Friday Delight

by Diver Green

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, BiSexual, True Story, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A true accidental threesome - MFF. How a date turned super.

This is a true story about one of the luckiest days in my life. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

So there I was at the door reeking of pussy juice with my expected date standing outside and another woman in my bed.

It all started Thursday - Saudi Saturday. (In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the workweek is Saturday thru Wednesday. I never did find out why.) It was also a day for one of our SCUBA diving trips.

My regular dive buddy and occasional lover, Dolly, was acting in an amateur play that evening. There was no way that she could make the dive trip and be ready for the play so I was on my own. Not that this was a problem; we all did trio diving as necessary.

Our dive trips started with a bus ride to Juaymah where we would take an Arabian dhow to Jurayd Island. This was in the Arabian (or Persian) Gulf. By 8:30 we were aboard the dhow on our way to the island. The dhow ride normally took a bit over two hours. Dhows are not built for speed.

I was, talking to the other divers and snorkellers when I noticed an attractive pair of single (!) young women. I went over to introduce myself and discovered that they were sisters who were visiting their parents who also worked for ARAMCO (like me). They were somewhere between 25 and 35. Jane the older sister was about 5'-3" with a nice figure - trim, taut and no visible sag. Rachel, the younger, was a bit taller and built more lushly. Both were brunettes and both were quite attractive.

So being single and with very few women available in the whole country, I started to come on to them. Both were amused and not offended. They had grown up from their early teens in Saudi and were aware of the social restrictions. As single women, they normally could not have even been in Kingdom unless visiting parents or children. And they knew that single males couldn't even think about messing with Saudi women. Screwing around with a Saudi woman is a good way to go to prison or even lose your head, literally.

When we got to the island, I had to choose the anchorage with the captain. I was the senior Dive Club officer on the trip. Then I went to do my first dive after telling the ladies I'd see them after. They were both just snorkellers.

The dive was nice. I paired with a new couple, which was a good thing. The woman almost ran into a patch of fire coral. I was able to stop her and, thru gestures, make her realize what it was.

When we finished the dive, I went over to the sisters to eat lunch with them. Rachel was talking to one of the Brits so I spent my time with Jane. We hit it off very well and I asked Jane if she would like to come to my place for a swim and a steak dinner the next day. She eagerly accepted. (Yes!)

After a wait period for food digestion, we went to snorkel. The waters in the Gulf are very clear. Jurayd Island which is only a few hundred meters long and 15 meters across at it's widest is little more than a coral mound with sand and some vegetation - no trees. The coral surrounding the island and the diversity of coral types and marine life is remarkable for such a small place. There is plenty of shallow reef and a bit of deep reef so snorkellers and divers can both have fun.

After a bit, Jane remarked that she wished she could see some of the deeper stuff. I went back to the boat and put on my diving gear (fresh tank, of course) and brought a spare weight belt. After a few brief instructions, I put the weight belt on her and we descended to about 15 feet with her breathing on my octopus (spare) regulator. Once I was sure she was comfortable I took her to about 25 feet along some of the "wall". One of the moray eels (who seems to be in the same spot year after year) was out so we got a good close look at him. We also saw three different lionfish. This species is very much like what you see in pet stores but more grey and black rather than tan and brown.

After about 10 minutes we surfaced and swam to the beach. We walked around the island finding the usual starfish and crabs. Jane was very flirtatious casually keeping in physical contact often. My arousal was very evident in my Speedo. We even came across a pair of crabs mating. As we bent over to watch, Jane managed to rub her butt into my crotch at that point verifying my erection. Prospects for Friday were looking even better.

We headed back to the dhow and were stowed away as most of the other divers were returning. A two hour dhow ride and a 45 minute bus ride had us back about 5:30. I gave Jane my phone number and showed here where I lived on the ride back. I told her to call before she came because I was supposed to help a friend with his still. (You have to make your own booze in Saudi.) I explained that I was already committed for the evening and also had to take in the Club rented gear.

Her folks picked the sisters up and I finished my duties rinsing of gear and stowing the spent air tanks to be refilled. I drove home, rinsed my gear, put it out to dry, shit, shaved and showered. I pulled two steaks out of the freezer and marinated them, wolfed down a quick meal and arrived at the theater just in time for Dolly's play. Actually it was three one act plays. Dolly was the female lead in a version of "The Monkey Paw." Dolly might not ever make Broadway but she was very good in her part.

