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Desc: Sex Story: A trip to the denist. Leads to rewards...

Closing my office door, I sat in my desk chair, reached for the phone and dialed our number. After 3 rings I hung up, waited a few seconds, then hit the re-dial button, smiling as I remembered our agreement on this signal to let you know that I was calling. I was aware of my increased heart rate and pulse throbbing in the side of my neck, as I waited for you to pick up the handset, and suddenly you were there. My face broke out into a soft smile, knowing you were on the end of the line, smiling back at me. You hated telephones, at least using them, speaking into them to strangers. This was why we had devised the code, so that you would answer when I called with no anxiety.

"Hello, darling. How are you? How did it go?" You had been for a long treatment at the dentist, a root canal, intricate and painful, I had been worried about you all afternoon.

Your deep, throaty voice floated back down the line to me, a little slurred, but still able to make me shiver, every time I heard it. "I am fine, a lil' loopy, a lil' randy and only uncomfortable, not really in pain."

"Mmmmm what a delightful combination, loopy and randy. And no pain. Will I be allowed a very gentle, soft kiss?"

I heard you chuckle softly, making me shiver again. "Only if you are very careful, it is still very painful to the touch."

"Then I won't. I would hate to hurt you. I'll be leaving shortly, should be home within the hour, traffic and weather permitting. I just wanted to check you were ok."

"I'm fine love, drive carefully, I'll be waiting for you." You blew a noisy kiss down the phone, and I laughed at the thought of your numb face trying to contort into a kiss.

Just over an hour later, I was home, quickly closing the door on the cold outside, "Abi... darling, I'm home." I called, as I removed my coat, and gloves, and moved into the sitting room, where I found you sitting in an armchair, watching TV. You smiled lopsidedly up at me, as I bent to carefully take your poor swollen face in my hands and softly kiss your forehead, then knelt in front of you, gathering you into my arms.

"Mmmmmm," you murmured, snuggling back against me.

My arms tightened around you, holding you against me for a few moments. It still amazed me, how much pleasure it gives me, simply to hold you, feel you against me.

After a few moments, I released you and leant back slightly taking in what you were wearing. I could see pair of slate grey satin panties, and a huge sweatshirt. I grinned up at you, "What on earth are you wearing child, its freezing outside, and you sit in here in your underwear?" Grinning more as my hands stroked the sweater, and dropped to gently finger the panties, "Not that I mind; the less the better"

"It's an old favourite set of mine, very soft, but one of the sets I've had for a long time and so very comfy." Smiling gingerly at me, you reached for the sweatshirt and lifted it to show me the bra, with your beautiful breasts, all but tumbling out of it.

Before you had a chance to cover them, I leaned in and softly kissed over your breasts, just along the edge of the bra, loving the way you moaned softly at my touch. I moved back again, looking up at you, chuckling softly. "You are so easy, woman. One kiss and you're moaning for more." You said nothing, but smiled and wiggled your eyebrows at me suggestively.

I laughed happily at your expression, "Oh my, when you said you were feeling a 'lil' randy', you weren't joking. I'm barely through the door, and you are teasing me. I had no idea of the added benefits of anaesthetic. Shall we go sit on the sofa, you in my arms, curled up against me, so I can stroke you, make you shiver? You deserve some pleasure after today?"

Taking a few moments to reply, I watched your face, trying to guess your next move, and when you spoke, I exhaled slowly, delighted with your choice.

" I think... I would prefer... that you take me to bed, my darling Jen."

Trying to keep the pleasure from my voice, I replied, "I guess it would be best for you at the moment." I tried to sound reluctant, but the smile on your face told me I had failed miserably.

Remaining on the floor in front of you, I placed my hands gently on your thighs, slid my hands softly over your silky skin, following the curves, around the sides, and gently dipping underneath, then back towards the edges of your panties, lightly sliding my finger tips under the edge. As I looked up, I saw the delighted, if slightly painful smile on your face, telling me you like what I'm doing. You reached out and shaped my face with your fingers, scraping your nails over my scalp, making me shiver, and my eyes to briefly close.

