Very Wet Day

by Dan24

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, True Story, Gang Bang, Orgy, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: On a business trip I stop for a girl walking in a downpour. To my surprise she was young, legal but looked younger. I got a motel room to help her out and get warmed up. We warmed each other and then she warmed to a few others. Hot she was and is. A true story.


As most of you readers that have read many of my stories know, all are based on true stories of my life as a swinger. This story is no different; in fact it just happened a couple of weeks ago.

Chapter 1

One day last week I had business in the big city, Memphis. Tn. As is the norm I try to mix pleasure with business. I have a lot of contacts that I have made over the years and usually a couple of phone calls will get me some action. This day was different. It was raining cats and dogs and only the very brave or stupid would be out in it. I know that I am not the former, so I must be the latter. After I had completed my business I was cruising down this street on my way to see one of my lady friends. Like I said it was pouring down in buckets and was very hard to see. I did manage to see this person walking down the street soaked to the hilt and had to swerve out to keep from soaking them even more. When I got passed I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed that it was a young girl. Normally I will not stop for just anyone but it was not fit for man or beast out there and I think I would have stopped even for the beast. I pulled into a driveway and waited for that soaked person to walk toward my car. As she got close I could see she was a young girl and did not have on a raincoat or an umbrella. She was wearing just a regular windbreaker nothing on her head and she was soaked to the hilt. I also noticed from her face that she was crying. Now I am a sucker for a lady in distress so I rolled down my window and asked her if I could give her a lift. She stopped and looked at me and I guess figured that I looked ok and she came around and got in the passengers seat. Good thing I have leather upholstery because this poor girl was soaked.

I reached in the back seat and pulled out a roll of paper towels that I always keep in my vehicle. I tore off a bunch and gave them to her and she dried her face and hair. For the first time I got a good look at her face when she turned to thank me. She had a pretty round face with freckles and a dimple on her chin. Her eyes were a deep green and she had a little pug nose that was covered with freckles. Her mouth was small and when she smiled to thank me her whole face lit up. I gave her some more towels to dry her hair and then turned on the heater as I saw she shivering. This was a cool very wet November day and the thin jacket she had on would not keep her warm even if it were not wet. As the girl dried her hair I told her my name and that I was a businessman that had just come from a meeting. She again turned her head towards me and said her name was Kimie. I asked her her age because she did not look a day over 14. She told me she was 19, which surprised me and I told her I thought she was about 14. Kimie smiled and said she was told that a lot. I asked her why she was out in the nasty weather. I saw the tears starting to flow again. After awhile she managed to tell me that her dad had kicked her out of the house when he found out that she had stayed out all night with her boyfriend. I was silent a minute thinking. Then I asked her if she did that often? stay out all night? Kimie told me no that was her first time and started to bawl. What could a guy do? I leaned over, remember I was parked, and I put my right arm around her wet shoulder. She leaned into me and I let her cry.

Several minutes passed before she stopped crying, looked up at me and with those tear stained green eyes and thanked me. I told her I was glad I came along and could help. I then asked her where she was headed. Kimie said she had a girlfriend that lived in the south area of town. From where we were she would have had to walk another couple of hours to get to that area and told her that. With those sad eyes she said she knew but had no money for bus fare or phone calls. Said she left her purse with all her ID etc in the house. My mind was racing. I am not a pervert or anything like that, would never rape a girl, don't have to, I get all the action I want. However, I am also not one to pass up a chance to get a girl in bed by being nice to them etc. I told Kimie that if she allowed me I would get a motel room and she could spent the night there and then when her head was clearer in the morning she could decide what to do. Kimie looked at me and then thanked me and told me that she could not let me. I told her she had no choice other than getting back out in the storm. Kimie sat quiet a minute and then said ok.

