Gerald's Infidelity

by Jessy19

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man thinks having a wife and mistress is a gift. He soon discovers the ugly truth of infidelity.

This is a true story. All names have been changed to protect identities.

Gerald Gordon had it all. He had just turned 46 that year and was a successful criminal lawyer. He was married to his beautiful wife Margo and had two well-behaved children; Myra who was 15 and Ryan who was 17. To top it all off, he also had a gorgeous 27-year-old mistress named Elle. He'd started seeing Elle over two years ago when she became his personal secretary. Everything was going as planned. He had his sweet dedicated wife at home and his sexy siren girlfriend at the office. It was as if he was living out every man's fantasy.

As time was passing, he noticed Elle becoming more clingy and whining all the time about why he couldn't leave his wife and be with her instead. Gerald always had to calmly explain himself with a bunch of gibberish. He knew deep down he was afraid to lose his wife of 22 years. A wife that cooked for him, washed his clothes, had his children and did everything that a wife was suppose to do. How could he ever leave her for a young girl who he liked a lot but not loved?

Late one night Elle and Gerald were busy getting it on in Gerald's office. It was past 6 P.M. that night and Gerald knew his wife would be at home waiting for him with a nice warm supper.

"Mmmm oh god you turn me on!" Elle exclaimed as Gerald kissed her neck and slowly removed her white button up blouse.

"You smell so sweet baby! I can't wait to lick that cunt of yours!" Gerald rasped sliding one of his hands between Elle's legs.

Her blouse was finally coming off and she wore a sexy white lacey bra underneath that unhooked from the front. With one slight movement of his finger, Gerald managed to let her bra unhook and her gorgeous DD breasts came flying out. He leaned down sucking on her dark pink nipples and rubbing his hand between her legs.

"Mmm yeah! OH yeah! I'm so hot for you babe! I'm so fuckin' hot!" Elle moaned with her pretty green eyes focused on her lover.

Gerald glided his tongue around Elle's pert nipples. He took turns sucking on each one and was slowly pushing her panties to the side letting his finger slip in her wet pussy. Elle arched her back as she sat on top of Gerald's desk. Her moans became louder when Gerald started thrusting his finger in and out of her pussy. She'd shaved that day he could tell. She felt so baby smooth and sweet.

Elle tugged on Gerald's tie loosing it and undoing his white button up shirt. It wasn't long until Gerald's muscular chest was exposed. He still wore his tie loosely around his neck and Elle continued to strip him as she viciously started to undo his belt and pants. Gerald pulled Elle's white thong off and slid it down her long tanned legs. Her long blonde hair was a mess now and her eyes were full of lust.

He loved looking at her getting hot over him. Nothing gave him more pleasure. Finally her pussy was panty free and he felt Elle grab his cock from under his boxer briefs and start to guide it to her aching pussy.

"I want it Gery. I want it so bad!" She cooed.

Gerald smiled wickedly at her. "Well then shove it in your pussy you pretty slut."

She moaned and did just that. She bit her lower lip feeling Gerald's cock entering her pussy. She loved the way he felt inside of her. Having had a few good lovers in her lifetime, she knew non compared to Gerald. He was a real man that new how to please a woman.

His cock was rock hard and now slowly easing in and out of her wet cunt. He loved the way she felt so warm, and tight. Even after all the fucking they'd ever done, she felt as if she was chaste. He put his hands on her waist and picked up his speed. He was pumping his cock hard inside of her. She clenched her pussy turning him on even more. They were enjoying their hot sex, when the phone rang. Gerald growled in agony but knew he had to answer it since it might be Margo calling him.

He reached for his phone and covered Elle's mouth. He couldn't stop fucking her since she felt so damn good.

"H-hello," Gerald answered in a rushed voice.

"Honey? You still at work? I've got dinner cooked here for you. I made your favorite meatloaf." Margo's voice was sweet.

"Y-yeah mmmm sounds good!" He moaned accidentally.

