Quid Pro Quo

by here4you

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Desc: Sex Story: He tries his first creampie

Jean is a real pistol. She is 50 to my 39 and I suppose she almost looks it. I wouldn't say that she is truly pretty, but she's a ball of fire and has that infinite capacity for enjoying the situation, whatever it is.

She is tall, about 5'9" or so and about 135 or 140, but still diminutive compared to my 6'4" and 245 lbs. Aside from her personality, which is wonderful, her best features are her breasts. They are almost a D cup and sit full on her chest with just a slight sag that I don't mind at all.

They also have dark pink aureoles with thick nipples that stand out hard as rocks almost an inch when excited, which seems to be most of the time, thank God. Best of all she love to have them sucked and nibbled and so forth as much as I like to suck them. Attitude is everything.

She called me this afternoon and said, "Are you gonna be around tonight?"

I replied, "Sure. What did you have in mind?"

She was obviously calling from work and covering her mouth as she spoke and said, "Sucking your big, lovely, hard cock, licking your balls, taking them in my..."

"OK. OK. I get the message loud and clear. Let's stop talking about it and get going!", I said with a bit of catch in my breath.

She sort of giggled and said, "I get off in 15 minutes and I'll be right over."

I said, "You finish work in 15 minutes and you'll get off as soon as you get over here."

"Hmmmm. Just fine by me. Boy am I wet and ready. I'll see you soon," she said.

She probably is too. I believe Jean has the wettest pussy I have ever had the good fortune to eat. When she gets hot (this takes no effort), her cream will run right down her thighs.

I love this type of attitude. I have had the tremendous good fortune to have met a few wonderful women who seem to think I'm a hell of a guy and we see each other as "needed". No strings, other than a genuine affection on my part at least (and theirs for me too, I'm sure), but rather just fun and frolic, mostly spelled s.e.x.

Jean is a perfect example. She is no spring chicken, but she loves to screw plain and simple. She makes no bones about it and no apologies for it. I'm sure her Mom wouldn't approve, but Jean couldn't care less.

When she arrived I pulled her in the door and started kissing her. Jean has a large mouth and a most active tongue, which she was using to wage a tongue battle between her mouth and mine. In addition, being a true multi-tasker she was rubbing those gorgeous tits against my chest and had locked her legs around my right thigh. She was grinding her pussy against my hard muscled leg.

After 30 seconds or so of this, I pulled back a bit and looked her in the eyes.

"Phewww. Hoboy," I said somewhat breathlessly. "You sure know how to make me feel glad that you're here!"

As I kicked the front door closed, I couldn't help noticing that Mrs. Branch, my neighbor across the way was watching our behavior closely. As the door closed she arched an eyebrow and smiled sardonically. Hmmm. A new possibility, perhaps? Well back to the person at hand.

I took Jean's coat and got her a drink which she started on while looking at a new painting that I had just acquired. I took a couple of sips of my Jack and water, set it down and sidled up behind her.

Like many women, Jean loves to have her neck kissed, so I put my arms around her under her breasts and began kissing her on the neck and into her shoulder at the collar of her blouse.

She moaned, "Ooooooh. So good," and took my hands with hers and placed them on her tits. "Feel," she whispered.

I was only to glad to cup those beautiful tits, feeling the nipples go hard and pointy against my palms. As I gently squeezed them and lifted them and continued to lick the juncture of her neck and shoulder she rubbed her ass back into my cock.

Now I'm not John Henry the steel drivin' man, but I do have eight inches of hard, smooth cock with a relatively big head on it. Right now that cock was drooling precum into my gym shorts and I was loosing perspective fast.

I unbuttoned her blouse, undid the front catch on her bra and raised the cups out of my way. Oh, the sensation of those heavy full tits in my hands as I squeezed her nipples with thumb and forefinger was just inflaming me and apparently her, too. Whatever gentle, romantic approach I may have had in mind went completely out the window.

I pushed her head down and she bent over and put her hands down on the coffee table in front of her. I reached down, pulled up her business attire type skirt till it was up over her hips. Then I pulled down her panties until I got them off one foot. This allowed her to spread her legs and me to cup that soaking wet furry pussy with my hand. I gently rubbed her clit, which soaked my fingers with her juices. I slid my fingers back and forth across each other feeling the hot slippery wetness. It was making me crazy and I started rubbing her again.

"Oh Christ, yessss!" she moaned. "Don't even think about stopping. I can't believe it, but I'm almost there already," she rasped.

Still tweaking her nipple with my left hand, I reached for my cock and rubbed it up and down across her cunt hole and her clit, wetting it down and inspiring a small shriek from her.

Then without further ceremony, I plunged my cock all the way into her warm clasping cunt. It was so hot and tight.

I groaned and she screamed, "Oh yes. Fuck me now, fuck me hard."

I started ramming her with full strokes, all the way out till just the head was trapped by the tight ring of her pussy, then plunging all the way in until our flesh slapped together in a sound as old as mankind. There was no finesse here, just two people whose anticipation allowed for little foreplay this time.

She kept thrusting her hips back at me as we fucked and I once again returned my hands to her tits, squeezing and pulling on them and pinching the nipples.

That was all it took for this time. She screamed out, "Cumminnnnng, oh fuck, I'm cumming," and she wildly gyrated her ass into me.

I continued to pound as her orgasm started to pass and mine was approaching. Then I slid one hand down to her clit and began gently rubbing it as we fucked.

A ripple went through her as she immediately started to orgasm again and was now constantly gutturally grunting, "hunh, hunh, hunh" in time to our thrusting.

Her cunt tightened down on my cock and I was lost. I could feel the cum start from my balls and almost explode out of my cock into her hot, wet tunnel. I spasmed again and yet again and again into that lovely hole as she groaned out her orgasm too.

We both collapsed on the couch and I pulled her head and shoulders over to my shoulder and held her for a few moments. She just smiled dreamily with her eyes closed.

"That was undoubtedly the high point of my month," she said. "You were wonderful."

"We were wonderful," I agreed holding her closer and stroking her hair with the one hand and gently thumbing a nipple with the other.

At this she looked down to see my cock lying at half mast across my leg. It was glistening with a combination of her sweet juices and my milky cum. My pubic hair was matted with it as were my balls.

"Oooooh. What a glorious mess," she said. "Let Mama make it all better."

She scooted down and took my cock in her hand and began licking and sucking it to remove our cum mixture. Then she licked her hand where she had been holding my slippery cock. As I watched and moaned at the sensations and the sights, she licked the cum out of my pubic hair and began to take my balls into her mouth to clean them. A short while (too short perhaps?) later she looked up at me and ran her tongue once more around her lips, cleaning off the last traces of our juices.

"Absolutely yummy. I can't wait for more," she sighed.

I noticed that she was holding her legs tightly together, no doubt to hold back the flood from staining the couch.

'Quid pro quo, ' I thought as I slid down her body. I stopped for a moment and licked those incredible nipples and then down her belly to her navel. I dipped my tongue in there first and then proceeded down further.

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