I pulled out the driveway and headed for a motel I know not far from where we were. I knew this place had a couple of rooms with Jacuzzis that would be perfect to get naked with her. A few minutes later I pulled into the motel and told Kimie she could remain in the car if she liked, I would go get her a room. Those sad green eyes just looked at me, she did not say a word. I got out and ran to the office door and asked the clerk if they had a vacancy in a room with a Jacuzzi. She looked and they did and I filled out the registration form and paid. With key in hand I got back in the car and drove around to the room. Kimie and I got out and I opened the door to the motel room. We got inside real quick to keep from getting soaked even more. The room was clean, had a large king or queen bed with mirrors over it and on the walls. There was a sink with a big mirror and the door to the bathroom opened into another room almost as big as the bedroom that had a shower and a large Jacuzzi. When Kimie saw this those green eyes got real big and her mouth hung open. I told her she needed to warm up and there was no better way than in a hot Jacuzzi. She stepped back and I turned on the water to fill the tube.

I straightened up and looked at Kimie and told her she needed to get out of those wet clothes. She looked at me enough to say are you staying. I told her she was safe with me, I would not rape her but would like to get in the Jacuzzi with her and help her in any way I could. I saw she was very nervous so I told her I would wait in the bedroom until she was in the tub and join her then if that was ok by her. She again thanked me and then closet the door. I used this opportunity to go back to my car and get my bag that I always keep with me. You know necessities of the trade. Condoms, oil for massages, a couple of different sized vibrators and my digital camera, my Viagra and a few other necessities. I set the bag by the bed and then stripped out of my clothes, took a Viagra pill and waited for her to howler at me. Several minutes passed and she said nothing so I opened the door and asked her if I could join her. At first there was silence and then finally she said ok. As I opened the door further and walked in Kimie said she had never done this before. I asked her what and she said be naked with a strange man and in a Jacuzzi. As I stepped in the tub I assured her that she was safe with me and I would not do anything she did not want me to do. She smiled a nervous smile. Kimie was all the way down in the water with only her head sticking out so with the bubbly water I could not see any of her body.

I sat opposite her in the swirling water and just looked at her. I guess I made her nervous because she asked me why I was staring at her. I told her I was admiring a beautiful young woman. Her face reddened as she blushed. We sat there for several minutes letting the swirling water relax and warm us not saying a word. Finally I asked her if I could come sit by her. Kimie looked at me and then knotted yes. I moved around and sat next to her being careful not to get to close and scare her off. After another minute or two I asked her if last night was her first time to have sex. She put her head down and said it was. I then asked her how she liked it. She said at first she did not but the longer they did it the more she liked it. Not being bashful to ask questions now that the ice had been broken, I asked her if she had a climax.

Kimie turned her head toward me and told me she had. I told her that was good because a girl should always have a climax and if her partner was good she should have multiple climaxes.

There was a silence for a minute and I asked her if her boyfriend used a condom. She told me they did. I told her that was good, she should never have sex without protection unless she is positive that the guy is clean and she is on the pill so she does not get pregnant. While I was talking with her I let my leg move close and touch hers. She did not pull her leg away; this was a good sign for me. I got braver and put my leg over hers, again she did not move. I started massaging her leg with mine and I saw her head go back and her eyes closed. That was my signal that she was receptive to my advances as long as I did it slowly. I reached my hand out and let it touch her thigh. No movement, only her breathing was getting harder. My hand massaged her thigh and then moved up and I let it rest just at the junction. I then leaned over close to her and told Kimie that I wanted to make love to her. She partially opened her eyes and started to speak but I placed my mouth on hers and kissed her. The girl was very receptive. Her mouth opened and we were now French kissing. Our tongues were dancing together and she was kissing me back hard. Then her arm came up and she placed it on the back of my head and pulled me even closer and our teeth ground together.

