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Sex Story: A conservative wife finally gives in to her husband's desires and has sex with another man.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   True Story   Cheating   Slut Wife   Swinging   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   .

Hi, my name is Susan. My husband, Jim, and I have been married for almost seven years; so maybe what happened to us is a modern day version of "The Seven Year Itch". During my years growing up I sometimes heard grownups talk about "The Seven Year Itch" when someone they knew began having sex outside of their marriage. I never thought I would have sex with another man, but in my case, I did it with my husband's encouragement.

I never once wanted to give myself to anyone. I was, and still am, happy with my husband, Jim. He was the first guy who really swept me off my feet. No, I wasn't a virgin when I met Jim but I didn't have very much experience. Jim was my third partner and I guess they are right when they say that the third time is the charm.

My first attempt at sex was when I was still in high school, with my girlfriend's younger brother. She had given her virginity to her boyfriend a couple weeks before, so she talked me into letting her brother have mine so I would know how it feels. There was no real love on either of our parts, sure I thought he was sort of cute and I had caught him checking me out a few times, but I wasn't in love with him.

The plan was simple. My girlfriend, Cindy, went down stairs and told her brother I wanted to have sex with him while I waited in her room with the lights off and several candles burning. She then occupied herself by calling her boyfriend and talking to him until she saw her brother coming back down the stairs. To make a long story short, the sex was nothing special and the fear that I had gotten myself pregnant caused me to stay celibate until I graduated.

By then I had learned about birth control and I went, out of state, to spend the summer with my brother and his wife, fully planning on having as much sex as possible. Two days after I had arrived, I was home alone while my brother and his wife were both at work. The guy who lived next door came to visit and we ended up having sex on the couch. This time it was good and I wanted more.

No sooner than we had gotten dressed and my new lover left, when there was a knock at the door. It was Jim, who managed the mobile home park we lived in and later became my husband, telling me that we had to cut the grass. I thought he was gorgeous and stood there flirting with him while another man's cum leaked into my panties. My flirting must have worked because he asked me out and I never dated anyone else after that.

I have explained all this to show you that I am not a prude; I just had no desire to spread my legs for anyone but my husband. My husband, on the other hand, has this fantasy of seeing me have sex with another man.

Our sex life is great, however, Jim had begged and pleaded with me for so long to try a threesome that I reluctantly compromised to, at least, talk about it in bed. We had the best sex of our marriage the night I admitted to him that there was another man's cum in my pussy the day I first met him. We always had great sex when we talked about his fantasy and I enjoyed the hot sex, but he eventually began to want more.

Finally, one night after he detailed an elaborate plan for me to pick up another man in a bar to join us in bed, I told him that there was no way I could ever do anything with another man, especially if he was there watching. I didn't mean to hurt his feelings but Jim was down for several days. He tried to tell me that nothing was wrong but I knew that he was really disappointed.

During the next month, my husband never mentioned his fantasy. He continued to make love to me but it seemed to me that some of the spark was gone. One night, after my husband had gotten off inside me, and were lying together, cuddling, I asked him if there was another way for me to give him at least part of his fantasy. Jim said that he didn't know how and told me that he would try to forget it altogether.

I asked him if it would turn him on if I would dance with other guys and maybe let them cop a feel. I could feel his cock beginning to grow against my thigh and he was soon pounding my pussy for the second time that night as I told him, in great detail, how I would tease these men and let them touch me while he watched.

The following weekend we went to a club across town. I wore a sexy, black dress that left little to the imagination. We had read enough stories on the net to form a plan, so I went in ahead of Jim and sat at the bar. The bar was crowded and it didn't take long before someone asked me to dance. Three different guys managed to brush their hands over my breast during the evening, but they were so discreet that Jim missed every one of them. I told my husband about each one and we had great sex but I think we had both hoped for more.

We made plans to go to the same nightclub the next weekend, and for me to be even more brazen, but never had a chance to give our plan a try. The next day my husband's friend, Bob, called and told Jim that he would be flying to our city on Friday. Bob and Jim have been buddies since college and even though they live half way across the country, they chat online frequently and they make it a point to visit if they are remotely close to the other's hometown.

Bob had visited only once during our marriage and my husband had stopped in at Bob's place a couple times while he was on business on the east coast. Bob is a real nice guy but I never thought of him in a sexual way. He is sort of short and does not have the level of confidence I enjoy in a man.

That night, Tuesday, Jim came to me with his plan. He wanted me to have sex with Bob, and then tell him about it. I immediately said "No way!" but when I saw the crushed look on my husband's face I started to feel bad. I asked him if this was really something he wanted me to do and he told me that he really wanted to be there to watch, but this was what he wanted me to do since I wouldn't do a threesome with him.

I said I would have to think about it. Normally, Jim would have made passionate love to me while we talked about how he wanted me to have sex with his friend. That night, however, I was still on my period and didn't want sex. We talked about how I could do it while he teased my nipples. The thought made me a little horny. Maybe it was the fact that it had been a couple days since I had sex, but I was a little excited too. He made it sound easy, but I was still unsure. I considered telling my husband that his friend and I had sex but somehow lying to him seemed even worse than what he wanted me to do.

