Single Again

by JAX

Copyright┬ę 2005 by JAX

Sex Story: After twelve years of marriage and three years before that, I was suddenly single again. My open marriage with my first wife was at an end. I missed her warm plump body in my bed and her company around the house, too

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Heterosexual   True Story   Gang Bang   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .


After twelve years of marriage and three years before that, I was suddenly single again. My open marriage with my first wife was at an end. I missed her warm plump body in my bed and her company around the house, too. We had just moved to a bigger house and now it was empty. To help pay the bills, I invited Roger, a colleague from work to move in. As soon as possible, I sold out and bought a small flat, all paid for and all mine.

It was just after the New Year when Roger came over with his current girlfriend, a very young and busty girl whose name I've completely forgotten. We set about drinking the flat dry and come eleven or so we had done exactly that.

"I'll go and get some more," volunteered Roger.

He left, leaving me alone with his slightly drunk girlfriend.

"I haven't had my New Year's kiss yet," I said the drink making me brave.

"Sure," she giggled.

As I kissed her, my hand went up inside her thin top to find her tits naked beneath. She clamped my hand tight but my fingers could just reach her erect nipples so after playing with them for a while her grip weakened and I got to maul her lovely plump tits.

The lounge door slammed and unheard by us both, Roger had returned with a couple of bottles of wine.

Shit, I thought. I was left alone while his girlfriend went to calm him down. I felt bad not because I was kissing and fondling his girlfriend but because I had been caught. After some minutes they both returned but I could see that Roger wasn't in a good mood.

"You're nothing but a slut," he snarled at her.

"It was just a New Year's kiss," I said, "nothing else."

My peace-making didn't help matters any and Roger set about drinking one of the bottles of wine he had brought.

"Fucking slut," he slurred.

I watched open-mouthed, as he reached under her very short skirt and pulled her knickers off.

"Don't, Roger," she wailed and tried to stop him.

"All sluts are good for is fucking," he shouted.

He forced her legs open and, with me watching still open-mouthed, he pushed his hard cock into her. He pounded into her still body for some minutes then he grunted as he came.

"You want a go?" he looked up at me.

Well of course I did for my cock was painfully hard in my pants.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yeah, she's just a slut," he said off hand.

I moved between her legs and pushed into her; her eyes snapped open and she tried to push me off but I was too heavy. Despite the drink, I was rock hard and I pounded into her until I too spunked.

"Let's take the slut to bed," announced Roger.

By the time I had locked up and joined them in my small bedroom they were both naked and Roger was again pounding between her legs. I joined them and waited for him to finish.

"There, she's all yours," said Roger, who pulled out of her and rolled over and went to sleep.

She just lay there with her legs wide open so I climbed aboard and slipped my new hardness into her again. This time her hips jerked against me while I mauled her tits savagely.

It was morning and when I opened my eyes, Roger was again pounding between her wide-open legs.

"You want to fuck the slut?" he asked as he rolled off her.

Well, I had my usual morning boner so I nodded and set about it.

He dumped her shortly after although she did come and visit me a couple of times and she stayed the night. Roger met and married some other girl and I was invited to their wedding.

One of the many problems of being single was I had to attend some social functions like the Cricket Club end of season dance; I was due to receive a trophy so I had to go.

"Why don't you take Michelle?" said Brian.

Brian and Michelle were the newly wed couple mentioned in 'Plastic Friend'. They were not so newlyweds now for they had a couple of young kids.

"What!" said both Michelle and me.

"Yeah, why not?" said Brian with a laugh.

After I had refused a few times, I finally agreed. Michelle was tall and slender, not really my type at all but I really did need a partner. I picked her up and she was dressed to the nines, long evening dress with a strapless top. The evening went well but at midnight the band stopped playing so we collected our coats and set off home.

"It's a lovely night and I don't want to go home yet," sighed Michelle. "Lets stop at 'Hill Top'?"

'Hill Top' was a local beauty spot, for on a clear day you could see three of four counties I forget which. At that time of night we had the place to ourselves for all the courting couples had left hours ago.

"Thank you, I had a lovely evening," she said and leaned closer and kissed me.

I kissed her back and my hands found her naked skin above her dress. I was used to a little more meat on my woman's bones and Michelle's slender body felt very strange to me. In the bright moonlight I watched as she unzipped her dress and pulled it down around her waist. We kissed again and my hands found her naked tits. At one time she had very small tits but having two kids had boosted them to a nice 'B' cup. Her hands were unzipping my fly to release my hardness. Her head came down on to my groin and she took me into her mouth.

"Stop it or I'll come," I warned.

She straightened up and smiled.

"I want you to spurt right down my throat," she giggled.

Two more minutes and I did just that.

"Let's get home," she said as we re-fixed our clothing.

I would have dearly like to fuck her but that obviously wasn't on her agenda. I escorted her to her front door and kissed her goodnight then I went home to my lonely bed.

After that night, Michelle confided in me that Brian had been exceptionally horny and he would often ask her if I had fucked her or not. She didn't say what she told him but the following year once again he offered her as my partner.

I've told you all lots of stories about my first wife, so let me tell you about my second. It was one of those eye popping, jaw dropping moments. She was tall, about 5' 8" and well built; her figure I found out later was 38D-25-38 and she was still only 17 years old. Well, I asked her to go for a drink one lunchtime and she accepted and our relationship had started.

At the time, she was already engaged to be married, but after a few weeks of seeing me she dumped him and we started to see each other regularly. It was great when I got at her tits for the first time, they were different from my first wife's for they were more conical in shaped and stood straight out from her chest; she was still a virgin at this time but not for long. It was strange, I was totally used to fucking one person for so many years that doing it with F was so different. At first she didn't quite know what to do, she would push at the wrong time and negated what I was trying to do. She had never tried oral sex and she had never heard of a tit fuck. Over the coming months I tried to introduce her to these things but she was having none of it. True, she came to like my tongue between her legs and my cock found its way between her tits a few times but she wasn't a natural. It was at these times I missed the blatant sexuality of J, my first wife --she would rather tit fuck me than eat, sleep or almost anything. True, she didn't keep her legs closed with other guys but I knew I'd always have a warm place to put my hardness.

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