The Nudist and the New Roommate

by Nudemac

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, True Story, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After living alone nudist decides to share home, opening up new expierances for him and his new non nudist male roommate.

My name is Bob and I'm an avid nudist. I have a great, three day a week job, which pays well. I go to the local gym regularly, I enjoy bicycling and going out with my friends. Since I broke up with my girlfriend Sue, I've been living alone in a large two bedroom apartment.

I was at the local supermarket shopping when the rent ads on the bulletin board caught my eye. Reading them, I didn't find any that seemed promising, so I placed one of my own.

Looking for roommate 21y to 35y, non smoking, non alcohol Not offended by nudist lifestyle. Call for interview.

The very next day there was a message on my answering machine from someone named Michael who was interested in renting the spare bedroom. Since he was going out of town for a few days, he said he had asked his mother to call and set up an appointment for an interview.

Two days later I received a call from a woman who left her number with the following message:

"Hi, my name is Mildred. My son saw your ad and is interested in an interview. Please call me at ###-####."

I called Mildred and found out Michael was a high school graduate enrolled at San Francisco State and was due to begin classes in 3 weeks. He was 19 and lived in the East Bay with his parents, but wanted to stay in the city during the school week and commute home weekends and holidays.

Michael had gone to Reno with his father and had asked his mother to set up a meeting this Thursday for an interview. I told Mildred I was 32, a lot older than Michael, and I didn't think having a teenager for a roommate, especially one just starting college, was such a good idea.

Somehow in our lengthy conversation, Mildred managed to persuade me to set up the interview. The subject of my being a nudist never came up.

As usual, I was home nude when the doorbell rang. Not being an exhibitionist, I keep an old pair of running shorts hanging on the door knob which I use when the door bell rings unexpectedly or I'm expecting non nudist company.

Michael was a good looking, well mannered kid. He told me about himself and his expectations. He didn't do drugs or alcohol and he didn't have a girlfriend. He said his friends called him Mike and he was looking forward to moving away from home and going to college.

"Look Bob, I'll be honest with you" he said. "I really want to live here. It's close to school and my parents will pay the rent, I won't be inviting my friends overnight or having wild parties, I'll be too busy studying."

"Do your parents know I'm a nudist?" I asked.

"They don't know," he answered.

"Are you planning on telling them?" I asked?

"Not right now anyway. I don't think they need to know," he answered back.

I don't know why, call me crazy, but I agreed to take him on as a roommate. I gave him a key to the apartment and he handed me a check for 3 months rent. Next thing I know, he was outside collecting stuff from his car to bring in.

The following Monday when I got home from work I noticed Mike had been there fixing up his room. He left me a note asking me if I cared to join him and his mother for dinner next Sunday evening.

His mother was a beauty who certainly didn't look like she was in her forties. She was stylishly dressed in a clinging blouse which accentuated her obviously braless breasts. Her skirt was a trifle short, but she had gorgeous legs, and it formed to her nice round ass. Even though our conversation was mostly about Michael, I noticed her watching me a few times and that her nipples got hard when she was caught peeking. I was told that her husband owned several car dealerships in the East Bay which kept him busy. She assured me she wasn't one of those mothers who would be calling all the time or worse yet come over unexpectedly. She did give me her private number in case of emergency.

She dropped us off around 10 pm. Mike had to get up early the next day, so he went right to bed. I took a shower and then watched the late night news on TV before heading to bed.

The next morning I woke up with the queerest feeling. I was nude standing in front of the John peeing. I wasn't in the habit of closing doors, so I noticed Mike walk by on his way to the kitchen. After I finished, I headed to the kitchen.

"You're naked!" Mike exclaimed when he saw me.

"Yup, I am, so don't go freaking out or acting silly" I said walking toward the coffee pot.

"Oh! No, I won't," he replied staring at me.

"Mike, haven't you seen a nude guy before?" I asked pouring myself a cup of coffee.

"Uh! Ummm, yea I have. I don't want you to think I'm weird or anything like that, I just wasn't expecting you to be naked", he said rushing his words out.

"It's ok if you want to go around naked. Honest! It doesn't bother me at all." he said his eyes glued to me as I walked about the room making myself breakfast.

I'm not a bad looking guy. I'm 5'9" tall 140 lbs, with black hair and blue eyes. I have hairy legs and a hairy butt. My chest has some hair around the nipples and I have a treasure trail from my belly button to my thick black pubes. I have a fat, uncut cock and I shave my balls.