My hand now went to the junction and found that she was very hairy. I placed a finger just inside her and I heard her moan. I then let my finger find her clitoris and I massaged it. This bought more moans from her and her bottom was moving up on my finger. This girl was hot. Hotter than I even thought she would be. It was not long with my massaging her clit that she moaned, her body shook and she climaxed. Kimie was really on fire and her mouth was pressing harder down on mine and her tongue was now trying to go down my throat. I continued to massage her clit as she climaxed and she bottom was humping my finger. I then placed a finger up inside her, she was tight, very tight and she humped my finger and climaxed again as my finger went way up inside her as far as it would go. She is now moaning harder and her body is twitching as she climaxes again and again on my finger. I loved the way she was acting, just like a young girl that had just been sexually awakened and could not get enough. This is every man's dream. However, to really take care of her I needed her out of this Jacuzzi and on the bed. I finally pulled my lips from hers and her mouth stayed open until her eyes opened up. I looked deep in her eyes and asked her if she would be more comfortable on the bed.

We got up together and I grabbed a towel and dried her and then myself. I helped her out of the tub and walked her to the bed. As soon as we lay together Kimie pressed her body to mine and her lips were on mine again. I knew that if I let this go on long my rock hard cock would be inside her and I did not have a condom on yet. I hated to break the mood but I wanted her slow, I wanted to get my lips on her pussy lips, I wanted my tongue up inside her to drive her crazy. I wanted her so primed and ready that she would about rape me. She was not far from that right now but I had to get her slowed down a little. I rolled her over on her back and straddled her legs, purposely not getting between them, knowing that my cock would go up inside her before either of us stopped to get a condom. My chest flattened her breasts and our mouths connected again. Kimie was moaning and her hips were humping up as my cock just touched the outside of her pussy mound. I pulled my lips from her and kissed my way down her body, a body that I had not really seen yet, but knew it was young, smooth and very hot. My mouth connected with a nipple and again she moaned and took a deep breath. I sucked on that nipple and then let it go and planned kisses down her ribs, belly and then the mound. She was very hairy, and as anyone that have read any of my stories you know that I love shaved, bald pussy. However, was I going to turn this hairy one down? No way, I spread the lips with my hands and my tongue flicked her little clit. Kimie moaned out and her ass humped up. I knew this was going to be one hell of a ride. I licked her pussy slit and then the clit. Then I sucked her little nub between my lips and she let out a long moan and her ass bounced. As my lips sucked her clit I pushed two fingers up inside her and Kimie humped, her body quivered and she climaxed yet again. I kept this up for several minutes and she multi climaxed. I then let go of her clit and started eating her out. My tongue went up inside her as far as it could go and the girl continued to moan, groan and climax.

Kimie was one hot young lady and I was the very lucky guy to be with her right now. The more I licked and sucked her the more she climaxed, it was almost like I had turned on a switch and she could not stop. Along with my tongue now I was fingering her. Then I placed two fingers in her and she was soaked. I pulled my fingers back and one back up inside her pussy and the other was pushing at her puckered, tight, probably virgin ass hole. As my finger spread her ass ring muscles she let out a loud ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk=hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Her ass bucked up, both fingers went in to the hilt, one in her pussy and one in her ass and Kimie climaxed over and over, moaning groaning and bucking. This was her biggest and hardest climax yet. I was ready now and knew that she was also. As I continued to lick her I reached down by the bed and got my bag. I fished around and came up with a condom. I managed to tear the foil and then reached down and rolled it on my rock hard cock. The Viagra was really kicking in now and doing its job. I continued licking her bringing her to the peek and then I scooted up between her legs and lowered myself to her. As my cock spread her hot, wet pussy lips Kimie wrapped her legs around me and she was helping me go further and further up inside her until our public bones ground against each other. This girl truly was insasuable, she was humping up and down on my cock so hard and fast that I just held on for the ride. Wave after wave of climaxes were coursing through her body. I was near the point of shooting my load and wanted to make it last longer because the way this girl was acting I think she could go all night.

