Friday Delight

by Diver Green

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Desc: Sex Story: A true accidental threesome - MFF. How a date turned super.

This is a true story about one of the luckiest days in my life. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

So there I was at the door reeking of pussy juice with my expected date standing outside and another woman in my bed.

It all started Thursday - Saudi Saturday. (In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the workweek is Saturday thru Wednesday. I never did find out why.) It was also a day for one of our SCUBA diving trips.

My regular dive buddy and occasional lover, Dolly, was acting in an amateur play that evening. There was no way that she could make the dive trip and be ready for the play so I was on my own. Not that this was a problem; we all did trio diving as necessary.

Our dive trips started with a bus ride to Juaymah where we would take an Arabian dhow to Jurayd Island. This was in the Arabian (or Persian) Gulf. By 8:30 we were aboard the dhow on our way to the island. The dhow ride normally took a bit over two hours. Dhows are not built for speed.

I was, talking to the other divers and snorkellers when I noticed an attractive pair of single (!) young women. I went over to introduce myself and discovered that they were sisters who were visiting their parents who also worked for ARAMCO (like me). They were somewhere between 25 and 35. Jane the older sister was about 5'-3" with a nice figure - trim, taut and no visible sag. Rachel, the younger, was a bit taller and built more lushly. Both were brunettes and both were quite attractive.

So being single and with very few women available in the whole country, I started to come on to them. Both were amused and not offended. They had grown up from their early teens in Saudi and were aware of the social restrictions. As single women, they normally could not have even been in Kingdom unless visiting parents or children. And they knew that single males couldn't even think about messing with Saudi women. Screwing around with a Saudi woman is a good way to go to prison or even lose your head, literally.

When we got to the island, I had to choose the anchorage with the captain. I was the senior Dive Club officer on the trip. Then I went to do my first dive after telling the ladies I'd see them after. They were both just snorkellers.

The dive was nice. I paired with a new couple, which was a good thing. The woman almost ran into a patch of fire coral. I was able to stop her and, thru gestures, make her realize what it was.

When we finished the dive, I went over to the sisters to eat lunch with them. Rachel was talking to one of the Brits so I spent my time with Jane. We hit it off very well and I asked Jane if she would like to come to my place for a swim and a steak dinner the next day. She eagerly accepted. (Yes!)

After a wait period for food digestion, we went to snorkel. The waters in the Gulf are very clear. Jurayd Island which is only a few hundred meters long and 15 meters across at it's widest is little more than a coral mound with sand and some vegetation - no trees. The coral surrounding the island and the diversity of coral types and marine life is remarkable for such a small place. There is plenty of shallow reef and a bit of deep reef so snorkellers and divers can both have fun.

After a bit, Jane remarked that she wished she could see some of the deeper stuff. I went back to the boat and put on my diving gear (fresh tank, of course) and brought a spare weight belt. After a few brief instructions, I put the weight belt on her and we descended to about 15 feet with her breathing on my octopus (spare) regulator. Once I was sure she was comfortable I took her to about 25 feet along some of the "wall". One of the moray eels (who seems to be in the same spot year after year) was out so we got a good close look at him. We also saw three different lionfish. This species is very much like what you see in pet stores but more grey and black rather than tan and brown.

After about 10 minutes we surfaced and swam to the beach. We walked around the island finding the usual starfish and crabs. Jane was very flirtatious casually keeping in physical contact often. My arousal was very evident in my Speedo. We even came across a pair of crabs mating. As we bent over to watch, Jane managed to rub her butt into my crotch at that point verifying my erection. Prospects for Friday were looking even better.

We headed back to the dhow and were stowed away as most of the other divers were returning. A two hour dhow ride and a 45 minute bus ride had us back about 5:30. I gave Jane my phone number and showed here where I lived on the ride back. I told her to call before she came because I was supposed to help a friend with his still. (You have to make your own booze in Saudi.) I explained that I was already committed for the evening and also had to take in the Club rented gear.

