Incoming Mail

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Lesbian, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Incest, Brother, Sister, InLaws, Oral Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: I got this mail from a young girl, she says 19, and of the things her husband has made her do after he has read most of my stories.

Chapter 1

As I have over 200 stories posted on 'Stories On line' you can imagine I get a lot of mails from my readers. Many just require a one line reply of thanks for their nice comments. Others get me thinking about new stories I could write. Some readers tell me things they have done and even others say that my stories remind them of some events that have taken place in their life. Every mail I receive gets a reply of one sort or another although there are a few, two I believe that have come back as undeliverable, so if you are waiting for a mail from me come back with a new address.

I got this mail from a young girl, she says 19, and of the things her husband has made her do after he has read most of my stories.

Jenny writes: I work in a nationwide Bank who insist that all their employees wear supplied business outfits; us girl have to wear a dark skirts and jackets. The company has not specified what we wear under them. My husband Trevor has been reading Jax's stories since before we were married some 9 months ago now and he especial likes the 'First Wife' tales. How a young girl like me can complete with a sexpot like her is beyond me. For a start my figure, although good is much slimmer, my boob are only a C cup but I do have these long legs. Trevor said it was the first thing that attracted him seeing me walk about in my short skirts. He prints out the stories so that I can read them.

"Why can't you be more like her," he said.

"What get fucked by everybody," I said hotly after I had read a couple of stories.

"No I don't mean that," he sighed, "I mean be more sexy, show your figure off more."

"Hey, my skirts are as short as anybodies," I snapped.

"As short as," he wagged his finger, "not shorter."

Ok, I don't have a problem wearing even shorter skirts my legs are good enough but then he starts on my boobs.

"You've got great tits," he said, his words not mine; to me there're boobs. "But do you ever show them off, leave your bra off or wear low cut dresses."

"I haven't got any low cut dresses," I said.

"Right, there you go," he said.

"So you're going to buy me some," I said thinking I might just end up with some nice new clothes.

"Not necessary," he said, "in these stories the wife makes her own."

Yeah right, I can see myself coming home after a long day serving my customers and sitting meekly at the sewing machine, we don't have, and making new dresses for me to flaunt my boobs at every male who crosses my path.

"Well you can adapt some of your stuff surely," he said. "Come on let's go and look."

Well I had nothing else to do that day and I might get a good fucking out of it.

"What's your shortest skirt?" he asked.

"That little yellow one I bought last year," I said thinking about what clothes I do have.

"Put that on then," he said.

"Ok, ok," I said

I peeled down my Jeans and rummaged for that yellow skirt. Oh my, I had forgotten how short it was. I had bought it on holiday last year when we went away for a dirty weekend before we were married.

"That looks great," he leered, "now get the rest off."

It was looking like I was going to get a good fucking at the end of all this the way he was leering at me. I pulled my top off and unclipped my bra.

"Good you've got great tits," he leered, "what size are they?"

For god sake, we've been married 9 months now and he still doesn't know how big my boobs are.

"I'm 34C," I said sticking them out more so he might just get the message.

"Right what have we got for you to put on," he mused looking in my wardrobe.

I didn't want to put anything on, I wanted his hands on my boobs, squeezing them hard just the way I like it.

"Hey put this on," he said, pulling my office jacket out. "there was a story all about her wearing one of these."

"Yeah right," I said reluctantly, there goes my midmorning fuck.

I slipped on the jacket and did up the 3 buttons.

"You should go to work like that," he leered, "wouldn't it be neat having your tits naked under that jacket?"

"How is this flashing my boobs," I said looking at myself in the mirror."

"No, no, it's fucking fantastic," he enthused, "god, don't you see."

No not really, but if it makes him happy and I get a good fucking who am I to complain.

"Put the skirt on too," he reached into the closet and pulled out the matching skirt.

I slipped out of my short yellow skirt and pulled on my work one. I look exactly the same as I usual do when I leave for work 5 days a week except I'm not wearing a blouse.

"How is this sexy?" I asked looking at myself in the mirror. "Should I leave my knickers off too?"

"Yes, yes," he shouted.