However, she was tight, hot and moving on my cock causing the friction that set my balls churning and the cum boiled out and into the condom. I stayed inside her as long as I dared for fear of loosing the condom. When I pulled out of her there was a moan from her lips that almost sounded like a protest. I rolled off her and lay beside her pulling her to my body and holding her close. We both drifted off in sleep. When I woke up about 30 minutes later Kimie was sound asleep. The condom had fallen off my cock and the cum had leaked out onto the sheets. I slowly pulled my arm from under her and she did not wake up. I went to the bathroom and peed and then washed myself. When I returned to the bedroom for the first time my eyes got a good look of this young girl and she was a knockout. Her breasts were about 34A, her hips and waist were well proportioned and her legs were smooth and long. She stood about 5'9" and I guessed she weighed around 110 lbs. To me she was perfect except for all that pubic hair. But then who can be choosey?

I stood there for several minutes watching this beautiful waif and thinking how very lucky I was. Then I wondered if I would be so lucky when she woke up? Would she be ready willing and able for more or would she be on a guilt trip and want me to leave? I looked at my watch and knew that I had to call home and make some excuse to stay the night. I got my cell phone and went back into the bathroom and closed the door. I called the Mrs. and told her that the meeting was lasting longer than we thought and that because of the nasty weather I was going to spend the night and then finish up some work down here and would be home tomorrow evening. My job often takes me away for a night or two so I had no trouble in selling that. I started back out of the bathroom and saw Kimie lying there still sleeping. An idea suddenly struck me, would she do two guys at once? Would she do a black guy?

You all know that I have several black friends and often party with them. I love watching them stick those big black cocks in white pussy. To me there is nothing more erotic than seeing a white girl and a black man making love. I knew she was hot and I was going to chance that I could talk her into it.

I went back in the bathroom and called one of my many contacts. Johnny was not home so I called Tony. He was home and I told him what I had and that I was going to try to talk her into a little more fun and we talked and left it that If I did not call him back by 8PM that he was come to the motel for some fun. This left me 5 hours to see if she would be game plus eat some supper. Tony is very black, 6'3" around 200 lbs, 52 and has a 14" cock. I have been to many orgies were he was present. I have never been with just him and one girl but I know that he is a great lover and loves white girls. I also know from seeing him in action that he has a hell of stamina. I watched him one time plunging this girl for almost and hour before she begged him to stop. I was excited and was now thinking of my plan.

I went back into the bedroom and turned on the TV really trying to wake Kimie up. This motel has satellite so there are a couple of XXX channels that you can get if you know how to work the TV. I did and turned them on. One channel showed one girl and guy and she was sucking on him. I turned to the other channel and this had an orgy going on, several guys and girls. I left it on this channel and turned up the volume a little then sat back on the bed to watch it. It was not long before Kimie woke up with all the moaning, groaning and screaming that was going on.

She blinked her eyes then starred at the TV and then looked at me. To my pleasant surprise she scooted up and lay with me. With her hot body next to mine, the action on the screen and my Viagra I was soon staring to get hard again. Next thing I knew Kimie was holding my cock. I was thinking to myself that this was going to work, she was going to fuck two guys tonight before the night was over.

I put my plan in motion. I told her to lie on her stomach and I would give her a massage. Most women cannot refuse a massage. She didn't refuse so that she could watch the screen while I worked her body I had her move. This was playing right into my plan, as the hot action on the TV would work on her. I got my special oil out of my bag and started to rub her back down. This oil I make myself and it has a few ingredients in it that make the body tingle and get warm. I use Baby oil, heat salve and a couple other ingredients and but them all in a blender and the stuff mixes in a heavy oil. It really works in loosening the girls up. As I was rubbing her with one-hand my other hand was getting some toys out of my little black bag. Some KY jelly, a double vibrator, one cock for each hole and a couple of condoms. Then I used both hands on her and rubbed her shoulders and back real heavy. Kimie loved it. We both were now watching the orgy on the TV and I could tell from her breathing that she was getting aroused. I massaged her shoulders for about 10 minutes before I moved down to her ass cheeks. Beautiful ass cheeks they were too. Then I did her legs, calves and then her feet. Most guys forget that a woman's feet are in most women one of her arousiness zones. I rubbed and massaged her feet and had her moaning. Then all of a sudden I hear her say, "Oh my God". I looked up and this black guy was poised over this white girl and his monster cock was huge and about to enter her. The girl had a shaved pussy and watching that black cock spread those lips and go up inside her was very hot.

