Meeting a Deaf Submissive

by Tendal Braxis

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, BDSM, DomSub, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: After several months of online contact, I finally get to meet the young woman who has begged to be my submissive. The only problem is she is deaf. Her hearing was cruely taken from her by a vicious inner ear infection at age 19. This young woman has affected me in ways no other woman ever has, including two ex-wives and two daughters.

For what must be the twentieth time I looked at my watch and glance up at the arrival board... still about 15 minutes to go. Once again I pulled the ASL book from my hip pocket and practice some of the signs I have learned in order to surprise her. Foot traffic was heavy in the Nashville terminal and the boarding area was crowded with people waiting to board or waiting as I waited for those arriving on the same flight. My mouth was dry. Knowing I had a few minutes, I headed down the concourse to find a drink and to help kill the minutes remaining until the plane arrived. Before I could reach the food stand, I passed a gift shop and stopped in my tracks; there in the window was a small teddy bear holding a red heart that said I LOVE YOU. I stepped inside and purchased the bear hoping that it would help melt any awkwardness of this first meeting after so many months of online intimacy. Proceeding on, I grabbed a coke and headed back to the boarding gate to wait. As I returned, the arrival board begins to flash ARRIVING next to the flight number and I could not help but break into a silly grin of anticipation.

Looking out over the terminal area through the giant plate glass windows, through the shimmering heat rising from the distant pavement I spotted the American Airlines 727 slowly making its way in from runway 2Left towards the terminal complex. My heart began to pound in my chest, my palms began to sweat and I longed for a smoke to help ease the tension. Creeping along at what seemed to be a snails pace, the airliner slowly turned this way then that as it followed the complex taxiways towards the terminal. People in the boarding area began to shift and move, some gathering their carryon luggage, some edging closer to the debarkation door. I held my ground across the walkway from the door where I had a good view of the interior of the tunnel through which the arriving passengers would parade into the terminal building. With a last glance at the ASL book, I folded it in half and stuff it back into my back pocket, tucked the top of the bag containing the little bear under my belt at the small of my back and waited.

I watched as the plane, now moving at a slow walk, eased up to the ramp and jerked to a sudden stop as the pilot stomped on the brakes to align the door with the ramp. The gate attendants burst into a flurry of motion, moving the barrier ropes to keep the boarding passengers back so that those deplaning could have room to get out of the boarding doorway. One picked up a microphone and began his spiel about those boarding will do it by rows and to please remain behind the barrier until your row is called to board. A haggard looking line attendant opened the door from outside the tunnel and a wave of hot, humid air, flavored with the scent of burned kerosene, rolled across the concourse and hit me in the face bringing a new wave of perspiration to my brow.

As I glanced back out to the plane, I could see indistinct bodies moving towards the front of the plane, crowding the exit and I knew that in seconds people would start appearing in the tunnel. Turning my head back to the doorway, the first of the arriving passengers made their way up the ramp and into the cool air of the terminal. I would have a bit longer to wait; economy class deplanes last. I watched as those arriving began to mingle with those waiting, greeting friends or family while those expecting no one, quickly turned and headed towards the head of the concourse and the luggage claim area. The first rush of passengers thinned a bit and became a steady flow of men, women and children trudging up the ramp. I spotted the top of a light brown head of hair moving behind several businessmen in rumpled suits with ties askew and instantly knew who it is. As the businessmen separate momentarily, I saw her face scanning the crowd near the door, missing me across the walkway from the door. She was dressed as I had hoped, very low rise jeans barely hanging from her hips, very short white button blouse tied just under her breasts, none of the buttons fastened; her breasts confined in a thin blue tubetop beneath it. I grinned as I saw nothing but skin from just below her breasts to just above her pubic mound. I leaned back against the concrete pillar and waited, knowing that she would spot me as soon as she looked around. It happened; she looked up and spotted me across the concourse.

