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Desc: Sex Story: Lily learns about sex from her stepfather.

"So what is it that he does that's so great?" My daughter was sitting at the breakfast bar in our kitchen. We'd been planning her big engagement party. She and her fiancé had been going together for years and had been engaged for nearly the last three. We had been having some "girl talk" about sex -- specifically the married kind. I had, as usual, been bragging about how great my husband -- her step dad -- was in bed.

"Well, Honey, he just turns me on like I've never been turned on. I lose track of the number of orgasms I have." She knew that her father and I had not been well matched in the sex department. She and her sister both knew that I had always had to use a vibrator to get off, even with him right there with me. We're pretty open with our intimate discussions. Lily's fiancé has a pretty small dick. I was cautioning her that she would want more one day, but she loved the guy.

"Well, didn't you say he's hung really well? That alone might make things better."

"Yeah, he is. He claims he's only 'average', but I know he has to be on the high side of that category. But it's more than that. He always makes sure I get maximum pleasure. He cares about how I feel. He talks to me and... oh, God! I'm getting wet just thinking about it!"

"God, Mom!" Lily laughed. I felt my face reddening. Plain talk was one thing, but I had embarrassed myself this time. It was true, though. I felt my cunt getting all swampy and steamy. Chuck was going to have a great time tonight, I thought to myself. "I wonder if he could give Chris some lessons."

"I've told him he should start a school. I'm not sure how he'd teach those lessons without a partner, though."

"Maybe I should volunteer. Chuck seems like he has you all atwitter." We laughed at that. Our conversation drifted onto other subjects, but her comment stuck in my nasty little mind.

Lily had gone home by the time Chuck got home from work. I had made a salad and seasoned a couple of small steaks. I didn't want either of us too full for the sex I had planned for later. When I heard the door open I got a cold beer out of the refrigerator for him. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me hard. His hands gripped the cheeks of my ass and he gave me a swat.

"Tease!" I chided him. I wriggled my butt and he gave me another two swats. I love my ass paddled, and Chuck knows just how to do it for maximum effect.

"No, I'm not teasing. You'll get a proper spanking later if you ask me nicely." That was his new thing. Instead of wrestling me to the bed or across his knee, he wanted to make me ask him for it. He just seemed to know that the added humiliation made it all so much better for me. I had never told him that. He just knew. Once again I felt my face getting hot.

"Fat chance! But I am going to give you the blow job of your life tonight. Lily and I spent the afternoon talking about sex."

"Uh-oh!" he said. "Now I'll have to pay the price!" He had turned away so it was my turn to swat his ass.

"Hey, you don't seem to mind. Or do you?"

"Nah! You know I'm just here for your pleasure, Sweetie." He sat on a stool and slipped his shoes off. He popped the top of the beer and took a long swallow. "Ahh! That's what I've been thinking about all afternoon." He looked at me sitting across from him. "So was she whining about Chris' teeny weenie again?"

"Actually, she seemed to be more interested in how good you are. When I told her you should give lessons, she volunteered to be a study aid. She's really curious about what you do to make me so happy."

"Yeah, well, I'm sure she wasn't serious. You should stop bragging about me. It'll only make her unhappy with Chris."

"I was thinking about it, Honey. It might be a good idea for you to take her to bed. Let her know what having a man is really like." Chuck stared at me in silence. I wasn't sure what he was thinking. I stared back and then I wiggled my eyebrows at him. He got a lopsided smile on his face and shook his head.

"For a second there I thought you were serious. You got me!" When my expression didn't change and I didn't reply he stopped laughing. "You are serious! Jesus, Honey! Pimping me to your daughter! You ought to be ashamed!"

I took his hand. He wrapped the other one around them both. I took a deep breath. "I'm not sure if she was serious, but she is damned curious. The idea has been buzzing around in my mind all afternoon. The more I think about it, the more it turns me on. I'd kind of like to know if it's just us or if you make every woman feel as special as you do me. I know it would be good for Lily to get fucked really well. It sounds kind of perverted, but I really wouldn't mind sharing you with her."

