Plastic Friend

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, Slut Wife, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: At last it arrived, a gold and black vibrator, batteries included in a plain package.

Once more I want to tell you about my sexy first wife J. After a few years into our marriage I wanted to bring some more spice into our marriage bed. It was always fun watching her antics when she didn't know I was there but now that I could fuck her anytime I wanted, I wanted something more. You have to remember that this was all back in the early 70's and things were a lot different then. No sex shops in the high street so anything had to be bought mail order. In my first story, 'First Wife' I mentioned our Plastic Friend and I've had many mails asking me to expand on this.

At last it arrived, a gold and black vibrator, batteries included in a plain package. At first she didn't like using it much, the few times we got it out she was too uptight and nervous to relax and enjoy herself, but gradually, time and alcohol changed all that and soon I learned how to use it on her to give her the maximum enjoyment. I found out she liked it between her tits, on her clit, with its head just inside her pussy and occasionally if the mood took her, fully embedded inside her. Once this barrier was out of the way it became part of our everyday love making to such an extent that we wore out a number of them over the years. Although many years have past since, I can still remember those nights of passion. I'll describe some in more details.

She just loved to be kissed, it turned her on, long passionate kisses on her lips, neck and her inner thighs. She just loved having her tits worshiped too, by my mouth or hands, kissing, licking and kneading; 15 minutes of the above and she was ready for anything. Time to bring out her little toy. I would turn it on low and with one hand I would run the tip gently between her pussy lips, pausing over her clit from time to time. Doing this still left me with one hand and my mouth free, usually these would be working on her tits. Within minutes of starting this she would be on the verge of an orgasm. Now came my first decision of the evening, do I bring her off with her toy and then use my now very hard cock to bring her to a second or do I replace her plastic friend now with my natural one. Well tonight we are going to stay with her plastic friend and soon her body was jerking to her first orgasm. Some nights I would then just straddle her torso and place my cock between her tits and she would squeeze herself around me until I splattered all over her, but tonight I rolled between her still spread legs and pushed into her still wet pussy.

Over the years it was at this point that I found out she like to talk dirty.

"Like that did you slut," I would say.

"Mmm, fucking great," she replied, "fuck me harder you bastard."

"What are you thinking off now slut." I said.

"God, I'm posing at your photo club," she said breathlessly, "and they all want me to get my tits out."

"And are you going to slut?" I asked.

"Oh god yes," she sighed, "and I can see all their hard cocks in their trousers. They all want a tit fucks from me."

"Are going to?" I said.

"Oh god yes," she panted.

This was just one of her fantasise of course and there were many others, some I believe now were base on true events. If I timed it right my hard thrusting would bring her off to a second orgasm and on to my first.

Other nights, she would handle the toy herself and even squeeze her own tits while I just watched. The toy would be on high speed and deeply embedded inside her pussy. With both of her hands free she could squeeze and pinch her own tits as much as she wanted. I would lay beside her just taking in this fine erotic sight before me. As her orgasm approached her legs would close tight and her body would curl up until it had passed. I would then open her up and replace the buzzing toy with my own hardness.

"Who were you fucking slut?" I would ask, for she often fantasies about different men during these sessions to bring herself off.

"Those two new guys in the next office," she whispered.

"What were they doing to you?" I asked still thrusting into her.

"They were giving me a lift home after a late night meeting," she whispered.

"Yes," I said, "tell me it all."

"We were all in the back seat and they had unbuttoned my jacket," she said.

Readers will remember that she never wore anything under her suit jacket.

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