World's Sexiest Lingerie Store

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bob goes into Lori's lingerie store looking for something sexy for his wife. Lori shows him a very interesting album she uses to model her nighties, etc. and Bob leaves with far more than he'd bargained for.

Author's Note: Based on true story about a little lingerie shop located in south Florida.

Lori had finally realized one of her long-time dreams -- having her own exclusive lingerie shop that she could organize and run the way she'd always dreaming about doing. Her shop was located in Coral Gables, Florida and it wasn't what you'd think when you first went inside, but Lori had found that her serious customers really enjoyed the shop when they discovered what she had. Lori was a very sexual and very sensual woman and she'd long thought that if she'd be open and honest about the things that men and women were looking for when they set out to purchase lingerie, she'd be a raging success at what she was doing. She'd been so right that her success had nearly blown her away.

Lori's lingerie shop had all the normal sexy things that you'd expect to find in such a store -- bras, panties, garter belts, nighties of all kinds and varieties, stockings, etc. and then in the back of her store she had what you'd normally expect to find in an adult bookstore or adult specialty outlet -- dildos, vibrators, ben-wa balls, and so forth. That part of her store, Lori provided as convenience for her customers who didn't want to go into the seedier parts of town to buy sexual accessories, but it was the front end of her store that she enjoyed working with the most. And, there was one item in the front of Lori's store that got a lot of use and that resulted in the sales of a lot of sexy items -- her modeling photo album.

Lori wanted every customer who came into her upscale lingerie store to be able to make their selections and their purchases in the easiest and most pleasurable way possible. She knew that her customers wouldn't just be women and girls coming in to find sexy lingerie and nighties to titillate the men of their interests but she would also have lots of male customers who'd come in hopefully to look at her selections and buy a nice negligee or sexy lingerie outfit for the woman of their interest. Those were the main customers she'd put together her lingerie modeling album for -- the guys who didn't wear bras, panties or negligees and who had a hard time envisioning what it might look like on their lady.

When Lori had men and teenage boys come into the store -- or even her female customers -- one of the first things she did was point out her modeling album and then leave them alone to look through the selections. The wonderful thing about the album was that Lori and some of her sexy female friends had actually put on all the items she had available for sale and then had one of her photographer friends to take photos of them. He'd done a wonderful job and the results were beneficial in more ways than Lori would ever have figured.

Lori could never forget that one young man who'd come into her store looking for a sexy little negligee for his young wife. He'd just seen her lingerie store from the road and come in for what he thought would be a simple purchase. When he told Lori what he wanted, she quickly showed her album of models wearing the negligees and nighties she carried, and she quickly noticed that he had a big hard lump of horny cock pressing against his pants.

"Mmmm, seems like you like what you're seeing there," Lori said, as she hovered closer to the young husband. "Anything you see that especially grabs your attention?" Lori asked.

"Yeah, these young ladies you got to pose for your album all grab my attention," Bob said.

"Oh, you mean you're enjoying the girls as much as what they had on?" Lori asked.

"Well, sure," Bob explained. "Who wouldn't find these ladies as sexy as hell?" Bob said.

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