Chuck looked out the window. I wondered what he was thinking, so I asked. He turned back to me. I saw that his face was slightly flushed. He grinned and said, "I was just imagining Lily on her knees -- naked -- with my cock in her mouth. It's a pretty hot picture."

"Isn't it, though?" I replied, another squirt of juice oozing out of me and into my panties. "I'm going to call her and proposition her for you." I didn't understand why I was so hot over this, but I didn't care. I love my husband and I love both of my daughters. I couldn't think of a nicer thing to do for them.

"WHAT?!" Lily's voice screeched into the phone. "Mom, have you gone nuts? Chuck's almost as old as Dad! I was just joking today."

"All I ask is that you just think about it, Honey," I told her. "I really think you'd enjoy it. I know Chuck would. He loves you, too, you know."

"Yeah, Mom, I know. He doesn't love me like that, though... does he?" She sounded different then. I thought the idea was beginning to settle in.

"Well, he hasn't ever said anything, but I know he thinks you're pretty. I've seen him looking at your ass a few times."

"Mom! Really?" Now her voice had settled into a lower key. I knew how to push her buttons.

"Sure. He always looks at women's asses -- including yours and Amanda's." I waited and she didn't say anything. I asked the next question in a whisper. "Has Chris ever licked your ass, Lily?" A long silence followed. I wondered if she was still there. "Lily? Are you there?"

Her voice sounded choked. "Yeah. I'm here. Did you just ask what I think you asked?" I knew I had her now.

"Um-hmm. Well, has he?"

"No." Another silence followed. "Are you serious? About that, I mean? Chuck does that?"

"Oh, yeah. It is so fucking hot, Honey. No man makes love like Chuck. I just want you to experience it once."

"What if once isn't enough? What if I like it too much?"

"Well, then you don't have to marry Chris. You can move in with us and we'll just be co-wives to Chuck."

"I'll think about it, Mom," she said and we hung up.

Back in the kitchen, Chuck hadn't moved. I grinned at him and he just looked at me and shook his head. We ate our steaks and salads. We watched TV for a while and went to bed. When I sucked Chuck's cock I told him to close his eyes and imagine it was Lily blowing him. He came sooner than usual. I knew he was getting to like the idea of fucking my daughter. I wondered for a second if I was crazy to do this. It didn't feel like it.

Chuck got hard again quickly and brought me to four orgasms before he came again. I knew then that my idea was already paying dividends.

The morning was warm and sunny. It was Saturday. Lily came in without knocking, as usual. Chuck was in the shower. 'Perfect, ' I thought.

"Why don't you go in and offer to wash his back, Honey? That will give you both a chance to get used to things. Lily looked like a lamb being led to slaughter, but she hugged me and went through the bedroom to the bathroom. I heard her ask Chuck if she could join him. He replied, but I couldn't make out his words. When Lily didn't come back out, I peeked into the bedroom. The bathroom door was open and I saw two figures behind the curtain. I smiled and grabbed the car keys and headed out the door. I didn't want my presence to inhibit either of them.

I'll let Chuck tell the rest of the story...

I almost dropped the soap when I heard Lily's voice. Candy had kept me up late the night before. Thinking about me fucking Lily had become her favorite fantasy. To tell the truth, it had become mine as well. Lily is twenty-two and slender. Her mother, at twice Lily's age, has a plush body with lots of curves and valleys that I love to play in. When she was Lily's age though, she looked more like her. I love Candy's body, but I had always wished I'd met her years earlier. When Lily stepped into the shower naked it was as if I'd gotten my wish. Like her mom, Lily keeps her pussy shaved bare. For that matter, Lily's sister Amanda does, too. Until that morning the knowledge was only hearsay from Candy. Lily looked great standing there shivering. Her small breasts were tipped with dark pink nipples that were presently poking out at full mast.

I knew she was nervous so I just gathered her into my arms. Feeling her slim belly against me made me hard immediately. She gasped and reached between us and squeezed my hard on. She turned her face up and I kissed her for the first time as a woman. I filled my hands with her skinny ass and it felt wonderful.

