Business Suit

by JAX

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Desc: Sex Story: Writing about her has opened lots of new memories about our time together. Her business suits I have mentioned before but now I think I should go into a little more details.

I'll like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took the time to mail me with their nice comments about my ex wife stories and I hope you all enjoyed her pictures. Writing about her has opened lots of new memories about our time together. Her business suits I have mentioned before but now I think I should go into a little more details.

When she started with the Airline she was a lowly typist but over a very short few years she raised herself into a managerial position in the customer survey department. From then on she had to wear a business suit. By this time, say her mid twenties she probably didn't own a bra anymore and if she did she wouldn't have worn it to work. How she raised herself to such a high post in such a short period of time is anybodies guess so mail me with yours.

We went to the nearest big town and in one of the biggest department stores were we looked for something suitable. I was never one to enjoy shopping but with her it was a voyeurs paradise. I don't remember what she was wearing exactly but I expect it was just Jeans and a button up blouse type top. Suit after suit she tried on and would show me outside the changing rooms. Have you ever notice the gaggle of men waiting outside ladies changing rooms, they can't all have wife's or girlfriend's trying on new clothes surely. In the end she bought a couple that weren't particularly sexy, if a business suit can ever be considered sexy at all. They were dark blue with a narrow pin strip; the skirt was only a few inches above the knees and the top fastened with two buttons to about mid bust height.

When we got home she modelled it with various blouse combination, none of which she was comfortable with and in the end didn't bother to wear one at all.

"You can't go to work without a blouse on," I objected.

"Why not?" she demanded, "it's nice and comfortable and cool and nobody can see anything."

Which was true just as long as she kept it buttoned up, but she was only two buttons away from exposing herself completely. Now I generally didn't mind her exposing herself for she was well worth exposing but in my view, work was not the right environment.

"Anyway," she giggled unbuttoning those two little buttons, "it'll be nice and quick if I ever want to get them out."

Once unbuttoned her two perfect tits could be seen swinging lovely under her new outfit.

"What do you think?" she giggled and gave me a twirl.

If I remember rightly, most of our clothes shopping trips ended on the floor with me between her legs breaking in her new outfit and this time was no exception. There's something about naked tits being exposed while she still being dressed; it's probably just me but I find it's a big turn on.

"God what a day," she said slamming the front door.

It was mid week and her new customer survey was due out by Friday causing all her department to work long hours. "James is panicking because our figures are late."

James was her immediate boss who I have told you about before. Almost absentmindedly she undid both of her jacket buttons to expose her swaying bust to my eyes. Of course this had an instance result in making my cock swell.

"I see you'll pleased to see me," she giggled nodding at the bulge in my pants.

"Would you like to fuck my tits," she said crudely advancing towards me her jacket swing open to expose more of her luscious tits.

There are times when my voice fails me and this was one of those times.

"Y-yes," I croaked my eyes fixed on her partly exposed tits.

By now I've seen her tits every day for eight years but they still had the same effect on me.

"Alright provided you don't mind not being the first cock I've had between them today," she giggled.

"Who are you giving tit fucks to," I demanded.

"Jealous are we," she giggled again and took her jacket off completely and left it in a heap on the floor.

"My tits are always in demand," she said her hands working to free my big lump.

"So how many you slut?" I groaned and my cock disappeared between her tits.

"None of your business," she said squeezing herself around me.

I never could last long when trapped between her tits and almost at once I was spurting my spunk all over her chest.

I was too shattered to asked anymore about her sexual adventures so it wasn't until the weekend before I got around to ask her again.

I had her plastic friend buzzing nicely between her thighs and I was giving her tits a serious work out.

"So tell me slut," I whispered in her ear, "who have you been giving tit fuck to?"

"Nobody," she lied and it wasn't even a good lie.

"You are a lying slut," I said squeezing her tits hard.

"No please, it was only James," she admitted.

"So you gave your boss a fit fuck on Wednesday?" I asked.

"No," she whispered, "not just Wednesday. It'd our worsted week of the year and everybody was stressed so I just help here and there to calm thing down, that's all."

"So you give him a tit fuck," I said.

"Yes but only twice," she explained as if twice was perfectly all right.

"So tell me about it," I demanded.

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