How Do I Tell Her

by David Wilcox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including True Story, Torture, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is a true story. It is short, but it has a happy ending.

Copyright 2004 David Wilcox

I graduated from Deland Sr. High School in 1979. Deland is a small town just west of Daytona Beach Florida. Last week I was surfing the web and came across one of those class reunion websites.

The only reason I mention this is, it is a very small world. Fifteen years after I graduated High School, I was working as a Contractor at the US Naval Air Station, Sigonella, Italy. Sigonella is a very small base, but because of its location right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea it is also one of the more US Naval Bases in Europe. Since it was a small base located away from any large city, or even a small town. There was not a lot to do.

The big game on base was working on Undergraduate or Graduate degrees. For a small population of only 6,000 people. We had access to about 15 degree programs.

I had been working on my Undergraduate degree for several years, in a wide selection of majors. If I found a class that interested me, I took it. This was made easier since I was a contractor, and my employer, Ford Aerospace paid for almost any class I took.

One of the classes I took was an upper level Psychology class on Interviewing and Consoling Skills. When I signed up for the class I did not realize that the Consoling and Interviewing Skills were Clinical Psychological Interviewing and Consoling Skills. Still the class was a very interesting one. It was in all probability the most memorable class I ever took. The reason it was memorable was not the content of the course work, but the instructor, Samantha, and her stories.

Samantha's Masters is in Clinical Psychology. One of the stories she told the class shocked me to the core. While she was working on her Masters she was transcribing interviews for her Professor. He was studying the make up and motivations of Serial Killers.

Serial Killers are normally solitary predators, hunting a particular victim type. Serial Killers will only hunt within their specific victim profiles.

Serial Killers normally do not pair up or work in teams. In June 1983 there was an arrest of one such pair of Serial Killers that were stalking the Southern States of the United States. This Serial Killing Team was made up of Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole.

The story that shocked me to the core was about some interviews with Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole.

Henry Lee Lucas was once listed as the most notorious man on death row. He has been linked to up to 600 murders. His victim's profiles include: random women, men, young girls, and hitchhikers. Some of his fetishes are necrophilia, bestiality, child molestation and arson.

Ottis Toole has been linked up to 65 murders. His victims profiles include: random women, men, hitchhikers, and young boys. Some of his fetishes are cannibalism, arson, and cross-dressing.

This is story of one of their victims.

Mary-Beth Higgins was a lovely young lady. That lived in a small rural town in Central Florida. On her way home from work one day her car broke down.

After waiting for some help, this old worn out white panel van pulled up and Lucas got out and offered to help.

According to the interview he asked "Would you like me to go up to a gas station in the next town and send someone back to help?"

Mary-Beth made a fatal mistake, she asked, "Could you give me a ride into Orange City? I can get help from there." it is only about three mile down the road.

She had no way of knowing if this guy would really send back any help or how long it would be.

As soon as Mary-Beth got into the van, Ottis Toole grabbed her from behind.

Lucas and Toole proceeded to rape and tortured Mary-Beth. Sometime during the next four days she died.

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