On Friday morning I, reluctantly, agreed to meet Bob at the airport at 10:00, while Jim continued to work until 5:00. I would bring Bob back to the house where we would have almost seven hours for me to try and seduce him. I made it perfectly clear to my husband that although I would meet his friend, I still was not sure I could or would have sex with him. The last thing my husband said as he walked out the door was to "Please try for me"

I was a knot of emotions. I tried to sort them out as I showered and dressed. On the one hand the thought of having sex with someone new was exciting, and pleasing my husband was exciting too, but I didn't want to have sex with anyone but my husband and I just wasn't attracted to Bob.

I considered wearing something sexy but at the last minute pulled on high waisted jeans and a sweater top over my conservative underwear. When I met Bob at the airport I looked like Jim's wife. Bob was glad to see me and gave me a polite hug. During the drive home I explained that Jim had to work until five and we chatted about little things. I tried to consider Bob as a lover but the attraction just wasn't there.

When we got home I showed Bob to the guest room in the basement and made us each a cup of coffee. We talked for at least an hour, about nothing in particular, until Bob asked me if there was something wrong. I didn't think I had let my nervousness show, but I guess it had. I started to tell him that everything was fine but at the last minute I opted for honesty.

Over two more cups of coffee I slowly told Bob the whole story. I told him everything, about how Jim wanted me to sleep with another man, including my fears and concerns. At first I don't think he really believed me because he said he couldn't cheat with his best friend's wife. That kind of surprised me so I shot back that it wouldn't be cheating and maybe he should call Jim and ask him.

Bob thought about it for a moment and then asked me if he could use our computer. He told me that there was no way he could come right out and ask his best friend if he could have sex with his wife. I showed him our computer and he typed an e-mail to my husband at work. The note was short, "Do you really want this to happen with me and your wife?" and he hit the send button. I knew Jim should be returning to his desk soon, so we waited. While we waited, Bob admitted that he had always been attracted to me but had been afraid to try anything. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I wasn't attracted to him. About five minutes later my husband typed, "Yes, thanks for asking first, my friend, I'll be home around 5:00"

I had already explained to Bob that I didn't want to do anything in our bed, so he turned off the computer and without looking at me said, "Why don't you go down to my room and wait for me." I couldn't even speak, I hadn't really agreed to this but it was starting to happen, so I just nodded and headed for the stairs.

I sat on the edge of Bob's bed not knowing what to do. If I went much farther, there would be no turning back. I hadn't really agreed to do this but here I was sitting on his bed waiting for him. I didn't know if I should take my clothes off and get under the covers or just wait, so I just sat there in the dark biting my lip. No one was forcing me but I really didn't want to have sex with Bob. Part of me felt like I was raping myself. I chuckled at that outrageous thought and then turned a lamp on.

My mind was still in turmoil about weather I should let this continue. I told myself that I had sex with other men before I was married and I was pretty sure Jim would never hold this against me if I did it. As for another man seeing my body, I had regular pap smears and breast exams every year since we were together and the clinic I used seemed to have a different doctor every time I went. So, I reasoned, at least seven other men had fondled my breasts and inserted their fingers into my vagina and anus.

But to a woman, even though those exams are unpleasant, they are necessary and the doctor is not putting his bare penis inside you. His hand is covered with a glove when he touches you down there and he is not shooting his sperm inside you. I knew that if I did this, Jim would want me to let him do it without a condom.

Bob walked in, looking rather unsure of himself. He stood next to me with his hands in his pockets and we talked until I patted the bed next to me. He sat next to me and put his arm over my shoulders. I realized that I was sitting rather stiffly so I relaxed and leaned into him just a bit.

He asked me how I wanted to do this and I suggested that he just start and we would see what happened. I asked him not to kiss me since this was my husband's fantasy and not about love. Bob agreed and we sat there awkwardly for a few moments. He slowly reached out and cupped my left breast in his hand. As he massaged my B-cup breasts through my top and my bra, I felt no arousal. My nipples were not even getting hard yet. I may not have been turned on, but Bob was starting to get into it.

He began to squeeze my breasts harder and then, without warning, he thrust his hand under my sweater to feel my bra-covered breast. His action surprised me and I let out a small yelp as his cold hand touched the bare skin of my belly. When I jumped, Bob quickly began to apologize and withdraw his hand.

Quickly, I clamped my hand over his, trapping it against my breast. I told him he could continue but he seemed unsure, asking me if I really wanted to continue. I bit my lip one more time and then told him I wanted him to continue. To prove my point, I let go of his hand and pulled the sweater over my head.

I sat next to him in my bra as he cautiously reached out to feel my boobs. The bra I was wearing was a plain white one that covered everything. When I chose it earlier that morning I had pretty much decided against doing this so I picked a comfortable bra rather than a sexy one. My plain underwear didn't seem to slow Bob down any. His breathing was getting faster and he found my nipples through the bra and began to roll them between his fingers. That sent a few sparks down to my pussy so I leaned back on my hands to give him better access.

I guess Bob thought that was an invitation to go further and I suppose it really was. He stopped fondling my tits and began to unsnap my jeans. His hands were shaking so bad that he was having trouble with the snap and zipper. I didn't help him but in time he had me unzipped and began to push the jeans over my hips. I raised my ass and helped him push them off. I kicked them off my feet and lay there in front of him in my boring bra and an old pair of white cotton panties.

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