The Lusty Medical Profession

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, True Story, Cheating, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dr. Williams, a surgeon, is assisted by three of the sexiest RNs ever known. Angie, Sabrina, and Karen all fuck him regularly. The fun part of this story is that it's all true.

Chapter 1

It had been another typically long day in Surgery. Sabrina, Angie, and Karen had all three kept busy and their main boss, Dr. Williams, had depended heavily on them to take care of his every need. And saying that they met his needs was saying far more than anyone outside their little lusty foursome would ever have imagined.

Let me introduce you to Sabrina, Angie, and Karen. They're all totally hot, sexy, horny, and more than willing to fuck and suck Dr. Williams or anyone else that he might want to bestow their sexual favors on. Sabrina was a 30-something RN who was divorced and who did everything she could to convey the fact that she was hot, available and more than ready to fuck at an instant's notice. She had nice large tits, wore clothes that super emphasized her nice figure, and she was basically slutty. Angie was married, an early 30-something RN, and Angie was also very attractive and certainly dressed to get the doctors and any other man's attention. And then there was Karen, mother of one little boy, married and secretly probably one of the hottest and lustiest of the three women when it came to Dr. Williams. Dr. Williams was also married, had two children of his own, but he was more than ready and willing to fuck any or all of his nurses anytime. Dr. Williams had the world by the tits and he was loving it.

Angie and Dr. Williams had spent most of the day out in the eastern part of the state doing one of their monthly pre-surgery clinics and on the way back to where Dr. Williams had his primary surgical practice, he and Angie would usually stop at a convenient motel along the way for a fuck. This particular Thursday they were running late because they'd had more patients than usual. Instead of taking time to stop at a motel, Dr. Williams pulled over in a rest stop, and he and Angie hopped into the back of the car they'd driven and as the sunlight of the late winter day waned, he and Angie immediately got busy in their foreplay and then a hot sexy quickie fuck there in his backseat. Dr. Williams had first fucked Angie within a week after she'd come to work with him. He'd taken her body language when he'd interviewed her and made the moves that had resulted first in her giving him a hot sexy blowjob and then her spreading her legs and fucking Dr. Williams until he shot his cum inside her.

This afternoon, Angie had worn a very bust-configuring sweater (more to emphasize her nice tits than to keep her warm) and a short skirt that Dr. Williams was now able to simply pull up to her waist in order to get at her pussy. As usual, she was wearing a sexy black lacy thong and Dr. Williams soon found out that the sexy lacy bra she had on matched it. Angie wore the sexiest lingerie of the three nurses that regularly slept with Dr. Williams and he especially liked Angie's taste in bras and panties. He had to give Sabrina a nod went it came to sexy nightwear; the time he'd shacked up with her overnight her negligees and other sexy things she wore were totally hot.

Dr. Williams got Angie's skirt up, and he shrugged her thong off, stripping her bare ass naked from the waist down. Then, while he dove in between her shapely thighs, beginning to lick and kiss her hot horny pussy, Angie already had her sexy sweater pulled up to her neck, and then she unfastened the front closure to her bra so Dr. Williams could slide his mouth up from her pussy to her sensitive large tits and start sucking and licking her nipples as he aimed his hardon straight into her hot pussy and began fucking her. Angie had slept with Dr. Williams so often now that she knew their normal routine to get their usual fuck worked into their daily road schedule.

"Ohhhhhh, yes, lick me and make me cum," Angie moaned as she knew Dr. Williams was so hot and so good at eating her pussy. He quickly had her breathing very hard, and then he used his mouth and his fingers to bring her off to a first climax before he moved up on top of her semi-undressed body there in the car backseat. When he'd finished eating her out, Dr. Williams slid up over Angie as she reclined there underneath him, and as he took first one erect nipple and then another one in his lips, Angie helped her horny boss get his pants unzipped and she stroked his cock and played with his big nuts while he suckled her titties. Then, Dr. Williams pulled his pants and briefs down to give him more room to work, and Angie helped guide his cock straight into her pussy as she spread her legs to let him mount her.

