Incest Chat

by incestuous angel

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, True Story, Incest, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: just a conversation between two incestuous guys about how much they please their family females

with sis: hi incestuous! are you really?

incestuous_angel: yes

with sis: cool! can I ask your a/s/l, if you don't mind?

incestuous_angel: 27 male

with sis: oh, sorry i am male as well

incestuous_angel: good

with sis: good??

incestuous_angel: ok

with sis: so wern't you looking to chat with a female?

incestuous_angel: it is ok

with sis: so you are into incest?

incestuous_angel: yes

with sis: with who in your fam?

incestuous_angel: mum n sisters

incestuous_angel: u?

with sis: 2 aunts and sis

incestuous_angel: thats my boy

with sis: aunts started with me when I was 10 and sis and I started at 11/13

incestuous_angel: ur age now?

with sis: 33

incestuous_angel: nice

incestuous_angel: u still do ur sis?

incestuous_angel: good

with sis: sis and I still have our fun but aunts are not around anymore

with sis: you?

incestuous_angel: still

with sis: how many sisters?

incestuous_angel: 3

incestuous_angel: poor cock


with sis: how old when u started

incestuous_angel: 23

with sis: they are how old?

incestuous_angel: 15 17 19

with sis: how old were they the first time?

incestuous_angel: 13 15 17

with sis: did you come on to them or they you?

incestuous_angel: different occasions

with sis: and mom too?

incestuous_angel: she asked me

with sis: were you 23 then?

incestuous_angel: ya

with sis: how did it first come about with mom?

incestuous_angel: i find her naked in my room

with sis: oh my! were you suprised are aroused?

incestuous_angel: both

incestuous_angel: as hell

incestuous_angel: total nude

with sis: did she make the first move?

incestuous_angel: u can see!!!

with sis:????

incestuous_angel: she was naked


with sis: and of corse you did do her


with sis: I think that is pretty erotic to do your mom!!!

incestuous_angel: hell

incestuous_angel: u bet

incestuous_angel: this fat bum

with sis: do you still do her?

incestuous_angel: u push in ur mum

incestuous_angel: hell

incestuous_angel: ya

with sis: great!!! and your sisters too?

incestuous_angel: ya

with sis: have you done more than one at one time?

incestuous_angel: ya

incestuous_angel: we group oftenly

with sis: wow!!! that is cool!!!

incestuous_angel: ya

with sis: they do each other as well?

incestuous_angel: sometimes

with sis: that is excellent!!!! to watch must turn you on!!

incestuous_angel: sure

with sis: does your mom suck you off?

incestuous_angel: as sluts

with sis: cool! I know my sis love to suck my cock as i lick her pussy!!


incestuous_angel: nice

with sis: sometime we just sit in front of each other and watch the other masterbate!

incestuous_angel: we do that

incestuous_angel: then mum lick us

incestuous_angel: my sisters spreading mums legs for me to fuck her

with sis: sis likes to use a strap on now and then on me

with sis: she really gets off on that

incestuous_angel: lol

with sis: but she is really anal herself

incestuous_angel: great

incestuous_angel: mum lkike anal

incestuous_angel: like

with sis: it is erotic to watch her finger fuck her pussy while sliding a vib in her ass

incestuous_angel: ya

with sis: does your mom let you cum in her?

incestuous_angel: sure

incestuous_angel: why not

with sis: wow!! that is a turn on just thinking of it! sis wants me to cum in her as well

with sis: especally in her ass

incestuous_angel: she is a slut

incestuous_angel: we have a whore sisters

with sis: well, so are we! LOL

incestuous_angel: thats good

with sis: i'll admit to it! LOL

incestuous_angel: so what do u think about incest?

incestuous_angel: so far

with sis: as long as there is no rape involved... it's cool with me

incestuous_angel: nice

with sis: like i said, my sis and I have done it for years and have done just anything you can think of.

incestuous_angel: anybody knows?

with sis: just her and I, and now you!

incestuous_angel: only our incestuous friends

with sis: do people know about your thing?

incestuous_angel: only some of those who live like us

with sis: there are more of us than people think there are, wouldn't you agree?

incestuous_angel: hell

incestuous_angel: i think more than half of ppl are incestuous

incestuous_angel: u ll be surprised

with sis: I agree!

with sis: I know of two friends that have done their daughters

incestuous_angel: they are real men

with sis: I don't know If I could

incestuous_angel: ur dau?

