by falcon29

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two couples discover the joys.

“Well, what do you guys want to do now?” Sara was walking just ahead of me with Julie. Mike and I were walking behind them. The view was nice: two shapely female butts in tight jeans: one slender and one a little bit fleshier. I knew what I really would have liked to do, but it was probably out of the question.

Mike and Julie were old friends of ours. Mike and I had gone tohigh school together. Sara and I had met after I dropped out of college. We had worked together briefly at an attorney’s office. Well, we both worked there and knew each other in passing. Nothing ever happened between us back then.

I quit that job and went to tech school. I learned that Sara had quit to get her real estate license when we accidentally ran into each other a couple of years later (when I was house hunting). I was surprised to see her sitting at a desk behind the counter and asked for her to be my agent. I was surprised that she remembered me at all, let alone remembered my name. Turned out that she had wanted me to ask her out back then when we worked together.

We had sex in the third home she showed me -- a furnished place, luckily, so we weren’t fucking on the floor. We ended up engaged six months later and married after a three month engagement. Mike was my best man. He had already married Julie by then, so I knew them both. Sara hadn’t met either of them until they flew out for the wedding.

Sara and Julie hit it off right away. So when Mike transferred back home a few years after all that, we naturally started doing stuff together, like going out to dinner, which was what we had just finished doing.

Julie turned her head around to look at Mike. “Are you tired, honey?” she asked him. “You got up early today.”

“No, I’m okay,” he said. “But I don’t want to go dancing or anything. Why don’t we just go back to our place and play some pool or watch TV?”

That sounded okay to Sara and me, so we followed them out to their place. Mike and Julie live on a ten acre piece of land about three miles outside the city limits. They have horses and two dogs. Mike had planted some corn on about an acre this year and it was doing well.

He and I walked out to look at his crop while the girls stayed in the house. We peeked inside some of the ears to check the kernels. The plants were about five feet tall with lots of ears on them. Mike led me into the center of the patch and showed me his dope plants. They were nearly as tall as the corn and were covered with fragrant buds. I got dizzy just inhaling their aroma.

“I harvested one plant the other day,” Mike told me. “It’s drying in the barn. Let’s go check on it.” I eagerly followed him to the barn. He’d hung the plant, roots and all, upside down on a big nail in the wall. It was dry, but full of resins. He felt the buds and broke a few of them off and handed them to me. “We can wrap those up for you to take home.” Then he broke off another huge bud for us to smoke that night.

Back in the house, the girls were sitting on the couch in the family room and flipping through the channels on the big screen TV. Their conversation broke off when we came in and they looked up at us with strange looks on their faces. I didn’t take much notice of that, as I was eager to smoke up. When Sara saw the long bud in Mike’s hand she broke into a big grin. Mike and I took seats on pillows on the floor on the opposite side of the coffee table.

He crumbled some of the bud onto a magazine and stuffed it into a pipe. He lit it and passed it to me. The pipe went around the table, back to Mike again and back to me before it ran out. We sat back and enjoyed the buzz. “For home grown, that’s good shit,” I said. My head was fogging up the way it used to do when I got high. It had been a long time. I reached for a peanut from the bowl on the table just as Julie knocked a paperback book off and leaned forward at the same time I did. I turned my head and got a flash of her tits when her shirt gapped open. She caught me looking and gave me a wicked grin. “Mike, Dan’s looking at my tits again.”

“Damn it Dan, if you want to see them, why don’t you just ask?” They all laughed at my obvious embarrassment -- especially Sara, who’d kidded me in the past about my leering at Julie. My face got hot and I glanced at my wife. Sara was laughing as hard as Mike and Julie.

Well, I was stoned, so I just blurted out, “Well okay then, let’s see them.” I didn’t expect what happened next: Julie unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall open. Her tits aren’t too big, but that night I learned that they are nicely shaped and very pretty. Her nipples are large and round. They were sticking out -- I guessed it was because she liked being looked at. When I looked again at Sara, I saw she was as surprised as I was. She was also looking at Julie’s tits, her mouth open.

