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Desc: Sex Story: A memoir from the wild '70's.

Thirty years ago, in the freewheeling '70's, casual sex was a lot different than today. Those of you who were there know what I mean. Those of you who have come of age under the shadow of AIDS and HIV cannot understand. There were still serious threats, but nothing that was absolutely life threatening waiting between the legs of your next lover.

I'd given college a try right out of high school, rather than going to the University of Vietnam. Fortunately, by the time I'd dropped out of school a couple of years later, the laws had changed and the draft avoided me.

I was in my 20's. I had been through one disastrous marriage and divorce. Not having any immediate goals or plans, other than to find work, I was invited to room with a couple I'd known before. Jerry and I had gone to college together for a while. He had gotten his degree and married Chris. So I parked my '62 Pontiac (a real boat of a car) in front of their house and slept on the couch. Everything I owned was in the car. And there was lots of room left over. Sleeping on their couch and hearing them in the throes of passion gave me a lot of masturbation material, but didn't really help.

Chris was average height, but with long slim legs. Her hair was always casually messy, a kind of dishwater blonde. Her tits usually went without benefit of a bra (remember this was the '70's -- hardly any woman under thirty wore a bra), and her tits were a wonder to watch. They weren't overly large, but they seemed to have some different type of suspension the way they flowed and jiggled when she walked, or even laughed. She laughed a lot. I had a crush on her from the time Jerry had introduced us. She was an incorrigible flirt.

Their rented house was four rooms and a bath. One bedroom was off the entry and was used for storage. No bed there. To the left was the living room, the kitchen beyond. Their bedroom was off the kitchen and one had to pass through their room to reach the bathroom. I'm not sure if their bedroom had a door, or if they just never closed it.

Naturally there had been a lot of times when I needed to use the bathroom during the night. Several times I was treated to the sight of Chris's exposed tits and/or ass. Jerry slept next to the wall and was always covered. That just about describes the differences between their personalities, too. I never understood how they had managed to get together.

One night, after I'd been there for about a month, I lay in the dark and listened to Chris coming for the second time that night. They seemed to be finished -- or at least resting. My dick was standing at attention. I always tried to imagine how it looked when they fucked. It always got me hot and always got me off. After a few minutes of quiet, broken occasionally by whispers in their room, Chris's voice called, "Dave? You still awake?" I was torn between answering or pretending I slept so soundly that hadn't heard them fucking.

"Yeah," I answered.

"Do you want to come and play with us?" Did I want to? Shit, yes I wanted to!

"Sure," I answered, and rose from the couch. I had already ditched my underwear, so I entered the candle-lit bedroom naked. The blankets were in a heap on the floor at the foot of the bed. Chris lay on her back with Jerry between her legs. His head was resting on her sweaty belly. The aroma of sex was thick in the room. Chris's eyes lit up and she grinned when she looked at my hard cock bouncing out, eager for her attention. She didn't smack her lips, but she licked them.

I walked to the edge of the bed and Chris wrapped her fingers around my erection. She pulled me to her mouth and plunged my entire length inside. She is the only woman I have ever met who could do that (or at least that was willing to risk choking herself to do it). I glanced at Jerry's face. "You sure you're okay with this, man?" I asked him. His eyes were glued to the sight of his wife giving me head. He just nodded. 'Okay' I figured, 'let's go'. I took one of Chris's breasts in hand. I fingered and pinched and rolled the nipple. She rewarded me with a groan and increased the suction.

After a few minutes I had to sit down. My legs were shaking and it distracted from the pleasure. When I put a knee on the mattress next to Chris's naked hip, Jerry obligingly rolled to the far side. He sat up and lit a joint. He sat cross-legged and watched. Chris had room to move now, so she pulled me down and positioned herself between my legs. Her mouth returned to my dick and she fondled my balls while I lay there in heaven.

I loved it, but I wanted to fuck her. Before I could say or do anything to rearrange us, she moved her hand back to my asshole. Another first. Until then, I thought my asshole was just, well, an asshole. Chris proved me wrong. I jumped when she touched it, and a shock ran through me. She chuckled around my cock and removed her hand, dipping it between her own legs. When her finger returned, I realized she had coated it with the come oozing from her cunt. She quickly poked it into me. There was no way I could stop the freight train of my orgasm. I blasted her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

She sat up with a self-satisfied smile on her face. Then she leaned forward and kissed first me and then Jerry, sharing my come with both of us! We smoked the joint and got down to some serious fucking. While Chris was riding me, Jerry sucked on her tits. He reached over and put a finger on either side of my cock to feel it ramming into his wife's sloppy pussy. Jerry had some staying power. I know he had fucked her twice before I joined them, then we both fucked her two times afterward. With the blowjobs in between, I came four times that night. Jerry must have come at least six. The night held one more new experience, for me anyway. After the first time I fucked her and Jerry had taken my place she sucked me while he fucked her. When he had come again, she pulled my head down to her crotch. I rubbed my face into the sticky mess there, reveling in the debauchery of tasting all that come. I used my tongue and lips to clean her up, tasting the familiar musk of woman mixed with the acidic tang of semen - both mine and Jerry's. It gave me another erection and I rose up to fuck her. She licked the mess from my face and groaned through another orgasm. I don't know how many times Chris came that night, but I know her tally was higher than mine and Jerry's combined.