"Chris!" she screamed, and a grin illuminated her face and she begin to purposefully head towards me. I raised my hand and signed to her slowly and carefully, Welcome to Nashville pet. Her jaw dropped open in surprise, her dark eyes flashed and sparkled as she burst from the crowd, dashed across the concourse and leapt into my arms. Arms wrapped tightly around my neck, she rained kisses on my face as I gathered her to me in my arms. Laughing with joy, I kissed her back even more enthusiastically than she did me. Occasionally our lips actually meet as we cover each other's faces with kisses. Her legs lifted and wrapped around my hips and I held her up, crushing her breasts against my chest. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see several people looking in our direction. Some, mostly men smiled at the obvious display of affection, several women also looking in our direction pursed their lips, pruning their faces in disapproval; I could almost see their scandalous thoughts of outraged propriety. I didn't care, she was here and I was holding he in my arms for the first time. Finally, I started to relax my grip on her and she unwrapped her legs from me and dropped her feet back to the floor, sliding her arms downward to encircle my waist. Her hands came close to the bag tucked into my belt and, rather than let her find it, I reached behind me and pulled it free and handed it to her, silently mouthing the words this is for you pet. She opened the bag and took the bear out and looked up at me grinning and said; "I love you too."

Turning her so that I could take the bag she dropped, I reached down, grabbed it and wrapped my free arm around her and lead her up the concourse.

After walking about half a mile through the terminal, we emerged into the heat of the day and enter the semi-darkness of the short term parking garage. As we moved away from the crowds, I slid my hand down from her waist and buried my fingers in her back pocket and gave her butt a loving squeeze. I slowed our walk down to a stroll as I pulled her tightly to me and leaned over and kissed the top of her head. Feeling my kiss, she stopped and swung around me, wrapped her arms around me and dug both her hands into my back pockets, pulled our hips together and began to grind slowly against me as she looked up at me with an impish grin, licked her luscious lips, and lifted to her toes and kissed me. We stood locked in that sweet embrace for what seemed like hours before breaking apart and turning to go on to the car.

Reaching the darkest part of the parking garage, where I had deliberately parked the car, I gave her butt a squeeze and pulled my hand from her back pocket to dig for the keys in mine. Opening the door, I lifted the seat and dropped her bag on the back seat, pushed the seat back in place then turned to her. Glancing around to be sure we were not being watched, I brought both my hands to her breasts cupping them, as I leaned down to kiss her again. Moaning into my mouth, her arms encircled my neck again, fingers twining in my hair as she returned the passionate kiss. I released her breast, allowing my hand to slide across her bare belly and inserted my fingers into the waistband of her jeans just inside the point of her hips where the material gaps a bit from the hollow on either side of her abs and slide them down to caress the damp softness of her sex.

"Mmmm" she moaned, "I've waited so long to feel that." Her hands reached to my shoulders as her feet slide apart allowing my hand room to slide deeper to fully cup her sex. Her hips surged at my hand as her head fell back, eyes closed, mouth open as she moaned. I leaned forward and covered her mouth with mine as my tongue thrust into her warm wet mouth seeking hers. Middle finger curling inward, I caressed her clitoris; her hips bucked and thrust forward seeking the pleasure my hand gave. My free arm reached around her fully and my fingers clutched at her breast, caressing what I could get of it in my hand. Our tongues danced and squirmed against each other and the world around us receded into oblivion as we surrendered ourselves to the pleasure of the moment.

Footsteps approached from the distance and I reluctantly withdrew my finger from her body and slid my hand from inside her jeans; she whimpered in need, pulling her mouth from mine to beg for more as she lifted to her toes and thrust forward attempting to regain contact with my receding hand. Herr eyes opened and looked at me questioningly; I cut my eyes towards the person approaching in the distance and she glanced that way and nodded. Turning her with the arm that was around her, I helped her into the car. She reached up, ran her hand over the bulge in my jeans and grinned at me wickedly and giggled. I closed the door and moved around the car, got in, and off we went, wending our way from the parking garage to the road that lead us towards my home.

As I turned onto the main road, I reached out and gave her hand a squeeze, turned my face towards her and asked if she was hungry. " MMMmmm I'm hungry but not for food." She replied as she lifted my hand to her lips and sucked my index finger into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. I groaned and she giggled, her eyes sparkling with happiness as she took pleasure in the discomfort and distraction she was causing me.

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