I saw Kimies breathing was very heavy now and she was very aroused as I soon found out when I placed my hand between her legs. She was soaked. I squirted some of that oil on her ass and massaged it between the cracks and fingered her ass hole a little. With the other hand I picked up the double vibrator and smeared some oil on both heads. I continued to lightly finger her ass and then took that vibrator and put the larger shaft at her pussy and turned it on. Kimie let out a loud squeal and she humped up her ass to give me better access. I now had a couple inches of that humming vibrator up inside her pussy and now the other shaft was poised at her ass hole.

I squeezed a bunch of oil on that little brown circle and then kept pushing the two shafts forward. The one at her ass was spreading that muscle and soon the head was buried inside her. Because of the hot screen action, the black guy was fucking that white girl for all she was worth, the bigger vibrator humming in her pussy Kimie moaned but did not stop me from pushing that other shaft in her ass. The oil really helped and it went in with ease. When both shafts were bottomed out as far as they would go I turned the vibrator up to full speed. Kimie was going crazy. That vibrator was doing things to her that she had in my opinion never experienced before. She started humping up and down and her body was shaking and she was moaning and shooting climaxes again. I started working those two shafts in and out of her and she kept humping on them. In my opinion this was new to her and she loved it. I thought to myself that she is going to really love that big black cock later.

After several minutes and about as many climaxes for her I turned the vibrator off and left the double-shafted dildo in her two holes. Kimie quit climaxing and turned on her side I watched as her arm and hand went down and she placed her hand on the dildo and she started fucking herself. The more she pushed and pulled the faster she got and again she was shooting climaxes one after another. What a site. I quickly moved out of the way and grabbed my digital camera and snapped a couple of quick shots. Kimie did not even notice the flash going off or if she did she did not let on that she did. I guess her eyes were pretty glazed over from lust at this time.

I have seen many girls that loved sex and many girls that climaxed often but Kimie was the first I ever saw that claimed to be a virgin until last night and is so into sex and shooting more climaxes than any girl I had even encountered. She was totally lost in what she was doing. I snapped a few more pictures, this time of her face and the look of total lust was priceless.

Finally after several minutes of her jamming that double dildo in her two hole as hard and fast as she could Kimie finally stopped and just laid back and relaxed. I put the camera down and went and stroked her head. After several more minutes I asked her if she was hungry. She said she was starved. I asked her what she liked to eat and she said she loved Italian. I knew a cozy little Italian restaurant not far away and told her we could go there to eat. She reminded me that her clothes were soaked. I had forgotten. I then told her I would order it and go pick it up. She liked that Idea. I inquired as to what she liked and then ordered. I got dressed and left to get the food. When I returned Kimie was in the Jacuzzi. She told me she loved it.

I got out of my clothes again and joined her for a few minutes and then told her we had better eat before it gets to cold. We ate and talked. I told her that I thought she was one hot little girl. She reminded me that she was 19. I told her she may be but she had the face and body of a 14 year old and could easily pass for one. Kimie blushed and then asked if I liked young girls, I was honest with her and told her I did but that no young girl had ever been as hot as she was today. She looked at me and asked if she had a pretty body, I told her beautiful with only one minor flaw. She wanted to know what that was and I told her the bush. She was silent a minute and then asked me if I liked shaved girls. I told her I did and that if she shaved she would really pass for underage and she could make lots of money doing photo shoots posing as a preteen girl. She asked if I really thought so. I said absolutely and I have a friend that does that type of stuff and I could introduce you if you like. Then I add, but why don't we see first if you like how you look shaved. To my surprise she agreed. I told her to sit up on the sink and we will take care of it. Kimie bounced up, laid a towel down and sat up on it. I got my razor from my bag and looked at her. Then I had an idea. I told her that we should take some pictures, you know like before and after and see how you like them. Again to my surprise she agreed. I got my camera out and took a couple of close up shots of that hairy pussy. Then I backed up to get the full frontal shot and Kimie put her hands to her face. I snapped a few shots and asked her to remove her hand. She did not want to but I convinced her that these shots were only for her to see how she looks. She dropped her hands and I shot a couple with her face showing.