After the play was done, Dolly and I met up. She had invited me to the cast party. I was looking forward to a few drinks and an evening with Dolly. So off we went and there I made the mistake of drinking my brown (homemade bourbon) and Pepsi way too fast. I had forgotten how dehydrated I was from a July day in the Saudi sun. It had been in the mid-90s all day. You tend to forget that on the water with the sea breezes, but you are constantly losing bodily fluids. So the drink hit me pretty hard. Plus I was tired from being up early and the dive day in general.

Dolly and I were mingling and found a couch to sit on. Dolly was animated, talking to some other people. I sat and listened. The next thing I knew, Dolly was shaking me awake. I hadn't realized I was so bushed! I apologized to Dolly and my hosts, gave her the car keys so she could drive home and walked home. Dolly understood completely. She had been on plenty of other dive trips and knew how debilitating they could be in July and August.

When I got home, I crashed.

I woke up about 9 the next morning. It was another sunny day in Saudi - duh!

I cleaned up, fixed some breakfast and called my buddy with the still. I went over and lent a hand as promised and was back at my apartment by 10:15. I had finished tidying up and was reading a book when I heard a knock at the door.

Surprise! It was Dolly obviously just coming back from the church service from the look of her clothes.

I let her in and said, "Good morning! I didn't expect to see you this morning. What can I do for you?"

Without saying a word she came into my arms and kissed me, hard. She rubbed herself into my crotch and in short order had me hard.

Momma didn't raise any fools. I began stroking and groping with equal passion. I pulled up her dress and pushed my hands down her panties. No pantyhose - good. She backed herself to the wall and spread her legs. I slid my right hand around front into her pussy, squeezed a tit with my left hand and drilled my tongue into her receptive mouth. Her pussy was a swamp. She was quivering like crazy and before I knew it was cumming on my hand. This was very unusual for Dolly. Normally she took at least 10 minutes of good foreplay to orgasm. She hadn't been in my place two minutes and was almost limp from her cum. If I wasn't holding her up with my hand in her cunt, she might well have slid to the floor.

Once she was recovered somewhat, I began undressing her. In between kisses she told me that she had wanted to screw my brains out last night but knew that I'd have been useless once I fell asleep at the party. She figured I would be in good shape in the morning. I had her naked and went down on her with her still standing against the wall. Dolly always tasted delightful and today was no exception. I licked her to another cum which further amazed me. Dolly rarely orgasmed more than once in a day.

We moved to the bedroom. Dolly loved fucking on my waterbed. It was a California King that took up most of the right hand side of the room. To get to the far side, you pretty much had to crawl over unless you were a contortionist.

Dolly was in the bed in moments; on her back with her legs spread and knees up. In seconds I was on top and buried balls deep. I never recalled her being so wet before. We fucked furiously for a few minutes when I pulled out and raised her legs higher, pressing my dick into her rosebud. While she didn't chastise me, she firmly pulled my dick back to her pussy. "Ah, well," I thought. "I'll fuck her ass one day."

I did a few more strokes in her and then surprised her by going down on her again. She nearly screamed as a third orgasm hit her.

I let her come down a bit and resumed fucking her but this time at a leisurely pace. In the back of my mind I knew I had to finish her off and clean up for Jane. I hadn't mentioned her to Dolly and she sure hadn't given me a chance this morning.

We were fucking away when she stopped me and said, "Ron. There's someone at the door." Sure enough, someone was knocking.

I said, Excuse me," as I got up and threw on a pair of shorts. I opened the door and there was Jane!

So there I was at the door reeking of pussy juice with my expected date standing outside and another woman in my bed.

"Jane! I didn't expect you so early."

"I can see," she said and walked right in. She put down her bag, turned around, grabbed me and gave me a big kiss. The kiss didn't last long as the scent and taste of Dolly became apparent. She pulled back, looked at me and said, "You haven't showered yet?"

"Jane, my dive buddy came by unexpectedly this morning and she was horny. We were making love when you came by. I thought you were going to call first."

"I was but my parents got on my nerves so I left early. I didn't think you would mind. Should I leave or wait here? You think maybe I could watch?"