"Are you Ok Gerald? I hope they don't have you working too hard there at that firm."

"Oooh no! I'm just great!" He continued his hard breathing. "I just finished running to the phone that's all. I'll be home in about 45 minutes darlin'."

Margo stayed silent for a minute vaguely hearing some noises. A sound of a female it seemed. "Oh Ok. I'll wait for you then. I'm gonna go ahead and let the kids eat then."

"Bye hun." Gerald hung up the phone quickly and flung his head back feeling his balls tighten up.

"Yeah! Cum in me Gery! Oh baby let me have you sperm!" Elle wailed.

Gerald's cock soon released hot long spurts of cum hard inside of Elle. "Arrgggghhh fuck! Yeah! Ahhhhh baby!"

Elle closed her eyes and her lips parted letting out her own orgasm. Gerald could feel her pussy clench his cock hard letting his cock milk out more cum.

"Ooooh! I'm c-cuming! I'm fuckin' cuming!" Elle screamed loudly.

Gerald loved to hear her high-pitched squeals and screams when she came. Nothing made him hotter than that. Her legs were still wrapped around his waist as she licked her lips trying to recover from her hard climax. Gerald slowly put her long legs down and fell back on his big leather chair catching his breath. He could see Elle's chest heaving up and down and her gorgeous nipples still hard.

"Oh man that was hot!" Gerald gasped.

Elle raised herself up and smiled at her lover. "So that's it huh? Now you gotta run home to that wife of yours right?"

Gerald rolled his eyes. "Oh Elle not again."

She began to put her clothes back on and adjust her jewelry. She looked and admired the emerald stoned bracelet that Gerald had bought her for her birthday. She'd finally found the perfect man but damnit he was married.

"Ok I'll shut up for now but we really gotta talk about this Gerald. I mean I would like to get married soon and maybe start a family. I got this great paying job thanks to you and lots of money saved so I am ready."

Gerald began to get dressed and tried to ignore her. It was like this every time after they made love. He hated that.

"You know how much I hate leave you Elle, but I do have to get going. Look let's go out to dinner tomorrow night what do you say?"

She shrugged and slipped on her black leather jacket. "Yes sounds lovely."

She was about to walk out and Gerald caught her by her arm and pulled her close to him. He looked at her pretty face and leaned down to give her one of his famous powerful kisses. She kissed him back weakly. He searched for a smile and pouted his lips like a little boy begging for forgiveness. She quickly gave in and giggled.

"I hate you Gerald Gordon. I hate you so much that I've fallen head over heels for you!" She wrapped her arms around his neck tiptoeing to kiss his nose.

"Now that's my girl. I like to see you happy."

She held him close never wanting to let go. He was married, but he made her feel so good anytime she felt down.

Gerald arrived back home close to eight o'clock that night. The porch light was on and he stepped into his beautiful two-story home ready to be greeted by his beautiful wife. As soon as he stepped in she was the first person he saw. She stood there wearing her soft white low cut sweater and a pair of jeans. Her brown shoulder length hair was down and her blue eyes glowed as she looked at him. She was smiling at him with open arms.

"Hi sweetheart," She whispered throwing her arms around her husband.

Gerald held her close and could feel her warmth and beauty. "Hi honey. I'm sorry I was late."

As Margo held her husband she got the very light scent of woman's perfume. Again she ignored it. "It's ok I've got your plate still warm and waiting for you."

They walked into the kitchen and talked about what they had done all day. She loved hearing about some of the cases her husband would work on and he loved to hear all about how the kids were doing in school and how their son Ryan was about to graduate and head on off to college.

"Honey where are Myra and Ryan?" He asked looking around.

"Ryan is in his room doing some homework and Myra is in the den watching some reality show."

As they chatted, Myra walked in with her long brown hair in a ponytail humming a song.

"Hey daddy," She said sweetly.

Gerald hugged his daughter and she sat with them at the dinner table.

