Southboud Greyhound

by TitMilker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, Cheating, Lactation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Some is true, some is not. You decide how the young Sailor rides the bus from Seattle to San Diego with a young woman.

Liberty. Two weeks of freedom after Naval Boot Camp. I had gone home to visit my parents and see friends. Now I was headed south to San Diego on a Greyhound bus.

We were somewhere in northern California when some folks departed and a few more boarded. I was pleased that the bus was sparsely occupied leaving me plenty of room to stretch out and relax. Unless you've ridden on a bus for more than just across town you don't know how cramped you can get.

This was the beginning of the second day of a two-day trip. I was relaxing towards the back of the bus having both seats to myself. Back in those days, traveling in uniform was required for active duty personal so I easily stood out from the rest.

The sun had just set and twilight cast shadows on the passing landscape. Inside the bus, it was quickly growing dark and only a few overhead lights flickered on for those wishing to read. I noticed the young woman that had boarded at our last stop. She looked to be four or five years older than my seventeen and nice looking. Every so often, I saw her glancing back in my direction and each time I smiled. She would smile back before turning forward.

An hour later, she got up and moved towards me. She passed and entered the tiny restroom buses had in the back. She wasn't in there long and as she moved forward, she stopped next to my seat.

"Mind if I join you for a bit?" she asked.

Young, dumb and full of cum who was I to turn down such an offer from a lovely young woman. I scooted over giving her the aisle seat.

"Thanks. My name is Wanda and I don't make a habit of sitting next to men I don't know."

"Hello, Wanda. I'm Ted. What made you decide you wanted to sit with me?"

"I like men in uniform. Look, I'm married with three kids. I'm on my way home to my husband and family. I just thought it would be nice to sit with you since you looked sort of lonely."

I just sort of sat there looking at her. She had a very pretty round face with not much make-up. I noticed a clean fresh smell about her with just a hint of perfume. Her clothes were conservative wearing a white blouse and dark knee length skirt. Draped around her shoulders was a heavy long sleeved sweater that was left open in front. My eyes took in the swell of her breasts and I found them larger than normal.

"It's been a long trip so far and I still have a long way to go. I'm going to San Diego to report back for duty."

"If you would rather be alone I could go back to my seat," she replied.

"I'd rather not spend the entire trip alone. Having your company would be more then nice."

We didn't have much to say for the next half hour. As usual, it began to get cool since I've never known of a bus to be warm unless you wanted to be cool. Wanda shivered a bit and pulled her sweater closer.

"If you'll let me out I can get us a blanket from the overhead," I ventured trying to be a gentleman.

She moved to the aisle and while I got down a blanket, she moved next to the window leaving me in the aisle seat. I didn't complain or comment as I sat down spreading the blanket open and draping it over her. Since I was wearing dress blues, I wasn't really chilled.

"Thank you kind sir." Her voice was soft, inviting and arousing.

"It is my pleasure, M'Lady," I mimicked her old world manner.

Again, we were silent. She clutched the blanket close around her and gazed into my eyes. I began to feel something in the air but couldn't put my finger on what it was.

"I'm still feeling chilled," she said quietly.

The armrest between the seats was moveable and I raised it. Moving closer I placed my arm around her shoulders drawing her closer. She moved the blanket so it covered us both and I could feel the warmth of her body. Wanda snuggled closer and I felt the firmness of her right breast pressed against my arm. Her head rested on my shoulder and she looked up to my face.

"You feel warm and so nice," she said cuddling closer.

I looked down and saw her lips slightly parted. Our lips touched and her tongued caressed my mouth. With trepidation, I slipped my tongue to her open mouth and timidly explored. She sighed blowing air into my open mouth as her tongue found and played with mine. Her left hand slipped under my jumper rubbing the area between my belly and chest. I moved my right arm over her body and pulled her closer as our kiss became more passionate.

"Wow," she exclaimed as we separated. "That was a first for me. I've never kissed another man since I got married."

"I'm sorry," I replied trying to move away. She slipped her hand over my right side onto my back and pulled me towards her.