Julie pulled the sides of her shirt open and stuck out her chest. Sara hooted and almost fell off the couch. Mike just chuckled as he reloaded the pipe. I stared. Julie stared back at me with a fiery look in her eyes. We smoked two more pipes before Sara waved her hand to decline another hit. “I’m so fucked up now, I’m about to start stripping like Julie.”

Mike encouraged her, so I nodded at her, too. “Yeah. Fair’s fair, after all,” I said. Sara had a tee shirt on so -- after glancing again at Julie grinning at her -- she just jerked it off over her head. She was wearing a bra and she turned her back to Julie and asked her to unhook it. She turned back to us and let the bra slip off her arms. She dropped it to the floor next to her shirt and mimicked Julie’s earlier pose and stuck her grapefruit sized tits out for our approval. Julie just took her own shirt the rest of the way off so they were both sitting there topless in their jeans. Mike was just staring mutely at Sara’s tits.

Well, my dick had gotten hard when Julie bared her tits. With both of them sitting there with their tits out, the fantasies started rolling through my head. This was approaching the scene I’d had in mind earlier, when Sara asked what we wanted to do. I looked at Mike, who was ogling the two pairs of breasts in front of him just as hard as I was.

“What about you guys?” Sara asked. If we’re gonna be half naked, you should be, too.” Mike looked at me and winked. I got the message. We took off our shirts and grinned at the girls. Julie threw a handful of peanuts at Mike and Sara gave us a raspberry. “Huh-uh, Dan, you and Mike don’t get off that easy,” Sara said. “We’ve seen your bare chests before. You gotta give us more than that.”

Julie chimed in and argued on Sara’s side, naturally. She got up and walked around to where Mike was sitting. She rolled him back so he was lying on the carpet. Then she started to unbutton his jeans. He grabbed her hands and they struggled a little bit. Mike didn’t put up too much of a fight. She had his jeans open and halfway to his knees before he stopped her.

I could see Mike’s hard on behind the blue bikini underwear he was wearing. I glanced over at Sara who was grinning and staring. She glanced at me and blushed a little bit. I just grinned back at her. I didn’t care if she wanted to see Mike’s dick, just like I knew she didn’t really mind me looking at Julie’s tits.

While Julie finished helping Mike out of his jeans, I stood up. The dope was making me bolder than I would have otherwise been. Sara looked up at me. She was still grinning, but then her mouth dropped open. I knew she had just remembered that I had put my jeans on that afternoon without underwear. I opened my pants and pushed them down. My cock popped out and I felt my face heating up again. Nevertheless, I was committed by then. Mike and Julie were both surprised that my cock and balls were as bare as Sara’s pussy.

Julie and Mike stopped wrestling to watch me strip. None of us had shoes on, since Julie and Mike liked to keep their carpets clean. So it was easy to just kick free of my pants, pull off my socks, and sit back down on my pillow stark naked, my dick pointing at my chin. Julie grinned at Mike and he allowed her to roll his tight undies down his legs. His cock was just as stiff as mine was, but he was ‘fully furred’.

Well, after some debate, the girls decided to join us in our nudity. The four of us just sat around, half embarrassed and more than half turned on. Once we were all naked, we weren’t sure where this would go. I knew what I wanted to do, and I was pretty sure Mike had the same idea. What else do four people do when they all get naked together?

That’s right: they play cards. Julie jumped up and grabbed a deck of cards from the shelf. I could tell she was a little bit embarrassed about it all by then. She said, “I guess Strip Poker is out of the question...” and shuffled the cards.

Sara looked kind of stunned. She liked being naked with me at home when we were alone, but she had always balked at my suggestion that we go public -- at a beach or a clothing optional resort. Now here she was, stark naked with our equally naked best friends. But, truthfully, what easier way to get used to social nudity than with our best friends?

