Saturday Surprise

by Diver Green

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, .

Desc: Sex Story: The true sequel to "Friday Delight". The story of an unexpected visit to a horny bachelor by an equally horny lady. A good time was had by both.

BUZZZZZZZZZZ went the alarm clock. I slapped it on its head and it shut up. It was Saturday morning and a new workweek was beginning here in sunny Saudi Arabia.

Normally I would have been pretty grumpy about having to go to work but I was in a great mood. Just yesterday I had experienced the best day of sex ever. I had had a threesome with two women for the first time in my life. (Details are in "Friday Delight")

I went to the bathroom to shave and shower. I dressed and then I stripped the bed, tossing the sheets in the dirty clothes basket. I was cooking up a little breakfast and decided to call Dolly, my regular dive buddy and occasional lover. She had been part of yesterday's activities. It had been her first threesome also and her introduction to some serious Lesbian activity. I wanted to be sure she was still cool with it.


"Good morning, Dolly. It's Ron. How are you feeling this morning?"

"Ron, I'm great. I had a super time yesterday! Did you take Jane back to your place after you two put me to bed?"

"No. She had to get home. She insisted on sucking me off one more time, though. I told her I'd get hard but wouldn't cum. She got me off by sticking a finger up my butt and massaging my prostate. And this was while I was driving around the compound!"

"She did? Damn, she is one sexy woman! I'm so glad I had a chance to meet her. She was a perfect person to lose my girl-girl cherry to. I know I once thought the idea would make me sick but now I want to do it again, and soon."

"Cool! I was afraid you might be having some guilt or something but it sounds as if you liked it as much as I did. How about dinner tonight? We can talk some more and do whatever."

"I'd love to, Ron, but I have a date already. How about tomorrow night?"

"You're on. The Chinese place or shall I cook something?'

"I'll cook, Ron, and hopefully you'll spend the night."

"Sounds great to me. I'll come by at 6:30."

"Fine. See you tomorrow."

I finished gathering my things and went to catch the bus to West Pier where I worked. It was the support center for the ARAMCO support boat fleet. While most people know that Saudi Arabia supplies a lot of the world's oil, most people would be surprised to know how much of it comes from offshore wells in the Persian Gulf. Thus ARAMCO has a 100 plus fleet of drilling supply boats, crew boats, etc. as well as tugs for the tankers and supertankers. Our job was to keep the boats running.

Work was its usual delightful routine. I went about my duties with in a great mood. A number of my co-workers noticed my demeanor and commented on it. I just said that I had had an especially good weekend.

By the time the day was over and I got home, I was sweat stinky. While I didn't do manual labor directly, I did have to inspect the work going on in a wet docking and in the drydock. It was July and the temperature was around 105øF that day.

I showered, changed and fixed myself a light dinner. I drank a lot of water and orange juice with dinner to rehydrate myself. After dinner cleanup only took a few minutes. I read a bit and then decided to go and wash my laundry. I was divorced at the time and had sold my washer and dryer to a friend who had an apartment big enough to house the appliances. The deal was that I could come over any time and do my laundry. The friend, Bob, was a tanker pilot and was usually on a tanker in the Gulf. I knew he would be gone a few days so I wouldn't be disturbing him that evening.

I had gathered everything and was about to leave when someone knocked on the door. It was Jane's sister, Rachel. I had met her and Jane on the dive trip Thursday, two days ago.

"Hi, Rachel. What a nice surprise. Come in."

"Thanks. I hope I'm not interrupting anything," she said as she entered.

"Nothing major," I replied. "I was just going off to do laundry but it can wait."

She walked over to the table where I had left the basket and sniffed. "These must be the sheets you and Jane got all sweaty. They sure smell like sex." (Yikes, I hadn't realized they were so ripe.)

I was at a loss as how to respond. Yes, Jane, Dolly and I had fucked up a storm yesterday but I didn't know how much Jane had told Rachel. I certainly didn't want to be a blabbermouth especially since Jane was due to get married in a few weeks. "Jane and I had a pleasant time, yesterday."

"It's alright, Ron. Jane said she had a last fling with you and that you were great in bed. She said you had exceptional stamina. She also said I should give you a try. Are you interested?"

