Gloryhole Gulch

by FagPerv

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Desc: Sex Story: What's a gloryhole? It's a little hole drilled into the sides of a peep show booth or toilet stall to allow for anonymous cocksucking. I've been worshipping at gloryholes since I was a young buck, and here's a stunning expose on this American phenomenon.

Do you know what a "gloryhole" is?

Most people don't. But then again, most people don't hang around porn stores and peep shows like I do, either. You guessed it; I'm a pervert. Lock me up and throw away the keys I guess. Just don't tell my mother. Or my wife. Or my boss, heh heh.

So anyway, a gloryhole is found in places like peep shows and men's bathrooms and the like. It's a hole drilled about waist-high which runs between two stalls or booths in an adult peep show. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what it's for but I'll explain anyway. You put your dick through it and some anonymous mouth on the other side will give you a blowjob. Neat, huh?

Gloryholes used to be a lot more abundant in the 60's and 70's, and they're a fast disappearing lot right now, that's for sure. Nevertheless, hardcore pervs like yours truly can still find them every so often, and when we find em, my God do we keep em!

I stumbled across my first gloryhole when I was a young perv of about sixteen. Terrified at first, I was amazed at this strange cock making its way through a hole in the wall while I was at a shopping mall. The thing waggled at me and when I just looked at it for a few seconds, whoever it belonged to got frustrated and pulled it back.

I thought the little creepshow was over, but then I saw a tongue and then a finger waving at me through the same hole. The message was clear, and being a horny sixteen year old, I threw all caution to the wind and slid my own Johnson through the hole.

Man, I must have been nuts. The guy on the other side could have had a carving knife and lopped my meat off right there, but he didn't. Nope, what he DID do was deliver me the most amazing blowjob my little teenage ass had ever had the fortune of receiving. I stood there, leaning against this graffiti-stained wall with my cock sticking through a hole, cumming my brains out in about half a minute flat. The greedy, anonymous mouth who'd just done me sucked every last drop too. I still remember that today.

Well, reality took hold and I zipped up and got out of there damn fast before some troll-faced ogre revealed himself as my oral benefactor. That would be too much for my confused teen mind to fathom, so I boogied out of there before I was expected to return the favor. (More on that later when I discuss gloryhole etiquette)

Fast forward to my young adult years, and as I began spending a bit more time and money in the adult peepshows and such, I began to be fascinated by the gloryhole phenomenon, and this time from a giving perspective.

Homosexuality. There's no two ways about it; 99.9 % of the anonymous cocksucking being done at gloryholes is guys doing other guys. I never considered myself gay or even bisexual for that matter, but I guess if you love cocksucking as much as I do, it's kind of hard to make an argument.

A shrink might say the fact that a gloryhole fan is giving (or receiving) an ANONYMOUS hummer means that they're rationalizing their asses off somehow. As for myself, I've never really sat down and analyzed my behavior on this or half a dozen other fetishes I have. Hey, I'd be a shrink's wet dream if I ever sat down on a couch and spilled my guts. But I figure there's enough craziness in the world anyway. I figure if a kink doesn't involve chopping up hookers or diddling six-year old boys like the Moonwalker himself, whose it hurting anyway, right? In the big picture of things, my little fondness for sticky knees and sleazy peep shows doesn't even register.

Back to the cocksucking. Thesedays I've got me two places in particular that I frequent to participate in this bizarre hobby of mine. How these places remain open has always puzzled me because you'd have to be a moron to not figure out the kind of sex going on at these places, but thank god for liberal thinking. Or bribery.

A five dollar bill buys you about 20 minutes of dirty movies in most of these peep shows. The place I frequent now has about 16 booths running along the back of a porno joint. Out front you can buy gangbang movies and marital aids and condoms of every shade, but the guy behind the register knows that the dudes like me shuffling out back are interested in just one thing. Giving and getting. Hey wait a minute, that's TWO things...

So I give the store shelves a cursory look, just for show. Ah shit, who the fuck am I fooling? I make my way down the little darkened hallway and my nostrils are hit with the sweet aroma of disinfectant and maleness. I take it in for a moment, glad that the schmuck who mops the booths out every hour or so isn't around. The prick always shoots me a dirty look when he's working. Asshole. Doesn't he realize if it wasn't for cocksuckers like me he'd be making $5.50 an hour swabbing out fast food joints?

See if I suck his cock through a hole. The jerk.

I make my way down the hallway. Here's where it gets tricky. See, some dudes will linger around in the hallway, cruising each other and eyeballing one another. I just don't get this behavior and for me, it's a terrible turnoff. I don't want to know any of these faggots, even if I'm one myself. Most of them are unappealing trolls that I wouldn't let put gasoline in my car. Why the fuck would I want to smile and nod and share that bullshit with them? If I wanted companionship I'd be sitting on a stool at a gay bar, talking about the Steelers and sipping Coors. Get the fuck out of my way and leave me alone, man.

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