Out to Lunch

by Lucien_al

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Met a cyber friend for lunch and things went crazy.

A few years ago I was invited by a friend to join him at lunch to meet someone he knew from IRC. I had only met Janine once on IRC and knew her only by her nick, "sexy lady."

We met at one of the better restaurants in town and were shown to one of the more private tables upstairs. Our conversation started in a fairly general way with each of us giving a bit of background about ourselves. Conversation soon got around to our respective spouses when Janine mentioned that she and her husband had a very open marriage and as long as they stuck to the rules they were free to see other people. Dave was very newly married and fairly conservative and the conversation was starting to make him feel a little uncomfortable. It didn't take him long to start looking at his watch and eventually get up to leave saying that he had work to do. I agreed to stay and he left.

Janine and I had had a fair amount to drink and our conversation was starting to become fairly specific about our sexual likes and dislikes. Janine leant forward and whispered, "Do you remember how horny you felt as a 14 year old boy? That's how I feel all the time." By now I was sporting a monster erection and couldn't quite believe what was happening to me.

I mentioned to Janine that I have an absolute love of panties and that nothing gives me more pleasure than to bury my nose into a nice damp pair of panties. She leant over and took my hand and slowly pulled it under the table and up her dress. As my hand touched her pussy I realized that she was not wearing any panties but instead could feel a very wet pussy in my hand. "Lick your fingers," she said. "I find that with me being constantly horny my panties are permanently wet and I find that really uncomfortable," she whispered. By now the restaurant had all but emptied and we were the only people left upstairs. The waiter came up to see if we needed anything and I think he realized that we needed to be left alone. He left a full bottle of Port on the table and retreated downstairs.

Janine started telling me that just before she had married Gary she had come home to find him in bed with another woman, she had initially been really pissed off and had called off her engagement. She decided that in order to get her own back on Gary she would give him a dose of his own medicine. She started picking up guys at their local pub, take them home and fuck their brains out. This was where she realized that no amount of sex could fully satisfy her. During this period she took another woman she met home with her and although she loved the oral side of the sex, "I needed a hard cock in my pussy," she said. This discovery prompted her to contact Gary and discuss getting together on an open marriage basis with some strict rules thrown in. By now Janine was rubbing my throbbing cock through my trousers. I was so horny a small wet spot had formed on my trousers.

We eventually got up to leave and made plans to meet the next day (her day off). As we walked out the restaurant door she leant across and asked how long it would take to get from the restaurant to my flat and return her home, "40 minutes" I answered. "Let's go," she countered. "My husbands flight lands in 3 hours and I would really like to see him tonight."

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