I stood there gaping for a few seconds. Rachel was about 5'-5", had a pretty face and probably weighed about 130. She was olive complected like me and had wavy brunette hair and was very pretty with a great smile. I prefer my women on the slender side. While she was not fat, she could have afforded to lose a few pound. However, a single guy in Saudi Arabia could not afford to toss away chances for sex as they were few and far between. I was also astounded that Jane had made me sound like a super-stud. "Rachel, pardon my slow response. It's not often a woman just comes and offers herself to me. I would be honored to make love with you."

"Good," she breathed as she walked into my arms and kissed me. The kiss was tentative at first but became hungry as she felt my dick rising to the occasion. She ground herself into me. "Please, fuck me now. I'm so horny!"

I stepped back and began unbuttoning her blouse. She had nice large boobs held in a heavy-duty bra. The blouse came off and then I undid her bra. It had four hooks instead of the usual two or three. Rachel's breasts only sagged a little. Her tits were C cup at least and were crowned with amazingly small nipples. However the nipples were hard and erect. I took one and sucked on it a bit - she moaned. I pulled up and out, stretching her tit with only the suction of my mouth. When her breast fell free, it quivered testifying to her fullness.

Rachel pulled off my T-shirt. She ran her hands thru my thick chest hair for a few moments. She then knelt and pulled down my shorts and underwear. I stepped out of them and my flip-flops and stood before her with my hard-on inches from her face. She took my dick in her hand and stroked me a few times. Then she went down on me, flailing her tongue rapidly as she took my 7 inches in. Unfortunately she was either unable to or not interested in deep-throating me. Her sister, Jane, had proved herself to be a master (mistress?) of oral skills and had even taught Dolly how to deep throat the day before.

After about a minute of head, I lifted Rachel to her feet. I then knelt and began to remove her shorts and panties. Her stomach was slightly rounded but very firm. Her bush was neatly trimmed and also unusually sparse like her sister's. It must be genetic as Jane also had sparse pubic hair. I gently spread her legs a bit and then dragged my tongue thru as much of her pussy as I could reach from back to front. When I reached her clit, I could feel her legs quiver. I held her close and began to suck on her clit. To my amazement, it began to grow to a diameter of nearly a half an inch (about1 cm.) and protruded below her pussy lips nearly twice as far. It was the biggest clit I have ever seen to this day. I was able to suck it in and out of my lips a bit. In less than a minute Rachel had a small orgasm, emitting a loud gasp of pleasure.

I rose up and took her in my arms to kiss her as she came down a bit. I maneuvered her towards the dining table... I lifted her up and sat her so that here ass was on the edge with me between her legs. I lifted her legs up to waist level and began to probe her pussy with my dick. Rachel's eyes smoldered at me as I slowly slid into her steaming love nest. "Oh, God, that feels so good," she groaned as I finally hit my limit and ground our pubes together.

"Yeah, Rachel. You are burning hot! You feel great," I moaned back.

She wrapped her legs about my waist and held onto my shoulders leaning back a bit. This freed my hands so that I could play with her marvelous tits. Our rhythm was not particularly fast or slow, just steady enough to prolong our pleasure. She really enjoyed when I would withhold my stroke a few times and then would slam into her. She would grind her cunt hard against me for additional clitoral stimulation.

I had her lay flat on the table and raised her feet to my shoulders. I slipped out and went after her pussy with my tongue again. I sucked and gently bit her button only a few times before she began to buck wildly with a second orgasm. I came back up and slammed into her steaming clam hard a dozen times or so. This brought on another orgasm for her complete with pussy spasms and cries of delight.

Suddenly my urge to come hit me. Rather than try to hold off, I went into overdrive. I probably only took another minute or so to come but it was enough to get Rachel slack-jawed from sensory overload. I erupted in her, gasping out, "Yes, yes." I ended semi-collapsed over her, grinding into her while my legs quivered.

When we finally caught our collective breaths, I noticed that cum and pussy juices were running down my legs. "Hang loose a second," I told her as I went to the bathroom to get a washcloth. I dampened the cloth and went back to Rachel. I gently wiped away the residue and had her stand up.

"Do you need the bathroom?" I asked.

"Yeah, just for a moment. Then we can do it in your waterbed. Jane said the waterbed was great for sex."

"Rachel, the only set of sheets I have are here to be washed. Why don't you come with me? I have a 'private' laundry room."


"Trust me, you'll see."

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