We played a few hands of Blackjack while we all got used to being -- and seeing each other -- naked. Mike’s and my cocks drooped as the initial excitement wore off. The girls went to the kitchen for drinks. We watched their asses as they left the room. Julie is a bit meatier than Sara. Her broad hips swayed side to side while Sara sort of slinked when she walked. I found myself nearly drooling over both of them.

I looked over at Mike and his eyes were where mine had just been. He saw me looking at him and he grinned at me. He reloaded the pipe and handed it to me. I sucked on it while he held the lighter to it. In a quiet voice he said, “What comes next, buddy?” My eyes went to his face and back to the glowing bowl of the pipe. I held the toke in and passed him the pipe.

When I let the smoke out, I coughed and shook my head. “I don’t know, man. We can just play some more cards or pool, or ... we can finish the trip.” He smiled while holding the smoke in his lungs.

Then I asked him, “What do you think they want?” I inclined my head toward the door to the kitchen. He shrugged and blew out the smoke.

Mike looked at me seriously (as seriously as a guy can be when he is seriously fucked up and sitting naked on the floor with his best friend for the first time) and said, “Well, I think Julie is horny as hell and wants to fuck. I wouldn’t know about Sara.” I held the dead pipe in my hand and then Mike asked me, “Would you like to fuck Julie?”

I took a deep breath and then decided to just be -- mostly -- honest. “Sure! Who wouldn’t? She’s hot, man. I’ve told you that before.”

“Nah, man, I mean really -- tonight. I wouldn’t mind. IF, that is, you and Sara want to trade for the evening.”

I just looked at him. I nodded. Glancing toward the doorway to the kitchen, I said, “I’m just not sure how Sara feels in all this. She’s never let me take her to a nude beach before, for Christ’s sake. I’m surprised she’s gone this far. I doubt she’d go for the idea of me fucking your wife.” Inside, I was doing a happy dance. I’d been wondering what it would be like to get between Julie’s strong legs for years. “But from the way she was staring at your dick a bit ago, I know she’d like to try you out.”

“Well, Julie and I have talked about swapping and we decided that if we ever did it, it would have to be with you guys.” His admission surprised me. Oh, Julie and I flirt sometimes -- just like Sara and Mike do -- like the way she’d busted me for peeking that night. But I had thought it was all in fun and nobody really cared. Sara had given me good-natured shit about me wanting to get into Julie’s pants, but she let me know she really didn’t care if I looked and flirted as long as she had the same option.

“Hmm ... well, if Sara is going to buy into the idea, it will have to be Julie who talks her into it,” I said, not holding out much hope. Mike got up then to put on some more music. I noticed that his hard on had returned. I have to say, though I’m not really familiar with those things, he has an impressive dick. It’s thicker than mine at the base, and it looked longer, but it tapers more. The head is small so it looks kind of like a curved cone. He, like me, was without foreskin.

My cock is pretty much the same thickness all the way up to the head, which is wider than the shaft. There’s a flare where it joins the shaft. In other words, it’s pretty normal, according to most of the pictures I’ve seen of other men’s circumcised dicks. Just about then the girls came back in. Again, I compared the two of them. While Sara shaves all of her pubic hair, Julie is trimmed to a narrow strip above her slit. I couldn’t tell without really staring (and a closer examination), but it looked like she was hairless down below -- where it counted.

They had beers for us and wine for them. “Sorry to take so long, guys,” Julie said. “We were just ... discussing our, uh, situation.” Sara flashed a quick glance at Julie and blushed again.

“What situation is that, Julie?” I asked her.

“Well, with the four of us being naked and all,” She glanced at Sara. Sara gave her a little nod and her cheeks turned even pinker. Sara looked at me nervously. Julie continued. “Well, Mike and I have been thinking it might be fun to ... well, to swap with you guys once.” Sara continued to stare at me, gauging my reaction, I guess. I knew better than to jump up and down with joy, though that was what I felt like doing. ‘Once’, my ass, if I had anything to say about it, I thought.

