Card Game

by TitMilker

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Desc: Sex Story: Two couples, some cards and a little milk.

There are many stories involving husbands, wives and couples playing cards. Those that are proclaimed as true seem as if they were dreamed up and as such don't have much reader appeal. I have only read one or two so called true stories in this category that have really caught my attention. I can only hope this true story of my wife and I does the same with you. Just so you will know what I describe here took place more than twenty years ago.

I guess I'm what you could call an average sort of guy and my name is Ed. There really isn't anything about me that you could point to and call exceptional. My height is just about six feet, I weigh roughly 160 pounds and have a slender build. About the only part of me that seems to warrant mention is my privates. According to my wife I'm more than average in my endowment.

My wife, Linda, is more robust than me. I can't call her large and I can't say she's fat because both would be untrue. She's not petite but nicely put together. At 5'6" and weighing 130 everything about her body fits and that's not bad after having a baby. As far as I'm concerned her breasts are what makes her stand out most. She seems to think they are too small for my taste but knowing hers are 38C's never fails to make my mouth water.

We had moved into an apartment shortly after our daughter was born. Normally most people don't undertake a move so close to Christmas but because of the flooding where we lived before we felt there was no choice. Mostly we tended to keep to ourselves and didn't attempt to know our neighbors.

Next door was another couple a few years younger than us. Since I worked second shift I was gone in the evenings until close to midnight. Linda was the first to meet the couple next door. She told me they seemed nice, friendly and had asked us to come over the next Saturday night.

Our daughter was only six months old at the time and it was no problem bringing her along. We walked the ten feet from our front door to theirs, rang the bell and it was the woman who answered. Since it was bitter cold that winter we didn't waste anytime entering their apartment. It was the first time I'd seen either of them so I had to be introduced. Bonnie was the woman and her husband was John.

John worked delivering medical supplies to the homes of people and sometimes had to change oxygen tanks for them. He was maybe and inch or so shorter than me and very thin. On his upper lip he wore a scraggly mustache that wasn't even close to the full bush on my lip. On the other hand Bonnie was a few years older than him and she was nice to look at. She was about the same height as Linda and probably weight about the same. In her arms she held their three-month-old son.

After the introductions we sat and talked. The girls had coffee while John and I had beer. Our stay didn't last very long but we seemed to like many of the same things like music, movies and other mundane junk. While it might have been my imagination it seemed like Bonnie was paying an awful lot of attention to me, not that I minded. Well, we called it a night a couple of hours later and went home.

"What did you think of them?" Linda asked me a bit later.

"I don't know. They seem like nice people," was my simple reply.

"Bonnie seems to like you," she said back.

"Yeah? I hadn't noticed."

"Right and it ain't snowing right now," she shot back.

"Come on, honey. She was nice and I liked her but that's about as far as its going."

We weren't having an argument, just talking. You know how it is, wives tend to feel threatened by other women and Linda wasn't above voicing her thoughts on the subject.

Nothing more was said and I had forgotten most of our first visit. By this time three weeks had gone by and then the phone rang. My wife answered and she talked for a few minutes before telling me Bonnie wanted to talk to me. I took the receiver and listened and had little to say.

"Bonnie asked me to come over for a few minutes," I told Linda after hanging up.

"What does she want?"

"I don't know. She said something about her and John but wouldn't tell me on the phone. You want to come with me?"

"It's OK," she said. "It's time for Katie's nap and I don't want to take her out in the cold."

I knocked rang the bell next door and Bonnie opened it. She was wearing a robe and slippers as she stood aside to let me in. When the door closed she sat on the sofa while I stood with the coffee table between us. As she reached for a cigarette her robe, not having been tied, opened and I saw she was wearing a black full-length nightgown. The top fell as she leaned over exposing a lot of her breasts. I hadn't really taken notice when we had visited, but now I did. Bonnie wasn't at all flat chested. In fact she was at least as well endowed breast wise as my wife. She lit her cigarette, blew out a mouthful of smoke and sat back not bothering to close her robe.

"You and John having problems?" I asked to start the conversation.

"Sort of," she said quietly staring into my eyes.

"Sorry to hear that. Did you want to tell me about it?"

"He's dull and mostly boring."

"Huh? I don't understand."

"It's the same thing every time. We kiss, fool around and then he gets on top. I can't remember the last time he gave me an orgasm." By now Bonnie wasn't looking at my eyes but at my crotch.

"Oh, well I don't know what to say, Bonnie. I guess it's just something you two will have to work out." I was feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"I suppose you're right but there has to be something that will get him to change. I mean why can't he be more inventive?" Bonnie leaned forward to snuff out her cigarette and again gave me a good look down the front of her nightgown.

"Again I don't know what to say. I mean does he excite you?"

"Not nearly like he used to. Anymore I find myself looking at other men and wondering what it would be like to be in bed with them," she replied her eyes intently glued to my quickly bulging crotch. Her near nakedness was getting to me.

"Have you two ever thought of trying more than one bed partner?" I clamped my mouth shut instantly wondering where that came from.

