Birthday Party

by Irishrose1215

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Desc: Sex Story: Four friends celebrate

My husband and I walked into the dark, smoky bar and looked around. Our friend of 10 years was having his birthday party, and we walked around searching for the group, finally finding them towards the back of the bar. It was loud, I yelled happy birthday to Dan over the live band, and grabbed his wife's hand to say hello. I watched as her eyes skimmed down my body, looking at my low cut peasant shirt, and jean mini skirt. Her eyes went lower to see my four inch sandals that accompanied the outfit, and when her eyes met mine I smiled at Dawn's approving look.

I sat next to her, and began to drink, it was so loud that you couldn't talk over the music, and I was beginning to feel a little bored. Dawn moved to the other table to talk to her friends that had been invited, and Dan moved beside me. His hand instantly going to my thigh, I smiled, but didn't find it unusually, Dan always touches me like that when we are out.

My husband, Dan, and I began to talk; it was so much easier now since we were so close together. I was beginning to have a hard time keeping with the conversation, Dan's hand had began to caress my thigh, his fingers lightly played on my inner thigh, he'd get as far as my panty line and then move back down. My husband saw it all, but pretended nothing was happening, he moved closer placing his cock against my knee and I began to rub my leg against him. He started to laugh and leaned closer to Dan.

"You know how rude this girl is? I'm standing here trying to talk and she's just steady rubbing her leg on my cock."

Dan nodded his head and smiled.

"That's okay; I've been rubbing her thigh this whole time."

I put my head down in mock shame, and removed my leg from my husband's cock.

"Fine if you don't want me to, I'll just move!"

I threw my legs in Dan's direction and he caught my calf in his hand, smiling as he looked at me and then my husband.

"Now she's distraction me."

I laughed and moved in my seat, going first back over to my husband and then back over to Dan, until I finally just spread my legs, and gave one to each of them. Dan's hand went back to my upper thigh, and there it rest for a long time.

Dawn came back and my husband moved to her, speaking to her as one of her friend's, Diana, moved closer to me. She began to tell me how cute I was, and how she'd love to fuck me. I smiled and nodded knowingly.

"Yeah, I know I bring that thought into everyone's head."

"I bet you do, Baby. Just look at you! You're one hot little thing."

Dan leaned closer to speak to Diana.

"She is one fine piece of ass isn't she?"

Diana nodded, her eyes going wide with her desire for me. I saw her eyes cast down for a minute, and they went wide again as she saw Dan's hand. She looked up at me in surprise, and I lifted my eyebrows, wiggling them at her and smiled big. She leaned close to my ear.

"God you're fucking hot!"

Her hand went to my other thigh, and soon her fingers found my now wet panties. I had the fleeting thought that I shouldn't have worn them at all. After a while my husband and Dawn had quit talking, and Dawn found her way back to Diana. Diana promptly moved her hand from my pussy, and went off with Dawn, to the bathroom. I was left again with my husband and Dan, both talking about how fine I was. I said nothing, but moved my head to Dan's shoulder, and spread my legs a little wider. I was wishing that those strong fingers would find my pussy, it had already began to ache, but the thought that my husband might not know exactly what Dan was doing to me, stopped those thoughts. His fingers had begun to linger more on my panty line, and I wasn't sure if my husband had seen that. I looked at him, he seemed not to know, and I felt bad and a little scared as to what he'd do if he didn't approve, but I didn't stop it.

My husband moved, now that Dawn was back, and began to talk to her again. I had the thought that maybe he was distracting her from what was going on, but I really wasn't sure. I did know that I needed another drink, and luckily the waitress came by.

"Can I get another Smirnoff Ice with grenadine?"

"We're out of it hon."

"Oh, then can I have a glass, I'll just drink the beer."

I wasn't happy; I hated beer, especially after drinking the sweet Smirnoff Ice. She brought me the cup and I poured the beer. Dan complimented me.

"You did well, not one spill, and you got good head on it."

"I never spill and I always give good head."

I smiled at him, and his hand tightened on my thigh.

"I love your legs, Jessi. You shave very well, no stubble or nothing."

"I thank you. I shave something else real well too?"

I laughed at the expression on his face.

"You shouldn't tell me things like that, I like it too much."


"Quite alright."

"God, I hate beer!"

I noticed that the waitress had brought Dawn a Smirnoff Triple Black and complained that she had told me that they were out of Smirnoff.

"If you tell me what kind of panties you're wearing, I'll buy you a drink."

I looked at Dan and smiled.

"I can do better than that!"

I pushed my skirt up and thrust my hips toward him, making Diana, who had found her way beside me again moan loudly, and showed him my laced lavender panties.

"Oh, those are nice! Practically see-through!"