Her folks picked the sisters up and I finished my duties rinsing of gear and stowing the spent air tanks to be refilled. I drove home, rinsed my gear, put it out to dry, shit, shaved and showered. I pulled two steaks out of the freezer and marinated them, wolfed down a quick meal and arrived at the theater just in time for Dolly's play. Actually it was three one act plays. Dolly was the female lead in a version of "The Monkey Paw." Dolly might not ever make Broadway but she was very good in her part.

After the play was done, Dolly and I met up. She had invited me to the cast party. I was looking forward to a few drinks and an evening with Dolly. So off we went and there I made the mistake of drinking my brown (homemade bourbon) and Pepsi way too fast. I had forgotten how dehydrated I was from a July day in the Saudi sun. It had been in the mid-90s all day. You tend to forget that on the water with the sea breezes, but you are constantly losing bodily fluids. So the drink hit me pretty hard. Plus I was tired from being up early and the dive day in general.

Dolly and I were mingling and found a couch to sit on. Dolly was animated, talking to some other people. I sat and listened. The next thing I knew, Dolly was shaking me awake. I hadn't realized I was so bushed! I apologized to Dolly and my hosts, gave her the car keys so she could drive home and walked home. Dolly understood completely. She had been on plenty of other dive trips and knew how debilitating they could be in July and August.

When I got home, I crashed.

I woke up about 9 the next morning. It was another sunny day in Saudi - duh!

I cleaned up, fixed some breakfast and called my buddy with the still. I went over and lent a hand as promised and was back at my apartment by 10:15. I had finished tidying up and was reading a book when I heard a knock at the door.

Surprise! It was Dolly obviously just coming back from the church service from the look of her clothes.

I let her in and said, "Good morning! I didn't expect to see you this morning. What can I do for you?"

Without saying a word she came into my arms and kissed me, hard. She rubbed herself into my crotch and in short order had me hard.

Momma didn't raise any fools. I began stroking and groping with equal passion. I pulled up her dress and pushed my hands down her panties. No pantyhose - good. She backed herself to the wall and spread her legs. I slid my right hand around front into her pussy, squeezed a tit with my left hand and drilled my tongue into her receptive mouth. Her pussy was a swamp. She was quivering like crazy and before I knew it was cumming on my hand. This was very unusual for Dolly. Normally she took at least 10 minutes of good foreplay to orgasm. She hadn't been in my place two minutes and was almost limp from her cum. If I wasn't holding her up with my hand in her cunt, she might well have slid to the floor.

Once she was recovered somewhat, I began undressing her. In between kisses she told me that she had wanted to screw my brains out last night but knew that I'd have been useless once I fell asleep at the party. She figured I would be in good shape in the morning. I had her naked and went down on her with her still standing against the wall. Dolly always tasted delightful and today was no exception. I licked her to another cum which further amazed me. Dolly rarely orgasmed more than once in a day.

We moved to the bedroom. Dolly loved fucking on my waterbed. It was a California King that took up most of the right hand side of the room. To get to the far side, you pretty much had to crawl over unless you were a contortionist.

Dolly was in the bed in moments; on her back with her legs spread and knees up. In seconds I was on top and buried balls deep. I never recalled her being so wet before. We fucked furiously for a few minutes when I pulled out and raised her legs higher, pressing my dick into her rosebud. While she didn't chastise me, she firmly pulled my dick back to her pussy. "Ah, well," I thought. "I'll fuck her ass one day."

I did a few more strokes in her and then surprised her by going down on her again. She nearly screamed as a third orgasm hit her.

I let her come down a bit and resumed fucking her but this time at a leisurely pace. In the back of my mind I knew I had to finish her off and clean up for Jane. I hadn't mentioned her to Dolly and she sure hadn't given me a chance this morning.

We were fucking away when she stopped me and said, "Ron. There's someone at the door." Sure enough, someone was knocking.

I said, Excuse me," as I got up and threw on a pair of shorts. I opened the door and there was Jane!

So there I was at the door reeking of pussy juice with my expected date standing outside and another woman in my bed.

"Jane! I didn't expect you so early."

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