A Lawyer's Ladies: My First Time with Julie

by ALawyer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Julie is a new lawyer when I take her to a convention in San Diego. I only needed a late night limo ride and the right music.

Julie and I are standing at the hotel's entrance as the clients' black limousine pulls up. The uniformed driver comes around to open our door. Julie gives me a look that says, "I impressed." The driver takes her hand as she steps into the car. We both are able to appreciate her small firm ass while she enters. As she sits, the long slit up the right side of her dress displays a long lean dancer's leg. I step in and sit closely by her. The driver closes the door. We dimly follow him around the car through the heavily tinted glass.

"John, what a beautiful car," she runs her hand over the fine leather, "such luxurious upholstery and the beautiful brass fixtures."

The driver's voice comes over the intercom, "Sir, would you like a guided tour of the city, or would you rather I just drove around."

I look at Julie, and she whispers, "A tour."

"We'll take the tour for now."

"Sir, would you like the driver's window up or down. With it up you can see me, but I cannot see you. I can still hear if you need anything."

"Roll the window up."

The dark glass rises silently. We are alone.

"John, I can't tell you how impressed I am by the first-class treatment you have all shown me. Your clients have been most kind. After all I am just a new attorney at my first convention," she looks out the window as the city passes by, "San Diego is such a beautiful city."

"Well my clients were quite impressed with you. Though a couple thought you were my assistant, as you look so young. One client thought you were my wife, and another my daughter." She laughs at this.

"I set them straight. I told them you were an attorney from a firm owned by a friend of mine, and we were just traveling together to the convention."

"That was a wonderful dinner. I after all the years of law school poverty it was nice to see what lay ahead after all that hard work."

"Did you like the wine? It was a rare vintage. It was a connoisseur's treat to taste."

"Yes, I loved it, but they kept filling my glass. I think I had a little too much."

"Nonsense," I knew the motives of my clients. They were simply hoping if they got Julie drunk enough she might fuck them. They were good clients, but not that good. I was saving her for myself for these three days.

"John, they were so kind as to let us have their car. I know they were tired, but I was so excited about this trip I just couldn't have gone to bed." I pour us two glasses of 25-year-old single malt scotch, and we sit back and watch the sights of San Diego. I open the moon roof to let the sounds of the city enter the car.

While I sip my drink I admire the red dress she is wearing. The long slit up the side shows off her leg. From my angle the low-cut V-neck of her dress exposes a slice of her black pushup bra which lifts her small breasts and gives her a modest amount of cleavage.

During our quiet ride, she takes my hand and sets it on her thigh exposed by the slit and leans her head on my shoulder. She is watching the sky flow by through the moon roof as the car sound system plays the "Four Seasons." Her soft hair on my neck and the warm thigh under my hand are causing me to stiffen.

I place my arm around her and draw her face to mine. Our lips join and she kisses me softly. Her mouth opens and her tongue meets mine. I feel her hand slide up my leg and she takes my zipper in her fingers and slowly lowers it. She continues her soft kisses as she reaches in and pulls my hardening cock free. She breaks the kiss and looks down. "Oh, my John, it's beautiful." At this moment "Bolero" begins to play.

"John, did you pick this music on purpose?"

"No, Julie, I didn't."

"In law school my boyfriend and I would make love to this. We would start it playing and I would open his pants and get him hard during the flute part."

She leans down and gently kisses the head of my cock. Her tongue emerges and skims the surface finding first drop of my semen. She hums along with the music as she let's the head slip into her warm mouth. The vibrations from her accompaniment and her tongue bring me to full erection.

I lean back in the leather seat and she pushes my pants down my thighs to give her room to move.

The melody moves from a flute to a clarinet. "Then during the clarinet part I would take him in throat with deep strokes and hum the melody louder." She takes my cock to the balls and begins agonizingly slow stokes accompanied by the strong vibrations of her humming. I heard the music give way to a new instrument.

"The when the bassoon comes in I take the head in my mouth and stroke the shaft with two hands and he would come in my mouth before the bassoon finished. John, I want you to come in my mouth."

She takes the head of my cock in her mouth and her tongue washes all over it. The slow tight two-handed grip on my dick is causing my balls to tighten quickly. I sit back and listen to the bassoon repeat the melody established by the flute and clarinet. The music is hypnotic. I begin cumming and she swallows as I fill her mouth.

After the last spurt, she says, "Now the E-flat clarinet," she pulls up her dress and removes her panties. She lies back on the side couch, "was when he started to eat my pussy."

She looks at me. "Lick it, John." The high notes fill the limo as I lower my face to her beautiful pussy and begin to taste her. I slip my tongue in her wetness, and put my hands under her cheeks. The music fills my head and I suck her lips and taste her fine flavor. The clarinet cries out her passion as her hands lead me to her most sensitive parts.

"When the oboe begins, John, slip two fingers into me and stroke me to the music, slowly, softly." When the clarinet turns it over to the oboe I slip them into her. The tempo seems to pick up a little here so I try to match it with my massaging of her pussy. Her hips strongly follow the rhythm of my fingers. She has my head in a death grip and is moaning loudly. She accompanies the music with her cries as she approaches her climax. As the oboe gives way to trumpet, she cums. Her body goes rigid and she screams out her passion. It is a glorious thing watching Julie attain her orgasm while the trumpet sounds through the limo.

As the trumpet part ends, and the saxophone picks up the melody, she sits up and strips off her dress, unhooks her bra and throws them on the other couch. "Take your clothes off, John, quickly; I need you in me during this part." I strip with her help and as the saxophone plays she pushes me back on the seat and mounts my cock.

"Oh, fuck, John, you're so big. You stretch my pussy so much. John, the horns will start playing soon when they do I want you to start fucking me. The music will get louder and louder. As the volume increases you need to fuck me harder. Don't worry about lasting until the end, my boyfriend never could."

I know "Bolero" rather well, and I realize that we're only about halfway thought. I will last to the end.

She lifts up and when the horns sound she drops down on my cock. She rises and falls to the slow beat of the music.

She whispers, "Oh, fuck me, John, I can't believe I get to fuck to this music again."

Her flanks quiver as she maintains the beat. Her attention to the music and the timing of her pussy on my cock is like a metronome ticking toward a climax.

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