"Daddy, I need to ask for a favor and please try to say yes."

Gerald looked at his daughter with doubt. She was growing to be a beautiful young lady just like her mother. He only hoped she would never turn out like Elle and mess around with a married man.

"Uh oh it sounds serious. What is it?"

Myra smiled shyly and Gerald could see her braces. "Well uh you know Josh? Our new next door neighbor?"

Gerald nodded. "Yeah."

"Well he asked me to go out with him next Friday. Can I go?"

Gerald frowned. "Myra you're only 15 of course you can't go."

She got up immediately looking at Margo for support. Margo just shrugged. "I'm sorry honey, but whatever your father says goes."

She pouted. "Oh please! I mean other girls my age already date!"

"Myra I said no. I'm sorry you are still too young to date. Wait until your at least 16. Just one year OK?"

Myra just stomped out of the kitchen groaning under her breath. Gerald knew it was for the best to keep his daughter away from boys. She needed to concentrate on her schoolwork. He felt bad for preaching something so strict when here he was messing around his wife not setting a good example for his own children.

After dinner and a nice warm shower, Gerald joined his wife in bed. She wore her sexy long satin pink nightgown that showed her ample cleavage. He was already tucked in bed and she was putting up her book she was reading and began to turn off the lamp.

"No please leave it on. I wanna make love tonight Margo." Gerald rasped.

She smiled and touched her husbands face. "I love you Gerald. Please do make love to me."

Gerald pulled his wife on top of him caressing her silky hair and pretty face. For being 45 she looked more like 35. Her face was a flawless as the first time he'd met her back in college.

"Margo say you'll never leave me," Gerald begged softly.

She laughed. "Now that's a hell of a thing to say sweetie. I'm you're wife I could never leave you. Remember we made our vows for better or worse."

He sighed. "Yes. I remember. The day I married you was the happiest day of my life. I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful, beautiful, intelligent and did I mention beautiful wife?"

She kissed his lips softly. "And I'm lucky to have such a sexy, smart, and caring husband."

They began to kiss passionately. Their tongues met in each other's mouth while they were losing themselves in this hungry kiss. It'd been over a week since they'd had sex and Margo was aching for her husband to be inside of her. She'd given up on vibrators. She was ready for some real male meat in to be penetrating her.

Gerald rolled her over and now lay on top of her. He picked up her long nightgown just above her waist. She was wearing some creamy white cotton panties that made her seem so innocent. He slid them off her and looked into her blue eyes. "I love you so much." He said just before he dove in between her legs to lick her sweet pussy.

She had such a beautiful pussy. It was almost bald with just one strip on light brown hair to decorate it. He licked her up and down her slit making her shiver. Margo moaned softly holding on to her husband's head running her fingers through his hair.

"Yes honey like that! Mmm more! Lick me!" She whined.

Gerald's tongue plunged into his wife's fuck hole wiggling in and out furiously. Margo's petite body squirmed on the bed. She unbuttoned the top of her gown to let her breasts free. Her nipples were already hard and she played with them; pinching on them and trying to get them into her mouth while her husband ate her pussy.

Gerald was intoxicated by her smell and her taste. He could stay between her legs forever and be in complete bliss. Her juices were already coating his lips and tongue as he flicked his tongue on her swollen clit.

"You're delicious Margo. So tasty!" He kept his lips now sucking on her clit and her moans intensified.

He looked up and smiled. "Shhh you don't want to wake the kids up do you?"

She giggled softly and tried to keep her moaning down.

Gerald ate her pussy a little longer until he couldn't hold back his own excitement. He got up and pulled her towards him. He pulled his pajamas down and stuck out his cock ready to fuck his wife.

"Yes Gerald give me your cock! Just ram it in me!" Margo begged.

Gerald plunged his cock deep in his wife's pussy feeling her pussy tense up right away. He loved when he spent over a week not fucking her because she'd get tight again making him feel so good.

