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Desc: Sex Story: Lily's little sister gets in on the action.

I started the story about how I shared my husband with my daughter Lily. I have another daughter named Amanda. She and Lily are almost like twins, even though they are almost five years apart in age. I knew that opening the door for Lily meant letting Mandy in, too. Things went well with Lily and Amanda needed the instruction, too. I'll let Chuck tell Mandy's story...

Lily's breakup from Chris was hard. He was pretty pissed when he found out she'd gone to bed with me. The little shit came over and stormed into the house wanting to kick my ass. I managed to talk him out of it, with Candy's help. He'd known her a lot longer than he had known me. She was almost like another mother for him.

He ended up sitting on the couch crying and blubbering about how much he loved Lily and tried to do his best for her. Candy told him she thought he ought to have a long talk with me about sexual technique, but he didn't want any of that. I guess it had been quite a blow to his ego when Lily told him he was a lousy lay. Who wouldn't be hit hard by that?

Anyway, he finally accepted the acts of life and let her go. They had been living together and she left him the apartment. She did move in with her mother and me. It wasn't quite like having two wives, though Lily and I got together again while she lived with us. She learned to take a cock up her ass and love it. For a month or so none of us wore much around the house. Candy would come home to find us in bed or in the shower or just sitting around recovering.

One night Candy asked her to get in bed with the two of us. That was a long time fantasy of mine, but they were mother and daughter, so nothing happened between them. It put a crimp into my fantasy, but it was still pretty hot having Candy cheering me on while I pounded her daughter's pussy full of dick.

Lily eventually found another boyfriend -- one who could spend the time and effort to satisfy her. I thought it was significant that he was nearer her mom's age than Lily's. Older men have had time to learn, even if they aren't so quick to recover after one round.

Amanda had been away at college during all this time. She had been aware of things, however. The girls told each other everything, as Candy had said. When I talked to Amanda she asked me if I was going to teach her, too. I told her it was up to her, but I'd be happy to have her. The last time we spoke before she came home for Christmas, she told me she couldn't wait to get home. "The boys here are all pretty geeky, Chuck. I haven't been laid since I got here. Nobody has really turned me on enough."

I told her I couldn't wait to see her, too. "I need one of your back rubs," I told her. We had a habit of trading back rubs. She was pretty good at it, too.

"Oh, you're going to get rubbed, all right," she said. Then she laughed. She was still laughing when we hung up the phone.

Mandy came home on a flight on a Tuesday evening. I had a meeting so I couldn't be there to pick her up. The three women were waiting for me when I rolled in about 9 PM. I raised an eyebrow when I saw that even Mandy was drinking wine, right along with her mom and sister. I bestowed kisses on all of them. Candy got the first one (full force), then Lily, who pulled my head to her for the same, tongue and all.

When I leaned down to kiss Mandy, she kissed my cheek and I did the same. Lily and Candy razzed her, though, so she too laid a big wet one on me. I rubbed her shoulder as I let my tongue get sucked hard by my youngest stepdaughter. By the time we broke it off, my hand was squeezing one of her generous ass cheeks. She was blushing bright red and we all laughed.

We had a great dinner and Lily left. Candy went upstairs for a bath, leaving Mandy and me alone. She snuggled up to me and slipped her hand into my shirt. "I've always wanted to run my fingers through all this hair on your chest, Chuck," she said.

"You could have done that any time, Sweetie. There's no taboo on that."

"Well, I just thought it would be too... intimate, I guess."

"It is, but it isn't sex."

"Speaking of sex," she said, and she cleared her throat. "I want to talk to you. I am as horny as I've ever been. I've heard all about you and Lily. I mean she told me ALL about it, even the anal stuff. I don't think I want to try that. It sounds sexy and nasty, but I'm scared of it."

"I told you on the phone that it's up to you. I mean it's all up to you. I tipped her face up to mine and kissed her gently on the lips. I looked at her and kissed her again. This time I let my tongue slip out to caress her lips. She shivered and the third kiss included her open mouth and our tongues tangling together. I slid my hand up to one of her large breasts. She's overweight, like her mother. But she has the solidity of her youth to go along with it. She's what is described as Zaftig in German. She's voluptuous and solid. She sighed into my mouth when I held her tit and massaged it.

We broke the kiss and she asked me if I wanted my back rub. I nodded and pulled my shirt off. "Wait," she said. "Why don't you go get into your robe first." I said okay to that. I was tired of wearing my pants anyway.

When I returned to the living room, she was gone. Candy came down wrapped in a towel, all damp and steamy from her bath. "Mandy said to send you up in about five minutes," she said. "She said she is going to rub your... uh... back." Her eyes were shining with a nasty light. "I think she wants you to rub her some place too, Stepdaddy." She grabbed my cock through my robe. "Be gentle with her, Honey. She isn't as experienced as Lily was, even before you took care of her."

"Oh, you can count on that, Sweetheart. I really just thought I was getting a back rub."

