Cathy's Test

by BlackKnight1960

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Desc: Sex Story: Cathy is a shy student, 19 years old. She has to pass a history test to gain admission to her study, and most improperly the test takes place in the professor's home. Cathy is subjected to blackmail from two elderly professors, and she is shocked to learn new sides of her sexuality. A young Checz asked me to write this story about his girlfriend.

The tall, willowy girl looked troubled as she walked the stairs of the university. She needed to ask a favour of the history professor, and she felt wildly insecure, as she always did when she was in a new situation.

Three months earlier she had gone to the admission examinations at the university, but on the evening before the last test: the history examination, she was taken to hospital. Two weeks later she went to the university offices to present papers, signed and stamped by the hospital, that she had been hospitalised for 'this and that', and that she had been unable to come to the last admission test.

"Is there any way I can be allowed to do that test as kind of an illness test," she asked the grumpy elderly lady at the desk. Her cheeks were blushing as she asked. She was always so shy when she had to ask people for something.

"Wait a minute. I'll check out if it is possible. Please wait outside the door." There was a small bench in the hall, right outside the door, where she sat down. And she was very uncomfortable for more than half an hour. Not that the bench was uncomfortable, far from it, but she had a feeling that everybody walking past her was staring, wondering, or criticizing her appearance. The elderly lady's 'a minute' had turned into 40 minutes when she finally opened the door and beckoned Cathy inside.

"I have checked your tests in the other subjects, and I have to say, you have done very well, young lady. According to § 37 you are allowed an extra test, if illness or death in your close family has prevented you from doing the official test. But there is one problem: The professor who will do the test will be the professor who teaches history, and he has left for his holidays."

"Oh, no," Cathy exclaimed.

"What's the trouble, now?"

"I'll need the 'student's card' in order to get a room in town, to get cheaper train-fare and all that."

"Easy now, little girl. I'll issue a card for you, which will work up to the 15th of September. When the university starts up on the 1st of September you'll have a couple of weeks to make contact with professor Saliny, and make the test before him. Is that OK?"

"Oh, yes. Thank you very much."

She felt very relieved as she walked down the stairs. Phew. Her problems seemed to be solved, and she did not have any serious confrontations for a long time. The long summer holiday was ahead, and she knew she was going to spend it at her uncle Pietro's farm. She had a final date with her boyfriend for the evening, and in a way she looked forward to it and dreaded it at the same time. She loved Mike, all right, but sex was a major problem between them. Cathy cursed her shyness, which gave them so much trouble. She really loved it when they were kissing and caressing each other, as long as they kept their clothes on. Mike's hands on her small, firm tits would make her hot and horny all over, and the few times she let him fondle her thighs and her pussy through her panties, she knew that her wet gusset would tell how horny she was. But the moment he tried to unbutton her shirt, or when his fingers sneaked down past the elastic in her panties, she froze. Oh, the many times she had damned herself for this shyness. Deep down she yearned to let go, to let him undress her and make love to her, but she just could not do it. And she did not even know why. Time and time again their dates would end on a sour note, when Mike was frustrated and angry at her reluctance, and she herself was just as angry. Not at Mike, but at her own shyness. Most of these nights she would get home and go to bed, where she masturbated two or three times, dreaming up fantasies where she was horny and free and would fuck him again and again. Not until she had given herself two or three violent orgasms would she be able to fall asleep.

This last date with Mike, before she would go away for three months, was no better than all the others. "For Heaven's sake, Cathy, you're 19. Will you ever grow up? Don't feel too sure that I'll be here for you, when the holidays are over."

On her way up the stairs to meet the professor, she was almost overwhelmed by her shyness and embarrassment. She studied the chart in the hall, and easily found professor Saliny's office. Again she hesitated a minute or two before she knocked on the door.

"Come in," a deep voice answered. With blushing cheeks she entered the office, closed the door and turned to look at the professor. Saliny was a rather handsome man in his fifties, dark hair with grey at his temples, and big, brown eyes.

"Come closer, dear. What can I do for you?"

Cathy explained her problem.

"Oh, dear. You're quite lucky that you found me. In about 15 minutes I have to go, and I won't be back for more than a week. I'm afraid that'll be too late, dear."