In the way couples who have been together a while do, Sara and I conferred: I raised my eyebrows at her in inquiry. She nodded and smiled at me and then glanced toward Mike -- obviously at his dick. She looked back at me and her smile turned into a lusty grin. She nodded harder, blushed more and said out loud, “If you want to, I do.”

So it was settled. I didn’t say anything. I just got up and pulled Julie to her feet. Mike had put on some slower music than the old rock and roll we’d been listening to. I pulled Julie into my arms and felt her warm thighs against mine and my stiff cock rubbing against her soft warm belly as we danced. My hands slipped down to cup her ass and I kissed her neck. It felt so exciting and different holding another naked woman, especially one so physically different than my wife. She gasped and clutched me tight against her soft tits. I pulled my head back to look at her but she just followed and continued kissing me, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth.

Knowing what we were all going to do -- and knowing we all had approved it -- raised the lust level in the room. Sara got off the couch, too, and grabbed Mike as he turned back from the stereo. “I know you said you didn’t want to dance tonight, but I thought you might have changed your mind,” she said. Mike eagerly took hold of my wife and there was no more talking for a while. We just swayed with the music, made out, and enjoyed the freedom we’d granted each other. The song ended and Julie took my hand. She led me toward the hallway. Her scent caught my attention as we walked. My mouth watered.

“Let’s all get on our bed. I’d rather do this all together than in separate bedrooms,” she said. The rest of us agreed by just following her lead. We went to the big bedroom at the end of the hall. Sara and I had both been in there before, of course, but not for sleep or sex. Julie pulled me around so the backs of my knees were against the bed. Then she pushed on my chest. I toppled to the bed on my back and she followed, her juicy cunt leaking all along my belly and chest. She crawled up my body until she was straddling my head and grinning down at me. “I know what I want first,” she said, her voice was low and sexy.

I reached up and took hold of her ass again and pulled her fragrant crotch to my mouth. As I’d hoped, her pussy was shaven bare under the narrow strip. I kissed her all over, everywhere I could reach, before using my tongue. I licked the crease between her mound and her thigh on both sides. She sighed and let it turn into a moan. I looked up above her slightly protruding belly and between her tits at her face. Her eyes were closed and her fingers were pulling at her nipples and pinching them.

I turned my attention back to my “work”. She was juicy and tangier than Sara is. I found the extra flesh of Julie’s body a delightful change from Sara’s leaner frame. Sara isn’t bony, but she is slender. There’s just something about having a woman with some extra padding that’s comfortable. I wondered if I could fatten Sara up some.

Then I stopped comparing and gave my full attention to eating and fingering Julie. She liked it when I slipped two fingers inside her slippery cunt while my tongue continued to roll around her folds. She began to breathe faster and I pushed my tongue up and found her clit. She gasped again. “Yeah, Danny, right there!” Her voice wasn’t a whisper, nor was it normal volume. It was like she was thinking out loud. She’d certainly never called me ‘Danny’ before. I must be doing it right, I thought. I kept my fingers sliding in and out while I flicked her hard clit rapidly with my tongue.

When I used my slippery fingers to probe into her ass, she gave a loud groan and popped. I could feel her orgasm coming on. She pushed down harder -- almost bruising my lips and nearly cutting off my air. She leaned forward and gripped the headboard with both hands. I kept it up and she wailed as she toppled over the edge into orgasm. I slowed and then stopped licking her and sliding my fingers in her ass. Her rectum was clenching my fingers as she spasmed. I knew that Sara is too sensitive just after she climaxes and always asks me to stop.

Julie fell sideways and I rose up on my elbows. I looked at the other side of the bed. I was treated to the sight of my lovely wife’s spread legs. My viewpoint was looking up the length of her legs straight at her dripping pussy. Mike was atop her, in a similar position Julie had been in on me. Mike’s cock, I assumed, was sliding in and out of Sara’s mouth. His hand was reaching around behind to play with her pussy while she sucked on him.

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