Caught in the Act


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, True Story, Cheating, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A simple late night lift whilst i was on shift became a memorable experiance with a couple of cops

I was working a Saturday early morning shift as per usual, and was doing my normal mobile patrol east of town, when i observed there wasn't many people out jogging this early in the morning, but one jogger did stand out as he was running a little on the unsteady side, I couldn't help but notice he was solidly built with massively broad shoulders, a flat, toned waist mmmmm and a ever so tight butt and huge muscled thighs

I had to pulled myself together damn he was so damn hot for a bloke. I had seen him around town just couldn't place him, wonder what his body would be like; Fantasizing was fine but not at work in the car and dammit, Im a married woman i mentally scolded myself. With my mind back on the job I managed to finish my shift early it was only 4am, so was time to head in and fuel up.

Inside the 24 hour petrol/ takeaway station I noticed the jogger was looking a little lost, Up close I recognized him he is a local cop "Looking for something, Sir?" queried when paying for my news paper

"hey sexy, you're looking good tonight" was his reply. I realized he was just a little pissed at this point, "My lighter's run out and I was looking for some matches,"

"I am going to quit" Was his reply when I was caught staring at him... god he was so hot was all I could think as I was standing face to face with his sweaty, glistening chest muscles, Pulling myself together I replied "No time like the present," "Great I am bored lets go" he replied

Ok now I was lost, (go where I thought, we were talking about quitting smoking), aww well he seemed safe enough and I had finished my shift. So he followed me out to the car, cigarette still unlit, and jumped in the car. "Where to" I queried "the quarters" he replied. So off we went to the single person's quarters for the local station in total silence I pulled up at the entrance to drop him off and was about to leave when he sounding quiet puzzled asked me as of to why I was leaving. Obviously something had been missed either in his drunken state or when I had been day dreaming. So I parked and followed him inside, the place was like a dorm a lot different to what I had imagined

When we got to the dining room area, He picked me up by the waist and put me on the table stunned I didn't struggle. Suddenly I felt his hot, soft but firm lips on mine, they made me involuntary open my mouth to taste his sweetness, my head was spinning this couldn't be real,, , had I fallen asleep in the car damn I better wake up, no he was definitely kissing me and there was a hunger in him I could feel building. I let out an involuntary moan when i felt the hard lump in his pants rub firmly against the outer slit of my cunt lips. As he was holding me spell bound with his soft but demanding mouth I felt his fingers tracing the lips of my cunt through the thin material of my uniform skirt. By this time my head was swimming with desire and my body started to ache with longing as my legs opened involuntarily to allow him access to my willing and very wet cunt. He stopped his long slow seductive kissing long enough to make my eyes go to where he was unzipping his pants and he pulled out his hard cock.

It was bigger than I had expected. Wanting more of his mouth and feeling a little apprehensive about having sex, Gosh I had forgotten to put panties on this morning, I wrapped my arms around his neck and attempted to capture his mouth with mine. I let out a gasp when i felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down my slit. I wanted more... god im a slut I was enjoying this so much, then I heard a voice softly say "Put it in please" it was my voice but deep and husky.

"Not here" he replied. Someone might come in and see us," When I realized my hips were moving in time to his knob running the length of my very wet, hot slit. Looking into his deep brown eyes, I requested "Where can we go then?"

"Fuck it" he said then I felt the length of his cock slowly push its way deep into my hole. Was it my imagination or could i feel every vein on his cock as it stretched my cunt and filled my hole? He was slowly moving back and forth, his cock was moving in and out of me. I could not remember being this turned on or full before.

Leaning back a bit, he took my arms from around his neck and looked me in the eye, still slowly moving in and out of me. Suddenly He had very rapidly removed my work shirt buttons and all. I was surprised and stupefied by this act; damn what was I going to wear home. "Why did you do that?" I demanded. "Because I wish to see you when I want to" he growled back at me. This was something I really hadn't expected to encounter, but what had I expected (nothing) I felt so naive. It didn't last long though, as he began to gently pull and rub my nipples, which were already standing up due to me not having a clean bra for work. As he started the slow, thrusting movement my body was craving, I felt my orgasm building and wrapped my legs around his waist to pull him in deeper, He responded by speeding up and slamming his cock harder into me.

I felt as though I was floating as this man who was staring into my eyes with glee and hunger pushed me over the edge, my orgasm hit, rolling over and through my body with its intensity pure and full of white heat, I couldn't stop a loud moan from escaping from my throat, I could feel my hot wet cunt throbbing with all the need and desire it could ever have wanted or needed. Within seconds and while my cunt was still throbbing He pumped hard and fast tensed for a heart beat, he then released his sperm deep into my open and excepting soaked cunt I could feel each spasm of cum as he shot his hot load deep.

I had no time to relax and enjoy the afterglow of fulfilment though.As soon as he started to pull out, we heard someone at the door."Stay here," he spoke to me in a guttural voice, "and I'll get rid of whoever it is." He walked to the front door and found his Sergeant there; Shell was trying to find her keys. She was only two years younger than me. She was all legs and had a small petite but strong waist, definitely a good figure with full rounded breasts to top the package off. She tried to look into the dining area but he had blocked her view. Damn she looked good.

The Guilt and understanding of what had just passed, caused by me not driving off, was starting to sink into my mind. Commonsense in getting dressed was fighting with the pure pleasure of the forbidden touch I had just received from a real man... A POLICE OFFICER. And one under the influence of alcohol at that.

A low moan escaped from my lips and Shell looked around his shoulder to face me. Caught! Oh my God. Shell smiled over at me, as she approached me she said to me "Shirt a little ripped there, want a hand?" Inexplicably I found myself moving toward her with the cum soaked, ripped shirt held out in front of me. As I handed the shirt to her, I could smell the aroma of her wafting to my nose, it was both familiar and foreign all at the same time and completely intoxicating. With the shirt in hand she instructed the constable who had been dealing out so much please such a short time before to dispose of the rag thoughtfully.

Then she turned her attention back to me as I stepped forward she met me half way and her mouth found mine. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and I felt her hand come to my breasts. She squeezed and rolled them and my aching nipples reached an unbelievable state of sensitivity. I moved backwards to escape this so damn hot and horny woman, wondering if all officers drunk this much after hours. She detained me by grabbing my arms "Slut, what a sergeant isn't good enough for you? Or is that I am a woman?" She demanded. "Anyway I want to taste what that inconsiderate prick tastes like, since he didn't invite me to the party, and YOU WILL comply with my wishes on this"

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