"Yeah I know."

"You've deserved yourself a drink little one."

"Oh good!"

The drink was brought and I began to talk to Diana, with Dan's hand still planted firmly on my leg, and mine planted firmly on his cock. We spoke of erotic stories, she was happy to hear that I did write and I told her to remind me to give her my author name before we left. The conversation turned to astrology, Diana, I guessed, like Dawn is a Wiccan. I do not practice it, I don't practice anything, but I am opened minded to everyone's beliefs, and so I listened as intently as I could as Dan's hand found its way up my leg and to my panty clad pussy. Diana became distracted again with the need to use the bathroom, and like most women, she asked Dawn to go with her. I've never understood the need to go to the bathroom with other women, I do just fine by myself, I don't need help. My husband, too, decided he had to use the head, and went with them, leaving only me and Dan and a couple of other people that I had ignored all night at the table. I kept ignoring them, and turned to Dan.

"You, my dear Sir, are making my pussy very wet."

"And you are making my cock very hard, my love."

"I know."

"I'm going to be so embarrassed."


"I don't want to walk out of here with a hard-on."

"Do you want me to quit?"

"Oh no, love, keep going. I'll deal with the embarrassment, if I have to."

"Okay good. You know, Dan, you make me so hot. I want to fuck you so bad."

"Like wise. I don't think I've ever felt a pussy as wet as yours."

I laughed and looked down before looking him straight in the eye.

"You haven't felt it yet. You've only felt my panties."

I heard a small, yet unmistakable, moan come from his lips, which made my smile broaden.

Soon, all were back to the table, and Diana whispered to me.

"You know what makes you even hotter?"

"No what?"

"The fact that you never quit smiling. You have a beautiful smile, and with it I can tell just how much fun you're having."

"Well, it makes me happy."

"I bet it does. I'd love to have his fingers all over my pussy."

I laughed and turned to Dan.

"Make your friend happy! She wants some attention too!"

He looked over at Diana, and I felt his leg come across mine. I watched as he planted his foot firmly in the crotch of her jeans, and I smiled as I felt the muscles in his calf begin to work.

"You're a bad boy! But I like it! I like to feel your leg working and knowing that it's going directly to her pussy makes me even hotter!"

"Can you get even hotter?"

"I've not even begun, Sweetie!"

A smile crossed his face, but quickly left when we heard last call being announced. Everyone at the table moaned, and Dan spoke up.

"Let's go to Joshua's. We still have like another two hours there."

Everyone was in agreement; Joshua's is where we usually hang out. Getting into the car with my husband, I relayed the events of the night to him, and smiled as I saw an approving look on his face.

"Ditch the panties."


"Take off the panties. I don't want you wearing any when we get to Joshua's."

"Sounds good to me."

I took them off and placed them on the floor of the car. My husband's hand came immediately to my pussy.

"That's one wet cunt."

"Your friend as done that to me."

"You're such a whore, Jessi."

"I know."

"I like it!"

"I know that too."

We got to the other bar, and my husband told Dan that I had taken off my panties. I smiled at him, and he nodded, though, he had no expression on his face, I knew that he approved.

Sitting down at a table we took the exact same spots we had before. Dan's hand went to my leg, but stopped there, since Dawn was sitting next to him. His leg went back over mine and his foot went back into Diana's pussy. I felt her hands moving, but couldn't tell what she was doing until she showed everyone Dan's shoe lace. Dan complained that she had stolen it, but everyone went quiet when she took the shoe lace and forced my hands behind my back. I looked at my husband and smiled broadly as she tied my wrists with the lace. I bent forward slightly and brought my arms up, showing everyone the job she had done, and I looked over at her and winked. She leaned over to me and whispered.

"You're a good play thing aren't you?"

"Yes, ma'am I am."

I heard her moan, and she gave back Dan's lace. Dawn and Diana left again, I had to guess that they weren't just going to the bathroom, even when drinking, people shouldn't have to go to the bathroom that often, but I had no idea what they were doing. Again, I was left with my husband and Dan. My husband came over to me, and began to talk about my pussy, and how good it was. Dan talked about my hands, and how soft they were, and I listened while smiling. My husband's hand went down to my pussy, and he invited Dan to feel it too. He did, and I moaned as I felt both of their hands on my pussy at once. I knew I'd cum if they kept it up, and they figured it out too, because they both stopped. I pouted and looked at the both of them. My husband turned my head towards him.

"Not yet."


"Not yet."

He said it firmer the second time and I didn't argue. Dawn and Diana came back and one of my favorite dance songs came on. My husband was busy talking to both women, and so he told Dan to go dance with me. The floor was completely packed, but we squeezed ourselves in.

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