Keeping Him

by Jessy19

Copyright© 2004 by Jessy19

Sex Story: A woman goes to the extreme of keeping her womanizing husband.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Author's Note: This is a true story all names have been changed to protect the innoent.

Celine Beckman felt her blood boiling as she watched her husband dancing with her. Her meaning Nancy Goodwin, a tall petite redhead. It was at Gilbert Kendrick's home, friend of the Beckman's celebrating his new position of District Attorney. Celine's husband, Victor worked as a police officer and often the couple got invited to fancy parties and dances. Nancy was a court reporter and knew a lot of the officials. She was always at the parties as well and that's where she'd met Celine and Victor.

At first, Celine noticed Victor's eyes looking at the pretty young redhead. Nancy seemed to be staring at Victor as well. It was all innocent flirting at first. Celine tried to be open minded thinking that her husband would never cheat on her. Victor had grown up in a loving and respectable family with good morals. Celine did trust her husband but didn't trust the 30-year-old redhead. Nancy was very pretty, Celine had to admit. Any man would probably die to go out with her.

Celine wasn't ugly at all. She was a bit older than Nancy being 38 years old and had shoulder length brown hair and soft brown eyes. Her body was kept very nice by going to the gym almost every day and watching what she ate. Her husband Victor was 41 and very handsome. His hair was jet-black and eyes ice blue. He too kept fit for his job and for himself.

Celine leaned her head against a wall sipping on her third glass of wine. Victor and Nancy were dancing almost cheek to cheek and laughing. She could see Victor whispering things in Nancy's ear making her blush. Celine noticed all the other guests at the party staring at her wondering why in the world she wasn't the one dancing with her own husband.

After dancing with Nancy, Victor looked across the room to see his jealous wife. Her eyes pierced at him. He knew she was angry. He excused himself with Nancy and made his way over to his wife. He had to admit she looked quite stunning in her long red velvet dress that was low cut showing off her nice small cleavage.

"You don't look like you're enjoying yourself," Victor said sarcastically.

"I'm not. If you danced any closer with that woman, I would have thought you'd be fucking her right here in front of everyone."

Victor sighed. "Celine, let's not go through this again. I told you, she's a friend that's all."

"Oh a friend? Yeah I really buy that."

Victor grabbed a glass of wine as a waiter passed by and took a long hard sip. "You have to trust me. You know the way I am with women."

Celine had to admit that it was true. Ever since she'd been married to Victor for over 12 years, she'd seen the way he flirted with other women. She couldn't figure out if it was just his charming ways or if indeed he was not a one-woman man. She'd held on to the marriage because she was in love with him. She was crazy about him. How could she not be? She felt lucky at times knowing he'd chosen her and not some other woman to marry. She knew a lot of married men cheated but yet they still always came home to their wives no matter what.

"I know the way you are and I am getting tired of it. You should have seen the look on everyone's face when you were out there dancing with that... slut."

Victor put his glass down. "She's not a slut Celine. Why do you think every woman that talks to me or is a bit nice to me is a slut?"

"What do you want me to think? I mean would you like it if I were dancing with other men?"

Victor shrugged. "It wouldn't bother me Celine. You know I trust you and you should trust me."

Celine knew it was hopeless talking to her husband.

Heading back home they drove in silence. Celine looked out the window staring into the darkness of the night. She still felt angry with Victor for dancing almost the entire night with Nancy. He'd talked to Nancy more than he did with her.

They pulled up to their driveway and Victor put the car on park still not saying a word. He got off the car not bothering to open Celine's door. Celine walked back into the house trailing her husband. She felt guilty for feeling jealous but then again she had every right to be jealous. Her biggest fear had always been to lose Victor to another woman. She couldn't have that. Throughout the years she began to understand why many women stay with their cheating husbands, to hold on to a marriage.

Once Celine finished locking up, she found Victor drinking a glass of water in the kitchen. He looked at her and nodded his head.

"This night would have been perfect if only you hadn't acted like such a child Celine."

Celine's eyes saddened. "I'm sorry. I just hate seeing other women practically clawing you."

He walked away again leaving her alone in the kitchen. She followed him to the bedroom and he was beginning to get out of his suit. His hard chest and stomach were exposed making Celine aroused. His pants came off next until he was left with his dark blue boxers and nothing else. Celine just stared at her handsome husband. A smile began to form on her lips.

