Webb's Wonderful Web

by Yotna El'toub

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Science Fiction, Transformation,

Desc: Sex Story: Mind control and intrigue combine in this story of conspiracy. Written for Lost Boy's 1st Competition and Dedicated to his work at his Other-Wordly site.

© Yotna El'toub 2004

Written for Lost Boys first competition and dedicated to the LB and his work.

The characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in my story. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental and unintentional. The characters and situations portrayed are pure fantasy; the author is keen to state that in reality adult sexuality should remain only in the adult world. Please do not allow or cause this story to fall in to the hands of minors.

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Story tagged with:
Ma/Fa / Fa/Fa / Mind Control / Science Fiction / Transformation /