I then took the razor to the sink and I got the soap and started to lather her up. I gave her the soap and told her to continue. I rinsed and dried my hands and picked up the camera and took a couple more shots. I then took the razor and handed it to her. Kimie told me to do it; her hands were shaking to bad. I was only too happy to oblige. I started at the top and took a couple of strokes. I rinsed the razor and my hands and picked up the camera again and shot a few more pictures. I then went back to shaving her. I had her all shaved except for the hairs on her pussy lips underneath and next to her legs. I had her lift one leg at a time and I carefully shaved it. I then had her lift her legs up and spread so that I could get the underside. She did and I shaved. I then took a washcloth and cleaned all the soap off her. She started to get down but I told her to hold on a minute I want to rub some lotion of it so it does not burn. Kimie stayed there and I got the special oil. I rubbed it all over her pussy area and on the sides and underneath. Then after I cleaned my hands I took several more pictures. These were beautiful. I took close-ups and full frontal shots. I told her she was beautiful and told her to get down and look in the mirror. Kimie bounded off the sink and walked to the mirror by the bed. She also loved it and she said she loved the way it felt. I told her she would have to shave it every other day or it would itch or if she was going to keep it shaved she could go and get it waxed. Kimie then wanted to see the pictures. I quickly ran past the ones I had taken of her with the double-shafted dildo in her. I showed her the pictures. She looked at them all and stated that there was no way she was going to let that hair grow back like it was.

I then talked her into doing a few poses and I took many shots of her face, from the waist up and full frontal. I then tried to get her to do some spread leg shots but she did not want to.

I then showed her some of what I took and she agreed that she did look a lot younger than 19.

We then lay back on the bed and watched the XXX action on the TV. Kimie told me that she had seen one porno flick before with a few of her girlfriends but nothing like this. The action on the screen showed both black and white guys all standing around this white girl and she was sucking one cock after another. As my hand was around Kimie's shoulders my hand was playing with her breast and her breathing was getting faster. I had to know soon as it was after 6, would she go for two guys and would she do it with a black man? I mentioned how hot it was to watch a white girl with a black guy. I told her that I loved to watch white girls sucking and being fucked by big black cocks. Kimie was silent but her breathing was more labored as I played with that tit. I then told her that I had been to a lot of orgies and the white girls all loved the big black cocks. I even told her that I had introduced a few white girls to some of my black friends and they loved being filled to the fullest. Her breathing was even more labored now. Finally I turned her to me and flat out asked her if she would fuck a black guy and let me watch. Kimie kissed me and we fell back on the bed, her on top of me. Her kisses were hot, wet and very erotic and I was hard. My cock was pushing at the door of her pussy and I remembered that I did not have a condom on. It did not seem to matter to Kimie, she was aroused and she wanted it in her. I tried to break the kiss and tell her to get a condom. Just then she broke the kiss and she was now kissing her way down my chest. Then my belly and then my cock was inside her very wet, hot mouth. Kimie blowed me like an expert. Before long I was ready to shoot and tried to stop her but she did not let up, in fact her sucking got stronger and quicker. I unloaded in her mouth and she kept sucking until I had shot my whole load. She then raises her head, smiles with her mouth closed and goes to the sink and spits it out.

