I Need a Vacation

by 8inchhigh

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Desc: Sex Story: A nice little vacation encounter

I am always telling myself I need a vacation. I know we all tell ourselves this but I really did need one. To help you understand why I needed one I will tell you a little about myself. I live in a small town in farm country. The major businesses are all farm or food processing related. The town I live in has 1500 or so full time residents and like most communities there are no secrets. I am in single, in my mid 30's and bi-sexual. Now if I was a woman that would probably not be a big problem, but since I am a man it is.

I grew up in a large metropolitan area so when I was younger I had plenty of opportunities to experiment. I love women and I also enjoy the attentions of other men. I am especially attracted to older men. I have never married and have no children to worry about so I was able to travel a lot. That is part of the reason I ended up in such a small town.

After my father passed away my mother re-married. My stepfather and she moved to a small town. He is a truck driver so it really didn't matter where they lived. I worked most of my life in aerospace but after 9/11 the work dried up. So unemployed and low on funds I let myself be talked into moving here and going back to school. When I moved here I discovered some very interesting facts about small town life. Any single men (bi or straight) considering moving to a small town should pay special attention to this. There are no single attractive women in their 30's in a small town. Any unmarried women between the ages 21 and 60 are very fat, very ugly or very lesbian. The only entertainment in a small town is a church or a bar. You either pray or drink yourself into a stupor. And most importantly for all you bi-sexual men "There are no secrets in a small town!" So the odds of hooking up for a little fun are slim to none. It is not hard to find out who is bi-sexual or gay since it is common knowledge. The problem is if you are like me and prefer to keep your private life private... Forget it.

So I spent the first 3 quarters in school with no fun. But thanks to Al Gore there is the Internet. While the real thing is much more preferable cybersex can be a relief. I surfed all the usual sites. You know adult personal sites, adult chat rooms and online dating sites. I had cybersex chats and web cam cybersex and all the usual. Most of you know the routine. Checked out the porn sites and the story sites. It was on a gay erotic story site that I posted my first short story. You may or may not have read it here. It is called "Highway Hookup" and it is about an encounter when I was a teen.

I got some nice feedback, some offers to exchange photos and of course the usual criticisms. One of the emails I got was from an 80-year-old gentleman. We began exchanging emails and photos. Well as our exchange developed he began telling me about his life and experiences. I in turn told him about mine. We shared our fantasies and just basically became friends. Well without reveling to much about him I will tell you his story. He had been married and had a son. When he realized he was bi-sexual his wife left hi and took the son. He had not seen his son in years. He was just a lonely old man.

He was sexually inexperienced as far as man to man sex. Most of his experience was with him giving head to another man. As we learned of each other I discovered that the few bi experiences he had was with married men who wanted to receive but not give. That is one concept that I never understood. If you get head from another man you are straight but if you give head to another man you are not. Well get a clue, you are bi-sexual if you engage in any sexual activity with another man.

Anyway Dick had never had a man give him head. He had never engaged in anal sex in any form. And he had never had sex in any unusual places. He was captivated by my stories. He told me a few of his fantasies and none were all that far out. He wanted to have sex in the shower and visit an adult bookstore. His wildest fantasy was to suck off a man in a car.

As I struggled with the stress of school Dick kept asking me to come visit him. I kept putting him off because I was not sure traveling 2,000 miles to meet a stranger was a good idea. Anyway I finally made it to the end of spring quarter and was looking forward to a two months off with no school and no stress. I enjoyed the first couple of weeks but then started getting bored. I had been exchanging regular emails with Dick for over 6 months. When I told him I was out of school for the summer he invited me to visit again. Well I was bored enough that I needed a vacation. I made arrangements to fly out and he was to meet me at the airport.

My slightly twisted sense of humor kicked in. I thought of what to do to really surprise Dick. I packed a knapsack for the flight. When I got ready to leave for the airport I threw on a pair of baggy sweat pants and an oversized t-shirt. No underwear or socks. So underneath my sweats I was naked. Well the flight was uneventful and we landed at about 11pm. Dick met me at the gate. I hugged him and whispered in his ear. I whisper "I am not wearing underwear." He laughed and said he didn't believe me. Well after waiting forever for my bag we got in his car and headed out onto the freeway. He lived about an hour outside of the city in a small bedroom community.

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