That was the only time the three of us got together. Jerry and I talked about it the next day. He said he had enjoyed it, but didn't want to repeat it. Unfortunately for them, Chris didn't share his reluctance. Neither did I. What Jerry didn't realize was that once those doors were opened, it became impossible to close them again. Chris and Jerry worked at the same place, but sometimes had different schedules. Whenever Jerry was working, Chris and I were in bed, or on the floor, or some semi-secluded place in the city where we could fuck with only a slight chance of being discovered. This was the Great Northwest, and there was no lack of tree-covered parks around. Under the sweep of an old evergreen's boughs, a lot can take place without anyone noticing.

But I began to feel guilty, violating my friendship with Jerry. I told Chris we had to stop. She didn't want to. Whenever Jerry walked out the door to work, she walked out of the bedroom naked. The fact that I sometimes had to listen to them having sex in the mornings always made it more difficult for me to deny her. We just kept on fucking. A larger problem than the infidelity and my betrayal of Jerry's hospitality and friendship was the fact that Chris and I were falling in love. She began talking about divorcing Jerry.

I knew I had to leave if I wanted to end it. I went to Alaska -- the wild and untamed frontier, even then. Working and making big money went to my head. I was really full of myself -- cocky, the way only a 23-year-old guy can be. I'd been there through the summer season and went back home, back from the Frontier, my pockets full of money.

When I visited Jerry and Chris, they introduced me to Mandy. She had long bleached blonde hair and round tits that just screamed to be grabbed. She knew it, too. She was living with Jim at the time, a kind of weasely looking guy who couldn't seem to hold a job very long. Mandy was supporting him. Part of the problem with his job-seeking was his habit of starting the day with a joint and a couple hits of speed -- just to get going, you understand.

Mandy knew all about the way things had been when I'd lived with Jerry and Chris. In fact, Chris had brought Mandy into their life. Maybe she felt guilty about our affair, too, because she had arranged for Jerry to fuck Mandy a couple of times while I'd been gone and before she moved in with Jim. Anyway, for the next month the five of us hung out together. Chris and I didn't have sex again -- then. About a week before I was to leave, Mandy, Chris and I were sitting around getting stoned and talking. Chris looked at me. "You should take Mandy back with you, Dave. Jim's such a loser and she is so cool. The two of you would make a good couple."

I looked at Mandy. She smiled back at me. Then she leaned over and kissed me, sliding her hand into my crotch. My dick began to swell and she didn't let go. She called Jim and told him she was staying over because she was too ripped to drive. While I'd been in Alaska that summer, Jerry had cleared out the second bedroom and they bought a used single size bed from the Salvation Army store. Mandy and I fucked our brains out there that night. A week later we left for Alaska together.

We had agreed that, while we would be nominally monogamous, we could step outside the boundaries sometimes and it was okay. All we had to do was let the other one know beforehand. As it turned out, neither of us did. But the arrangement was put to the test one night. We were in a local bar when some girls from Canada came in. I knew them because my job took me to the town just over the border. I met these girls because I always ate in the restaurant where they worked. One of them, Sue, a short, very, very desirable brunette, had found a place in my heart -- or at least in my fantasies. We'd flirted but never done anything. I danced with Mandy, then a few dances with Sue. When I went back to my table where Mandy was sitting, I told her I wanted to fuck Sue. Well, that was when the 'arrangement' went south.

She stood up, fuming. "Fine! Go ahead! Maybe I'll be home when you get there, and maybe I won't!" She stormed out of the bar. Sue had witnessed the scene, as had everybody else in the place. Lots of laughter all around. My face was as red as if I'd been standing next to a stove. 'This wasn't the way it was supposed to be, ' I thought. So I went to the table where Sue was sitting with her friends. She said she didn't want to get between anybody, so we never had the chance to taste each other.

That was the middle of September. The season was winding down, and things were definitely getting 'cooler' at home. So I was more than willing when Mandy said she wanted to go visit her family. She left. When the "Termination Dust" (the Alaskan term for the first new snow on the mountain peaks) began to fall, I packed up all of our stuff and put it on a barge headed south. I wasn't sure I would return, but I knew Mandy wouldn't — at least under the same circumstances. I went home. The three big boxes were sitting in my parents' garage. I loaded them into my car and went to Mandy's mother's house, where she was living. I opened each box and began separating her stuff from mine (I had been in too big a hurry to do it when I packed). Mandy watched, setting her stuff aside as it surfaced. "We're breaking up aren't we?" she calmly asked me. I looked at her. She was sad, but I was determined. It wasn't only that she had defaulted on our agreement. The relationship had paled anyway. I confirmed that our relationship was over. "I guess I fucked up, huh?" The tears began to ooze silently from her eyes and ran down her cheeks. We hugged and kissed once more.

We talked as we finished dividing our possessions. I can't remember what I told her. I know I didn't tell her the truth, that she just didn't turn me on any more. We parted. We didn't part angrily, however. I found work for the rest of that winter in a town just east of the mountain range that divides the state. I was living in a cheap motel that had weekly rates. On weekends, I would drive home and party with Jerry, Chris, and other friends, both old and new. Occasionally, Mandy would show up and we'd always spend some time together.

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