with sis: I don't have one, but i have a 13 niece that I would like to

incestuous_angel: me too

incestuous_angel: i ll have normal family

incestuous_angel: let the thing with mum n sis still

with sis: cool! but there is still that chance, huh?


incestuous_angel: who knows?

with sis: you betcha!!

incestuous_angel: life is full of surprises

with sis: so what is the furthest you gone with mom and sis?


with sis: kinky?

incestuous_angel: once i shaved their pussies

with sis: coooool!!! sis love me to shave her and then shower together and have me pee on her!

incestuous_angel: ya

with sis: I've even let her shave me and then stand over me and pee on me, pretty erotic!

incestuous_angel: ya

incestuous_angel: i pee on mum and sisters

incestuous_angel: they lay on floor

with sis: do you let them do you?

incestuous_angel: pee?

with sis: ya


incestuous_angel: i drink it


with sis: sis loves to watch my jerk and just when i cum squat and piss on my cock and balls... wow!

incestuous_angel: ya

incestuous_angel: great

with sis: her warm piss running over me when I cum is excellent!!

incestuous_angel: ya

with sis: she likes it to when I piss on her pussy as she cums

incestuous_angel: thats wonderful

with sis: it is a good amount of fun for us!

incestuous_angel: a good amount of urine

with sis: you know It!! urine and cum cocktail! LOL

incestuous_angel: hahaha

incestuous_angel: shit in later stage

with sis :????

incestuous_angel: never mind

with sis : K! do your mom or sis like to do your ass?

incestuous_angel: no

with sis : oh, sis loves to tounge fuck or strap-on mine

incestuous_angel: oh

with sis : and i love to tounge fuck hers as well

incestuous_angel: thats good

with sis : you should try it

incestuous_angel: lick their asses

with sis : oh yea, and let them lick yours

incestuous_angel: i already lick em

with sis : do you let sis lick yours while you fuck mom ar another sis?

incestuous_angel: she did once

with sis : how was it?

incestuous_angel: i dont like it

with sis : that's cool!

with sis : sis sometimes like a vib in her ass while I'm slaming her pussy

incestuous_angel: wow

with sis : and one in her pussy while I fuck her tight ass!! wow

incestuous_angel: great

incestuous_angel: u have a bitch sis


with sis : you got that right! and she has a horny slut bro! LOL


with sis : so how often do you do incest?

incestuous_angel: as much as i can

with sis : you did you youngest sis at 13?

incestuous_angel: ya

with sis : how was that?

incestuous_angel: heaven

incestuous_angel: tight ass

with sis : smooth pussy?

incestuous_angel: ya

incestuous_angel: shved

with sis : did she suck you?

incestuous_angel: later

with sis : i bet she had a tough time sucking cock at first? sis did

incestuous_angel: oh

incestuous_angel: ya

incestuous_angel: big 4 her

with sis : i know, sis was 11 when she sucked my the first time

incestuous_angel: really?

with sis : oh yea, she was 8 when we played around, but not till 11 tilll sucking

with sis : I lick her pussy when she wa 9/10 for the first time

incestuous_angel: mum and dad?

incestuous_angel: knows

incestuous_angel: sure no

with sis : no they never did.

with sis : we made sure of that

with sis : they are both gone now

incestuous_angel: dead?

with sis : yea! lived fast and died early

incestuous_angel: sorry

with sis : np. but thaks

with sis : you dad know?

incestuous_angel: no

with sis : do you think he is into inces?

incestuous_angel: no

with sis : what would he do if he found out?

incestuous_angel: hell

incestuous_angel: he will die

with sis : but mom still likes it, huh?


with sis : my mom found out that one of my aunts were doing me at 11 and she hit the roof

incestuous_angel: oh

incestuous_angel: lol

with sis : yea, my aunt would watch sis and I when my folks went out and had me sit on the sofa and watch TV with her

incestuous_angel: then


with sis : she would always have a rob on with nothing on undernieth

with sis : she would tell me to sit next to her and lay my head in her lap

with sis : the rob always seemed to come open as she fondled me

with sis : she was a shaver as well and her pussy was always wet

with sis : she would rub my cock and take my hand and put it on her pussy

incestuous_angel: nice


with sis : it wasn't long before my cock started getting hard from time to time and my face was often in her crotch

incestuous_angel: oh lol

with sis : after a while she started reachiing in my pants and stroking me and pressing my face in her pussy

with sis : it was always wet and sweet!!

with sis : then one time she had an orgasim and pressed my face hard in her pussy and I just started licking like a dog!! LOL

incestuous_angel: i think all females like to be dogs?

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