Sun Bathing

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: It's been awhile since I last wrote something about my ex wife. I thought I had told all of her stories but the recent hot weather has reminded me of how she loved the summer.

It's been awhile since I last wrote something about my ex wife. I thought I had told all of her stories but the recent hot weather has reminded me of how she loved the summer.

By now she was in her early to mid twenties and very comfortable with her body mainly because I had spent the last few years telling how beautiful she was and just how good her 34 'D' tits were. So come the summer, with my permission, she would now take every opportunity to expose them to the world. Probably by now she had stopped wearing a bra even to work and the thought of her perfect tits swaying unfettered all day for the guys to lust after would make my mouth water and my cock hard. It would be a few years yet before she was promoted to a management grade and started to wear her famous business suits and if you remember she wouldn't wear anything at all under her conservatively cut jacket, just her naked self.

I suppose it started after we were first married at 21, when we would often go on a beach holiday and there she would sunbath topless on the beach for the first time. This was the mid seventies and it was common enough throughout Europe to do this on their beaches. Once you've exposed your body all day to anybody who might just wanders by, covering up at any other times might seem a little silly. Her evening outfits were therefore often very scanty with short skirts and very low cut fronts predominating. If we went for a walk around the town during the day she would wear the minimum that the police would allow. More than once a seemingly angry policemen would stop us and he would wave his hands up and down her scanty outfit but even I could see the glint in his eyes. What was allowed differed from place to place, in Greece you had to pretty much cover up but France and Spain things were more liberal. You could get away with just about anything as long as you stayed in and around the holiday resort; outside this you had to wear pretty normal things. Even then she would bend the rules as much as she could, normally by not wearing a bra. Now days of course this is pretty normal wear for must young girls during the summer months but back then it wasn't. Around the town she would normal pull on some white jeans or short skirt over her bikini bottoms and a button up shirt over her naked tits. Sometimes she would tie this up under her bust but other times she would just tuck the tails inside her waistband. As in 'I spy(Greek Holiday)'.

Hotel Pool.

Topless sunbathing was less common around the hotel pool and still is even now, not that she let that stop her. We once went to Majorca where the hotel was just across a main road from the sea but it had a very nice pool with its pool bar; so nice that we didn't cross that road very often. Most days I would sit out with her until mid morning watching all the men look at her tits, then I would have to leave for I am very fair skinned and there was no 'factor 25' in those days. We had a pool facing room and I could sit on the balcony and sip a nice cool wine while keeping an eye out for her. I never said that I was so weather she knew or not I don't know, but I suspect not. I remember there were these two young German lads, of about 18 or so that were always close by and would chat to her after I had left. I would sip my glass of white wine and watched as they sat each side of her and supple her with endless drinks; I obviously couldn't hear any of their words from where I sat but she was always highly amused by what they did say and I would often see her giggle making her naked tits bounce delightfully. Once they even rubbed cream onto her back and legs and then they even tried unsuccessfully to do her front but she just pushed their hands off with a laugh. She would join me before lunch and usually we would have a nice naked romp for she was always juiced up from all the attention the guys were giving her. Did she ever fuck them, well I don't know for certain, she didn't have a lot of opportunity to for I was always about, but yes I suspect she did. Knowing her like I did, she couldn't have resisted their obvious advance too long and she did disappear a couple of times for an hour or so to go 'shopping'. More than enough time when you're already half undressed?

Local parks.

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