Indecent Arousal

by wetgirlwriter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jeff has the perfect way for his girlfriend to repay him for lustfully masturbating in front of her employer's grandson. What she doesn't know is that she's in for more than she bargained.

So to start this off -- I don't condone cheating, but I completely understand that things happen.

I needed extra money this summer, so I got myself a job as a private duty nurse to this elderly lady whose family offered to pay me to live with her for just the summer. It seemed pretty easy. Anna, as she insisted I call her; basically took care of herself. I got to live with her for free. I couldn't have asked for a better job. She had a gorgeous six-bedroom house with a large swimming pool, something that I wouldn't be able to afford, especially since she lived in Connecticut.

Things ran smoothly for the first two weeks of the summer. My boyfriend Jeff spent the night sometimes and her family didn't mind. Everyone except for Anna's grandson Alex left after the 4th of July. I thought he seemed a bit weird at first, but after talking with him a few times in the presence of his grandmother, he turned out to be very charming and -- downright sexy.

The best part about this job was that all I really did was lounge around the pool all day and read. One day I went out onto the patio, the weather was beautiful, the sun shining brightly, and it wasn't muggy as it tends to get in July. I really don't like tan lines so whenever I manage to be alone and in the sun, I take off my top. Jeff likes the way my breasts get freckles when they're sun kissed. He teases me to such an aroused state, and I love it -- incentive enough to go topless.

That afternoon Anna was taking a nap and no one else was home. I got my sunscreen, and headed to the patio with the latest Harlequin romance novel in hand. I applied sunscreen to my legs, arms, taking off my bikini top to do my breasts. When I was satisfied that I was properly protected I lay down on my towel with my back to the floor, my breasts forward getting lots of sun.

I felt as though someone was watching me, but dismissed the idea because I knew I was the only person home besides Anna. The feeling wouldn't go away, but I was soon too caught up in the love scene I was reading to pay any attention to anything else.

"His cock pressed against her feminine folds " I said the words reading aloud, holding the book with one hand freeing the other to tease myself. As I continued reading I began touching myself. Slipping my hand into my bikini bottoms I played with my pussy, touching lightly my swollen lips but avoiding my clit. I used the wetness that pooled between my legs to glide my finger against my clit, moving my finger in time with the words I was reading. As the characters in the book teased and touched, so did me. My breath was coming in short rasps as I felt my body go tense about to cum. That's when I saw Alex watching me but I was too close to climaxing to stop. I put the book down and looked directly at him. With both hands now free, I tugged at my nipples all the while watching him watch me. I came so fucking hard, my cum pouring out of me soaking my fingers. I closed my eyes as my body quivered. Knowing that Alex was watching me all that time turned me on even more, and another set of tremors shook my body. Eyes still closed, part of me wished he was still there but the other part of me hoped that he wasn't. What the hell would I say?

Just my luck, he was right beside me. His eyes seemed to bore into my body, taking me from head to toe. I managed to swallow the moan creeping up my throat. I moved my hand out of my pussy. My fingers were slippery from my juices and I could smell my cum. My nipples hardened, his gaze still locked unflinchingly as he took my hand, brought my fingers up to his mouth and sucked them clean.


I couldn't help saying it. He knew I had a boyfriend yet he was sucking cum off of my fingers like his life depended on it. Pussy oozing, back arched inviting him to suckle my breasts; my ass, pussy, every muscle in me screamed to be fucked.

"You taste like honey, I want more."

Alex untied the simple bows holding up my bikini bottoms, and pulled them from under me. I lay there; unmoving eyes pinned on his body as he moved between my legs. He ran his fingers up the underside of my thighs, slowly moving towards my pussy, inching his way up my inner thighs. I released a long sigh, never even thinking of forgoing this experience. I parted my legs giving him better access to where I wanted him to go. He took his time kissing every inch of my skin, taking forever to put his mouth on my hot, wet cunt. I squirmed, the occasional moan escaping my attempt to be quiet.


I whimpered as I felt his hot breath dance on the sensitive skin of my pussy.

"You want this?"

His hot tongue dipped into my slit and I almost came right then. Instead of tending to my swollen clit he continued to tease me, licking my lips, blowing on my clit. I sat up a bit, leaning forward, so that I could really see what he was doing. That's when he grabbed my hips as his mouth and tongue delved into my hot cunt. Without a moments notice, I came hard on his mouth. Pushing and grinding, his tongue going in and out of me. He held me tight as he licked and sucked my clit as the tremors subsided. I lay back on the towel, trying to find my voice and regain some regularity in breathing.

Later that day Jeff came over. I knew that he might be mad with me, but I hoped he would be more turned on than anything else if I told him exactly what happened.

"Hey baby"

"Hi Jeff"

"So what have you been up to today?"

"Nothing much, I just hung out by the pool, got some sun, read one of my books and got off while reading it. Oh, and Alex happened to be there and lent a helping hand."

I figured that honesty was the best policy. Right? Better to just get it over with now, plus I'm a horrible liar.

"Well that's definitely something."

"So before you say anything else, let me explain. I didn't plan on this happening, it just did. Like I told you, I was getting off while reading, and when I looked up he was there. I was about to cum. My orgasm was so close I could taste it. I couldn't, wouldn't stop fingering myself and seeing him watching me made me even hotter and turned on, and I climaxed."

Jeff raised his eyebrows. "This couldn't have happened at a better time. I was going to suggest that we try something new, but seeing how you've got to make it up to me in a really big way; I have the perfect thing in mind."

Oh, God, I think I would have preferred Jeff being mad at me. His ideas and suggestions, though they promise to leave me properly fucked and satiated, usually have me blushing from the roots of my hair straight to my toes.

"What do you have in mind?"

I always prefer to know what I'm facing in any situation; this time was no different.

"Where's Alex now? Is he still in the house or did he leave?"

"I think he's still here. Why?"

"You'll find out soon enough. I think you should get him to come to your room with you now."

Jeff looked like he was up to no good. I'm absolutely the last person that would ever call themselves brave, and as I walked past a couple rooms getting closer to Alex's, a sense of impending doom made me jittery and hesitant. I felt like I was walking the green mile to my nemesis.

"Hey, Alex, are you there?"

I hoped he'd left but it seems I was damned to go through with whatever was in store for me.

"Hold on a sec."

Sure enough, sexy as sin, he was at the door. I don't quite remember what I told him but he didn't need much persuasion as without a jot of hesitation he led the way back to my room. Fear or anticipation or maybe both made my heart race. Jeff was waiting inside; Alex, now also inside the room, the two of them talked in hush tones not too far from me. With a wicked smile on his face Jeff came over to me.

"You do everything I tell you, babe, then I'll forgive you for today."

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