"Mike, can I ask you something?" I said as I sat down at the table.

"Yea, sure, go ahead", he answered.

"How many nudists do you know?" I asked.

"Err ... none I guess", he answered.

"I thought so! Well being a nudist isn't the same thing as being an exhibitionist. I like going nude because I feel comfortable being nude. If I don't feel comfortable, I won't go nude", I explained to him.

"Sorry Bob, I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable", he said.

"Don't worry Mike. I know it's new to you, so how about we make a deal?" I asked.

"Yea sure Bob, anything you say," he said.

"If it doesn't bother you then it won't bother me", I said winking at him

"Oh! And Mike, if you're up to it, I won't say anything if you go nude too", I added with a big smile.

"Oh, I don't know if I can. I don't think I have a nice body like you do", he said.

"Mike, having a nice body or not has nothing to do with being a nudist", I answered.

"Listen Mike; first try it in small increments. Start by sleeping nude. Next, try going to the bathroom nude. The rest will follow naturally", I said.

A short time later Mike left for school. I was off that day, so after cleaning up I went for a bike ride. I returned home late in the afternoon, tired and sweaty from my ride.

Mike was home watching TV.

"Hi, how was your first day of college?" I asked pulling off my tank top.

"Wow, it was very exciting. I'm really going to like college," he answered.

We chatted for a few minutes before I excused myself and headed for the shower.

After showering I dried myself off and headed to the kitchen and made myself a sandwich, then joined Mike in the living room.

It didn't take Mike long to get used to my nudity. In fact, the next few weeks went by uneventfully. I had a few friends over, mostly bike riding buddies. The fact that I was nude and some of my friends were women didn't seem to bother Mike.

It was after one of my long weekend ride with my buddies that things started to change.

I love everything there is about riding bikes except sore legs. No matter how much I warmed up or stretched before and after my rides, I suffered from sore, achy legs.

I was on the living room floor, doing leg isometrics, attempting to relieve some of the soreness in my legs. I held my legs up and out flexing my foot and tightening and relaxing my leg muscles.

Mike walked in and asked me what I was doing.

"Oh, my legs get really sore, especially after long rides, so I do isometric exercises to help relieve the soreness," I answered.

"I don't know how to give a proper massage, but if you'd like me to, I can rub your leg muscles. That might help", he said.

"If you don't mind, that would be awesome", I replied gratefully.

He knelt in front of me between my legs.

Mike rubbed and squeezed my calves and then my thighs. I did not feel uncomfortable being nude while Mike knelt between my legs massaging me. After hundreds of massages from my masseur, I was pretty used it. What did surprise me was how much Mike seemed to enjoy it.

After finishing and washing his hands, he sat down on the sofa to watch TV while I remained sprawled on the floor in front of him.

After few minutes he asked, "Bob, would you mind if I asked you a personal question?"

I looked up at him and said "No I don't mind, but if it's something that I think is none of your business, I'll let you know."

"Yea sure, I understand," he replied asking, "How come you shave your balls?"

Laughing and at the same time pulling my cock to the side exposing my shaved balls to him I looked up and saw him staring at me wide eyed.

"I shave my balls because I like the smooth feel and because I love having them sucked", I said.

"What? You mean girls suck on your balls?" he asked surprised.

"Well yea!! Mostly girls, anyway," I said.

"Wow! I thought just your cock got sucked. I had no idea you could get your balls sucked too." He said.

Laughing even more I said, "I love getting my balls sucked and I go ape shit when I get my asshole licked."

"No way, Dude that's nasty" He exclaimed.

I sat up straight, laughing even harder.

"I'll bet you're still a virgin." I said.

Mike blushed turning a deep red color. I reached up and messed his hair and I thanked him for the great leg rub.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to use your services again next time I have sore legs", I said.

Smiling and nodding yes, he said "Sure thing Bob, anytime you want me to, just let me know."

During the next few weeks Mike didn't go nude but he did start wearing less and less clothes, occasionally just his boxers. I was nude all the time.

I have never been bashful about being nude. But for some reason having Mike around brought out the exhibitionist is me. I liked showing myself off. There were times I know he saw my hairy butthole and he didn't complain or seem upset. In fact, I think he enjoy it.

Things changed more the day he saw me jacking off.

I'd been out on a date and was expecting to get laid. As it turned out, instead of pussy all I got was a terrible case of blue balls.

