Mumthaz-Shilpa and Sonali

by Ravisridhar

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Desc: Sex Story: I think I am very lucky to have such an active sex life at this young age.

Hi friends, I am Ravi Sreedhar, I am 19Year-old, 5' 6" in height and doing my graduation. I was staying with my brother who was Lt.Col in Army and was studying in Delhi for Degree first year when this terrific incident here is happened.

My first sexual experience was with my cousin sister as well as teacher Latha aged 23 [Uncles daughter] at the age of 16. We had a wonderful period of 2 years. During that time we had several wild and beautiful love making occasions. She was more interested in oral love making than normal one due to safety factors so she taught me how to take a woman to the heights of totality in love making through oral sex. She loved more to suck my cock since it was giving her more orgasm than normal. We used to enjoy 69 also. Really it was a wonderful period for a young boy because even at the age of 16 he got introduced to the world of sex and that too with a young lady aged 22. Moreover both of us were virgins and enjoying the sex for the first time. Then during one summer vacation when we went to her at house at Palghat and she introduced her friend Meera aged 22 and Rani aged 18 her neighour aged 23, and it was a really gift to a boy that he got a rare chance to enjoy three terrific beauties. Latha was always my fantasy lady and she always taken the lead. We had terrific sex together with Meera and Rani. Still I cherish that beautiful moments in mind.

During that period she got married to an Engineer who was employed in States and they left to states. It after a gap of six months she came to our school for resigning her job. Both of us know that our relationship will not continue. Really we had a wild lovemaking period for two weeks since she got me after six months. It was getting really hard for me to control myself. She taught me many positions since she had so many lovemaking occasions with her husband as well as with two of his friends. She told me that her husband and two of his friends exchanged their partners for just fun [Now in modern age we call it wife swapping.] She also told me that there is no harm in oral lovemaking if we are neat and clean. Next two days we were alone in that big house and she enjoyed her younger boy with all freedom. She told me that she couldn't forget me being the first boy in her life to whom she presented her virginity and moreover she told me the pleasure received from others were nothing while comparing what she got from me. After two weeks I left to Delhi and she resigned the job and gone back to States.

I was staying with brother in their spacious bunglow since he was a senior Army Officer. Really I am a handsome young boy with well-built body.In College so many senior girls were after me especially Shilpa and Sonali.Moreover they are staying next to our bunglow. Shilpa was the daughter of Brig.G.V. Menon and Sonali her cousin.

Today I am going to narrate my experiences with these three fantastic beauties. First one was not a rape in true criminal law sense but it all happened and I was not the in charge of the situation, the acts and these three women controlled the scene [I had group sex as I said before but this is very much different from that. I was very much agreed to get controlled by her since I want to enjoy such a situation] Moreover Shilpa and Sonali were virgins. Well here goes the incident. Shilpa and Sonali were my neighbors. Both of them had terrific bodies and they just resembled Shilpa Shetty and Sonali of Hindi cinema just like the name also. They were also studying for PG in our College. My brother went for a short vacation along with family to Kerala.One day they invited me to go out with them and we went to a local gathering in a Bar, which also had a Disco.

Both of them were aged 22. They had a terrific body, which is well enough to make any man mad. Their perfectly shaped thighs were hardly covered by small shorts. Their shirts were very transparent and I have seen their round shaped breasts projected under that. The deep navel was very clearly visible since it was not covered by shirt and the shape and depth of it made me really crazy. First Shilpa started to dance with me and I could see her nipples were in erected position and they stood very proudly in the center of her perfect twins while she was dancing with me. I squeezed that perfect twins. While dancing she whispered in my ears"Ravi, I want you. Not only me Sonali also want to enjoy you."I was stunned to hear that. Again she whispered" We want to enjoy the real pleasure from you. I am still a virgin and I had the lesbian experience only. My father is going to Delhi for three days with Mother.So I want you there. ".

We three, Shilpa, Sonali and me were dancing after having little beer and a while another woman joined us. "Mumtaz!" shouted Sonali. "Oh my God!" shouted Shilpa. They immediately hugged the new woman and invited her to dance with us. She readily agreed. I smiled and waved hello. She smiled and winked back. She was a woman, perhaps around 30. It was hard to tell though because she still had the body and the moves of a twenty five year old. She looked Gorgeous, with such a sexy face; tight well shaped round boobs, little fat waist, big buttocks and long slim shapely legs. "Good Evening!" she said smiling. She was staring at me in an unusual manner and I felt something in my heart. Really she was drinking me with her eyes and I felt lust in that look. I thought she just might rival my friends for raw sexual power. She was little fat and her navel was very deep and erotic. Really I was always more crazy about deep navel. My erection now had a third object to focus on. I thought I was the luckiest guy on the planet then. The four of us danced for an hour before the women decided that they were just too thirsty to continue. They all headed off the floor and to a luxurious table all by itself. A little brass plaque on the edge of the booth read, OWNER. So that's who this must be, thought I. Sonali noticed I reading the sign. "Oh, we haven't properly introduced you yet. I, this is Mumtaz. She's sister of the owner." "Pleased to meet you." I greeted Mumtaz and offered a hand. Mumtaz smiled and replied, "The pleasure is all mine."

