Very Wet Day

by Dan24

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, True Story, Gang Bang, Orgy, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: On a business trip I stop for a girl walking in a downpour. To my surprise she was young, legal but looked younger. I got a motel room to help her out and get warmed up. We warmed each other and then she warmed to a few others. Hot she was and is. A true story.


As most of you readers that have read many of my stories know, all are based on true stories of my life as a swinger. This story is no different; in fact it just happened a couple of weeks ago.

Chapter 1

One day last week I had business in the big city, Memphis. Tn. As is the norm I try to mix pleasure with business. I have a lot of contacts that I have made over the years and usually a couple of phone calls will get me some action. This day was different. It was raining cats and dogs and only the very brave or stupid would be out in it. I know that I am not the former, so I must be the latter. After I had completed my business I was cruising down this street on my way to see one of my lady friends. Like I said it was pouring down in buckets and was very hard to see. I did manage to see this person walking down the street soaked to the hilt and had to swerve out to keep from soaking them even more. When I got passed I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed that it was a young girl. Normally I will not stop for just anyone but it was not fit for man or beast out there and I think I would have stopped even for the beast. I pulled into a driveway and waited for that soaked person to walk toward my car. As she got close I could see she was a young girl and did not have on a raincoat or an umbrella. She was wearing just a regular windbreaker nothing on her head and she was soaked to the hilt. I also noticed from her face that she was crying. Now I am a sucker for a lady in distress so I rolled down my window and asked her if I could give her a lift. She stopped and looked at me and I guess figured that I looked ok and she came around and got in the passengers seat. Good thing I have leather upholstery because this poor girl was soaked.

I reached in the back seat and pulled out a roll of paper towels that I always keep in my vehicle. I tore off a bunch and gave them to her and she dried her face and hair. For the first time I got a good look at her face when she turned to thank me. She had a pretty round face with freckles and a dimple on her chin. Her eyes were a deep green and she had a little pug nose that was covered with freckles. Her mouth was small and when she smiled to thank me her whole face lit up. I gave her some more towels to dry her hair and then turned on the heater as I saw she shivering. This was a cool very wet November day and the thin jacket she had on would not keep her warm even if it were not wet. As the girl dried her hair I told her my name and that I was a businessman that had just come from a meeting. She again turned her head towards me and said her name was Kimie. I asked her her age because she did not look a day over 14. She told me she was 19, which surprised me and I told her I thought she was about 14. Kimie smiled and said she was told that a lot. I asked her why she was out in the nasty weather. I saw the tears starting to flow again. After awhile she managed to tell me that her dad had kicked her out of the house when he found out that she had stayed out all night with her boyfriend. I was silent a minute thinking. Then I asked her if she did that often? stay out all night? Kimie told me no that was her first time and started to bawl. What could a guy do? I leaned over, remember I was parked, and I put my right arm around her wet shoulder. She leaned into me and I let her cry.

Several minutes passed before she stopped crying, looked up at me and with those tear stained green eyes and thanked me. I told her I was glad I came along and could help. I then asked her where she was headed. Kimie said she had a girlfriend that lived in the south area of town. From where we were she would have had to walk another couple of hours to get to that area and told her that. With those sad eyes she said she knew but had no money for bus fare or phone calls. Said she left her purse with all her ID etc in the house. My mind was racing. I am not a pervert or anything like that, would never rape a girl, don't have to, I get all the action I want. However, I am also not one to pass up a chance to get a girl in bed by being nice to them etc. I told Kimie that if she allowed me I would get a motel room and she could spent the night there and then when her head was clearer in the morning she could decide what to do. Kimie looked at me and then thanked me and told me that she could not let me. I told her she had no choice other than getting back out in the storm. Kimie sat quiet a minute and then said ok.

I pulled out the driveway and headed for a motel I know not far from where we were. I knew this place had a couple of rooms with Jacuzzis that would be perfect to get naked with her. A few minutes later I pulled into the motel and told Kimie she could remain in the car if she liked, I would go get her a room. Those sad green eyes just looked at me, she did not say a word. I got out and ran to the office door and asked the clerk if they had a vacancy in a room with a Jacuzzi. She looked and they did and I filled out the registration form and paid. With key in hand I got back in the car and drove around to the room. Kimie and I got out and I opened the door to the motel room. We got inside real quick to keep from getting soaked even more. The room was clean, had a large king or queen bed with mirrors over it and on the walls. There was a sink with a big mirror and the door to the bathroom opened into another room almost as big as the bedroom that had a shower and a large Jacuzzi. When Kimie saw this those green eyes got real big and her mouth hung open. I told her she needed to warm up and there was no better way than in a hot Jacuzzi. She stepped back and I turned on the water to fill the tube.

I straightened up and looked at Kimie and told her she needed to get out of those wet clothes. She looked at me enough to say are you staying. I told her she was safe with me, I would not rape her but would like to get in the Jacuzzi with her and help her in any way I could. I saw she was very nervous so I told her I would wait in the bedroom until she was in the tub and join her then if that was ok by her. She again thanked me and then closet the door. I used this opportunity to go back to my car and get my bag that I always keep with me. You know necessities of the trade. Condoms, oil for massages, a couple of different sized vibrators and my digital camera, my Viagra and a few other necessities. I set the bag by the bed and then stripped out of my clothes, took a Viagra pill and waited for her to howler at me. Several minutes passed and she said nothing so I opened the door and asked her if I could join her. At first there was silence and then finally she said ok. As I opened the door further and walked in Kimie said she had never done this before. I asked her what and she said be naked with a strange man and in a Jacuzzi. As I stepped in the tub I assured her that she was safe with me and I would not do anything she did not want me to do. She smiled a nervous smile. Kimie was all the way down in the water with only her head sticking out so with the bubbly water I could not see any of her body.

I sat opposite her in the swirling water and just looked at her. I guess I made her nervous because she asked me why I was staring at her. I told her I was admiring a beautiful young woman. Her face reddened as she blushed. We sat there for several minutes letting the swirling water relax and warm us not saying a word. Finally I asked her if I could come sit by her. Kimie looked at me and then knotted yes. I moved around and sat next to her being careful not to get to close and scare her off. After another minute or two I asked her if last night was her first time to have sex. She put her head down and said it was. I then asked her how she liked it. She said at first she did not but the longer they did it the more she liked it. Not being bashful to ask questions now that the ice had been broken, I asked her if she had a climax.

Kimie turned her head toward me and told me she had. I told her that was good because a girl should always have a climax and if her partner was good she should have multiple climaxes.

There was a silence for a minute and I asked her if her boyfriend used a condom. She told me they did. I told her that was good, she should never have sex without protection unless she is positive that the guy is clean and she is on the pill so she does not get pregnant. While I was talking with her I let my leg move close and touch hers. She did not pull her leg away; this was a good sign for me. I got braver and put my leg over hers, again she did not move. I started massaging her leg with mine and I saw her head go back and her eyes closed. That was my signal that she was receptive to my advances as long as I did it slowly. I reached my hand out and let it touch her thigh. No movement, only her breathing was getting harder. My hand massaged her thigh and then moved up and I let it rest just at the junction. I then leaned over close to her and told Kimie that I wanted to make love to her. She partially opened her eyes and started to speak but I placed my mouth on hers and kissed her. The girl was very receptive. Her mouth opened and we were now French kissing. Our tongues were dancing together and she was kissing me back hard. Then her arm came up and she placed it on the back of my head and pulled me even closer and our teeth ground together.

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