Tears welled up in Cathy's eyes. "B-b-b-ut that's di-di-saster. Then I can't start my first year."

"Hold it, dear. Or Cathy, I should say. I shall be in my home Wednesday evening. If you don't mind catching a bus, you can go there, and I shall examine you in my home, although it's not quite the proper way to do it."

"Oh, yes, sir, I shall be happy to catch the bus. What time do you want me to come?"

"Let's say 8 o'clock. That should give us plenty of time."

"Thank you, sir, I shall be there at 8."

If Cathy had been able to read professor Saliny's lecherous mind, she probably would not have gone there. Her tall slender frame with the small pert tits high on her chest was just the kind of woman he liked. And her very pretty face showed her anxiety and her shyness more clearly than an open book.

On the other hand she might have gone! The only times she had felt comfortable with sexual innuendoes, were with older men. She would shiver with pleasure and excitement, when she noticed that her father looked at her body, if he thought that she did not notice. For a period when she was around 14, she had even arranged for 'accidents'... she would leave the bathroom when she knew her father was on his way. Just to let him have a look at her chest with her budding breasts and her pussy with its downy hair. Her mother stopped all this with a severe lesson on the behaviour of young girls, and she was grounded for 3 weeks! During her recent holiday on uncle Pietro's farm, she had made a big production out of her sunbathing. She would pick a stretch of grass behind the barn, where she knew very well that uncle Pietro would spy on her from a small window in the barn. It made her hot to know, that he would get excited from looking at the young woman in her bikini. Not like with the young guys. When they stared at her they only made her feel insecure and shy, because she felt they were comparing her to the voluptuous beauties all around.

So, she might have gone, even if she had known professor Saliny's lecherous thoughts. But when she was standing in front of his house on Wednesday evening, such ideas were farthest from her mind. She was shy to enter a strange house, and she was pretty nervous about the result of this examination.

The huge house was dark except a little light seeping through the curtains from three windows on the ground floor. She pressed the doorbell, and shortly the door was opened by professor Saliny. "Oh, welcome, dear Cathy. So you made it on time. Come on in and let's see what we can do."

Saliny guided her into a huge living room with sofas, lots of armchairs, and a big round table in the middle of the room. He pointed to a gentleman sitting in one of the armchairs. "Meet professor Stankl. He is here to oversee the examination. You know, if we should try to cheat on the test, Cathy."

"Hello, professor Stankl," she said, "but that should not really be necessary, or should it?" She looked so terribly innocent, with her long, straight, dirty blonde hair and her thin, yellow dress. She looked a lot younger than her 19 years.

"Oh, dear Cathy. You wouldn't know how many students have tried to use their young beauty to achieve favours from us older professors. And I'm sorry to admit, that quite a few have succeeded. In other faculties, of course."

Saliny guided her to a carefully chosen chair at the big table. Carefully chosen, so that Stankl from his low armchair had an unobstructed view under the table to Cathy's slender legs. And carefully chosen because it was pretty uncomfortable if you kept your legs together, but as soon as you spread them a little you could feel it was getting more and more comfortable. Saliny touched her shoulder and said: "There you are, dear Cathy. The examination papers are right in front of you. You may start any time you want. I'll sit here, beside you, to make sure you do it properly."

For more than an hour the large room was very quiet. Cathy was working intensely on the tests, and without her thinking about it, her slender thighs slowly opened up to achieve a more comfortable position. When the gusset of her white panties became visible to professor Stankl, a broad smile spread on his face, and he felt the blood rush into his cock. At this time Cathy had spread her legs so wide, that her left leg touched professor Saliny's. It was just a light touch, but suddenly she was aware that he pressed back. Just a slight pressure, but enough to make her aware of what was happening. She let it pass without commenting on it, but she had to admit that a wave of warmth rushed down to her pussy. When Saliny placed his right hand on her thigh with only a light touch, she let that pass too. Another ten minutes passed in total silence. Cathy was wildly confused. This was so improper and forbidden, but it made her horny all the same. A tingling warmth spread from Saliny's hand to her pussy, and from there to her confused brain.

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