She extended her hand in return and I squeezed it. Now that we were off the dance floor again and I saw just how sexy she was. Where Shilpa and Sonali had youth and bulging sex appeal, Mumtaz had elegance and a sultry feel. Her own short dress was tight, revealing a body untouched by time. "You two stay here and get acquainted. We'll get the drinks." They took off for the bar. Mumtaz and I appraised one another. Mumtaz had been quick to notice my attention for her. My youth and evident possibilities excited her. She was on the prowl. "I've never seen you here before. How do you know the girls?" asked Mumtaz. "Oh, we study together. Same College. They're actually my seniors and moreover neighbors." Replied I. "Really, what an interesting position. It can't be all bad being under those two." The way Mumtaz said under caused a shiver in me. Erotic imagery had been playing in my mind the minute I got here this evening. "Yeah, its not too bad." She sat in silence for a moment.

Then I felt her hand near my thighs, sliding slowly up to my inner thigh and to my crotch. Her bare hands massaged my hard shaft, making it like diamond. Mumtaz's eyes widened and her smile was radiant as she realized just how well endowed was this young man. Her pussy was getting so hot it was sucking her g-string into the wet hole and pulsing with anticipation. "My goodness, you're quite a big boy, aren't you?" she said, with no hidden meaning. "Um, thanks." "How big?" I was little stunned. "How big," she said slowly once again, sliding around the table to come up right next to me, sliding a hand up my leg and to my crotch "is it your cock."? I was ready to cum the instant her hand landed on my stiff member. I wanted to whip it out right there and show her just how big it was, then bend her over the table and do her in front of the whole club, making her scream for more, making her howl with the orgasm of a lifetime.

Instead I blinked, recovered my senses and said, "Seven to Eight Inches!" she breathed with a gasp. "Oh my Goodness." Her excitement was obvious. Just then Shilpa and Sonali returned. "Well girls, what say we get away for a little while? Some place a little quieter." suggested Mumtaz. The other two smiled and nodded. Now they are not ready to wait for three days more to get me since they are very hot now due to the beer and just thinking of getting me immediately. Then the three women led the way to a side hall that I hadn't noticed before. It was one of several and each was filled with doors. They entered one and closed the door behind them and entered to big spacious room. The room was with bed chairs, dressing table, and sofas on the sides and suddenly I was delighted. "This..." I tried to say. "Is where we all fuck our brains out by eating each other." stated Sonali. "I want him first." said Mumtaz. There was no question in her statement. Shilpa and Sonali were very hot but they have no other choice but wait for their turn. She grasped my shaft through my pants and pushed me further into the room. Stumbling backwards I tripped over a cushion and landed softly on my back.

"Undress." Mumtaz ordered me. My fingers stumbled and flew to my shoes, throwing them to a corner of the room. My pants and shirt followed soon after. When I pulled down my underwear, the three women gasped. "Oh, my god, he's huge! Really very very huge." said Sonali. "He's even bigger than bull. Oh my god I can't wait to shove that all inside me. " I'm going to split myself in half." Shilpa moaned excitedly. "Me first." Mumtaz told them." But you can feel them. Because I know that you have not seen a cock live so far. And that too the biggest cock I ever seen for a young boy. But we can measure it." She has taken a scale and measured it was really 7.5. All of them were thinking to get that huge cock inside their inner areas.

Mumtaz straddled my laying form. Standing over me she ordered, "Take of my panties. With your teeth." she modified as I reached up. I slid her dress up to her hips with my hands, revealing Mumtaz's firm butt and the blue g-string soaked through with her juice. I put my face between her legs and licked at her pussy. I tried several times to get under the material so I could grasp it with my teeth. Mumtaz closed her eyes at the touch and clenched her fists. She was close to coming. I pulled the panties to her knees and she stepped out of it Reaching behind her back she pulled a couple of strings and her dress melted to the floor... Her beauty was stunning. Her juices were heavily wetting her engorged pussy lips. Mumtaz slowly knelt on either side of my face. I could only stare at the pulsating cunt inches from my eyes. "Eat me. Eat me until I cum, and then eat me again and again. Don't stop until I tell you that you can stop." There was firmness in her voice that couldn't be denied. Mumtaz lowered her pussy to my lips and I went at them hungrily. I got on my knees and I nuzzled my face and nose against her pubic mound and scraped my teeth against her. Her crotch was absolutely soaked with pussy juice. I continued to nuzzle her pussy and nip at her with my teeth. She sat back on the desk and spread her legs wide, giving me total access to her fabulous cunt. As I brought by tongue up across her outer lips She put her legs over my shoulders, putting her heels on my back and pulled me toward her. She rubbed her pussy with to my mouth and I just lost control.

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