"What?" Victor asked frustrated.

"I want to make love," Celine said softly.

Victor kept his eyes on his wife. He sat down slowly on their king-sized bed. She reached behind and began to unzip her long dress. The dress slowly became loose falling off her shoulders and down her chest moving down to her long slender legs. Victor stared as she stood with her lacey red bra and matching red panties. Red was her color indeed.

"Now that's the way I like you," Victor said playfully.

Celine giggled and slipped out of her red heels letting the dress fall to the floor completely. She walked slowly towards her husband. Victor opened his arms out to her. He wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and kissed her flat belly very gently. Celine watched her husband trail kissed lower and his hands tugged at her panties beginning to pull them down. She eased back a bit letting her husband slip her red panties down her legs. She's shaved that morning, knowing he loved her to be baby smooth. Her panties came off and his hands went to unhook her bra from behind.

"I love you," Celine said softly as her bra slowly came down her shoulders and fell of her chest. Her brown nipples were pert.

"Mmm don't you look delicious? Lay back here baby. Let me fuck you," Victor rasped.

Celine felt her heart flutter and lay on the bed. The feel of the satin sheets made her body tingle. Her husband leaned down and planted a long wet kiss on her lips. Their tongues met slowly gliding against one another. His hands went down to touch her breasts. He began to tug and pinch each nipple as they continued to kiss.

Celine moaned in her husbands kiss. He always managed to excite her no matter what. He broke their passionate kiss and moved his mouth down to her breasts. He took turns sucking and licking her nipples. Celine loved his hands all over her. His touch was so warm and strong. He stood up and took his boxers off showing her his huge thick erection. Celine's mouth watered.

"I need that in me," She whispered.

"You shall have it my dear. But first I want to taste your pussy."

Celine blushed and spread her legs open giving her husband full access of her pussy. He got on his knees at the edge of the bed and kissed her thighs slowly. She could feel his hot breath getting closer to her pussy.

"Ooh god! Lick me!" She moaned.

Victor stuck his head between his wife's legs and spread her pussy lips open letting her swollen clit peak out. He ran his tongue slowly up and down on it teasing her. Celine squirmed on the bed.

"Yes! More! Lick me faster! Suck my clit!" She screamed out.

Victor obeyed and let his tongue flick fast on his wife's aching clit. His lips clamped it as well making her moan and beg for more pussy eating. He loved the way she tasted so sweet and her juices were so warm coating his lips. Her smell was completely intoxicating.

"Oh honey I need to cum! You're going to make me cum!" Celine cooed.

Victor slipped one finger inside her moist hole letting her get more pleasure. Celine felt her body quivering from his tongue and lips. She didn't want to cum so soon but she couldn't hold back. Her body tightened and she felt her body explode.

"Arrrhhhhgghhh! Mmmmgghhhh!" She cried out as her body shook violently.

Victor could feel her pussy muscles constrict on his finger. Her juices oozed out slowly letting him lap them up. He raised his body up and kissed his wife letting her have a taste of her own sweet pussy.

The couple kissed hard and with passion. Celine held her husband close never wanting that moment to go away. Her heart raced and she felt her body weak from the intense orgasm.

"Baby, see what you do to me?" She said playfully.

Victor laughed wickedly and raised his body up. He put her legs on his chest and looked at her pretty face. "We're not done yet sweetheart. It's my turn to cum. I'm going to shoot my load in you."

Celine felt her pussy aching for her husbands cock. "Yes! Please do. Fuck me good!"

Victor grabbed his hard on and aimed it to his wife's fuck hole. He slipped it in fast sine she was so wet. Her pussy grasped his cock nicely and he began to thrust his hips fucking her hard the way she liked it.

"Hmmmghhh damn you feel so good. I know I'm going to cum so fuckin' hard in your pussy," Victor groaned.

He moved his cock in and out fast making his balls slap on his wife's pussy. The room was filled with moans. Celine loved having him inside of her. He always made sure to put his cock deep inside of her making her cum every time. She loved the way he fucked her so fast and full on passion.

"Mmm faster! Fuck me faster honey. Just ram that cock in and out of me!" Celine shrilled.

"You like it fast don't you? You want my cock to fuck your pussy hard and fast don't you, you fuckin' slut."

Celine felt her face turn red. She loved it when he called her nasty names while he fucked her. "I'm your whore please fuck me good! I need to cum on your cock!"

