Adrian: Shared Love

by Second Place

Copyright© 2003 by Second Place

Sex Story: This is a true account about an affair I had with a married woman. If you are only interested in graphic hard core pornography don't bother to read it. If you have ever had an affair, please read my story and let me know how yours came out.

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I had seen Adrian many times before. It wasn't like you could miss her. We lived in the same apartment complex and her husband was stationed at the same base with me, even though we weren't in the same unit. She had a little girl about three years old and the two of them were frequent visitors to both the apartment pool and the beach across the street. Even though she didn't flaunt it and actually appeared very shy, every swimsuit she wore accented her beauty. She had marvelous breast that seemed to always spill out of the top of her suit, a small waist and really nice legs. One of the things that I noticed was the complete absence of stretch marks or any other blemish. Her complexion was perfect from her hair to her toes.

Her husband was a pretty good size guy and nice enough person, but was overweight, always sloppy in appearance and tended to spend a lot more time with hobbies than with her. She was left at home alone an awful lot. I wondered about the match and later learned that they were the product of a high school romance. You've seen it before as I have, where real young people get married and one of them just seem to blossom well past the other in either looks or achievements, or both. In this case, he had turned to mediocrity and she had turned to beauty. All the guys were just like me, ogling her and discussing her in private but keeping our hard-on to ourselves in order not to offend him. After all, it was a small close-knit community.

At the time I was in my mid twenties and single, reasonably good-looking, had spending money and a slew of meaningless but attractive girl friends. Adrian and I were on very friendly terms, but I assumed that was true with the other guys, too, even though they were all married. She had seen me with a number of the women I brought around and remarked a few times in a friendly way about how I seemed to "get around." I thought that she seemed to find either me or my life style interesting, but I was at a quandary about whether to keep my feelings for her secret or sort of "leak it out" to her accidentally. Even though I had found many, many married women attractive in my life and the desire to screw a married woman was strong, I wisely kept my life separated from them.

Of all the places, the event that pushed me over the top happened in a Sears's parking lot. I had seen her in the store with her daughter, but she had not noticed me and we had not spoken to each other. When I was leaving I noticed that she was checking out and had some rather large packages. She was wearing a seasonal lightweight dress that came mid thigh. Even the simple attire would easily get your attention. I went out and got in my car, hesitating a few minutes while I inspected some stuff I had bought. Just as I was ready to start my car I looked up and saw her coming out of the store, her arms totally committed to the child and her packages.

I realized her car was parked across the lane from mine. I had backed in so I was able to see both the lane and her car very well. Just as I started to get out to offer assistance, her skirt got caught up in the ever-present wind and blew up high enough for me to get a quick look at some white bikini panties. With her hands full, she was at the mercy of the breeze so I stayed put to see if there was going to be anything else of interest. I got lucky. She never saw me as she approached her car and put her package on the ground to fumble for her keys. Evidently the child seat was strapped in the middle of the back seat because she had to lean way in with her knees on the edge of the car seat and struggle to get the little girl in. While she was doing it, the wind whipped her skirt up over her ass where it caught for a short while, I'm sure without her knowledge. I was treated to a very extensive look at her practically naked from the waist down. I was breathless as I watched; seeing her like that was so exhilarating different from seeing her in a two-piece swimsuit.

It was a picture I couldn't remove from my mind. Even though I dated several girls during the next few weeks, it all paled in comparison to the mental affair I was having with Adrian. My thoughts of her consumed me all waking hours. I still saw her and her family on a daily basis, including times when she was wearing a pretty skimpy suit at the pool and on the beach.

Then it just happened. I didn't plan it and after the incident I instantly regretted it. She worked at a local bank and came home about the same hour every day. I had seen her come and go to work many times in the past, sometimes with her daughter but not always. This particular Tuesday she was alone. She happened to be coming up the steps to their third floor apartment when I was coming down. As usual she was wearing a very lightweight short dress, which seemed to be her favorite style. As she walked past me, I looked back up, knowing I would get a good look under her dress. The location of the stairs was rather isolated and I was in no real danger of being noticed. Instead, after we exchanged hellos she just happened to turn around and face me just as we passed, I'm sure innocently. I let her go the next two steps up before I spoke.

Without warning or thought, I just blurted it out. "Just a minute, Adrian. I want to tell you something." She stopped, smiled, and looked at me. Then it just started bubbling out of me like a spring. I told her how attractive I thought she was and that I personally thought she was the prettiest woman in town. Luckily, I kept it light and as impersonal as possible, but I could tell it wasn't lost on her. She was very obviously enjoying the compliments. (I suspect they were few and far between at home) She laughed very honestly and often, but out of pleasure and not ridicule.

"Thank you. I appreciate it. It really makes my day." Then she took that million-dollar smile and walked on up the steps, not attempting to hide the wonderful view she knew I had to be getting of those legs as she went up.

I went back up and sat down on my bed for a few minutes. "What a fool!! Why in the world did you do that, idiot? Now she'll have to avoid you at the least and, at the worse, you'll have to move to ease the situation." I didn't move for a while as the horrors went through my mind.

