Chargers, Bengals and Clothing

by Roxanne

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Desc: Sex Story: This story is about a wager between two women, on an NFL football game. It is a five part clothing wager. Each quarter of the game stands alone, with the final score being the fifth part. Each woman is only wearing four garments. The loser has to pay two penalties, one on Sunday afternoon and evening, and one at lunch on Monday.

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Sometimes I'll tell you when a story is true. Sometimes I'll tell you when a story is fictional. Sometimes I won't tell you either way. This one really happened.

Like many wagers with penalties, the rules can get confusing when reduced to writing. To try and simplify things, this story is about a wager between two woman, on an NFL football game. It is a five part clothing wager. Each quarter of the game stands alone, with the final score being the fifth part. Each woman is only wearing four garments.

The loser has to pay two penalties, one on Sunday afternoon and evening, and one at lunch on Monday.

I prefer that my stories not be archived on the Internet, but anyone who wants it is free to make a personal copy.

Roxanne L. Green
September 7, 2002; Revised December 15, 2004

Part 1: Visitors and History

Our friends Gary and Laurie are visiting. They've been here for over a week.

We've done the World Famous San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, and Sea World. We've hit a couple of galleries, and the Old Globe Theatre. We've been to the Fleet Space Theatre / Science Center and the Aerospace Museum. We spent a day at Black's Beach, and a day in Ensenada and Tijuana. We've had dinner at Anthony's, Laeder's, and Fillippi's in the back room of the Italian grocery store on India Street. In short, we've played tourist with our friends from Dallas, sharing the beauty of San Diego in September after most of the vacationers have gone home. It is the nicest time of the year here.

Most evenings ended with the four of us on our deck or in the hot tub, or getting a moontan as we air dried in the nude. The nights were too chilly to sleep outside, but we did doze off for a few hours on the big air mattress two nights last week.

Gary and Laurie were friends from college, where they shared an apartment. After my divorce in my sophomore year, I moved in next door to them. I got married much too young, and for all the wrong reasons. The first time I met my first husband was the afternoon I won him in a strip poker game. Gary and Laurie played in that game, as did Stan, the man to whom I'm married now.

Stan and I have been best friends since preschool. He was the guy who was always there for me when I needed him. He helped me by being my friend, when my mother, sister and both brothers were killed, when I was eight. He was an usher at my first wedding. After my first marriage failed, he was there to pull me out of more messes, and more gutters, than I can count. He was also the guy who organized most of the early stripping games and contests.

Girls from high school had told me Stan was so smooth he could get them almost totally naked before they were cognizant of that fact, but I didn't believe them. Stan was a genuinely nice guy, handsome and in good shape, and I figured they were more or less willing participants in their own seductions. I believed that until the night it happened to me. He'd stayed to help me clean up. Then we sat on the swing in the gazebo, watching the headlights in the valley, and the buildings in the distance. We were talking, and I know he had his arm around my shoulders, when suddenly I felt a breeze down below, and I became aware that I had been unbuttoned, unsnapped, unzipped and unhooked. I was almost barefoot all over. My bra was off of my left shoulder, and was hanging where my right arm was bent at the elbow. My slacks were off of one leg, and down around the other ankle, and my panties were down to my knees.

He was my first sex partner, although not that particular night. We were never romantically involved through high school or college, although we did strike matches off of each other many times when not otherwise involved.

About nine years ago, I spent the winter in our office in Idaho. I had been averaging eighty hours a week since I graduated from university 4- years before. Stan had stumbled into a great job not long after graduation, which demanded he put in around eighty hours himself. Neither of us had much of a social life during those years right after college, but we stayed in contact to the extent our hours permitted.

When our Idaho general manager had a massive coronary, I had to go up there and manage that location. When he recovered and I returned to San Diego, Stan and I decided to go to Yuma for the weekend, to watch the Padres in spring training. We never got to the ballgame, but a few days later, we were visiting Gary and Laurie in Dallas.