"We've talked about experimenting but so far nothing has come of it. Do you and Linda play around?"

"Actually we've never even talked about it. As it stands we are happy with each other."

"Oh," she replied sadly. "I don't suppose you would consider..." Bonnie stopped speaking as the red flushed her face and down her exposed chest.

"If I understand you, would I consider fooling around with another woman?"

She still had her eyes locked to my crotch as she nodded her head.

"Let me ask you this question. How would you feel if John bedded another woman without you knowing?"

"I'm not sure but I sometimes wonder if he isn't already."

"Wouldn't you be hurt if he did?"

"Yes, but only if he was doing it without me knowing. If we were both doing it at the same time in the same room I think I could live with that. Who knows, it just might spice up our love life."

"Bonnie, would you bed another man without him knowing?"

"I... , I... , I don't know if I could. I mean I think he's fooling around but I can't prove it."

"If you did bed another man, wouldn't that be cheating and put you where you think he is?"

"I'm sorry, Ed. Of course you're right." Bonnie sat quietly for a minute before speaking again. "Do you think I'm sexy? In your mind do you find me desirable?"

"You mean would I take you to bed? Yes if I was single. Bonnie, you are a very good-looking woman with and very nice body. I can't think of any man I know that wouldn't want to sleep with you."

"You don't think I'm too fat?" she asked standing and pulling her nightgown up to her waist. "I still have my belly from childbirth."

As I looked I was very glad she was wearing full fitting panties or I think I would have lost it.

"So you have a pooch. That's no different than with Linda. She has the same thing and nothing she had done seems to take it away. A little bit of belly of a woman that has had a child is to be expected."

"If I offered myself to you what would you do?" she asked moving around the coffee table to stand in front of me.

"Please, Bonnie, don't ask me something like that. Just being her with you dressed like you are is tasking enough."

"What if I fondled you while you felt my breasts?" she asked pressing her hand firmly to my bulging crotch. At the same time she lifted my hand and pressed in hard to her right breast.

"It should be obvious," I said trying desperately to keep from panting.

"You're hard and feel real good," she cooed rubbing her hand over my pant-covered erection. "I'll bet you have a nice long thick penis hidden inside your pants begging to come out and play."

"This isn't something I expected," I gasped as she gripped my turgid organ from outside my jeans. I squeezed her breast firmly and heard her gasp. "We shouldn't be doing this."

"I know but I can't help myself. It's been a very long time since John squeezed my breasts like you are right now. Besides, from what I'm feeling I'll bet you're bigger than him."

Bonnie began to rapidly stroke me from outside my pants as she took my hand and forced it inside the top of her nightgown. Now I was feeling her bare-naked breast as her nipple swelled and poked hard into my palm. As I touched and squeezed I felt her fingers opening my pants and slipping her hand inside to touch my throbbing organ.

"Yeah, I just knew you were going to be big and hard. Stand still and let me taste you. I want to feel you inside my mouth."

That's when I backed away. My hand withdrew from the top of her nightgown and I closed up my jeans. I opened the door and gave her a long lust filled look before closing the door behind me.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I went into our apartment. Linda was taking a nap so she would see the bulge in the front of my pants. Later she wanted to know what Bonnie wanted and I just told her she was asking for advice about John and her. She seemed satisfied and I was glad she didn't press for more.

Another two weeks passed and when I came home on Wednesday Linda informed me we were going next door for drinks after supper the following Saturday. At first I was afraid but since she hadn't mentioned anything more about my visit I began to relax. On the appointed evening we bundled up Katie and made our way the ten feet to the door of our new friends. John opened the door and invited us in. Bonnie was fixing something exotic to drink and was in the kitchen. Linda put Katie on the sofa and joined her.

We spent an hour or so just talking before one of us suggested playing cards. Hearts was all the rage and soon we were sitting at the dining room table. John was across from me as my partner and Bonnie across from my wife as hers. Maybe it was the frozen daiquiris, I don't know, but before long we all grew tired of the mundane card game.

"How about a rousing game of strip poker," I mussed.

"Edward, you've got to be kidding," Linda protested.

"Yeah, I guess I am. It just sounding like a good idea when I thought of it."

"Hey, why not?" Bonnie asked. "Come on, Linda, it's just a little friendly game and you can quit anytime you want."

Now my wife normally drinks very little alcohol and I'm sure it must have gotten to her enough to cloud her judgment.

"I still don't know," she hesitated. "I still have to look after Katie."

"She's sleeping right there on the sofa beside you. Besides I have little Peter to tend to as well. Come on, Linda, it'll be fun," Bonnie exhorted.

My wife looked at me with question in her eyes. I knew what she was thinking. Just how far would it go?

"I agree with Bonnie. Anybody can quit anytime they want. What about you, John? Are game?"

"Uh, well if Bonnie wants to I guess it'll be alright."