I rolled them down my thighs and throw them at him.

"Fucking fantastic," he was almost drooling.

How can it be sexy, me dressed like this, but the bump in the front of his jeans proves it was to him; men are so weird.

"So you want me to go to work like this," I said playing with my jacket buttons.

"God yes," he said his eyes fixed on my hands.

"I'll need a good fucking first," I said, moving towards him.

"Fucking right," he said and grabbed me and threw me down on the bed.

His hard cock is inside me before I could catch my breath and his spunk was pumping into me before I could get going.

A good fucking it wasn't.

"Come on love," I said, unbuttoning my jacket to expose my tits, I mean boobs.

It was no good he had shot his bolt.

"Here let me," I said taking his limp cock in desperation into my mouth.

If I couldn't get him hard soon I would have to switch to plan B, my 8 inch vibrating dildo he had bought me on our honeymoon more as a joke than anything but it sure comes in handy at times like these. Good it was ok, I could feel him swelling in my mouth; his hands groping my boobs and my tongue on his knob were doing the trick.

"Fucking cock sucking slut," he shouted and pushed me flat again.

I spread my legs as wide as I can get them and once again he pounding between them. God that felt so nice and I moved my hips against him. Please wait for me, I silently beg as I felt my orgasm building and then I'm there and that exquisite feeling of pain and pleasure swept through my whole body while I feel him spurting inside me again.

I cooked lunch then I sit down with my cup of tea.

"Shall we go out?" he offered.

"Sure where?" I said.

"Put that short skirt back on and find a skimpy top and we'll go out for a walk," he said.

Surely he can't manage another fuck today, well he did manage a record 3 times on our honeymoon.

"Ok," I said brightly.

Once again I stripped off my jeans and pulled on that skirt, now what shall I wear on top. Well no bra for a start, he'll like that, oh I don't fucking know, perhaps a blouse left a bit undone. I pulled on a white blouse and only did up half the buttons then I go downstairs to show him.

"Not fucking bad," he leered.

We drove to this riverside Pub and I sat outside while he went inside to order our beer. It was still quite warm for late summer and the beer garden was popular. The 2 guys over there were giving me a good look and if Trevor wasn't about I could have gone off with them for some good afternoon delight. Down girl you're not a card carrying slut yet.

"Nice here," said Trevor as we sip our beers.

Trevor being about doesn't stop those 2 guys looking. God did I put on some knickers under this skirt, the way those guys were staring perhaps I didn't, I can't remember.

"Undo you top and tie it up for me," requested Trevor.

"What here, now?" I almost choked on my beer.

"Yes now," he said taking a large swig and looking around.

Most of the people sitting about us are too busy with their own lives to worry about us except for those 2 guys over there who were still staring at my legs. I drained my beer then I undid those 3 buttons that are still done up and carefully as I could I tie my blouse up under my bust. I'm not sure if I exposed myself or not but those 2 guys did have their eyes out on stalks.

"Fucking great tits," Trevor whispered to me. "Now lets go for that walk."

We walked hand in hand along the towpath seeing no one much to Trevor annoyance.

"Untie your top for me," he said, "there's nobody about."

"What now? I gasped, but looking about he's right there was nobody about.

What the fuck I thought so I untied my top, I had a sudden urge to take it off but I suppressed it. We walked on for a while but still we saw nobody so we turned around and walked back to the car. Just as we entered the car park those 2 guys did too. I couldn't be sure if they saw anything but having them there was enough for Trevor.

"Leave it as it is," chuckled Trevor as I started to do my buttons up.

God this was getting silly now, I'm expected to flash my boobs to all other drivers on the way home. Ok if that what he wants; I pulled apart both half's and buckled up my seat belt.

"Fucking 'ell Jenny," he stared at my naked boobs.

"Drive," I ordered.

We got home in record time and he almost dragged me upstairs except I was in front of him. I pulled off my knickers, yes I did put some on and spread my legs wide. He was as hard as he's ever been and because he's already come twice today he just can't come again. Fucking lovely, he's pounding into me for like ever, making me have orgasm after orgasm.

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