Dr. Williams rubbed the head of his cock up and down across the wet swollen lips of Angie's pussy and then he pushed forward, feeling her tight wet pussy close around his erection as he filled her pussy full with his hard cock. As soon as he felt his cock bottom out inside Angie, she spread her thighs a bit further, and she moved with him as he began thrusting strongly in and out of her hot pussy.

The windows got readily steamed up from their lusty breath and hot moving together, and Angie moaned in orgasm three times while Dr. Williams slammed in and out of her before he bellowed that he was going to cum and he began pumping her hot pussy full of his sexy hot jism. When he'd cum inside Angie's pussy, he lay there sucking her tits while she caressed the back of his head, and then they both got dressed again and made the remaining two hours of their journey back home to finish that day out.

Tomorrow, Dr. Williams knew, it would be either Sabrina or Karen, or maybe Angie again.

Chapter 2

Karen both dressed with the thought she might be able to seduce Dr. Williams first thing that morning and that was her plan as she'd climbed into her car and driven to the university hospital where she worked with "under him" (she laughed at the reality of that phrase) on a nearly daily basis. "Under Dr. Williams" was far more than just a description of their relationship as doctor and nurse, she realized. From that moment months earlier when Dr. Williams and she had become sexually involved, Karen had increasingly tried to monopolize his intimate attentions more than he was able to bestow them on Sabrina and Angie. She wasn't sure exactly how well she was doing in her goal of becoming his primary lover since she couldn't just come right out and ask Sabrina and Angie "How often are you two fucking and sucking our boss?" So, Karen just did what she could to service Dr. Williams sexually as often as she could manage it.

Karen loved the thought of sucking Dr. Williams' cock or somehow managing to enjoy a fuck with him, but at the same time, she felt more than a twinge of lusty guilt as she realized she was the mother of a little boy and the wife of his father, and yet she was frequently naked or semi-naked with Dr. Williams and bestowing on him the sexual favors she knew she should be reserving for only her husband. Karen wasn't quite sure why Dr. Williams found her sexy but she was very glad that he did. When she'd started working for him several months earlier, their relationship had been purely professional and nothing went on. But as time had gone on, and as Karen and Dr. Williams had found themselves alone more and more, she began to notice him, his occasional hardons in his pants, and then she realized that he was getting turned on by her. That did it for her -- after that she couldn't wait to fuck and suck him. In only a matter of days, Karen managed to get to work early and she just made herself "available" and suddenly she found herself lying back on one of their clinic examining tables with Dr. Williams' on top of her, driving his hard cock in and out of her pussy. It had been a blur but just like that they'd become lovers.

This morning, Karen was hoping to seduce Dr. Williams again but she laughed as she realized that by now the term "seduction" meant little more than that she was alone with him long enough for the two of them to get it on. And they did that frequently.

Karen felt like she needed to lose a few pounds but then she noticed that Dr. Williams didn't seem to mind that her figure was a bit more rounded and full than either Sabrina's or Angie's. But, she knew that she did have the biggest and nicest breasts of the three of his nurses, and she knew that Dr. Williams was partial to a woman with nice big breasts like hers. He had more than once commented on how much Karen's breasts turned him on and he loved it when she'd get hard nipples while they were seeing a patient and then he could hardly wait to get Karen alone so he could bury his horny cock inside her and get her nurse's outfit undone so he could caress and suckle her sensitive hard nipples. Yeah, she knew she probably should lose some weight, but she knew that Dr. Williams seemed to love her sexually just the way she was. She didn't have any illusions had any romantic connections or feelings for each other at all; he and her were simply "in lust" with each other -- not "in love" and Karen liked it that way. She loved her young son and her husband dearly, but being lovers with Dr. Williams was another side of Karen that no one but her doctor/lover ever saw. Karen loved that risky adventurous side of both their personalities, and she loved it when Dr. Williams had his cock buried nuts deep inside her and when he was moaning in orgasm as he splashed her womb with his virile cumloads.

On her way to work, Karen felt herself getting hornier by the minute. She finally slipped her hand up inside the light jacket she was wearing over her sweater, and she lightly flicked her fingers over the already hardening nipples on the peak of both her breasts. Just thinking about the prospect and the almost certainty of being fucked by Dr. Williams made Karen get turned on and hard nipples was a clear giveaway to how she was feeling sexually and emotionally. Her fingers felt very good on her rock hard nipples and by the time she'd parked her car in the parking structure, Karen knew her nipples both stuck out as plainly as two headlights on high beam.

