Sister Fuckers

by incestuous angel

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including True Story, Incest, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: another incest chat between two sister fuckers

incestuous_angel: hiiii

with sis : hi there!

incestuous_angel: how are you?

with sis : good you?

incestuous_angel: real good

with sis : so what you been up to?

incestuous_angel: still roaming in the incest land

with sis : cool! anything new to report?

incestuous_angel: you can guess...

with sis : oohh! my inagination is running wild

incestuous_angel: wilder!!

with sis : do tell! you've got me aroused now! LOL

incestuous_angel: hahahaa

with sis : so tell me your latest adventure!

incestuous_angel: i have fucked my best friend's mum

with sis : cool! how old she?

incestuous_angel: 34

with sis : how was it?

incestuous_angel: sweat, semen, saliva

with sis : excellent! my sis is comming by this week

incestuous_angel: great

incestuous_angel: ready for her?

with sis : oh yea! i can't want to shave and lick her pussy!!

incestuous_angel: thats hot

incestuous_angel: do you know i collect female pubic hair?

with sis : no, that's different!

with sis : how much do you have?

incestuous_angel: mums, and sisters'

incestuous_angel: my penpal girls

incestuous_angel: neighbours

with sis : cool!

incestuous_angel: you can send me your sis's hair if you want for the collection

with sis : send where?

incestuous_angel: by snail mail

with sis : k

incestuous_angel: i am serious, not kidding

with sis : but where do I send it?

incestuous_angel: to my mail box address

incestuous_angel: i can give you my address if you want

with sis : sure

incestuous_angel: ok

incestuous_angel: **** ****someplace, ****incest bed, heaven...

with sis : got it! will when i get some

with sis : so have you fucked you sis lately?

incestuous_angel: every chance i got

with sis : ho old is she again?

incestuous_angel: how you can stay not fucking a slut like her????

incestuous_angel: 15 17 19

with sis : which one you like best?

incestuous_angel: 17 aged

with sis : how come her?

incestuous_angel: she is hot than fire

with sis : is she small?

incestuous_angel: medium sized tits and firm ass

with sis : does she like you to fuck her?

incestuous_angel: she kiss my feet for that

with sis : oh good! do any sis like to fuck in ass?

incestuous_angel: all of them

with sis : wow! are their ass tight?

incestuous_angel: yes

incestuous_angel: but mums ass is wide from my evernight fisting

with sis : fisting your mums ass! that is a turn on!!!

incestuous_angel: not a real fisting

incestuous_angel: my whole fingers

incestuous_angel: not the hand

with sis : oh, have you ever fisted any on? whole hand?

incestuous_angel: yes my big sis

incestuous_angel: in her vagina

with sis : did she like it?

incestuous_angel: what?

incestuous_angel: she was in heaven

with sis : I jammed a Coke bottle in my sis and she gushed cum all over

incestuous_angel: thats good fun

with sis : do you sis or my play with your ass?

incestuous_angel: no

with sis : do they want to?

incestuous_angel: mmmmm?

incestuous_angel: i think so

with sis : why don't they?

incestuous_angel: i dont like it

with sis : but you do it to them

with sis : my sis does me

incestuous_angel: nice

with sis : she likes to and it is ok to me

incestuous_angel: okay

with sis : it is different

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