I didn't know why he was being so hesitant but it was soon decided we would play strip poker. Looking back on it I was eager and I think my wife knew it. We started playing and before long we were loosing parts of clothing that showed nothing. Nothing that is unless you have a foot fetish because it was shoes and socks that were sacrificed first. Then the game started getting interesting. Linda was the first to loose after the shoes and socks were gone. Her face turned a bright red as she removed her blouse. Now it wasn't like she was sitting there naked because her bathing suit showed more than her bra, but I guess being it was her underwear she felt shy. On the other hand John wasn't the least bit shy about looking at the tops of my wife's breasts. The cups had lots of lace and were rather low cut exposing a lot of her skin.

I was the next loser and off came my shirt. Now as I said in the beginning I'm not something special in the body department. There is no way I could be called an hunk but my chest did have enough hair to cover most of my skin. The apartment wasn't at all cold but I did feel my tiny male nipples stiffen.

"Look," Bonnie laughed and pointed. "He's getting excited just taking off his shirt." She snickered more and then lightly rubbed her fingers over my stiff nipples.

As luck would have it Bonnie was the next loser. I was doing my best to suppress my glee and smile thinking of her taking off her blouse but she fooled me. With calm casualness she stood and removed her pants letting all of us see her sexy lace underpants. Nobody said a word as the next hand was dealt.

Now it was John's turn to loose and he shed his shirt. I don't know why but guys always seem to take off their shirts in strip poker before anything else except shoes and socks. Now both of us men were bear chested with Linda still wearing her pants and showing us her bra covered breasts. Bonnie, on the other hand still kept on her blouse but we all knew she was almost naked below her waist.

Another hand and Bonnie lost her blouse. For one I wasn't at all upset seeing her close to being naked. Her breasts were about the same size and those of my wife but somehow they seemed to be more exciting. I guess it was because they would be considered forbidden fruit.

Again it was John loosing and it was his pants that went into the slowly growing pile of discarded clothing. I had to suppress a snicker at seeing the so-called bulge in his jockey shorts. I preferred boxers myself, but John wore the tight fitting jockeys.

Now Linda lost her pants and she quickly stood to pull them off and just as quickly sat back down. Things were pretty even when I lost my pants. I stood and took my time with unbuttoning them, tugging down the zipper and pulling them down over my hips. As I moved away from the table enough to get them over my feet I saw Bonnie looking at my crotch and the bulge even my boxers couldn't hide. I sat down and dealt the next hand.

"I can't believe these cards," Bonnie complained to me. "Are you sure you aren't stacking the deck?"

"I'll have you know I'm doing good just to shuffle without all of us playing fifty-two card pick-up."

She sighed and slowly removed her bra. Now I've said before Bonnie had a nice pair of breasts that were about the same size as my wife, but what I didn't tell you was she was still nursing at the time. While Linda was sitting across from her slightly hunched over so as to minimize her bra-covered breasts, Bonnie sat up straight and thrust them out for all to see. I not saw but admired them.

At that point we took a brake and found all of our drink glasses were empty. It was my wife and Bonnie to the rescue as they went into the kitchen and fixed more. John and I stood to stretch and work out the kinks. I couldn't help but notice John's jockey briefs and the small bulge he made in them. Trying to not seem like I was looking I saw that even though he was semi-erect there wasn't much to show for it. On the other hand, and I don't mean to brag, my aroused manhood was hanging down beside my left thigh almost to the point where the tip was close to being exposed. (The boxers I always wear have a leg hem that is rather high, not to mention they are of the sport variety and almost like wearing running shorts.)

Our wives came back bringing fresh drinks. I could help but notice the sway of Bonnie's breasts as the bounced with each step she took. Just that alone was enough to cause me quickly sit owing to the fact I was almost fully erect from her show. We sat and sipped our drinks before starting up the game again.

I remember thinking only one more loosing hand and Bonnie would be naked, but that wasn't to be just yet. Linda was the next looser and she removed her panties without standing up. We all felt kinda cheated but said nothing. I was beginning to feel loose and after picking up my pack of cigarettes placed them on the table very close to Bonnie. An inspiration shot into my head and I lifted her left breast, slipped my cigarettes under it and carefully set her breast down on top.

"I just wanted to make sure they didn't get accidentally knocked off the table," I casually said. From the corner of my eye I saw my wife looking but she didn't seem to mind.

We played another hand and John was the looser. He sat still and didn't move. All he had left were his shorts and I felt he didn't want to show himself to another woman. The phone rang and he was quick to jump up and answer it.

"I've got to make a delivery," he said breathing a sigh of relief. "It'll probably take me a couple of hours, its way up north. I don't know when I'll be back."

Without another word he dressed, grabbed his coat and left us. Now it was only the three of us left.

"Maybe we should call it a night," I ventured.

"Why?" asked my wife. "It's only eight o'clock and I'm not ready to quit."

To say I was shocked would have been the understatement of the century. My normally conservative change her clothes in the bathroom for bed wife was saying we didn't need to stop playing strip poker just because one of the players had to leave. I know I was glad the table was as far away from my jaw because if it hadn't have been I'm sure it would have broken when it hit.

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