She rinses her mouth and comes back to the bed and we snuggle again watching the XXX action on the TV. Kimie breaks the silence by asking me if any of the girls had trouble taking those big black cocks. I told her no, your pussy will stretch and most girls love the feeling of being totally filled. In fact, I said, they love having both holes filled. They say that is the ultimate climax. Kimie was quiet. I knew I was selling her; I just need to go a little further. I told her to remember how you felt with that double-shafted dildo? You could not get enough of it. Think how it would feel to have two live, hot cocks in you. Kimie finally agreed, it might be nice to try it. Eureka! I knew this was going to be a hotter night than it has been already.

I got my cell phone and called my message box and made believe that I was talking to Tony. When I got off the phone I told Kimie it was all set he should be here in about an hour. Kimie looked at me with those deep green eyes and said she hoped she was doing the right thing. I told her not to worry; Tony is a great guy and has a huge cock that you will love.

Kimie and I lay on the bed watching the TV and she asked me why I thought she would want to have two guys at once and even want to be fucked by a black cock? I was honest with her and told her that all my years of experience as a swinger one just gets to have this gut feeling. The first time we made love I knew that you were hot and would love all kinds of sex and I know from experience that a girl that loves sex so much loves it even more when they are totally stuffed.

Kimie lay quiet for a few minutes and then told me that she really liked me. I knew women and what they needed she stated and then she thanked me for not only rescuing her today, but also showing her that sex was so good. I was flattered but told her that the best was yet to come.

I really liked this girl and wanted to make sure she was treated right by whom ever she was with. I kissed her on the cheek and she looked at me. I told her that no matter whom she was with she should always make sure the guy has on a condom before he goes inside her. She reminded me that I already told her that. I said I know that but from what I have experienced from you in the past couple of hours you get real hot and I don't think you would have stopped me if I had done you bareback. Kimie acknowledged I was probably right and that she would be more careful in the future.

As we lay there watching the TV we were rubbing each others body and then she leans over and kisses me and then tells me that she loves her bald pussy. Said she had never thought of shaving it. I told her when it grew in a little she should get it waxed, may hurt a little, but you will only have to do that a couple times a year, where you have to shave about every day. Just then my cell phone rang. I looked at the number and did not recognize it so I figured it was Tony seeing if we were still on. I answered it and it was, he was at the office calling to see if he could come down. I told his all was set. Kimie was ready willing and very able. I hung up the phone and asked Kimie if she was ready. She told me she was very nervous but once the ice was broken she would be ok. I told her I knew and then reached for my special oil. Told her to oil it up, it will help. She rubbed some on her pussy and then her ass. There was a knock on the door and I looked out the window to see Tony there. I opened the door and he walked in. As I shut the door I heard him say that she was beautiful. Then he said.

"Man you did not tell me she was a baby" Kimie and I both laughed; she told him she was 19. Tony shook his head and told her that she should be in pictures cause she sure looked younger.

Chapter 2

Tony kept starring at Kimie; he could not believe his good fortune. He then went in the bathroom and closed the door. We heard the shower running briefly and then the door opened and when Kimie got the first glimpse of his horse cock she let out a loud "OHHHH MY GOD". Tony now equally naked as us walked over to the bed and stood there letting Kimie get a good look at his 14 inch horse cock. Not only was it long, it was also very fat and it was not hard yet. Tony told her to feel of it. Kimie stuck her hand out and lifted that monstrous black cock. Of course like all cocks when handled by a beautiful young lady it started to stiffen up. Kimie took that cock to her mouth and sucked on it like she was trying to get him to blow his load. The cock was now tall and hard and Kimie just could not kiss and suck it enough. Her hand was playing with his big black balls and her mouth was slurping on that cock like a pop cycle. Tony loved getting his black cock sucked but he also loved ramming it in a white girls pussy, especially one as smooth and young as this one was. He pulled back and that cock makes a popping sound as it sprung from her mouth.