Then, my world took a turn that took years to redirect. My phone rang.


"You're so crazy. I can't believe you told me those things." Adrian's voice came through after a brief hesitation in a soft trembling whisper.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so bold. It's just that I've felt this way for some time."

"Oh, no! It's okay. I just can't believe that you feel that way about me."

I got an instant erection. I knew that she was married and that it was a way of life that I knew little of. But what I did know about was the mating rituals of adults and could easily pick up signs from women. Adrian's voice and the words she had just said came across like candy to me. She was not only showing interest in me, but had crossed over a line she should not have and had done it in minutes, not days or weeks. That told me she indeed had some interest in me.

"Adrian, you are absolutely one hundred per cent fucked!!" I didn't say it, but I was thinking it. I knew this game well, and if she was calling me it was the same as dropping her panties.

Instead, I spoke honestly. "Oh, I've been an Adrian fan for a long time, but I'm sure that I'm one of many and you hear this every day."

The conversation went on from there for over an hour. She loosened up eventually and we learned some things about each other such as the little girl was adopted, which accounted for the total lack of stretch marks and the really nice body. She told me about her marriage and I told her as much as I wanted to about my private life. I didn't want to spook her. All of a sudden she said she had to go and just hung up.

To say I had a real bad case of jitters that night would be an understatement. I would start physically shaking, either out of excitement about her or the peril that I was undertaking. The range of emotions ranged to having a hard-on just thinking about her to complete remorse for the evolvement. What was to become of this, anyway?

I found out much faster than I would have ever imagined. I worked rotating shift work and was off for the day so I made no attempt to set my alarm. About seven in the morning I woke to a tapping on my door. I got up and looked out my bedroom window, which was adjacent to my front door. There she stood, totally dressed and looking around nervously. I quickly reacted, throwing on a pair of shorts, running my fingers through my hair, opening the door while all the time thinking what a mess I must look.

"This is a real surprise." I could hardly get it out my heart was beating so.

"I know. This is crazy. I just wanted to see you a second. I've thought about you all night."

"Where is he?" The fact that she had a husband wasn't lost on me.

"At home asleep. He doesn't work today and neither of them will wake up for hours. I moved my car so he will think I've already gone to work."

Even though the whole thing scared the crap out of me, it was less than thirty seconds before we kissed. After that, I guess we were both like a bull in a china shop, thinking only about the present situation rather than the danger. Knowing time was limited if not non-existent, any notions of romance or foreplay flew out the door. I was shocked when she allowed me to just turn her around and unzip her dress, leaving her standing there in a skimpy white bra and light blue panties. Both came off in a flash as we fell in to my bed.

It was up to me to decide the direction we would go in such a short time. As it was, my fantasies about her had always been about going down on her, so that's what I did. We kissed and I spent some time with those wonderful breasts, but my real target was getting my mouth between her legs. In no time she was moaning slightly and moving with me. Everything was going perfect until her moans turned to crying. Thinking I had really blown it, I stopped what I was doing and moved back up to just take her in my arms. I let her cry, not knowing what to do. But while I was doing it I redirected my attention to her breast, taking her nipples in my mouth.

After a very short while, it was obvious that she was caught between guilt and pleasure. I didn't know if I would ever have a second chance at her, so I made a move that had always seemed to be very non-threatening with the other women in my life. Keeping her on her back, I turned on my side, lifted her leg up over mine, and barely, barely let the head of my cock enter her. It was the perfect move to make. I waited until she responded to it and then slowly entered her and kept the strokes slow and gentle until she started moving with me as if it was she and not I making the motions. All crying stopped and was replaced with rapid breathing and low moaning. She came within minutes with a loud cry that could have been easily heard on the walkway just outside my window. As exciting and erotic as it was, all at once she was gone, dressed and out the door as sudden as she had entered.

I spent the day wondering what I had done, would I ever see her again, and just exactly how deep in shit I really was. This woman, no matter how she had totally captivated me, was married.

In short, she called me as soon as she got home that night and at every chance she got after that. It's not like we were together other every day or even every week for that matter, but each chance we were alone we were instantly at each other in what couldn't be described any other way but explosive. I have always been real slow to come to an orgasm, which gave me a real advantage with women and she was no different. Bringing her to an orgasm two or three times during these chance meetings was commonplace, and she absolutely loved having her pussy eaten. The amount of times she came was limited only by the amount of time we had together.

Even though it was great and I was more taken in with her than any woman I had been with, it never left my mind about the danger. That might have even added to it. I won't try to give you a blow by blow of what happened during the next nine months that this went on, but will instead give you a little series of short stories that covers those events of interest.


O-o-o-h-h, yes. He might have been unkempt and inattentive, but he wasn't stupid or blind. We were into it for less than two months when he pretty well forced the admission out of her. He walked into my apartment without knocking and walked around turning the lights on and off in a nervous gesture as he spoke. I didn't try to hide or deny anything, letting him vent himself, especially since he was the one wronged, not me. Needless to say, it pretty well stopped the exchange of Christmas cards between the two of us. Since he was being reassigned within a month, he just went ahead and moved her out of there to Orlando, only a few hours away. She would be staying there near her family while he took a one year unaccompanied tour without her. So, she was gone in a flash. I assumed it was over and felt the pain deeper than I would have ever imagined.