I had been out all night and didn't get home till early morning. I undressed and through myself on my bed. I was restless and unable to sleep. Eventually I lost track of time, I closed my eyes and started jacking off.

My cock was at full mast. One hand was working my cock the other pinching and pulling my nipples. I felt that familiar tingling sensation in my balls and knew I was getting close to cuming. Excited and moaning loudly, I arched my back raising my hips off the bed. I pumped my cock faster, shooting a large load of cum on myself. As I lay there gasping, my chest expanding and sucking air in, I slowly opened my eyes just in time to see Mike quietly backing out of my room.

I realized the little shit had been watching me jack off. Too tired and exhausted to get up and confront him, I fell asleep.

I woke up after Mike had left, all covered in dried cum. I showered and after eating a light breakfast, I went for a long walk. I thought about what he had seen last night and how best to deal with the situation.

I came home a few hours later. Mike was in the living room watching TV.

"You were up early this morning", I said greeting him.

"My alarm woke me up same time as always", he answered.

Were you spying on me this morning?" I asked

"No I wasn't. I heard noise coming from your room. I thought something was wrong so I went to check", he answered.

"When I got there and saw what you were do ... I mean ... I saw you ... you know ... I ... I've never seen anyone doing that ... I didn't mean to stay and watch", he said apologetically looking down at the floor.

"Are you pissed at me?" he asked.

After hearing what he said, I was more irritated with myself than angry at him.

"Listen Mike, I am a little irritated. I'm not in the habit of putting on shows, especially for guys. Not that I'm embarrassed by what I was doing. I mean, I jack off like everyone else", I said.

"Bob, I'm really sorry. I wasn't spying on you, honest." He said almost crying.

"I'm not angry at you Mike, it's not like you're the first guy that's seen me jack off. I'm just upset with myself, I should have been more discreet", I explained.

He looked up at me and asked, "What do you mean?"

"I'm just irritated with myself for putting you in such an awkward position", I explained.

"I should be apologizing to you Bob. I should have turned away and left you alone, I don't want to embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable", he said.

"OH NO, No! Your watching didn't embarrass me. My ex, she loved getting fucked. We used to have three ways. You know, two guys and her, very hot. She liked watching me jack off while the other guy fucked her," I explained.

"I'm used to being watched, I like it. It's just. it's not what you're used to, I don't want you to get the wrong idea or feel uncomfortable," Then thinking about what I had just said to him, I added, "Just don't tell anyone, ok?"

"Yea, sure Bob, our secret", He said looking up at me smiling.

Later that evening during dinner Mike said, "Bob, I don't want you to think I'm weird or anything like that, especially after what happened this morning."

"But, I want you to know I've been hanging out naked when you're not home. I want to be naked all the time like you, but I can't control my dick. It gets hard," he said sounding frustrated.

"Yea, that happens, I know. It's happened to me", I said, "When it happens, I just ignore it and do my thing."

"You try doing that. I bet after a week or so you won't get any more boners", I said.

"I don't know ... I'd feel weird walking around with a boner and you seeing it", he replied.

I just smiled and didn't say anything more.

After dinner we cleaned up the kitchen and then Mike went to his room to study while I draped myself over my easy chair and watched TV.

I was sitting with one leg over the armrest the other hanging over the seat edge, unconsciously pulling on my balls, watching the evening news when Mike walked in nude and sat on the sofa. This was the first time I'd seen him nude. Mike is the same height as me but slimmer. I'd guess he weighs about 125 lbs. He has blondish hair and green eyes, smooth tight chest with small dark nipples, a firm flat stomach, long firm legs, nice round tight ass, thick brownish pubes, a large, thick, cut cock and nice low hangers.

Like I said, I was watching TV unconsciously pulling and squeezing my balls. It wasn't till I heard Mike clearing his throat that I realized what I was doing.

I suddenly realized how much Mike's voyeurism had brought out the exhibitionist in me. I should have stopped what I was doing, but I liked having an audience.

I looked at Mike and still pulling on my balls said, "Damn Mike you must think I'm a real pervert. I mean jacking off this morning and now playing with my balls. I mean..."

Mike cut me off saying "Bob, it's ok really, Chill out. I know you're not doing it on purpose. And anyway it doesn't bother me, Honest."

It's like you said earlier, "Do your thing."

That's when I noticed Mike's huge erection lying on his stomach pointing up towards his chest. We sat there watching TV pretending not to notice each other.

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