My First Love


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: True story of a girl's first love

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Like many others, my high school years were filled with many experiences that has been long forgotten, or at the least has been clouded by time. Only the real special things my friends and I had done during those times remain vivid in my memories. One of those special memories was my first love. How I met him, where I was when I first saw him are things that will be with me forever.

My first day of high school was hectic to say the least. The school was quite a bit larger than the grade school I had attended, and it seemed like a small city filled with classrooms. Although all the incoming freshmen had the opportunity to walk through the school on freshman orientation day, I still felt like a rat in a maze trying to find my way around.

Although some may feel I am bragging, or is not pertinent, I do feel this information should be part of my story. See, I guess I was blessed with having a figure far advanced from other girls my age, and also my family was financially above the "average" families in out community. My grandfather started an electrical contracting business years ago, and as he reached retirement age, it was passed on to my father, who was quite successful in making the company grow. I always had the latest fad in clothing, and was never left wanting for much of anything. Don't get me wrong, my parents just didn't hand me what I wanted, I worked for it. My father had me doing a lot of filing and stuff for the company, and in lieu of an allowance, I got paid for my work. Like I mentioned, with my figure and the clothes that I wore, I easily could pass as a senior, even though I was just entering high school.

The first bell had already sounded and I was franticly scurrying down the hallways trying to find my homeroom class. Finally I came across a hallway that had a sign posted, room 160-179 and quickly headed to room 164. As I tried to make my way into the room before the second bell sounded, I ran over another girl who was in the same boat I was. Embarrassed by my actions, I stood there and pointed towards the door for her to go in first and the two of us quickly headed to the back of the room where the last two empty desks were located just as the bell rang.

I sat there quietly taking deep breaths as the homeroom teacher began taking the attendance. When the name Susanne Taylor was called, the girl I ran over answered. Seconds later I heard Arlene Thomas, and I held my hand up and mumbled "here".

As it turned out, Susanne and I had three classes together and the same lunchtime, and as the school year progressed we became really close friends. She was a very cute girl, but her clothes were lacking style, and were quite obvious handed down from her older sister.

By the time the school year ended, our friendship expanded to more than just at school, and we spent a lot of time at each other's homes over the summer vacation. Since I had plenty of new clothes that I had never worn, and now a tad too small, I offered them to Susanne, which she gratefully accepted.

The next step was to "introduce" her to make-up, something she never wore, which left her with a "Plain Jane" appearance, cute, but nothing special. I told her that when the new school year started, she would be different person and would turn heads when she walked down the hallways at school. I really enjoyed our friendship and when I wasn't "working" at my father's shop, we were either at my house or spending a lot of time at hers, just hanging out or talking about guys. It was during one of my visits to her house that I saw David, the boy I would eventually fall in love with, although it was Susanne who was attracted to him first.

Susanne and I were sitting on the patio in her backyard talking about the upcoming school year when a group of guys from school got out a car that pulled into her neighbors drive way. One was her neighbor Jim, who I had seen a lot during the summer, but the other three were just faces I saw in school from time to time.

As it turned out, the four of them were all on the school football team and had just returned from pre-season practice and had stopped by Jim's house to take a dip in the pool. A short while later they began to toss a football back and forth, and soon the ball came bouncing into Susanne's yard. David, although neither Susanne nor I knew his name at the time, stood by the fence and hollered out. "Hey, how about a little help."

Susanne walked over and picked up the ball and was about to flip it back when Jim yelled out. "Come on Sue, let's see what kind of arm you have. Wing it over here."

Thinking that Susanne was going to toss the ball to Jim, David dropped his hands and seconds later the ball struck him square in the face. Blood began to pour out of his nose, and Susanne stood there for moment in shock. She then quickly ran into the house and came back out with ice wrapped around a towel and brought it to him.

I followed Susanne as she rushed towards the fence, and I could see the worried look on her face. Handing him the towel, she shyly asked. "Are you alright? Gosh I am so sorry, I didn't mean to hit you."

The bleeding had stopped, but he took the towel and wiped the blood from his face, but it was obvious his nose was quite sore. He smiled at her for second and handed back the towel. "I think I'll live, just a nose bleed, nothing serious."

Jim walked up and started laughing and looked at David. "Nice hands Dave. Better not miss a pass like that during a game. Damn, your nose is really swollen, hope it aint broke."

David touched his nose and muttered. "Oh it's nothing, just a little sore right now, it'll be alright."

Jim looked up at me and gave me wink and turned to Susanne. "Hey Sue, I think if you kiss it, it'll make it feel better."

David began to blush a bit and looked at Susanne. "I really don't think that would be necessary. I am fine, don't worry about it."

