Losing Control

by TeddyBingham

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Light Bond, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ever wondered which was most important? Work or sex? This story has the answer, of sorts, anyway... <grins> He's late for work, she has other ideas...

'You want me to do what??'

Dave's voice was high, incredulous, even a little shaken.

'I want you to drop your pants. Now, ' and as a sweet little after thought she added - 'please!'

Jan grinned lasciviously. Dave felt hypnotised by it.

Intoxicated. Giddy. Then he shook himself free a little from her gaze.

No way! I have to go to wo... ' His voice trailed off. Jan was glaring at him. The gentle grin was all but a memory. One he wished he'd hung onto a little more. Jan looked really pissed. Was she? Surely not...

'I'm sorry?' she said sharply, 'You have to go where?'

Before Dave could answer, she continued, 'You have to go to work. Why?

So you can earn money. Why dya need money? So you can buy things, live a little, yeah? Huh? Well, this is living, Dave. You don't give this up to go to work, man. Now drop your fucking pants.'

He dropped his pants.

Jan's grin returned.

'Thankyou, ' she purred. She regarded him, licking her lips and moving closer. Dave was hard. Really hard. Jan smiled. A very genuine, pleased smile. It warmed him thoroughly.

'Get on your knees, Dave'

The insistence in her voice was warm, familiar. Like your mother telling you to "take off those wet clothes" after you had played out too long in the rain.

He looked at her, standing in front of him with her hands on her hips, her jaw jutting slightly. God she was hot.

He knelt slowly, reaching out for her lovely hips. He felt a sharp slap on the back of his hand and drew it away like a wounded pup, nursing it.

'Ow, You fucking bitch!'

Slap! Another one, across his neck. His cock twitched, but he didn't say anything. Just gasped at her audacity. How she'd grown, this woman before him.

'Now, honey, if I want you to touch me, I'll tell you. I don't want you to worry about not knowing what to do, or if you're doing right, or if you're pleasing me. If you do as I say, I'll be pleased. Really pleased.' Janine grinned to herself. This was all for his benefit, wasn't it? Somehow, she wasn't as sure of that as she had been. Her pussy was so hot. She could feel how wet she was getting. Damn, this control stuff was a lot of fun.

Dave leant forward, sniffing slightly. Jan stood before him in her knickers and bra. A delightful matching set with lilac flowers and a little bow at the front of the bra and the knicks. Those little details. How he loved them. Jan bent down in front of him, showing off her ample bosom, which was practically falling out of the low cut delicate underwear. He felt her breath on his ear as she whispered ' Take off my panties, would you!'

He must have been holding his breath. He let out an audible gasp as she spoke, looking up at her, checking. Checking to see if he should do as she asked. Jan straightened and glared at him impatiently. Then she spoke.

'Was I not clear enough?' She grinned.

Dave slipped his hands gently over her smooth hips, sneaking a little stroke before complying at an agonisingly slow rate. Maybe I should chastise him for touching too much, Jan thought. She shook that thought off - she was enjoying it too much!

Dave peeled the scant lace knickers carefully over her bush as if he was removing the wrapping from some delicate gift. He could smell her. Strong wafts of musky odours made him feel giddy and he rocked back slightly on his knees.

'Whoa there, big guy! Don't want you falling down, do we.'

From the table, Jan swiftly reached out for a black scarf. Looping it over Dave's back, she pulled him in towards her pussy with the scarf around his back, just below his arms. Stepping in real close, Jan pushed her wet slit into his face, pulling the scarf even more taught and tying it behind her plump ass. Dave grinned. She felt his face in her pussy. Her hands now free, the scarf holding Dave against her crotch, Jan clutched the back of his head, pushing her pussy gently against his hot mouth. Looking down at him she purred 'Lick me out, would you hon!' Dave didn't need much prompting. His tongue had already taken a few quick licks as he moistened his dry lips. Now his tongue moved deftly at her slit. Jan felt her legs quiver. Dave, wrapped his strong arms around her lovely bum, hugging her wet crotch to his face and nuzzling in delighted at his predicament.

As his tongue licked and sucked, Jan began to lose her resolve. Her head was spinning, and her legs felt like jelly. If he let go of her, she was sure she would just collapse in a heap. But he didn't let go. That wasn't what she'd asked him to do. Waves of pleasure washed over her as Dave worked his hot mouth at her slit. His hands were busy too, and bizarrely, Jan thought about telling him to keep them still. Bollocks to that, she told herself. That was just a little *too much* control for her...

Dave began to stroke between her cheeks. Jan's breath quickened, and he increased his strong grip to compensate for her now buckling knees. She arched her back, desperately grabbing her plump breasts, striving to quicken the release and end the agonising pleasure and pain. Jan was thrashing now, and Dave had to use all his strength to hold onto her sweat soaked body as she built higher and higher. Feeling his own strength reaching breaking point, Dave stroked gently but firmly at the tight little rosebud of her ass. Jan screamed out in pleasure as she came, now totally supported by Dave's arms around her hips. Spasming violently, she slipped down slowly between his arms until her knees reached the floor and she buried her head in his chest. Holding her to him, Dave reached around gently and untied the scarf, now under her arms, letting it fall to the floor. Dave slowly lowered Jan to the floor. She was totally spent, her flushed face and open mouth giving no doubt as to whether she was sated or not. Jan lay there, breathing heavily. She licked her dry lips, shaking a little as the last of her orgasm coursed through her. Dave gazed down at her adoringly. That had to be one of the most beautiful sights he'd ever seen. Jan looked so blissful. And totally fucked.

She opened her eyes slowly, grinning up at him. 'Oh my god, Dave! Thanks!

Now, I'll need you to lie down next to me, hon. ' Dave smiled. He knew she needed to get him off, but he could tell she was totally wrecked. So he lay down beside her sweat-soaked body, his head at her hips, his cock at her face.

With a cracked voice, Jan spoke again.

'I'm so fucked. Looks like you're gonna have to jerk off all by yourself, babe... '

'What!' The disappointment and annoyance in his voice was unmistakable. Weak as she was, Jan still had the strength to slap his hairy ass for being so openly disrespectful.

Clearing her throat and gathering confidence, Jan lay onto her back. 'It's your own fault, you daft fucker. You shouldn't have worked me over so well. Now get on your knees and pump.

I want your hot come on my stomach.'

'Fuck you!'

'Fuck me? Would you like the opportunity again at some point? If so, then you'd best do as I ask, Dave.'

Her voice was low, slow, sexy and insistent. He knelt up, grinning, and began to pump. Janine was mesmerised by the sight. His hand was so comfortable there, pumping his hard shaft, breathing deliberately. Jan's aroused state grew as she watched Dave play with his hard tool, manipulating it with a skill and ease Jan could only dream about. But then he did have a bit more practice at it than she...

The way he shifted his stiff member beneath the soft sheath of skin was hypnotic.

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