Secret Lover

by Maureen Louise Reardon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, True Story, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two women meet, and embark on a private sensual journey.


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Just the thought that Maureen's plane would be landing soon, crowded every thought in April's mind. April was so aroused, excited for she had waited. Waited what seemed like a lifetime. Long distance relationships, sometimes take there toll. For April, Maureen's was worth the wait.

This was more then just an arousal. This went much deeper. For the experience was linked into more then her body, mind and spirit could comprehend.

Both of them had permitted the other, to partake of their spiritual side of their souls.

The eternal spark of life where love lives forever. April's anticipation of being in Maureen's arms filled her with a euphoric feeling. As if being intoxicated by some magical drug.

April's senses were expanded to a heightened level of awareness. As she entered the shower. The heat of the shower wrapped around her with a steamy caress.

April felt the moisture in the air. Sweet and inviting. April took the air deeply into her lungs. Her eyes were closed. Imagining it was Maureen she was breathing in. April leaned into the comforting stream of water.

April had arranged for a second key for, Maureen to pick up at the front desk. April had wanted to meet Maureen at the airport. Maureen declined and they agreed to meet at the hotel.

Maureen like the excitement of having a "Lady in waiting." April knew of this fantasy.

Whenever they would meet, it would always be a new adventure. This captured April's full attention. April and Maureen, lead separate lives. They never discussed them. For it would take away from what they had.

April savored her moments in time with Maureen. They never made plans for anything beyond just being together. When the where together nothing else mattered. Their plans were limited to a promise. To find some way to be together. Each time they would meet, no one else would know. For their love had to be kept secret and sacred. From the world in which they both lived. At times this was difficult. But there love prevailed.

The bathroom was thoroughly steamed as April twisted the shower knob closed. She imagined Maureen's smell, her scent riding through the moist air. She then pulled the shower curtain to the side. Several cotton towels were waiting for her. Throwing the closest towel over her head. April began to dry her hair.

April again breathed in deeply. Every smell was so clean and fresh. As if to linger in a soft embrace. She felt a warmth swirl over her. Before she could wonder what she felt. A warm intense thought enveloped in her mind.

In the same instant April smelled Maureen. She felt the hunger of Maureen's mouth sucking her deeply into her. April's moan spoke all the words, that described how badly she had been missing Maureen.

The vibration of Maureen's voice spoke through April. Rapidly as she answered her own words.

Maureen said "I loved you."

Maureen often said this to her. She knew she loved to hear it. It did not take long for both of them to have their wishes come true. Maureen had April's heart beating, like the waves crashing on rocks. During a sensual storm. For Maureen was her storm her lover.

April dropped the towel behind her. Holding each end in hand. April's head and neck resting in a sling that held Maureen to her. With a gentle coaxing pull on the towel, her hunger was apparent.

Maureen opened her mouth and moved down, her hands reached behind to pull my ass toward her. Her head rocked slowly from side-to-side as her tongue swirled slower still. April loved to watch Maureen exploring, sucking her. And she loved to have April watch her. Maureen began to rock slowly as she increased her motion on April.

April loved it when she stayed deep, keeping her buried in Maureen's wet mouth, and she knew that was a preference. It was difficult to tell which of us was enjoying the event most. It was April who finished first as she thrust forward into Maureen's relentless tongue. Her fingers sliding in and out with a rhythm only God could define. April surged into Maureen's waiting mouth, as she shook with waves of orgasm.

April hungered for more, pulling Maureen onto her pulsing clit. Maureen in rhythm, with each surging pulse. In and out. Harder, deeper grinding. April felt as if she was going to explode. She could not hold back any more. As April exploded, she felt as if she was one with Maureen.

April barely being able to stand, looked around to see. That they had not left the bathroom yet. The floor was still dripping with water from her shower.

April's shoulders relaxed as her arms fell, to her sides as she sat on the toilet seat. Maureen continued to caress April with her lips and tongue, savoring every drop. April looked down at Maureen, eyes still closed, lingering in her own pleasure.

God knows how much April loved Maureen. April hesitated there with her eyes still closed while she watched her, wondering what thoughts Maureen were enjoying. Slowly April's eyes came open and that wonderful smile spread wide on her sweet mouth.

Looking up at Maureen, April slowly rose and whispered "I've been longing for your touch," April paused "seemed like a life time."

Maureen Replied "you are my life time"

The kiss that followed was like no kiss April or Maureen could remember. It was like all the kisses, that have ever been, wrapped up into one.Holding each other close they kissed with the urgency of immediate desire.

With a patience that spanned seamlessly centuries. Tongues entwined in there own dance. Like best friends meeting after an extended separation. Every part of there bodies was eager to share, a greeting such as this.

Picking April up, Maureen moved her into the center of the bed. Lying her on her back, nestled among the pillows, the cool sheets against her back. Maureen's kisses started a slow torturous journey down her neck, along the contour of her collarbones, funneled to the delicate hollow at the base of her throat, teeth dragging lightly and nipping gently on any desire she could find.

The softness of Maureen's tongue brushed over April's right nipple. As she kissed and licked downward. Instantly April's back arched upward to meet the pleasing sensation. Twisting slightly to follow when Maureen passed beyond her swollen clit.

To April's relief, Maureen's mouth soon returned to the hardness of her nipple. Gently, sucked it into her mouth. Her lips sealing around her breast. Tongue dancing against the hard texture of her erect pink nipples. April's hands came down and held Maureen's head as she pleasured her, moving slowly to her left breast, Aprils hands following to guide her, to the pleasure she wanted. With deliberate slow motions, Maureen licked and sucked hungrily, enjoying the way April's body rolled and arched into her attentions.

Maureen's tongue orchestrating April's every move, delivering her every delight.

Kissing downward the flat softness of her belly, she raised her arms over her head, stretching into a personal bliss. Maureen's arm slid under her thigh. Pulling her knees upward and outward, Opening April to the warmth and wetness of her mouth and tongue. Maureen held her in her arms, like a big, open book, wanting to read every page.

Opening her mouth fully. Maureen leaned down and took a generous mouthful, of her upper thigh and a slice of April's center, sucking in the wetness that had collected along the large tendon, in her most tender crease.

The moist left edge of April's labia was partially sucked into her mouth as Maureen closed her lips on her, licking gently. April pivoted her hips toward Maureen. Anticipating her mouth would be her total center, squirming to position me, squarely upon her aching clit. Maureen's tongue flicked softly, as she pulled back and took another large mouthful of April's most private parts, this time licking to the right of her ache.

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