Susanne and I went back to the patio, but I could tell something was bothering her, and at first I thought she was still a little shaken by seeing all that blood, but that was not the case at all. When David got into his car and backed out of the driveway, Susanne turned to me and announced. "I am going out with him."

"You ARE? For how long, and why didn't you mentioned it before?"

"No, I meant I am GOING to go out with him, if I can get him to ask me. Isn't he cute?"

"Well, yeah, but what makes you think you can get him to ask you for a date? I mean you are only going to be a sophomore, and he is a senior. He probably thinks of you as a kid, certainly not a girl he would date."

"I AM going to go out with him, just wait and see."

The first day of the new school year Susanne and I were sitting in the cafeteria waiting for the first bell to ring when Jim and a few of his friends passed our table. One of those with him was David, the boy that Susanne had her sights set on. Jim noticed us, and said a pleasant hello, but the others, including David simply passed by without acknowledging us whatsoever.

"Well Susanne, now what do think about dating him? He certainly doesn't seem like he is the least bit interested at all."

"That's alright. I have a plan, and you'll see, he WILL take me out, trust me in that."

"A plan, what kind of plan?"

"Jim and I get along pretty well, and I am going to talk with him. Have him let David know that I am interested. We'll see what happens then."

Well, as it turned out, Susanne did talk with Jim and he agreed to try and set things up, but he wanted something in return, me. He said he could work something out, but wanted me to go out with him, if possible. So, to help Susanne along with her plan I agreed to at least go out with Jim once, and besides he WAS a senior and one of the studs of the school football team, so how bad could that be?

As was the fad in those days, Suzanne and I along with David and Jim went to drive-in theater. Jim and I were in the front of his car, with Suzanne and David in the back seat. We watched the first movie, and during the second feature things got quiet in the back seat, and I turned to see Suzanne and David making out. When I turned back around, Jim leaned over and gently kisses me. I was never at an outdoor before, but I did hear stories of it being the "passion pit" and allowed Jim to continue kissing me. It wasn't long however, when Jim slid his hand under my sweater and tried to "cop a feel". Of course I quickly stopped him, and our make out session was quickly over.

The next day I was anxious to hear what Suzanne had to say about her first date with David and dialed her number. I told her about Jim trying to "feel me up" and wondered if David had the same idea, but Suzanne said he was a perfect gentleman and was even a little reluctant to even kiss her. She said she really enjoyed being with him, and was hopping he enjoyed being with her and would ask her out again.

After about two weeks and David hadn't even called her, so she figured she would have to make the next move, and one morning as we sat in the cafeteria, she saw him coming in and called him to our table. Suzanne wasn't shy at all, and got straight to the point and asked him if he would take her out on Friday. I could see that he was a little embarrassed by her asking, and I quickly excused myself to go the girl's room. When I returned, Suzanne was all excited that he agreed to take her out again.

Well I guess he liked her more than it appeared, and after dating her for two months, he asked her to wear his class ring. That was the beginning of something that I thought was a perfect match. She claimed to be head over heals over him, and he certainly acted like he cared for her a lot.

The rest of the school year they were together all the time, at school, after school and especially on the weekends. I started dating Paul, a guy I met at one of the teen dances, who was a junior, and seemed like a really neat guy and I really liked him. Of course I found out quickly that he was like most of the guys, and was after one thing, getting me to have sex with him. Although I wasn't ready for that sort of stuff, I did allow him to engage in some pretty heavy petting, but would always keep thing under control.

Paul and I didn't last too long since he kept giving me an ultimatum to either put out and quit being a tease, or take a hike. Well that decision wasn't very hard at all, and I actually got out of his car at the drive-in and found David and Suzanne and had them take me home.

When Suzanne and I started our junior year in school, I noticed a change in her regarding her relationship with David. Since he had graduated the previous spring, he wasn't around to see how she acted around other guys in school. I know teen love doesn't last forever, but I thought David and Suzanne were different, but that was not to be. She started flirting with a guy in her geometry class, and well it wasn't long after she gave David back his ring.

I ran into him a few times at a burger joint a lot of kids hung out at, and I could tell he was more than a little hurt by the break-up. He didn't say much, but it was clear he was miserable without her, but things appeared to get better when she told me one day at school that she missed him. I knew he would jump at the change to get back with her, so I simply told her to call him and see if he was willing to go back with her. She did, and he did but again it didn't last all that long, and she again was acting strange.

I really noticed it one Wednesday evening when I was visiting at her house, and David stopped by to see her for a moment before going to a football game with a team he played with at the park district. I learned that was something he did every Wednesday, stop by say hello and would go play the game. On this particular night, he gave her a box of candy and after a quick kiss on the cheek he was out the door. Suzanne shook her head as she closed the door and tossed the box of candy on the couch and moaned. "Aint that disgusting?"

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