Dark Theatre

by AmandaMarais

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amanda and her boyfriend just broke up. To forget about it all she goes to the movies... and she did not see the end of the movie.

A few months before I met my current partner Edwin, this story occurred. So it must have been about 3 years ago now. It was an ugly, windy and very hot day. I was in a rotten mood to begin with cause me and my boyfriend had just broken up the night before cause he cheated on me. I was getting ready to meet my best girlfriend Eline at the theatre for a movie and some men-bashing afterwards at our favourite bar. I threw on a pink strappy sundress and didn't even bother with a bra cause it was too hot and too uncomfortable on a day like that day. I pulled my hair back with a big clippy and I was ready to go.

When I pulled into the parking lot of the theatre my cell phone rang. It was Eline, to inform me that couldn't make it today cause her sister needed a babysitter and she really had to help her out. Well seems it wasn't my lucky day, my second bad day in a row. Well, screw it, I thought. I will go to see a movie by myself. To make matters worse, the lines were long, and when I finally got into the theatre, the light were already low. I looked around, with my coke in my hand and it seemed like there weren't many people watching this movie, so there was enough place for me to sit down. I fumbled around in the dark till I found a seat in the very back row. Luckily it was an end seat, but there was a person sitting in the seat directly beside me. I sat down and placed my coke in the holder. Nobody was sitting in the seat in front of my which was my first lucky break of the day.

Once I sat down, I propped my feet up on the seat in front of me. I was wearing pink flipflops with little flowers on the strappy part. My toes were a metallic blue colour and I was wearing a few toe rings.

Half way though the movie, that sucked big time, the gentleman beside me got up to exit the row. I seriously thought of asking him to grab me a diet coke and a snickers bar. It was the first time that I had actually looked at him and I was surprised with myself for not having noticed sooner that he was actually pretty cute. He was tall and had some really nice arms on him. Even in the dark, I could see that he had a sexy black arm band tattoo around his bicep. I decided not to ask him to bring me something cause what would he think of me. I moved my feet for him to pass and noticed how he watched my legs and feet while I moved them out of his way. He did stare pretty hard at my little feet. But with 2 toe rings on, it sometimes draws a bit of attention.

He came back shortly with a big drink. He smelled a little smoky and it made me crave a cigarette really bad. I hadn't smoked in years but after what happened last evening, I wanted to start smoking again. When he entered the row, he tripped on my purse and I apologized to him. " No problem. I am glad I didn't trip over one of your pretty feet. " he whispered to me. I giggled and smiled at him. Dark theatre, back row, maybe this would turn out interesting. I put my feet back up on the chair in front of me and my next door neighbour deliberately took a long look at my toes. It delighted me to know that he was probably getting aroused just gazing at my feet. I do have some pretty feet, I guess. I take painstaking care to make them look nice. Freshly polished always, and adorned with toe rings and an anklet is habitual for me.

Its not that I am a shy girl, but sometimes I can be shy, but once in awhile, when I am in a frisky mood, I surprise myself. Today I felt frisky. Partly pissed at my rotten weekend and partly just plain old horny. I surprised myself when I leaned over to the tattoo guy to ask him for his name. His name was Dominic. I told him my name, which he seemed to like. We sat there whispering for about 5 more minutes to each other, trying to be absorbed in the movie, but, not able to take our minds off the sexual tension between us. I remembered and old saying a friend always said to me : ' Expect nothing, that way you'll never be disappointed. ' I decided to keep that in mind.

" You have lovely legs Amanda. " he whispered. I smiled and replied trying to act a bit taken back and reluctant : " well, sure, I guess. " I don't know why I did it but something inside me made me do it. I turned a bit sideways in my chair and raised my legs and my feet up to his lap. I felt like I was in a movie myself, and it wouldn't be a kids movie, if I could have it my way!

He laid his hand on my little foot and took it firmly in his hands and began pushing his thumbs ever so softly into my arch. He applied more pressure and I felt my whole body relax and my libido began to act up. His hands felt warm and rough and sent shivers straight up my legs. I tried to keep my eyes on the screen, but I couldn't help but watch his face as he concentrated so seriously on my foot. It turned me on so much to see him so engaged in what he was doing to me.

He lightly ran his index finger over the tops of my toes. My toes go straight down in size and he bumped his finger down them and back up again. He slid his fingers between my toes and put his whole hand around my ankle. He twisted and twirled my toe rings around and around. He slid them on and off. He even bent down once and teasingly kissed the top of my big toe. My heart skipped a beat! What a weirdo this guy was and I was giving in to him!

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