About a month passed since I had last seen her. I figured she had come to her head and decided I was a big mistake. Instead, the phone rang one night and when I picked it up she was on the other end. She just wanted to say hello and good-bye, since we never got the chance before. She explained what had happened after they left and it wasn't real pretty. One of the things he did was leave her pretty well penniless, told her she'd better get a job by the end of the week and forbid her to even so much as to have a telephone. I felt bad for her and empty inside. Then, while she was in a very wonderful way saying good-bye to me, she proceeded to give me her address and the directions to find it. I didn't miss a beat.

Two weeks later I showed up unannounced at her duplex about eight at night. When she opened the door to see me standing there, her mouth fell open. Within fifteen minutes it was if we had never parted. In another hour she was gently milking my cock with her soft wet pussy that had already come.

The next night we got into bed with the lights on, as usual. I don't remember what brought it up, but we somehow got around to talking about her masturbating.

"What? Do you want to watch me bring myself off ?" She said it with a genuine laugh.

"Of course." I was caught by complete surprise. Of course I knew women did it, but I never thought I would get to be a spectator.

Without hesitation, she began. I watched in total awe for over fifteen minutes as she lay on top of the covers and rubbed her clit. Within minutes after starting, she closed her eyes and started moving her body in unison with her hands. Her breathing was as heavy as mine, and she started giving out little moans. From there she built into an absolutely beautiful orgasm, moaning loudly as her hips moved in a large circle. It wasn't just watching her that was so erotic, but the fact that for the first time in my life I was watching a woman come with nobody touching her. Her reactions to her own touch were just unbelievable.

After that, she did it routinely for me. To this day, my biggest turn-on is to watch a woman masturbate.


After the second trip up there, I was driving home and started thinking about my situation. It was difficult, but I admitted to myself that no matter how crazy I was about her and how perfect we seemed to be for each other, she was never, never going to be mine. Even though we were super hot for each other, we were in fact toys that would eventually be taken away.

With that in mind, I started thinking. If she was just going to be no more than entertainment, why not make it as much fun as possible. Things started formulating in my mind and I decided to try to put some of them into action. I had little hope for them working out and could lose her as a result, but the loss was inevitable anyway. I already had orders to leave within months.

I always brought her nice gifts when I visited; some of it sexy and others useful, everyday wear. The next time I went up I gave her a really nice tee shirt that was very thin and would fit her like a second skin. I also gave her a super short denim skirt to go with it. I had been around her long enough to know that even though she was very shy, she was extremely aware of the effect her breast and legs had on men to the point that she was vain about it.

On my previous trip we had walked into a restaurant one night and a woman had walked out as we came in. She wasn't wearing a bra and her headlights were very much on high beams, nipples protruding out like grapes. Adrian had turned to me and quietly said, "See? That's why I always wear a bra."

"Oh? Most men, including me, think that's a big turn-on." I was just being honest.

"Really? I guess I just don't get it?" She shrugged.

Anyway, the first night I was back there we had to go to a local mall. When she walked out of her bedroom for us to leave, she had changed into the shirt. She looked at me a second as if to say, "Is this what you like?" Much to my shock, she was not wearing a stitch under the thin cloth. Her breasts stood out proud and her nipples looked as if they were frozen.

"You look great," I said, and I meant it. She looked sexy as hell and there was no doubt about the attention she would get. I was right. Every male head and many of the females turned and looked as she walked by. She was wearing a pair of loose fitting jeans with the shirt. If she had worn that short skirt it would have really caused a stir.

There was no jealously within me at all. Rather, it was exciting and resulted in an erection that I hoped wasn't evident. I wondered how she felt about it. Her face had turned red and stayed that way while were in there. Normally quite talkative, we both became quiet; she was obvious of the attention she was receiving from the men.

When we got in the car, I asked how she liked it. She said, "It wasn't such a big deal."

"Did you find it exciting?"

"Not particularly." She wasn't very convincing.

Once we were back home, I slipped my hand between her legs and she was very wet and came as soon as I started rubbing her. She might have been uncomfortable with the scene, but it certainly had turned her on. We had tremendous sex that night and I decided to really press my luck the next day and go a little further with the game.

The next night we had planned on going to a very casual but popular bar-b-cue place. I asked her to wear the little short denim dress I had given her. I think we both understood that there were only going to be a few more times that I got to see her wear anything, so she complied without any protest. When she walked in the room I whistled at her. It was even shorter on her than I had imagined. I was accustomed to seeing her in short dresses, but this was really short. She sat down on the couch a minute and you could almost see up to her ass. I didn't mention it to her. Somehow it was very revealing without being the least bit obscene.

While we were driving over there, I couldn't keep my eyes off her exposed legs. This was going to be interesting. I started kidding her about taking her panties off, but that was met with a resounding "NO!" I kept at it the whole way there, but to no avail. I gave it up, not wanting to press my luck.

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