Whoa!! Was I dreaming? She wanted to watch?

I took her hand and said, "Let's ask her."

We walked into the bedroom. Dolly was lying there with her legs spread and slowly masturbating. When she opened her eyes, she saw us and froze. She pulled up the bed sheet, sat up and gaped at me.

"Dolly, this is Jane. We met on the dive yesterday. I invited her over for a swim and dinner. She's early. I thought you and I would be finished before she came. Anyway, she asked if she could watch." This all came out in a rush.

Dolly's first, testy, words were, "Why didn't you tell me you had company coming?"

"Dolly, you didn't give me much chance. You damn near attacked me at the door," I replied with a tentative smile on my face.

It took a moment for Dolly to digest that. I saw her face relaxing and knew that she wouldn't be too angry with me. After all, she had "damn near attacked me." We had a lot of history and knew that we were both honest with each other. She then looked at Jane and said, "You really want to watch?" and dropped the bed sheet baring her chest.

"Yes, please, Dolly. It would be so exciting. And I'm sorry for disturbing you. I really was supposed to call first."

Damn, was I lucky or what?

"Okay," said Dolly. "But you have to get naked, too." (Way to go, Dolly. You couldn't have pulled the grin off my face with pliers!)

Jane hesitated a bit and then said, "I guess that's only fair."

I had moved behind her. I took off my shorts. My dick was so hard it was standing nearly straight up. Jane pulled off her shirt and bra and then dropped her shorts and panties. She had nice firm tits and a truly fine, taut ass. Her tits were easily as big as Dolly's even though Dolly at 5'-6 was 3 inches taller. Jane unintentionally backed up into me. My dick was briefly pillowed between her ass cheeks. She stiffened and pulled away as if afraid to touch anyone. I was afraid she was getting cold feet.

"Is there a chair I can sit on?" she asked me.

Dolly patted the bed and said, "Sit here, Jane. There's loads of room."

To get to the area Dolly had indicated, Jane had to crawl over Dolly. Dolly sort of helped her over, copping a good feel of Jane's tits on the way!

Smiling lustily, I sat on the bed's edge and speaking to Dolly said, "So where were we?"

Dolly grinned back, pushed the sheet away and welcomed me with open arms and legs. Our kiss was a bit tentative but we soon were warmed up again. I re-entered Dolly easily. I was rock hard and she was still very wet, though not as wet as earlier.

Jane was sitting next to us with her head and arms on one raised knee and the other knee on the bed. Her pretty pussy winked at us through her surprisingly sparse pubic hair.

I was stroking away into Dolly steadily and gently. I was amazed that I hadn't cum yet but with the interruptions I found myself having unusual stamina. Dolly was stiff initially but the thorough dicking had her approaching another (!?) orgasm. I sped up and pounded into her a bit and brought her over the edge. Before she came far down I pulled out and went down on her again. I gave her clit a hard suck and nipped it with my teeth. She came again nearly crushing my head between her thighs. I eased off and licked all around her pussy. I had never seen it so red before. Dolly is a pale blond. Just now her chest was almost sunburn pink from her arousal.

Meanwhile Jane was fidgeting. I could see that her pussy was glistening with it's own juices. While I was eating Dolly, I slid a hand up to Jane's leg. Initially she was startled but soon scooted over a bit so I could stroke her sex. Bingo! I was sure I was getting her later.

I think I made Jane cum by stroking her pussy and clit. It was hard to tell because I was still concentrating on eating Dolly who was bucking up and down as I ravaged her cunt. I broke off my oral assault and slammed my dick back into her waiting gash. Again she came, this time with a very vocal cry. She had me in a leg grip so tight that I couldn't move.

While we were fucking, Jane had been leaning back and forth. Apparently she enjoyed seeing my dick sawing in and out of Dolly's snatch. I pulled up a bit and said to Jane, "Do you want a closer look?"


I pulled down a pillow from against the headboard and placed it near Dolly's and my hips. "Lie down here, face up," I told her.

She did. I pulled out of Dolly and rolled her over on top of Jane and got her on her hands and knees with her pussy above Jane's face. A throaty "Oh, God!" was her only response. I got behind her and drove back into her from behind. My urge to come had diminished again. I was firmly in control and gave Dolly a good variety of strokes; long, short, deep, shallow, powerful and gentle. It kept her guessing what was coming next.