Victor was thrusting harder now and going so fast it was making Celine's tits move around violently. He reached down and pinched her sensitive nipples hard making her almost yelp. Celine felt that hard rush once again. She wanted to cum.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum on your cock!" She wailed.

"I-I'm cumming too! Cum with me baby!" Victor grunted.

Both came simultaneously. Celine felt her husband shoot his cum inside of her. It was three or four hard spurts followed two lighter ones. She loved feeling him unload all his cum inside of her.

Victor collapsed next to his wife breathlessly. They kissed again and Celine snuggled up against her husband. She ran her hand all over his sweaty hard chest and smiled. She had him good. She knew she'd taken his mind off Nancy Goodwin. Or at least she hoped so.

"I told you a million times that he's no good," Jackie, Celine's sister was saying the next day over breakfast. Celine had told her about the previous night when Victor was dancing with Nancy.

"I'm not going to leave him Jackie. It's easy for you to say because you've never been married. You don't know a single thing about marriage."

Jackie took a sip of her orange juice and scoffed. "I may not know about marriage but I know about keeping my dignity."

Celine sighed frustrated. She loved her younger sister more than anything, but she was tried of having Jackie always tell her to leave Victor and talk bad about him. Deep down Celine knew Jackie was halfway right though.

"He's just a charming man that's all. He can't help it if women flirt with him."

Jackie rolled her eyes. "Yeah that's a lame excuse. Celine, you're his wife and he should respect you enough not to be flirting with other women. He doesn't seem to respect you at all."

"That's enough Jackie I don't want to talk about this. I'm telling you that I'm never leaving Victor no matter what. I love him and that's that."

Jackie eyed her sister cautiously. "Just make sure you do the right thing. Don't stay in a marriage just because you feel you have to."

"I'm not. I love Victor. I'd do anything to keep him. I'm not going to lay back and let any woman take my husband. Oh no! I'll fight for him."

Jackie shook her head. "Sis, you are hopeless."

"Well now if it isn't my favorite cop!" Nancy squealed as she opened her front door.

Victor smiled wickedly at his mistress and stepped inside his house putting his hands all over her body. He kissed her lips and neck full of passion. Nancy put her arms around her lover pulling him closer and she giggled feeling his hot breath all over her skin.

"Whoa! Slow down there officer," she laughed.

Victor growled holding her tight keeping her from escaping his embrace. "I'm not going to slow down damnit! I need you!"

He picked her up and carried her over to her bedroom. It was their usual fuck fest on Saturday mornings. Victor worked on Saturdays until noon, but he always told Celine that he had to go in earlier. Nancy's little body fell on the bed and Victor began to take off his uniform. Nancy looked up at him smiling with her green eyes glowing. She let her fingers begin to untie her robe. She was completely naked underneath.

Victor almost froze for a moment. He loved looking at his lover's naked body. She had big supple breasts with large dark nipples. Her pussy was almost shaved having only a small strip of soft red hair proving she was a natural redhead. He gulped and licked his lips.

"You like what you see?" Nancy asked playfully.

Victor could only nod. His cock was throbbing desperately wanting to be inside his lover. He finished removing his uniform and stood naked. His cock was sticking out and Nancy's eyes widened. She loved to look at his engorged member.

"See how much you turn me on? Damnit Nancy I've never been so turned on by any other woman!" Victor grunted.

Nancy bit her lower lip and blushed. "Well then, come get me. I need to be fucked so good right now Victor."

Victor was about to get on the bed but she put her hand out. "Wait," she said and looked down at the floor where Victor's handcuffs were on the ground, "I want you to handcuff me to the bed."

Victor felt his heart pounding. He never thought she'd ask to be handcuffed and be so submissive to him. A small wicked grin formed on his lips and he reached down to grab the cuffs. He got on the bed and Nancy had her arms over her head as she smiled at him. He handcuffed her to the bedpost. He stared at her having so many nasty things come to mind.

"Now you have complete control over me. Fuck me anyway you want," Nancy said softly.

Victor nodded. "Well then in that case, I have to change something here."

Nancy felt him uncuff her and flip her over. He cuffed her back again and she turned to look back to him but he grabbed her hair and told her not to dare turn around.

"Get on your knees baby I'm gonna fuck your ass," Victor rasped.