Beneath my hands, I felt your thighs part slightly, and at that invitation, I bent my head, my lips brushing the skin, working up from your knees. My hands continued to stroke the outside of your thighs, as I leant closer to you, my body filling the gap now appearing between your legs. I heard you moan softly, "Oh! Mmmmmmmmmm," which made me smile, happy that I was making you feel better.

I stopped for a moment, looking up at you, frowning at the sight of the sweatshirt. "Take it off please love, I would like to see you." Smiling you did as I asked, and I sighed deeply at the sight of you as I sat back on my heels, my eyes roaming over you, taking in the hair, the twinkling eyes, and pouting softly at your poor swollen jaw. I wanted to kiss you so much, but I would not, I didn't want to hurt you. This was going to be a test of my control. My eyes roamed from your face, over your elegant shoulders, down soft clinging arms which framed your wonderful inviting breasts barely encased in that teasing satin bra; then on down past your ribs, over gently swelling hips, and then to my treasure, that wonderful prize, hidden in sexy satin panties; and finally your soft teasing hands resting lightly on my shoulders, as you watched me absorb the picture before me.

All the time, my hands were gently stroking and teasing the flesh of your thighs, moving inside, and moving closer and closer to your centre. I smiled at your moan, and then your frown as the arms of the chair restricted the movement of your legs.

"Yes, love," I agreed, "there's not enough room," and smiling I stood, but before you could follow, I slid one hand between your legs, and under your bottom, making you gasp slightly as my fingers slid over your moistening and sensitive lips. My other arm slid encircled your back, and in one movement, I lifted you from the chair, my first arm moving further under you so that my forearm was pressing firmly against your lips, with your legs hanging either side, the hand pressed firmly against your backside. I could feel your dampness on my arm, and an answering dampness between my own legs.

As I held you against me, you lifted your legs, lessening the pressure between them, and gripping my arm tightly. I could feel the heat against my skin and it brought surges of pleasure to my body, making me tingle. I smiled into your face, speaking softly, "How are you feeling now, my love?"

You smiled your lopsided smile, speaking softly, "Now I am very randy, and more than a little damp."

With your head resting on my shoulder, your arms around my neck, chuckling softly, I carried you to our bedroom, and as we entered, you moved your arm to close the door.

Resisting the urge to ravage your mouth, I crossed the room to the bed, and gently lowered you onto it. As my arm moved from between your legs, my fingers gripped the waistband of your panties, drawing them down. You lifted your hips allowing me to remove them all the way, sliding them down your legs, and off your feet. As you watched me, I brought them to my nose and inhalee deeply, closing my eyes in delight at that special aroma.

I laid them carefully on the chair behind me, and after removing my boots and socks, moved to the bed, perching myself astride your hips, leaning my hands on the bed each side of your head, looking down at your face. For a while neither of us moved, and then your hands moved up to my sweater, sliding underneath. In my position, the sweater hung away from my body, giving you room to tease me. Your hands slid over my skin, up and down my sides and ribs, which you know just drives me crazy, making your eyes sparkle in delight. Then you softly moved your hands to my breasts, and cupped them, shaped them, over and round, making me moan, my eyes closing at the pleasure of your touch.

"You have too much on love, take them off, please," you asked. I sat up and quickly pulled the sweater over my head to reveal my favourite soft, clingy black bra which fits like a second skin. Your fingers reached up again, and gently stroked, finger and thumb teasing and squeezing the nipples which were already hardening.

While your fingers worked their magic on my breasts, severely restricting my ability to breath, you spoke softly, looking directly into my face. "Not being able to taste them is going to drive me crazy, you know that don't you?"

I managed to focus on your face, despite the effect of your fingers, and replied, smiling softly, "Driving each other crazy is half the fun. I can't kiss you, so you have to have restrictions as well. Enjoy it."

Wanting to feel your fingers against my flesh, I managed to croak "Take it off, please," and you reached round to undo the clasp of my bra, slowly, oh so slowly, sliding the straps over my shoulders and down my arms. Your eyes caught sight of a movement as something fluttered down on the bed, and as you reached for it, and see what it is, you smiled sweetly as you softly fingered the small photograph of you that I carry inside my bra. "I had forgotten about this love. You still carry me with you?"

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