I've Been Reading, She Said

by oldmudrat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: The Sexual Revolution of the Sixties did not reach every part of the nation. Some of us lived and loved without it. But when we were finally could 'do it' the wait make it all the more sweeter.

Copyright© 2004

Believe it or not I was a virgin on my wedding night. So was my wife.

Seems impossible, I suppose, that two children of the Sixties would wind up in that condition. After all, the Sixties was a time of liberation and rebellion -- culturally as well as sexual. The time of Women's Lib. The time of the birth control pill. The time of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll.

Well, the Sexual Revolution never made it to our small, rural Mississippi town. Don't get me wrong, there was still plenty of sexual hanky-panky going on, both among the teens and adults. But the free love movement never made a dent in my small town.

We were both twenty-years-old when we tied the knot. We had been sweethearts since the sophomore year in high school and now we were juniors at the local university. I was set to start medical school the next year. We had talked about marriage for a long time, but had decided to wait until we were more settled.

It seemed like a good time to me.

So I asked her.

She said 'Yes!'.

Four months later, I found myself married, horny, and for the first time about to do something about the latter besides mutual masterbation.

Our wedding was... well, too long. The wedding and the reception afterwards lasted most of the afternoon and into the late night hours. I only wanted to get away from there and get down to the fun stuff with my wife Kate. Every time we tried to get away, someone would always bring us back. Another toast. Another dance. Talk to Kate's mother again. Something.

I didn't realize until much later that this had been planned by my brother as a joke. Good thing, too. If I had figured out then that he was behind the delaying tactics, murder would have been on my mind.

Finally, close to midnight, we were able to get away. We still had a two hour car drive to get to the hotel where I had made reservations.

Once we had tossed the luggage on the floor of our room, Kate jumped me. Pinning me to the wall, she wrapped herself around me and kissed me with a kiss that promised the release of all the pent-up desire that had been building over the years.

Like I said we were both virgins... technically. Oh, we had 'fooled around' as it was called in my youth. Mostly in the back seat of the car parked at 'our spot'. It usually progressed to Kate naked from the waist up; me suckling on her nipples and rubbing her clit and pussy; Kate caressing and pumping my cock with her hand through my open jeans. It was college, where I had an apartment off campus and Kate had a dorm room, before our sex play progressed beyond that. But never to true Fucking.

All that was forgotten as Kate's tongue caressed mine and she struggled with my belt. She had me unbelted, unzipped and pants down around my ankles in what seemed like milli-seconds.

"God! I've wanted this!" she said as she pushed my pants down. She gripped and started pumping my stiffening cock.

She dropped to her knees and licked her lips. "Tom, it's so beautiful tonight. Tasty looking, too." She opened her mouth and engulfed my cock.

I could only groan. Closing my eyes I leaned back against the wall and hoped my legs would not turn to jelly.

Her tongue was imitating a vibrator as she moved her head up-and-down my cock. With a shrug, she pulled me deeper into her mouth. A momentary pause as she swallowed to get past the gag reflex and her lips were buried in my pubic hair.

Swallowing repeatedly, she kept her tongue active and the suction going.

Kate had never deep-throated me before. Now the muscular ripples of her throat were quickly becoming too much for me.

I looked down at her to find her eyes, afire with desire, gazing up at me. Somehow during her oral labors Kate had managed to strip her blouse and bra off. They lay in a crumpled pile behind her. A flush covered her breasts and neck. Kate's nipples were so hard that they looked almost painful.

"Kate..." I whispered. "I... I..." I could feel the cum demanding release.

Kate squeezed the base of my cock as she pulled her mouth off with a wet slurp. "Not yet, Mike." She stood and frantically unbuttoned my shirt, pushing it from my shoulders. "I've waited a long time, damn it!" She kissed me hard, pushing her nipples into my chest. Her hands roamed over my belly, my ass.

I pulled her into me with both hands cupping her breasts. My thumbs rubbing her nipples, over and over. A tremor rippled through her body as she moaned, "Ahhhhh... Yes."

I unzipped her skirt. She stepped back and let it fall to the floor.

No panties, was my first thought. No hair, was my second.

"Like it?" Kate asked, striking up a pose. "I shaved this morning and all day the sensations on my naked pussy... Every time I took a step... well let's just say I hope you've taken vitamins, because I plan on fucking us both silly."

I reached for her and with a squeal she ran to the bed. Pulling the covers off the bed, she dived in. I was only a step behind, gathering her in my arms as we rolled. With her on top she kissed me again, grinding her pelvis against my cock. I could feel her moisture like a warm fountain covering me.

"I've waited," Kate said gasping for breath. "And, God Bless You, you've waited, too." She moved a nipple to my lips.

As I tongued and suckled, she murmured, "You've never pushed me further than I wanted to go. Ohhhh... that's good. Do that again. Ahhhh... You're mine, Michael Stone. And I'm yours." She rolled us over. From under me she pressed herself against me, demanding every square inch of her body be in contact with mine. "I give you my heart, my life, my body. My mouth. My breasts. My pussy. My ass. Everything."

I kissed her, slipping my tongue gently against hers. I nipped at her neck. "Everything, Kate?"

I lightly ran my hands down her ribs to her full hips. She strained for more contact, more heat.

"Everything, Mike," she said. "Ahhh... so good. I've been doing a lot of reading. Enough theory. I want to... GODDDD!" My cock pushed firmly against her clit in a grinding motion.

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