On one stroke we simply missed and my dick slid under her pussy and rubbed Jane's face. Before I knew it, Jane had tilted her head back and sucked my dick into her mouth tonguing me furiously. I stroked in her mouth a couple of times and then went back into Dolly. After that I managed to "accidentally" fall out two more times. Each time Jane eagerly took me into her mouth.

Upon my third return to Dolly's pussy, Jane surprised us both. She grabbed Dolly's hips and glued her mouth to the juncture of my penetration. She was licking my dick and Dolly's clit as we fucked. Dolly screamed out another orgasm and dropped her head into Jane's thighs. Almost desperately she pulled Jane's legs apart. From the headboard mirror I could make out her tongue spearing Jane's twat.

Then Dolly astounded me (as if I weren't already living a lifelong fantasy). She reached back, pulled me out and raised my dick head to her asshole saying, "Let's really give her a show!"

I went in slowly but surely. Jane was scooping Dolly's copious fluids out and spreading them on my dick as I entered. Dolly was groaning but not resisting at all. I figured she was so relaxed from her orgasms that the anal penetration was relatively easy for her. Once I was in balls deep, I stayed put and just wriggled around to loosen her more. Jane was still beneath us. She said, "Damn, that looks so hot! How does it feel, Dolly?"

"It hurts, Jane, but it hurts so good!"

"How's this?" said Jane as she suddenly sucked Dolly's clit.

Dolly let out a yelp of pleasure. I began thrusting, gently at first, then faster and harder as Dolly started to meet my shoves. She dipped her head into Jane's thighs and was eating Jane with relish. And this from a woman who said the idea of doing another woman made her sick.

I was in heaven. In my wildest dreams I could never imagine this happening to me. However, those thoughts were NOT in my head at the time. All that fucking and sucking had me close to the edge. Dolly was sucking and quivering, corkscrewing her ass onto my rampant tool. Jane's hips were undulating as Dolly worked her pussy over. I couldn't hold it any longer and began pouring my cum into Dolly's bowels. I felt like my soul was poring into her ass.

Dolly's motions became more frenzied as my cum lubricated her back passage more. Her orgasm was as powerful as I've ever seen her have. She froze with every muscle standing out in sharp relief until she suddenly collapsed atop Jane. I knew Jane had come some also but couldn't tell what state she was in.

I had collapsed with Dolly so I rolled us aside to let poor Jane breathe. Dolly was still impaled and kept pushing against me. What a feeling!

All you could hear was gasping. Eventually Jane got up and kind of leaned on us. Dolly pulled Jane close by her and said, "Thank you." Then she gave Jane a tender but earnest kiss. Jane was a bit surprised but then kissed back. The kiss quickly became very passionate.

While I was loathe to break the mood, my dick had other ideas. I had softened enough that I fell out. I got up and went to the head to wash the shit off my dick and to pee. I brought back a damp washcloth. Dolly and Jane were still in each other's arms.

I began to rub Dolly's butt but she stopped me and said, "I have to go. Now!" She ran off to the bathroom. I got in the bed with Jane and thanked her for giving Dolly such a good time. She said, "I hope we have more fun."

"Me, too."

About then Dolly came back and started to dress. Jane asked, "Dolly, are you going? Please don't."

"I should. After all it's your date with Ron."

"Dolly, I don't want to mess with your boyfriend. I didn't know he had a girlfriend."

"Ron's not my boyfriend. He and I are good friends and dive buddies who have sex fairly often."

I chimed in. "Dolly, we were just going to have a swim and I was going to grill a couple of steaks. Stay. I can fix another steak."

Dolly looked at Jane and said, "Are you sure?" She knew she didn't need to ask me - I was a guy.

"Yes, I'm sure," replied Jane.

"Okay." said Dolly. Then, "Damn, I'll have to go home to get my bathing suit."

"I'll get it. Which one do you want, the red or the blue one? I'll get you some shorts, and a blouse and sandals." I wasn't about to let her leave and have second thoughts if I could help it.