Karen got into the clinic work area first and she'd hung her coat up and put her purse away when Dr. Williams walked in from having done his early morning rounds. He usually did those with his residents and then he'd meet one of his nurses and begin preparing for the day's surgeries or clinic load. Karen hadn't yet slipped on the little clinic coat she usually wore and when Dr. Williams saw her, he immediately noticed her erect nipples pointing sexily out of her tight-fitting sweater. He took her by the hand, led her into his private office and then before he could do anything else, Karen knelt down in front of his crotch and starting unzipping and unbelting his pants. When she had him loosened below the waist, she slipped his hardening cock out and sucked on him for a few minutes. Dr. Williams made Karen hotter and hornier by moaning and letting her know that her blowjob was really getting him hot and then she stood up, pulled her skirt up to her waist, and slipped the sexy hot pink thong she was wearing down off her legs and showed Dr. Williams that she'd freshly shaved her pussy bald for him that morning as she'd showered at home. She knew he couldn't resist her at all when she'd gotten her pussy baby smooth just for him.

Dr. Williams slid his fingers up and down over Karen's naked wet pussy and then he pulled her towards him, knowing that she would straddle his lap and take his cock up inside her pussy so she could ride him and fuck them both to quick orgasms. He could hardly resist how hot Karen's pussy felt on his cock and since he was getting any sexual action at home from his own wife, he was sporting two large round nuts full of hot cum. Dr. Williams found himself wishing that one or all three of his nurses would forget their birth control so he could knock them up, but so far that hadn't happened. He'd love to father a baby with each of his nurses, and he knew he could well afford to support them very well if they did give him a baby.

Karen took his cock in her hand and she jacked him up and down a few times before she spread her legs to straddle his lap. Then, she rubbed his swollen cockhead up and down over the nether lips of her pussy and she let herself slide down on top of his full hard manhood as Dr. Williams reached up, pushed Karen's sweater off her tits and unsnapped the front closure of her bra to expose her tits to his gaze and his hungry sucking lips while they fucked. When Karen felt Dr. Williams' hard cock filling her hot tight pussy, she used the muscles in her legs and thighs to help her ride up and down on his dick. He began moaning as soon as Karen had his cock inside her and she slid up and down on his hard cock for maybe 10 minutes before she began to moan lustily as she felt herself approaching her orgasm. When Dr. Williams heard Karen getting ready to cum, he grabbed her around the waist, and he literally lifted and dropped her up and down on his cock, helping him suddenly reach orgasm and he spurted a huge thick "first cum" of the day up into his nurse's hot pussy.

Karen climbed off his dick and licked him clean before she helped him get dressed and she settled her bra back over her full rounded tits and got her bra fastened again and her sweater adjusted so they could open the clinic for the day's patients. And Karen loved working all day long with a load of thick hot sexy cum leaking from her hot well-fucked pussy.

Chapter 3

Between Angie, Sabrina, and Karen, Sabrina was by far the most erotic and sensual of the three nurses. She was basically a nympho because she could almost never get enough sex to satisfy her. She would often talk a lot at work about her sexual exploits of the night before, but even then there were some things that Sabrina didn't share with her other co-workers. She didn't mind talking sexy and regaling others with hot sexy situations she'd found herself in and what she'd done with various residents and doctors on the hospital staff, but then there were some sexual scenarios that Sabrina did keep to herself. For one thing, while everyone thought Sabrina was strictly heterosexual and was a totally raging hot pussied babe with the guys, there were a few of the female nurses on the hospital staff who knew how hot Sabrina was in bed, too. Yes, she'd fucked several of the other girls she worked with and Sabrina never did anything halfway. She didn't just go to bed with some of the female nurses; Sabrina had a bag of sex toys that she particularly brought along with her if a girl/girl get-together was planned in advance. She'd also been with the head of the CT Surgery division who was a female doctor, and she and Sabrina had fucked each other on several occasions.

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