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Desc: Sex Story: A happy young family that changed drastically after a tragic accident.

Dave was my first real boyfriend, we had been together since high school, and I loved him from the day we met. I knew that he felt the same about me. We had been seeing each other for 6 years when we decided to get married. We didn't have a big wedding but it was in a church and I did wear white. I don't think I could have had it any other way.

We lived in a two-bedroom apartment until I fell pregnant with our first baby, which was a boy we called Chad, after Dave's dad Chad win Greaves. Dave said lets shorten it to Chad, as Chad win sounded too old. We moved out of the apartment that we'd spent so many memorable days in; I took quite a few photos of the place before we left. Dave said it was a sad day when we packed up and left. I had a good job that I had to leave after we had our son; it was a good thing that Dave had such a good job. He was in charge of a computer firm. He took to computers like a duck to water. Even at school he would fix the teachers paces. They even asked for him at the local technical college when they had problems with their computers. So he would never be with out a job and it was very good pay so my wage wasn't really missed.

We moved in to a beautiful four bed roomed detached house in the forest it was lovely, the ponies were all free to wander wherever they liked. I would pick some apples from our tree, as Chad loved to feed them.

Dave took Chad swimming every weekend and he soon learnt to swim. Dave loved being with him he was the perfect dad. Chad was now four years old and very with it for his age. Dave suggested having another child, which I wanted badly as I didn't want Chad to be an only child. So thirteen months later. Kim was born, They looked more like their dad than they did me. Dave soon taught Kim to doggy paddle like Chad.

One summer our lives changed completely, I can remember that hot Friday night as if it were yesterday. I was waiting for Dave to come home as we had planned to go out for a meal; Dave had booked the restaurant to celebrate his recent promotion. Time was getting on so I rang his boss to find out where he was. "He left over an hour ago Carla" was his reply. Those words will stay with me forever.

I was frantic with worry as two hours had passed, then the phone rang, I knew it had to be bad news, then the voice on the phone said, "Is this Mrs Greaves? Your husband has been involved in a road traffic accident" I took all the details; my mum was sat there with me as she was going to sit with the kids while we went out.

I drove straight to the hospital not knowing what to expect. I went to the ward where the person on the phone had told me to go. The doctor was waiting at the reception to tell me about my husbands injuries Apparently, he was in a coma and he couldn't tell me the precise damage. They needed the swelling and bruising to go down before he could say what the extent of his injuries, if any, will be.

"Will he recover completely?" "Will he be brain damaged?" I had so many questions I needed answered. I knew only time would tell. He was on a life support machine. I sat with Dave; I kissed him he didn't even blink. I cried sobbing into his chest, it all seemed like a bad dream, and that every thing would be back to normal very soon.

The nurse came and comforted me. She told me to "go home and get some rest you will need all your strength to help Dave get through this", I knew there was nothing I could do, and the children needed me at home. I gave Dave a kiss and said, "See you tomorrow babe." The thought of going home with out him made me physically sick.

When I got home, I knew the children would be waiting up. Soon as I walked through the door Kim came running up to me "Where's daddy mum?" she asked.

I sat them both down and explained what had happened, Chad said, "Daddy's going to die isn't he mum?" "No" I replied "don't be silly daddy's just banged his head", as I was saying this tears began to fill my eyes. I looked at my mum for help. She then shuffled them both off to the bathroom to wash and get ready for bed, "I will be in to kiss you good night in minute kids". I had to wipe my eyes before I went into them. Chad wouldn't even give me a kiss; he said he wanted to wait for his dad to come home. Kim just rolled over and put the covers over her head and cried.

I couldn't sleep for thinking about Dave, how it had happened so quickly. Dave is such a careful driver I couldn't help but wonder who else was involved, not that any thing mattered now but Dave. All that was going through my head was what the nurse had said that it depends on how long he was unconscious, before the ambulance got to

him. My brain was going round, round, and getting nowhere. I should have asked the doctor more. So many thoughts were going on in my head.

I got the children's breakfast, they were asking to see their dad. Thank god, my mum was there to answer them. I rang the hospital to see if there was any change and whether he had woke up. I spoke to the sister on the ward, to find out what time visiting was she said I can came in any time I like, as it was not a normal ward that he was in, it was intensive care. I gave the children a kiss thanked my mum and said, "I won't be long." "Don't be silly Carla you be as long as you like."

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