She sat back on the bed while I went to the kitchen. I put a frozen steak on nuke defrost. Then I decided to make up a batch of my pina coladas. (My recipe - follow the directions on the Coco Lopez coconut milk can, double the rum (or in my case the local hooch), add a tablespoon of honey and blend. Pour half into an airtight container and put in the freezer. Add ice to the remainder and blend until frozen.) I brought the ladies each a healthy sized drink. Dolly positively gushed to Jane how good my pina coladas are. When I left them to go to Dolly's, they were happily slurping away. For my part, I drank two glasses of water. I wanted to be clearheaded. I figured the pina coladas would loosen any remaining inhibitions the ladies might have.

I took Dolly's church clothes with me. It is only a 2 minute drive to her place. (I guess I should explain that we lived in a compound on the Arabian Gulf. Here we could dress and behave in a Western fashion. Outside the gates was the much more restrictive Saudi Muslim culture.)

Anyway, I got to Dolly's and hung up her dress and put away her dress shoes. I got the blue bathing suit - it matched her eyes - and a blouse, shorts and sandals. I headed back taking my time though it is hard to stretch out a quarter mile journey.

When I got back, I entered quietly. I heard happy moans coming from the bedroom. I threw the defrosted steak into the marinade mix and then went to see what was happening. I stripped and entered. Dolly and Jane were doing a 69 with Jane on top. I briefly noticed their pina colada glasses were nearly empty.

As I approached the bed Jane sat up and reached for me. I climbed onto the bed and stood over them with my rejuvenated hard-on inches from Jane's mouth. She pulled me closer and in an instant had her nose in my stomach with my pole down her throat! Now I have had a few women deep throat me before but none ever took me down as effortlessly as did Jane. When she relaxed her throat, I thought I would come on the spot. Her throat grip was intense and incredibly exciting. And she could open her throat so you barely touched the sides. Incredible talent! The only downside was that I was so hard it was uncomfortable to be bent downward that much. I pulled out and got to my knees and kissed her.

All the while, Dolly was busily munching away on Jane's pussy. I felt Jane begin to quiver as we kissed. I grabbed her breasts and pulled on her very erect nipples. A few hard tweaks and she came moaning loudly in my mouth. Her hips were dancing on Dolly's face and tongue as her climax swept over her.

I pulled her away, laid her on her back and mounted her. My God, she was tight. Even the two virgins I have had the honor of deflowering weren't as tight. Once I was in her I had to stop for a second. Even though I had just cum a few minutes ago, her tightness could easily have brought me off. While we were adjusting to each other she suddenly looked a bit scared. She asked, "Do you have any condoms?"

I told her "No" and that I was fixed.


"Yes, I've had a vasectomy. I don't want kids."

Dolly chimed in with, "It's true, Jane. I personally have tested his operation out thoroughly."

"Oh," said Jane. ""So what are you waiting for, Ron?"

Laughing, I kissed her and began the old in and out. In only a few seconds she wrapped her legs around me, pushing herself onto me. I went upright so I could see my dick sliding into her tight pussy. Dolly moved in and started working over Jane's left tit with her mouth. She was stretching Jane's tit by suction and them would just catch the nipple with her teeth. Jane scooted over a bit so she could suck on Dolly's available tit. I was able to fondle the neglected breast of each woman. They both seemed to love to have their nipples pulled.

After a few minutes of this Dolly sat up and said, "Jane, get on top of Ron."

Worked for me! In seconds I was on my back with Jane straddling my hips. Dolly watched a moment and then straddled my face, facing Jane. Another fantasy realized - a woman riding my dick and another riding my tongue! While I couldn't see it, I could tell the ladies were kissing and fondling each other. My hands were busy keeping Dolly from smothering me. I would hate to have been suffocated then but as the Klingon said to Kirk lamenting a war not fought, "It would have been glorious."

I felt my balls beginning to tighten. I pushed Dolly off and said, "Dolly, let's give Jane the same treatment you got." Quickly we duplicated the earlier scenario with Dolly licking Jane's clit and my dick from beneath as I fucked Jane doggy style. Jane had Dolly's legs under her arms. Her head was in constant motion as she assaulted Dolly's nether regions.

In between gasps of pleasure Dolly called out, "Jane, do you want Ron in your bottom?"

"Yes, yes. I love to get assfucked!"