I turned so she was under the spray and I rubbed her back and ass. I stepped back and she released my dick. I put my hands on her shoulders and turned her away from me. I soaped up my hands and began to wash her back. She leaned her hands against the wall and parted her feet for stability. It made a great picture. Naturally I didn't stop at her waist, but continued to lather her up. I slipped my hand between her ass cheeks and slid it all the way down to her puckered little hole. She shivered and pushed her ass back more with a little groan. I wiggled my finger there, but didn't go inside -- yet.

I pulled her back to a standing position and rinsed her off. When I turned her around again I continued washing her, being careful not to soap up her pussy. She asked me about that.

"I don't like the taste of soap," I said, looking her straight in the eyes. Her eyes widened a little bit and she flushed a pretty pink, all the way to her still hard nipples. I palmed those nipples then and drew my fingers together on them. When I pinched them she gasped and squeezed her legs together. My cock was throbbing almost painfully.

I rinsed her off and we got out of the shower. "I didn't wash your back," Lily objected.

"Next time," I promised her and began to dry her off. When we were dry I took her hand and led her into the bedroom. Candy had changed the sheets and turned back the covers. We had discussed it earlier, so I knew she was gone by then. I told Lily and she seemed relieved.

"Good," she said. "I was beginning to think she wanted to watch. Chuck, why was she so insistent about this?"

"She just loves us both so much, Lil," I said as I moved her to the bed. I gave her a little shove that toppled her to the bed. She scooted over to make room for me. I walked to her on my knees and she again took my hard cock in her hand. We didn't talk much for a while. Lily had a mouth full of my cock and I didn't have anything to say. I held her shoulders as she sucked me. What she lacked in experience, she more than made up for with enthusiasm. She was able to get more of me into her mouth than Candy can. Still, she lacked a full three and a half inches of deep throating me. I didn't care. No woman has ever been able to get the whole thing into her mouth.

I enjoyed feeling her hot mouth surrounding me, but in the oral sex department I prefer to give more than I like to receive. After five minutes or so I gently detached her and leaned forward to kiss her. I pressed her back until her head hit the pillow. I played with her nipples and kissed her thoroughly. I have been complimented on my kissing by more than Candy. I just do what feels good to me and it always seems to be the right thing. By the time I pulled my mouth from Lily's she was breathing hard. Her nipples had remained erect and I locked my lips around one of them. As I sucked and nibbled, Lily pressed me tight to her chest. She moaned when I increased the pressure of my lip shrouded teeth. Like mother, like daughter, I thought. I moved lower.

I have always believed that an aroused female's pussy is one of the most beautiful things in the world. The hairless one I was staring at then was even more beautiful and I told Lily so. She groaned when I spoke, my hot breath washing over her even hotter, oozing labia. She spread her legs wider and tugged at my head, wanting me to get on with it. I know what women like, though. I know what makes them hot. I blew on it a little, not yielding to her pressures. I flicked at one of her swollen lips with just the tip of my tongue. She jumped and tried to push my head into her crotch. I resisted. Her legs were over my shoulders and my hands were wrapped around her narrow hips. I seized her wrists and held her hands away. Then I licked her up one side of her slit and down the other, still not applying full pressure.

She whimpered and choked out, "Please... please, Chuck!" I was merciless. I continued to tease and lick at her lightly, avoiding her emerging clit. I was surprised at the size of that button. It was almost like a little finger -- or a tiny cock! -- as it extended. I was going to enjoy torturing it later. Lily was almost screaming with her anticipation when I finally relented. In truth I just couldn't hold out any longer. My mouth was salivating with my own anticipation. She tasted so sweetly delicious I just had to finally dive in. She came almost immediately when I did. My nose was bumping her clit as I plunged my tongue as deep into her as I could. I felt her muscles contract around my tongue when she climaxed. I think my restraining her hands had the effect of heightening her orgasmic level.

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