Nancy felt excitement all through her body. She loved getting her lover's cock up her ass. Victor licked his index finger and slipped it inside Nancy's pussy. Nancy wailed immediately. She was already so wet.

"Your pussy's so wet baby. You want to get it up your ass don't you?" Victor whispered.

"Mmhhhmmm," Nancy moaned.

"Tell me then. Beg for my cock up your ass," Victor said roughly pulling on her soft red hair. He pushed his finger further up Nancy's pussy.

"Fuck my ass babe! Get your cock up my ass and make me cum! Please!" Nancy begged.

Victor grabbed his cock and slapped her ass with it. "I'm not convinced you want it in your ass. Beg more damnit!"

Nancy yelped as he pulled her hair harder. "Ahhh God! I need your cock up my ass so bad! Please! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!"

Victor leaned down and spread her ass open. Her pink puckered hole became visible making his cock throb. He slipped his finger out of her drenched fuck hole and slipped it in her ass. Nancy squirmed and moaned. He moved his finger in and out slowly letting her get used to her ass being penetrated.

"You like my finger up your ass?" Victor asked pulling her hair back and making her look at him.

"Yes! I love it! I need your cock!" Nancy cried out.

Victor leaned down and planted a kiss on his lover's lips. Their tongues slithered in each other's mouth as they shared a short but wet and sloppy kiss.

"I'm so ready to be inside of you. Victor let her hair go and positioned himself to get ready to fuck Nancy up her ass. He lightly slapped her ass making her jolt. He aimed his cock to her tiny pink hole and began to slide his cock inside. Nancy moaned loudly in a high-pitched voice feeling her asshole stretch its limit to her lover's big cock.

"Mmmggghhh!" She cried out.

Victor didn't listen. He kept pushing his cock in loving the feeling of constriction. He felt her asshole swallowing up every inch of his cock. Victor groaned and slowly moved his cock in and out of his lover's asshole. He put his hands on her tiny waist and began to fuck her.

Nancy squinted her eyes and moaned louder. She'd never had anal sex with anyone until she met Victor. She'd always seen anal as something dirty and gross, not to mention painful but now she loved it.

"Fuck! You feel good! I'm going to cum so fast!" Victor muttered.

He slipped his hand down and began to play with Nancy's pussy. He lightly pinched her clit with his fingers and massaged it. Nancy felt as if she was in heaven. His touch on her pussy was making her squirm and want more.

"Ooh that feels good! Keep playing with my pussy!" She yelped.

Victor took turns rubbing on her clit and fingering her wet pussy. He could feel his balls beginning to swell up full of cum. He wanted to make sure she came first so he slowed down and thrust his cock in and out very slowly enjoying the feeling of a tight little ass. He rubbed her clit harder feeling it swell up in his fingers. He flicked it fast with his fingers feeling her body tense up. Her arched and she felt her body shake.

"I'm c-cumming! Oh Victor! Feel me cum!" Nancy screamed.

Victor felt her juices sliding down his fingers and then began to thrust his hips hard making his cock ram into her ass fast and hard. His balls were slapping up against her pussy and his balls began to throb sending hot long shots of sperm into his lover's ass.

"Arrrghhhhhh fuck! I'm cumming too! I'm fuckin' cumming!" Victor was panting as each shot of cum spurted out of his aching cock.

Nancy could feel his hot sperm shooting hard inside of her making her body jerk with each shot. She loved taking his cum; in her mouth, up her pussy and her ass.

"Jesus! That was fuckin' incredible!" Victor said breathlessly feeling his cock soften and slide out of Nancy's ass.

He reached over to uncuff her and she fell on the bed completely spent. She was still shaken up by the amazing orgasm Victor gave her. Victor trailed kisses up her back and moved her hair out of her face. She was smiling and trying to catch her breath.

"I love you," she said softly after a few seconds.

Victor didn't hesitate. "I love you too."

She turned her body until she was on her back. Victor traced his fingers on her breasts.

"Victor? Are you planning on leaving Celine soon?"

Victor looked uneasy. "Yes eventually, but-"

"Ah I knew it. You want me to continue to wait longer. Well you know what? I can't."

Victor looked confused.

"That's right I can't. As much as I'm in love with you, I can't spend my entire life waiting and hoping you'll leave your wife."

"Nancy, please try and understand me."

"No Victor. I'm tired of all this fooling around in secret. I want everyone to know I'm with you."

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