This was unreal - but I certainly wasn't about to complain! Dolly guided my dick to Jane's anus and I entered her. The surprise was the ease with which I penetrated her. Her pussy was much tighter than her ass. No matter. Jane was wagging her butt like crazy, urging me to fuck away.

And fuck away I did. I was moments away from cumming. I could see from Dolly's curled toes that she was in the throes of an orgasm and from the clenching, erratic motions of Jane I figured she was close. I sped up, pounding Jane's ass without mercy. Her cries were only muffled by Dolly's pussy. I could feel Dolly furiously munch Jane's cunt. I was ramming Jane as fast as I could when my semen shot out of me. Jane was writhing in orgasm as I blasted her guts with my seed.

As I collapsed on her I rolled us to the side with my dick still lodged tightly in her browneye. I raised her upper leg a bit. Dolly took the hint and sucked on Jane's clit again. Jane had another small orgasm, protesting weakly that she couldn't take any more.

After we all caught our breath, I again slipped out. I went to the head to wash up. I came back into the room and proceeded to get my bathing suit. "Who's up for a swim?"

Both women looked at me like I was crazy but I persisted. "Come on. A swim, a shower and then I fix dinner."

"But we reek of sex," protested Dolly.

"So what? The beach is a hundred yards away and once we're in the water, we'll smell like the ocean. Besides, it's in the 90s and only a few people will be out."

So while the ladies performed ablutions and got their bathing suits on, I worked on dinner a bit. The ladies were ready very quickly and we walked the half block to the beach. As I had surmised, there were few bathers where we were. It was just too hot. The water was tepid as it usually is in the summer. The Arabian/Persian gulf is very shallow. Summer water temperatures along the shoreline usually ran about 80°F.

We went out to about 5 feet depth. We played the usually splash and tag games people do when in the water. Of course we all did quite a bit of groping. At one point I had my hand in each woman's suit thru a leg hole. I fingered each to an orgasm nearly simultaneously. Fortunately their soft exclamations of pleasure drifted over the Gulf towards Iran and weren't heard by anyone but us.

Jane had her hand in my Speedo gripping my new stiffy. Had she been wearing a two-piece bathing suit, I think she would have tried a water fuck. Alas it was not to be.

We went back after about half an hour. It was hot and we were all famished. Our shower was a fun three-person affair with a lot of tickling and groping. I managed to get my first taste of Jane - different from Dolly but every bit as delicious. Jane went down on me for a bit, inhaling me completely down her throat as easily as before. Dolly saw it for the first time. She had a look of awe and envy on her face as she asked, "Jane, can you show me how to do that?"

Jane nodded and sort of mumbled, "Mmm hummm," with me still in her mouth.

As pleasant as it was, I withdrew. I explained I needed to start the grill and finish the rest of dinner. I did ask that we all stay nude while we ate. We compromised on underwear only. Cool!

I went into the "backyard" (which was little more than a walled 8 foot by 8 foot space with a slatted overhang) to start the grill. I wore flip-flops and an apron. I went back in to set the table, prepare the salads and nuke the potatoes. Dolly and Jane came out of the bathroom naked. They had dried their hair and really looked quite sexy. I came up to them and gathered each into an arm and gave each a nice kiss and long hug. It was one of those moments that just feel great and don't need any words.

Jane said, "Can we help with anything?"

"No, I've got it all under control. I'll be starting the steaks in about 10 minutes. We can eat in about 20 minutes."

"Oh, goody," said Dolly to Jane. "We have time."

"What for?" I asked.

They scampered of to the bedroom like little schoolgirls, giggling as they went. They came back with the bedroom comforter, which they spread on the floor. In moments they were on their knees fondling each other and kissing. I knelt down to join them but Dolly pushed me back. "Aren't you supposed to be feeding us? Those steaks won't cook themselves, you know."

Jane had Dolly's right tit in her mouth. She sucked hard and let it slip from her lips with an audible smack. Turning to me she said, "Yeah, I'm starving!" and then went back to Dolly's tits. I took the friendly chastising with a smile and got the steaks. My apron must have looked pretty comical with my ass hanging out and the front tented with another hard-on.

When I got outside to the grill, I realized that Dolly and Jane had arranged this so as to be in plain air-conditioned sight while I was grilling outside in 95°F heat. The devils! However it was intensely erotic to watch. They were in a clinch again, kneeling into each other and each straddling a leg. Every so often they would break apart a bit and you could see the gleam of vaginal secretions on their thighs.