Gary and Laurie took us to a party. It started with a barbecue, which moved into a high stakes poker game. What made this game different was that after the cash pot was settled, everybody had to show their cards, and the best hand got a garment from one or more of the worst hands. That friendly little Texas poker game lasted most of the night, and nobody got dressed until after brunch Sunday afternoon.

On the way home from Dallas, Stan and I began to think about converting our lifelong friendship into a romance. For those of you who don't know much about Stan and me, this gives you almost enough background to know what makes the four of us tick.

Part 2: The Wager

Yesterday, the San Diego Chargers played the Cincinnati Bengals. Laurie is from Cincinnati, which is where she and Gary ended up right after college. Then they moved to Dallas, but Laurie is a pure Bengal Tiger through and through. Gary and Laurie have an open marriage, and she slept with a couple of the Bengals while she and Gary lived in Cincinnati. Stan and I do NOT have an open marriage, and I slept with my Chargers after my divorce, before Stan and I hooked up. Laurie and I are more fans of our respective teams than either of our husbands ever was.

With 31 teams in the league this year, somebody always gets a week off. The Chargers got a bye the first week of the season. Everybody else in the Western Division of the American Football Conference lost last week, so with a spectacular record of 0-0, they were "Our First Place San Diego Chargers!" They went 0-5 in the preseason, but they didn't play badly. Although they are playing weak teams early in the year, and may well be 5-0 before they play someone good, the Chargers will be lucky to finish 8-8. I didn't figure the Bengals to be much better, but Laurie did. By Saturday afternoon, she wanted to bet on the game, "for old times sake." In the old days, we never bet just money.

Stan kept trying to establish what Laurie and I should bet. Stan's terms were all sexual or humiliating, and they all included Gary and him getting to watch whatever happened. I asked what Stan and Gary were going to put into the bet. They agreed they weren't going to bet, because neither of them was that kind of strong fan. Gary was mostly a Cowboys fan anyway. So we chased them away Saturday afternoon. We told them we'd determine our own stakes. When they returned Saturday afternoon, we told them they had to leave Sunday, and watch the game at Trophies Sports Bar and Grill in Grossmont Center, or somewhere else. When they left at nine Sunday morning, we told them they weren't allowed to come back until after the Sunday night game was over.

After they left, I set the chains on the doors so they couldn't sneak back in early.

All four of us are edging into our middle thirties. Stan was deathly ill a few years ago, and was frankly living on borrowed time, with someone else's liver. (Author's note: He died in March, 2004.) At 6-5, he only weights 140 pounds. Gary looks pretty good. I probably have a little better body than Laurie, but because I am almost all gray, people figure I'm fantastically well preserved for an old lady. Both Laurie and I can wear Stan's underwear. That will be important, as you will see later. We broke the bet into the four quarterly scores, and the game score. We had both Sunday penalties, and Monday penalties.

The final part of our agreement was that we were not going to tell our husbands about any part of the bet now. Stan occasionally participates in this forum, so he may someday read this. I don't know about Gary.

The Sunday bet was the simpler of the two. Whoever lost the quarter had to remove a garment, and keep it off until just before the fellas got back. Overtime points were part of the fourth quarter. The final score counted as one more bet for a garment. Only bras, panties, tops and shorts counted as garments. Ties carried over, and when someone finally won a quarter, they collected for prior quarter too. If we had each won two quarters, then whoever won the game won the bet. There were five bets, and we each would wear four garments.

As soon as the game ended, the winner was to get totally pampered by the loser. She was to get a full body massage, a shampoo, a bath followed by a shower, a manicure and pedicure, have lotion thoroughly applied to her body, and then be dressed and fed by the loser. Throughout the afternoon and evening, the loser was to wear only what she was wearing when the game ended, even when she opened the door all the way to pay for the pizza she would order. We did agree to order from a pizza place that had never delivered to us before, and after the bet, you can trust I'll never order from them again. The box was to be burned in the fireplace that night, so Stan won't be ordering from them in hopes of getting the same delivery person, and learning about the wager.

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