Lawyer's Ladies: My First Time with Heather

by ALawyer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Heather found her husband playing around with a young secretary at a party. She needed revenge and used to me get it.

My wife, Beth and her mother, Ruth, were flying to Colorado today to visit Beth's brother. They were downstairs packing. We had to leave in about twenty minutes for the airport. After dropping them off I had planned to go to a party our firm was throwing for some clients.

I was in my home office upstairs answering email when Ruth appeared in the doorway. I said, "Ready to go?"

She leaned against the doorframe and pulled up her dress to show me she had no panties on. Her grey pussy hair was matted from the moisture of her hot cunt. "John, you could say so; meet me in your bathroom." Senior citizens running around with no underwear, what's the world coming to?

She kept her dress on high as she passed me, wiggling her ass, and went into my private bath. My dick was hard from the sight of her well used pussy and ass. My cock knew both very well.

I entered the bathroom, and I saw Ruth had bent over the counter with her dress up on her back. Her naked pussy was gleaming with her desire and she reached between her legs rubbing her clit. "Get your pants off, John, we don't have much time. Beth might come up any minute looking for me."

I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Even after forty years, the sight of her wet cunt still got me hard quickly. I notched the beast into her pussy and pushed it home.

"Oh, yes, John, I love that cock of yours. No one fucks me better."

"Where else do you get cock?"

"None of your fucking business, John, just get your cocki into me."

I looked in the mirror and watched her fumbling with the buttons on her jacket. She opened it and I could see her long tits with the hard nipples she loved to pull on while I dicked her.

Her cunt was hot and tight. I slid into her and began fucking her effortlessly; she clenched her muscles to prove she still had a tight pussy after all these years. I knew we didn't have much time, so I began to give it to her hard. She grunted from the force of my strokes. "Fuck me, you bastard, fuck your wife's mother. Wouldn't Beth be surprised if she walked in and saw you banging her mother?"

Ruth loved the dirty talk. It streamed out of her like her pussy juice ran down her wrinkled thighs. The prim proper elderly society lady loved a big cock fucking her hard. She knew how to ask for it and how to take it.

I reached around and took over pulling her nipples. I stretched those long breasts out. My cock worked her cunt and soon she was close. I could feel her fingers on her clit and my cum was rising from my balls. She loved to cum while my dick was shooting all my cream into her.

"Ruth, I'm almost there. Come for me." She grabbed the edge of the counter and pushed her cunt back on me. I could feel the pulses as she came around my cock. I flooded her cunt with my cream and pushed my cock in deep. I knew if I got the cum in deep. she would leak for hours. She got a nasty thrill feeling my cum run out of her pussy while she was with Beth.

I pulled out while she stayed bent over. I took a towel and put it over her draining pussy. I rubbed up my come, and then she stood up, and checked her hair in the mirror. "Thanks for the hot fuck, John. You're the best." She calmly walked downstairs to check on Beth with my cum to leak out of her pussy for most of the trip to Denver.

I drove them to the airport. Ruth sat in the back behind Beth and spread her legs giving me a view of her dripping cunt all the way to the airport. I helped them in with the bags and kissed them both good bye.

I was looking forward to this party. It was rare that I attended client parties without Beth. She was a handsome woman and as my wife had a good effect on the clients. The hosts had a reputation for their parties, plenty of the most beautiful people and a river of booze. The back bedrooms were rumored to be well used at the end of the night. I never had the pleasure of using one, but then I it's hard to convince your wife to fuck in someone else's bedroom during a party. Lawful sex you do at home, dirty sex you do at parties. Tonight, I'm alone and I wouldn't mind finding a young wife with a little too much booze in her, and visit one of those bedrooms for a bit of dirty sex.

The party was already underway and loud when I arrived. The kind of loud you get from a wide open alcohol tap. I picked up a Scotch and water from the bar and started trolling for pussy. I wandered the rooms looking for a drunken husband. The guy who was making a fool of himself usually had a pissed off wife somewhere. So, when I found him trying on the lampshade for size or trying to get into the pants of his boss' wife; I then went looking for his wife.

