards?" I queried.

"Yeah," he confirmed.

I could see it in his eyes that he was thinking about that game of strip poker I played all those years ago.

"Fine," I said.

But in truth I had that hollow feeling in my gut and I couldn't quite catch my breath. I had to turn away before he noticed anything.

What to wear? That was the question. Well, if hubby gets his way I'd better put on some sexy underwear. I dried myself in front of my large mirror and dropped my bath towel. I was twenty-two last birthday and my body still looked in good shape. My breasts, my pride and joy, still looked high and firm and measured 34b. I would have liked my legs a bit longer but they weren't that bad, still slender. Perhaps my thighs were just a tad thicker than they were. I stopped this self examination in case I found any more faults and pulled on my sexiest underwear. Thong knickers and that low cut bra I bought to go with that lovely but low cut dress I found last year. Now should I wear a dress or skirt and top? Well a skirt and top was two items where as a dress is only one. What am I thinking off, the object of strip poker is to get naked as quick as possible; so I'll wear a dress.

The first part of the evening went slowly, drinks and more drinks as the guys and especially my lovely hubby was tying to get up the courage to suggest they change games and play strip poker.

"I'll get more drinks," he said and left the card table, leaving me alone with Charlie and Sam, two of Billy's two oldest mates.

"This is getting boring," I sighed. "Let's play something different."

If I didn't do something soon the evening would be a total loss.

"Yeah, why not," sighed Sam.

I don't know if Billy had prepped his two mates or not but I suspected he hadn't.

"I was telling Billy boy the other night about the time, long, long ago when I was just a little girl, I played strip poker with some male friends," I said boldly.

"Yeah?" said Charlie, his eyes flashing with interest.

"Yeah, I played with my sister and cousin and one of their friends, once," confessed Sam. "Can't remember her name now."

"Shit, I didn't know that," said Charlie.

"Yeah, it was years ago," mused Sam. "The girls didn't have much shape but it was still so fucking exciting."

"What was?" asked Billy, who had just returned with a tray of drinks.

"Sam was relating a game of strip poker he played with his sister and cousin," said Charlie.

"No shit," said Billy. "Susie was telling me something similar the other night."

"Yeah, everyone plays that game sometime," said Sam.

"Well, I've never," said Charlie with a bit of a sulk.

"We can play now if you want," I offered, patting his hand.

"W-what, you sure guys?" Charlie stuttered. "Billy, you ok with this?"

"Sure, why not," he said looking at me while he said it. "Nothing heavy though, ok?"

So we started to play. We played a very simplistic game, the lowest hand had to remove an article but no end game was mentioned.

"Holy shit," said Sam as I removed my dress to reveal my sexy undies.

Everyone was down to bare minimum when I lost again and stood up to remove my bra.

"I think that'll do," said Billy, as I proudly exposed my breasts to his mates.

"What, no surely not," said Sam.

"Yeah, nobody's naked yet," said Charlie.

"Time for you two to get off home," said Billy forcefully.

"Yeah, ok," said Sam who hadn't taken his eyes off me yet. "Come on, Charlie."

Billy shut the door behind them and turned on me as I sat there with my breasts still exposed.

"You're nothing but a blatant, exhibitionist slut," he snarled.

"Good job you like me like that," I giggled sexily and pointing at the front of his pants that were tenting quite nicely.

He grabbed me and pushed me face down on the card table. I felt my thongs rip as he pulled on them none-too-gently. God, it felt so good when his hard cock pushed its way deep inside me. I was half afraid the table would collapse under our combined weight but somehow it survived. We went to bed straight away and in those few minutes he was hard again. This time he lasted more than a few thrusts and he brought me off quite nicely.

No one mentioned our card night for some weeks, then one night down the pub Sam came in and bought Billy and me a new drink and sat with us.

"Shit, what a night that was," he sighed.

He didn't have to spell out what night he was referring to we all knew.

"Yeah, we must do it again sometime," I said looking pointedly at Billy.

"Yeah, why not," he said looking straight back at me.

That hollow feeling was back and I didn't trust myself to speak.

"How about this Friday/" offered Billy.

"Yeah," leered Sam.

There was a different atmosphere this time, for we all knew how the evening would end. The guys kept exchanging looks all evening but this time it wasn't going to be me who brought the subject up.

"Shit, this is boring," sighed Charlie who looked pointedly at Billy.

"Yeah, why not," he said. "We're all drunk enough now. Lets change the game, ok, Susie?"

"Sure, anything you guys want," I replied.

Suddenly, everyone was eager to play. I was dressed pretty much as last time except I had to replace my thong knickers that Billy had ripped. Charlie lost all his clothes before I had a chance to remove anything revealing but at last I lost again and my bra hit the floor. With Charlie naked no one suggested this was the end game so we played on.

"Ok, Susie, you lost," cried Sam as I put down my pair or eights.

"Shit," I said but in a lady like way.

I stood up and rolled my thong down my thighs. I had shaved that very morning so I was completely exposed down below.

"Fuck me," came a whispered comment.

"Fucking right," came another.

"Jesus, guys," said Billy. "Time for you two to leave."

"Shit," sighed Sam. "Just when things were getting interesting."

I stood up and waited for Billy to return to the lounge after shutting the door behind the guys.

"You're some sexy slut," he growled.

"Yeah, and I have needs," I giggled sexily.

He almost threw me to the floor and damm near raped me on the shag pile carpet. The only thing was, I was as sexed up as he was, four good hard thrusts and I was screaming out as my orgasm washed through me.

For the next few nights, Billy was rampant and, god, how nice it was to feel his hard cock thrusting into me. Sometime a slow romantic fuck is nice, you know with wine and flowers, but other times you need it hard and brutal.

"How about another card night?" Billy asked innocently.

"Yeah, whatever," I replied.

It had been a few months since the last night and Billy's ardour had waned somewhat. Billy was extra generous with the wine that night and I must confess to getting more than a little drunk. I was down to my thong knickers. The guys had just lost their shirts when Billy pulled out his camera and took a few shots of me posing with the guys.

"Stop that," I said but I was too drunk to be really annoyed.

"Isn't it time for the guys to leave?" I asked lustfully as I rolled my knickers down to be the first one naked.

"Yeah, soon," leered Billy who was also more than a little drunk.

Well if Billy didn't mind the guys staying on why should I object?

"More drinks," shouted Billy.

"I'll get them," I offered for in truth I felt just a tad uncomfortable being naked alone with the guys.

I put the full tray down when Billy pulled me onto his lap and instantly I could feel he was as hard as at anytime since I've know him.

"Give us a kiss," he slurred, his hands ranging over my naked body.

"Get off," I struggled weakly for in truth I was really gagging for it too.

His hands felt so nice squeezing my boobs and we had a very sloppy kiss.

"Shit, I'd like some of that," came a whispered comment from the other side of the table.

"Yeah, why don't you give the guys a good night kiss," said leered Billy.

"Ok, one kiss and they're gone for the night," I slurred drunkenly.

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