Jane moved back a bit and pushed Dolly back so that Dolly had to support herself with her arms. Jane trailed kisses and licks down Dolly's torso to Dolly's wet thatch. Jane moved down to lay flat on the floor with her face pressed into Dolly's slit. Dolly was leaning back as far as she could, writhing and rotating her hips into Jane's mouth. Dolly's face was glazed. Her lust was so apparent. Dolly gyrations became more frenzied. She fell completely back, swinging her legs out from under her. She had her feet flat on the floor and was jamming her cunt into Jane's face. Jane was had her arms wrapped around Dolly's spread thighs as she licked, sucked and savaged Dolly's gash. Dolly's orgasm was shattering. She nearly convulsed, squeezing Jane's head between her thighs. When Dolly finally loosened up she pulled Jane on top of her and ferociously kissed her, clasping Jane tightly. As the urgency passed, the kiss became tenderer. At one point I saw her licking her own juices from Jane's face.

While all this was going on, I was still outside cooking the steaks. I was drenched in sweat from the outdoor heat and the grill as well as from sexual arousal. When I came in with the steaks the two ladies were still cuddling. I hated to break it up but I needn't have worried. The aroma of the steaks brought them around almost at once. They were at the table in seconds. I got the potatoes, and salads. I opened a bottle of Chateau Ron Red (I didn't own a still but I made my own wine) and poured. "To the most pleasure filled day of my life," I toasted.

"And may it continue," responder Jane.

"Hear, hear," said Dolly.

As we ate, we got to know each other some more. We were all near the same age; me 33, Dolly 30 and Jane 27. Dolly finally asked the question I had been wondering - had Jane ever been with a woman before. Jane's answer was surprising.

"No, this is the first time I ever kissed another woman much less have sex with her. I had wondered about it before but never had the nerve. But now that I've tried it, I like it. It sure will be a surprise for my fiancée."

"Your what?" said Dolly.

"My fiancée. I'm getting married in three weeks. Rachel and I came to visit Mom and Dad and we all are leaving in three days for Pittsburgh for the wedding."

Both Dolly and I were a bit nonplussed. I said, "Jane, I didn't realize you were engaged. You aren't wearing a ring."

"I didn't want to lose it diving yesterday. And today I just wanted to have a little 'last fling' so I left it at home. I was afraid you might get all noble if you saw it. After being with you yesterday, I was sure I wanted to have sex with you. I wanted you to be second man to fuck my pussy."

"Hunh?" I responded intelligently.

"I was a technical virgin until last month. I have had lots of oral sex and anal sex but I was saving my virginity for my husband. Last month Gary (fiancée) and I finally did the deed - nine times in a single weekend."

"Well, Jane. I am very honored to be your second. By the way, you are Dolly's first woman also. I had invited her to go for a sex vacation with me to Thailand explaining I wanted to have some threesomes with her and a Thai girl. Dolly declined telling me that the thought of having sex with another woman 'would make me (Dolly) sick'."

"Really?" asked Jane turning to Dolly.

"Yeah, I said that and at the time I was sure I felt that way.

"But this morning Ron had already given me three orgasms and I wanted more. We have made love for hours before and I was only able to have one or two orgasms. For some reason I had three in about half an hour.

"I almost bolted when Ron brought you in. But for some reason the idea of you watching turned me on even more. When Ron rolled me over you I got even more aroused from your scent. Your licking my clit as I was getting drilled by Ron just drove me to taste you. And you do taste good. It's all a bit overwhelming but I know I will do it again someday."

"I'd like to do it again someday, too, but I'm afraid Gary is too straight-laced to handle it. I would hate to cheat on him after we are married."

"If he's a guy, you should have no problem getting him to do a three-way. Any guy who says he hasn't fantasized about a threesome with two women is either lying or gay. Just notice when he looks at another woman and make a remark like, 'She's very pretty.' Sooner or later he will pick up on it and try to talk you into a threesome - guaranteed," I said.

"Ron is right. I've had three serious boyfriends and my ex-husband all try to get a threesome going. Ron tried to no avail. This just fell into his lap," said Dolly.