A guy was trying to hold onto a door frame, drink in hand trying to hit on a secretary too young for him. I remembered his wife from other parties. So I started to work my way through the rooms looking for her. My search for her collided with her search for him, as she was heading for the bedrooms on the second floor. Her drinks were showing as she swayed her way toward the stairs. Her thin black dress displayed the embossing of two naked nipples. The transparency of the dress revealed a black g-string panty-a pretty hot dress for a lawyer's wife at a clients' party.

"Heather, are you looking for something?"

"Yes, I'm looking for that drunk of a husband of mine. The last time I saw him he was chatting up this little cunt that works for the Anderson's. He had his face in her cleavage and she was giving him a good view."

"You think he's up there?"

"I've looked everywhere else. I haven't found him or the little piece of pussy fluff. I even checked the patio." She leaned into my ear and laughing said, "I found your partner, Joe, in the gazebo fucking this chubby little blonde. John, he was fucking her in the ass! It was so wild, and she was really getting off over it. I must admit I watched for a bit. I couldn't see how she could take a cock that size in her butt." I didn't fill her in on the times my cock was up her ass.

We reached the top of the stairs and she opened the first bedroom door. Bingo! She found her husband on the first try. His pants were around his ankles, and the little cunt was sucking his cock. Heather didn't say a word. She watched for a few seconds as the little blonde swallowed his rather small cock to his balls. No deep throating needed here. Heather looked from her husband to me; she smiled a little smile and softly closed the door.

"John, let's you and I have a drink." She curled her arm into mine and turned me around.

"I would love a drink right now."

We picked up new drinks at the bar and walked out onto the patio. We passed Joe and Sandy on their way back in. I introduced Sandy and Heather, who exchanged air kisses as Joe and I exchanged a discrete low-five. We continued on to the gazebo.

She turned to me and took a sip of her drink. She had revenge in her eye. I felt her hand graze the front of my pants. I looked her in the eye; she licked her lips and smiled. Her hand molded itself around my cock. She could feel my reaction as I lengthened down my pants.

Her eyes got wider as my dick got longer. She slid over the shape and measured its length. "John, is that all you? This isn't a half-dozen pair of gym socks is it?"

I laughed. "No that's all me."

"I heard you were hung."

"From whom?"

"Oh, John, women don't talk." Shit, tomorrow I'm going to drive downtown and there on the giant billboard next the State Bank is going to be a picture of my cock alongside a ruler.

She quickly scanned the area. She set her drink on the gazebo railing and reached down to unzip my pants. Her soft warm hand pulled my cock free. The full nine inches emerged hard and ready. This gazebo was going to need an appointment book soon.

She softly said, "Oh, my God. Do they make dicks this big?" Her hand reverently stroked the skin. She pointed it upward, leaned down, and took the head in her mouth. Her tongue painted patterns on the head as I stood in our friend's gazebo with a drink in my hand and my cock in Heather's warm mouth.

"Heather, we should perhaps move this somewhere else?"

She let my cock go. "You're right. I'm not Sandy, and you're not going to get to fuck my ass in this gazebo. John, does she carry lube in her purse?"

"Heather, how would I know this?"

"I don't know John, Joe is your partner and you guys are pretty close from what I've heard." She worked my cock back into my pants and zipped me up.

"Let's go to my place, John."

"Won't your husband mind that?"

"Oh, I'm sure Little Miss Cocksucker will keep him busy tonight. His company keeps an apartment in town for executives who have a bit too much to drink or a little pussy to fuck. I am sure he'll stay there tonight. So we can go to my house and fuck the night away."

We were in my SUV in a few minutes. Her house was thirty miles away; she had ideas how to pass the time. I backed out of the driveway and headed for the interstate highway.

She leaned over the console at the first stop sign and pressed her mouth to mine. Her tongue darted into my mouth engaging mine. She kissed with fire and fury. Her alcohol content had suppressed all of her inhibitions. I reached up and took one of her C-sized tits in my hand and traced around the nipple. She moaned in my mouth and broke the kiss to open my pants.

"Fuck, you have such a great cock." Her mouth descended down on it. I reached over and pulled her dress up over her ass.

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