A Lawyer's Ladies: My First Time with Gail, My Secretary

by ALawyer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: My first time with Gail was when she was 37, and it was the start of an affair that continues to today.

My secretary, Gail, is an energetic woman and drop dead sexy. I hired her for her abilities and her looks. At thirty-seven years old, she radiates sex. The mother of three boys, she was married, at the time, to a husband with a reputation for drug abuse.

She preferred blouses that showed off her large, firm tits. We loved it, but the partners were afraid of the image it set for the clients. So sadly, we asked her to cover them up.

We hit it off right away and worked well together. She loved to show off pictures of her boys, and I would show off photos of mine. We become good friends.

One day late she comes into my office with some pictures of her sons.

"John, I just got these at lunch; would you like to see them?"

"Sure, Gail." I always liked to see the pictures she took. I had many photos of my sons, and we enjoyed the sharing of this common experience.

She steps behind my desk and lays them in front of me. This exquisite scent drifts by my nose. An odor that reminds me of the first day of spring, when the flowers are newly opened. This is not her usual perfume. This is something new and from its effect on me something rather expensive.

"These are from their baseball game last week." She points at a picture, but I have no memory today of what it was of, because I notice the top two buttons of her blouse are open. The side of her breast is inches from my eyes. At a sight of such sexual potency I forget to look at the picture. Her large tanned breast is resting in a bra of finely worked lace and silk. It overflows the cup, which scarcely hides her nipple.

She moves on the next picture. She knows I'm not looking at her pictures, but then the pictures aren't the real reason she came in my office.

She brushes my arm with her hand. The light graze of her fingers brings my cock to such a state of hardness it aches. I'm sweating under the power of her sexuality. I look up into her wide eyes. I can't look away. She smiles as she stares into mine. We hold our eyes fixed, and then says, "All the others have gone for the day."

My brain, paralyzed by her smell, her full breast, and her touch, has no idea what she is talking about. It is trying to connect to anything. Is she talking about the pictures? Where is everyone?

She places her hand on my shoulder and slowly rotates my chair so I face her. She leans into me and kisses me. Her lips are so soft on mine. I fall into her like Alice down the rabbit hole.

Her tongue enters my mouth and I taste her for the first time. So fresh and sweet, her tongue draws mine in to play. I feel her body shiver as she steps between my legs, never releasing the kiss. She has transported me from the frustration of a screwed up legal brief to almost cumming in my pants in about one minute. I am in shock. How is such passion possible?

My hands move to her legs. Her muscles quiver under my touch. I hold tight, afraid she will fall or bolt from me. My fingers travel over the unblemished skin of her legs rising upward to the silk covering her ass. The silk is rough after the perfect smoothness of her skin. So I push my hands up through the French-cut legs of her panties to touch the softness of her ass. My cock is screaming with need.

Her breathing has quickened; her arousal is fired by our kissing, and by my strong fingers massaging her wondrous ass. She reaches down and touches my hard cock still confined to my pants. I stand and she explores its size and shape.

She breaks the kiss at last and whispers in my ear, "I knew you had a big cock; I could tell." She pulls on it through my pants. She knows she has me on the edge.

I gaze down into the valley of her breasts framed by that magnificent bra. Two more buttons have magically opened, and her delicate lingerie is before my eyes.

She smiles at me. "I bought them for you. I will wear them for no one else."

I gently touch the silk, tracing my finger over the white material. Trying not to wrinkle it. My finger touches the pronounced bump in the fabric, and she throws her head back and sighs. I slowly insert my finger under the material; I almost reach the large, erect nipple when she says, "Wait... follow me... there's a big couch in the ladies room."

Though our passions are at a crest, my mind had not come to the realization that I might actually get to fuck this woman who has so inflamed me. My eyes watch her ass as we leave the office and enter the door marked, "Women."

In the ladies room she went right to her knees and unzipped me, pulling out my hard dick. There was no hesitation as she sucked me deep into her mouth.

"Oh, Gail." I almost shouted. I certainly didn't care if anyone heard me. Her mouth on my cock is wet and hot. She knew what she wanted and she was going on get it. Her tongue swirls around my cock covering every inch. She spits on it and takes me deep in her throat. She pulls it out and, with a look of triumph spits again and swallows me whole. She flexes her throat on my cock and fucks me. I felt my balls unloading. The cum rising rapidly to fill her mouth. She pulls my cock from her mouth rapidly strokes it twice and then squeezes it with such force that my cum backups and stops moving. A jolt of pain goes through my balls. I look down quickly at her. She smiles sweetly at me and says, "Take off my clothes." The pain disappears under the light of her smile.

I carefully unbutton the remaining button on her blouse. She slips if off and tosses it on the back of the couch. Sensing my inability to cope with any thing complex at the moment, she unclips her bra and removes it. Her is proud of her tits and cups them to show me their size and weight-D sized and heavy in her hands. She pinches her nipples, it has no effect on their hardness, but she swoons back at the pleasure.

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