"No, please don't take that the wrong way. My husband and I have an understanding. He has his girlfriends and I don't complain. He is a very good father and provides very well for me and our children."

(Note: In the early sixties open marriages were not quite known. It was commonly thought that it was fine for a man to diddle around while a woman was thought of as a whore.)

"Does that mean you have boyfriends?"

"No. I've never cheated or done anything with another man other than my husband."

"Why are you doing this with me?"

"Like I said before, I like a man in uniform. Besides, if Tom can do it why can't I?"

She looked up at me and I melted. Wanda was so pretty, her lips so inviting I just couldn't help myself. We kissed again, our tongues dueling inside our mouths. Her breath came faster as she pressed her breasts to my chest. She moved her hand down and slipped it under my T-shirt caressing my bare chest. Her fingers found my right nipple and began rubbing it.

"Touch me," she pleaded.

My right hand moved from her left shoulder and touched the swell of her left breast. It was firm in the confines of her bra yet I could feel the nipple growing hard in my palm. Her breast was larger than my hand and she groaned into my mouth as I gently squeezed her fleshy globe. She let her hand on my chest move lower and over the front of my pants. From the outside of my pants, she traced the outline of my erection.

"You're bigger than Tom," her soft voice commented.

(Note: For those of not familiar with Navy Dress Blue uniforms the pants have a flap with thirteen buttons holding it closed. It was designed so that in case of a ship sinking all the sailor need was to grasp the upper corners and yang down hard popping the buttons and making it easy to remove them. The number of buttons represents the original thirteen colonies, but the more common explanation is to give a woman thirteen chances to say no.)

I felt her fingers begin slowly to work on the buttons. My lust was rapidly growing. Sex for me at this point had only been twice and both times were very disappointing. The first was with the high school whore who fucked anything in pants including girls. My second was in the back seat of my car. She let me inside her body until she climaxed then used her hand to get me off.

"Are you sure you want this?"

"From what I've been feeling I'm sure," her voiced quivered. Her fingers kept working on the buttons.

She had the flap down and only the two buttons of the waist remained. I stopped her from unbuttoning them. She looked up at me with a question in her eyes.

I saw the hurt in her face as I gently pushed her back and away from me. My lips formed a smile as my own fingers began working open the buttons of her white blouse. She smiled and relaxed. The buttons were undone and I spread open the halves of her blouse. Passing lights from outside flashed through the window as I lowered the blanket enough to see her bra. Wanda raised her body, slipped her hands behind and unsnapped her strap then relaxed again. I lifted the cups exposing her breasts. The brief flashing of the outside lights allowed me to catch glimpses of her naked breasts as her nipples grew stiff and hard.

"Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful," I exclaimed gazing at her mostly naked chest. I lightly caressed her breasts feeling her nipples hard on my fingers.

"Suck them," she pleaded. "Suck my breasts, lick my nipples and think of yourself as a baby nursing his mother."

My lips surrounded her right nipple as I began sucking. A few moments later, I felt wetness in my mouth. Pulling back, I looked at her with shock.

"I should have told you," she smiled. "I'm still nursing my youngest. Does that bother you?"

"No, but I am surprised. Actually, I find it exciting and you taste good."

I resumed my suckling filling my mouth with her hot sweet milk. She quietly moaned and then shifted me to her other breast.

"I'm so glad I took the chance to sit with you," she cooed stroking the hair on my head. "My breasts were getting full and I had gone to the restroom to express them. When I thought of you sitting here alone I wanted you nursing me."

Both her breasts were empty yet they remained full and firm. I licked and lapped at her still stiff nipples causing her to groan even more. Raising my head our lips met, our tongues dueled and her breathing grew more rapid.

"I think my milk tastes good. Now I can see why my son is so eager to nurse."

"Not to argue with you, I think it's because he gets to feast on his mommies large firm tits."

"Oh, you very naughty boy talking dirty to me. Don't stop; say more dirty nasty things to me."

"Does that excite you?" I wanted to know.

"Very much," Wanda panted moving her hand to feel my solid erection.

(Note: In the early sixties dirty talk was seldom heard in public. Couples in the privacy of the bedroom might express things in a nasty way but never openly.)

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