"Sure, you did," she said and slapped my ass as she passed by on her way into the bedroom. "Well, I guess I'm on my own tonight. If you want me, I'll just be in bed with Buzz," she added. 'Buzz' is her name for her purple vibrator. I watched her ass sway back and forth as she walked off. I mounted the stairs, figuring it must have been five minutes by then.

My cock was taking on its heavy size and shape in anticipation as I topped the stairs and turned the corner into Mandy's room. My hands in the pockets of the robe were restraining it. I shouldered the door open and stopped just inside the room. The curtains were drawn closed and the room was lit with the soft glow of candles. A soft instrumental music was coming from Mandy's waist-high speakers. I could hear the water running in the bathroom.

Mandy poked her head around the door frame of the bathroom and smiled. "Just slip out of your robe and lay down on the bed. I'll be there in a second. Oh: close your eyes and don't open them until I say you can." Thje instructions were delivered in a voice that brooked no objection, so I happily complied.

The covers were thrown back so I dropped my robe onto the desk chair and I climbed onto the bed. The air was a bit cool, so I pulled the sheet up to cover my nudity. Mandy had seen me naked while she lived with Candy and me, but she had always made disparaging comments about it. I always felt it was more for the sake of being "a kid" than serious objection.

As for me seeing Mandy unclothed, I hadn't. A couple of mornings when I went up to waken her for school her tits were uncovered, but I had flipped the blanket over them before waking her to save her the discomfort.

I was relaxing with my eyes closed when I heard her enter the room. I was expecting a back rub -- at least at first -- so I was lying on my belly. My dick had relaxed as well. I felt the bed shift when she got onto it. She brought her lips to my cheek and kissed me softly, asking if I was awake. I smiled and told her I couldn't have slept for the anticipation. She giggled and pulled the sheet off me, leaving my ass covered discreetly.

She straddled my thighs and began to rub my back. It was the first time she had sat on me like that. Usually our mutual massages took place on the couch downstairs with the "rubber" sitting beside or behind the "rubbee". It was comfortable feeling the heat of her crotch on my ass. I relaxed as she kneaded my back. Candy rubs my back, but she doesn't have the skill her daughter does. Mandy really gets down and into the tight muscles.

She worked her way from my shoulders to my waist. I was thoroughly relaxed. Then she scooted back a bit and pulled the sheet down, uncovering my ass and thighs. It was new territory for us. Her strong hands kneaded my cheeks and it felt wonderful. She had lifted her weight off me, so I spread my legs a bit for comfort. She moved one leg inside mine so that she was straddling only one leg. When she relaxed and let herself sit on my leg I felt her heat directly. I also felt her moisture on the back of my knee. My dick began to resume its climb to attention.

She finally tired of the massage. I had been ready to move on for several minutes already when she quit. "Okay," she said, "you can open your eyes." I did. Then I rolled over onto my side. Mandy was kneeling next to me. Her big tits sat high and proud on her nineteen year old chest. Her thick thighs were pressed together, ending at a hairless bulge of lower belly. Around her middle was a fetching roll of fat and she was looking at me with apprehension. I knew she was self-conscious about her weight. My eyes roamed over her body, taking in all her young charms. I smiled at her and reached out to her. She leaned into my arm and came willingly when I pulled her down beside me.

On her back, she continued to watch my eyes for the expected flicker of criticism or disgust. She never saw it because it was never there. She was lovely naked. At least she was to me. I loved her, so the fact that she was overweight didn't carry any meaning for me. She was just my Mandy, even though I'd never seriously considered her in the lustful way I was doing right then. She smiled when I lowered my lips to hers and told her she was beautiful. My hands slid lightly over her torso, stopping briefly at her nipple for attention before traveling down to the swell of her waist.

After kissing her lips thoroughly, I let my lips wander over her naked body. She began to gasp when I sucked first her left, then her right nipple into my mouth and bathed them with my tongue. I had to use one hand to support myself, so my manual exploration was done with only one hand. I don't think she felt slighted by that. Her hand found its way to the back of my head at times, pressing me tightly to her for emphasis.

As my lips worked their way over the swelling belly rolls (I made sure to run my tongue along her creases to let her know I loved those as well), she spread her legs. Her aroma hit my nose then. It was strong and delicious to my senses. It had been common family knowledge that Amanda had a strong body scent ("She reeks!" was how her mother put it to me privately.). This was the first time I had smelled her, however. I couldn't wait to taste her!

I skipped her pussy with my hand and caressed her thighs and knees. My tongue drilled into her navel and she giggled, raising her knees a bit. That motion wafted her scent even more liberally into the air. My mouth watered. It was time to reposition. I moved down so that I was on my knees between her legs. I took an ankle in each hand and smiled at her. Knowing how ticklish she is, I was careful, but I wanted to do it. I brought one of her feet to my lips and kissed the top of it. She inhaled sharply, expecting to be tickled.

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