Kimie needed no foreplay and Tony knew it, he pushed her back on the bed and started between her legs. I told him he needed a condom and I handed it to him. Tony quickly ripped the foil and rolled the condom down his tree trunk. Without further delay he laid on her and his cock found it's target. Kimie had her white legs up and spread out and that cock went in her. It was tight but the lubricant on the condom and her juices helped. After a couple of short jabs Kimie lifted her ass as Tony was going down and that black cock disappeared up inside that white pussy. I watched as Kimie wrapped her white legs around his big black body and the two of them went at it like two lovers. She was hot and loved that cock. Before long Kimie creamed with a loud OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. A couple of minutes later she creamed again and that is when Tony rolled over and pulled her on top. I quickly put a condom on my stiff cock and got the tube of KY out of my bag. It was so erotic watching this white girl ride that black horse cock. She was riding it and I could tell by the look on her face that she was enjoying it. When I saw her building to yet another climax I got up behind her and greased her little ass hole. She creamed as my finger went inside her. I placed my cock at her back door and pushed forward. The head slipped in her and she moaned. Then my whole cock was buried deep inside her and I held steady until she started to move. As she got use to having that cock in her ass Kimie started bucking up and down, back and forth on our cocks. It was not long before she was climaxing and she hit the biggest and best of her young life with a big bag. OHHHhhhhhhhhh, Yyyyyyyysssssssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss. Tony and I kept ramming in and out of her in unison and then she hit again OHHHhhhhhhhhh, Yyyyyyyysssssssssssssssssss, and ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss. OHHHhhhhhhhhh, Yyyyyyyysssssssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss. Before we were done she did it several more times and then collapsed on Tony.

I pulled my cock from her ass and got off the bed and grabbed my camera and took several shots. Tony still had his black tree trunk deep inside her and he let it stay there until she came back to earth. Watching her start to ride that rod again was very erotic and I took several more pictures. Whether she saw the flash or cared she did not let on, just kept bouncing up and down on that cock.

I got some really hot pictures of that white girl riding that big black horse cock. Tony just lay there and let Kimie do all the work and work she did. Up and down faster and faster until she hit another climax. She loved that horse cock in her and it showed.

After several minutes and several more orgasms for Kimie, Tony humped, grunted and I knew he had filled the condom. They lay together, her on top of him for a few more minutes and then Tony rolled her off him. Kimie rolled over on the bed and was out. She had worked harder in the last hour than she ever had in her life.

Tony got up and went to the bathroom and soon came back out. He shook his head and told me that she was one hot girl. I agreed. We dressed and stepped outside so he could smoke. He told me that he did not know where I found this girl but she was ripe for an orgy. I stood there a minute and then asked him if he really thought so. Tony said that any girl that can ride his horse for as long and hard as she did will love having several of them to ride. I asked Tony if he knew any guys that were clean and would be available. He said he did and I gave him my cell phone.

Tony made a few phone calls and then told me that we should get back inside because they should be here shortly. We went back in the room and got out of our clothes again. Kimie was still out. I asked Tony if he thought any of the guys would be upset if I took some pictures. He said he didn't think so. I wanted to record this girl for two reasons. First for my own collection, and second to show to a few guys that do xrated videos. This was one night that I wish I had a video camera with me.

About 15 minutes went by before the guys arrived. There were 4 and when they saw Kimie all naked, shaved puss and very young looking face they immediately stripped naked. Now 5 big black cocks were ready willing and able to keep this little sexed up girl busy for a long time. I told them they had to use condoms. I took a box of a dozen out of my bag and laid them on the bedside table.

I watched as one guy rolled a condom on his big black tree trunk and got on the bed. He rolled Kimie over on her back; she was still out. He spread her legs and immediately went down and buried his cock in her. Kimie came around then and as he fucked in and out of her a few times she started getting back into the action. Soon she was humping up to meet his every thrust. Then two other guys get up on the bed, one on each side of her and they press their big black shafts to her mouth. Without missing a beat Kimie opens her mouth and sucks on one and then she turns her head and sucks on the other and kept doing this until she hit another climax.

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