"Yes, that is true. I thank God and praise Allah for my good fortune today. I'm one lucky SOB to have two attractive, sexy women both want me at the same time and to be willing to share."

As we finished dinner, I started to clear the table. The ladies assisted and we were done in short order. We retired to the couch. The ladies had put their panties on while I was still nude.

We all cuddled with me in the middle. After a bit, Jane said to no one I particular, "I'm horny again."

"Well come here, girl," I said. "I've got a present for you."

"For me?" she asked with her hand held dramatically to her breast. "What is it? This little thing?" as she gave my flaccid prick a contemptuous flick.

From Dolly, "Oh, the poor little thing. I bet it needs a kiss." She slowly slid down and began sucking my suddenly rapidly rising dick.

I looked at Jane and asked, "Weren't you going to give Dolly some instructions?"

She smirked back at me and said, "Oh, yeah. Dolly, allow me."

Dolly gave way and soon I had two women licking, nibbling and sucking my renewed erection. Folks, there is nothing in the world that boosts your ego like having two pretty women virtually worshipping your dick.

Jane eventually moved down to the floor and got between my legs. She took over from Dolly and with a little bit of theater slowly engulfed me to the root again. Oh my God, it felt good! Jane was so skilled that she only opened her throat enough to let me down her throat - so tight and so warm. All the while her tongue was wagging back and forth.

Dolly was awestruck. She was gently holding Jane neck so she could feel me penetrate.

Jane backed off and smiled. "Do you want to give it a try, Dolly?"

"You bet! But how do you keep from gagging?"

"Practice, Dolly. Lots of practice. Now I've done it a lot and can take a guy from just about any position. But when I first did it I got on my hands and knees and let the guy fuck my face. It kept my throat in a straight line, which made it easier to swallow. Kneel here on the floor and Ron can kneel in front of you."

We did. Jane had Dolly hold my hips while I presented my tool to her mouth. I stroked back and forth going deeper each time until I started bumping into the back of Dolly's throat. Dolly held me still. Jane soothingly encouraged her to relax and swallow but not to panic as her throat spasmed. Dolly swallowed and in I went. I could feel Dolly's esophagus convulse and she was sort of fighting herself. Nonetheless, she held me firmly in position, neither pushing me further in or out.

After about 15 seconds she was in control. She moved back and forth on me a bit and then took me all the way in. (For the record, I'm just under 7 inches long and about 1.5 inches thick - nothing to write home about but a bit over average.) She soon let me stroke on my own. I went in and out gently doing my best not to ruin her deep throat debut. Ours eyes were locked on each other. Her face showed both determination and deep affection. Eventually she pushed me completely out. She gasped a bit and then exclaimed, "I did it! Wow!"

"Great! Now take him in again, right now."

Following Jane's strong suggestion, Dolly pulled me back to her. I was trying to go slowly but Dolly grasped my hips firmly and took me to the root. For good measure she nuzzled her nose into my stomach. She pulled back off and then lunged onto me again. For a good two minutes Dolly worked me over, quickly getting more comfortable. Finally I stopped her saying, "I'll cum if you don't stop and that wouldn't do Jane much good. But you can practice on me any time you want."

Dolly gave me a playful pinch responding, "You'd like that wouldn't you?"

"You have no idea how much!" Turning to Jane I asked, "Shall we retire to the bedroom?"

In a trice (I always wanted to use that word) we were back on the waterbed. Jane was on her head and knees holding her pussy open showing me where she wanted it. I obliged with two short strokes and then a lunge into her while pulling her hips back against me. Dolly was kneeling next to me, kissing me and rubbing Jane's and my bodies.

Jane was now on hands and knees. She reached back for Dolly and pulled her forward. "Dolly, let me eat you some more," she gasped.

Dolly got in front of Jane and lay back with her legs spread wide on either side of Jane' s head. Jane lowered her face into Dolly's wet snatch and ran her tongue from Dolly's clit to asshole and back again. It took amazingly few of those circle licks to get Dolly rocking. I knew she was close to another orgasm so I told Jane, "Give her a couple of fingers."

She began sawing her right arm into Dolly's slit. Dolly's head snapped back. She howled out another climax and snapped her legs shut trapping Jane's hand. Jane was still wiggling her fingers, which kept Dolly cresting for what must have been twenty seconds. Then Dolly went limp.

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