His cock went in and out of Margo's pussy so violently. She loved the way he fucked her hard and rough. She wrapped her legs harder around his buttocks pushing him more inside of her.

"Yeah put me more inside of you. I want all of that sweet cunt of yours baby," Gerald gasped picking up his rhythm.

Hard thrusts were invading Margo's pussy. She closed her eyes to try to keep from screaming her pleasure. She could feel her pussy pulsating around her husbands cock.

"Oooh I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!" Margo cried out.

Gerald saw her purse her lips trying to keep from moaning and he leaned down to kiss her. She moaned muffled into his kiss. He could feel her juices oozing out fast and making him want to cum.

Gerald didn't stop. He had too much energy to stop. He kept fucking Margo knowing she was so weak from her orgasm. Margo did feel weak but didn't want her husband to stop. She loved the way he felt inside of her. His hard cock was the one thing she couldn't resist.

Elle got home late that night. Right after work she'd gone down to a little bar downtown to drink and think. All she could do was think about Gerald. It was her luck to have found such a wonderful and intelligent man, but of course he was married.

She opened the door to her mother's home. She'd gone to live with her mother over two years ago since her mother became a widow. The house was dark and silent. She tiptoed past the living room and that's when she saw the lights come on.

"Good heavens Elle, I was worried about you." Enid Mitchell said to her daughter. She stood there with her glasses and an old cotton robe with her arms crossed.

"Mom! You're still up?"

"Yes I am. Now that I see you're OK, I'm going to bed now."

Elle was relieved for a minute that her mother would not interrogate her with questions of he married lover, but she knew that would be too good to be true.

"Now I hope you weren't out there spending time with that married man. Elle you need to find someone else."

Elle groaned. "Oh mom do we have to go through this again? I wasn't with Gerald OK? I was with some friends."

Enid didn't believe her daughter. She knew her daughter was in for major heartbreak. She only wished her daughter would see reality and leave that man before he did any more damage to her.

The next morning Gerald had showered once again and stood in front of the mirror combing his dark black hair. He was glad he wasn't going bald like a lot of men his own age. His blue eyes looked back at him and he smile with satisfaction looking at his still very well shaped body. Going to the gym three times a week helped keep him in shape.

"Hurry honey, your breakfast will get cold!" Margo yelled from downstairs.

Gerald fixed his tie and headed off to eat. Ryan and Myra were already eating and Myra still had a pouty look on her face. Ryan was bouncing a basketball on the floor and immediately stopped when his father entered the kitchen.

"Hey dad." Ryan said taking a sip of his orange juice.

"Hey Ryan. Hi Myra."

Myra just waved and Gerald ignored her being upset with him. Ryan was finished with his cereal and Myra was finished with her toast. They both got up and left to school. Gerald had bought his son a small truck for his 17th birthday but he was to take his sister to school everyday.

"Bye Dad,"Ryan said rushing out.

"Bye Daddy," Myra said lightly patting Gerald on his shoulder.

"Have a good day kids," Gerald yelled out as he read his newspaper.

Margo sat next to her husband drinking her coffee in silence. "Will you be coming home early today?" She asked curiously.

Gerald put the paper down and ate some of his eggs. "Probably not. The Morgan case is taking so much time out of me."

Margo didn't argue. "Oh OK so I shall eat dinner with the kids then? I was thinking of taking them out to eat tonight."

"Yeah go ahead. You deserve a break from the kitchen."

She smiled and put her hand over her husbands. "Thanks."

Gerald looked down at his watch and gasped. "Oh man it's almost 8:30, I have to get going to beat that traffic. I'll see you later on tonight hun." He got up and kissed Margo lightly on the lips.

Margo walked her husband out and watched him leave. She knew he was a busy. She understood that very clearly.

Gerald arrived to his office and found Elle sitting at her desk taking his messages. He walked past her and smiled signaling her to come to his office. She smiled and after her phone call rushed over to her lover's office.

"Mmm how is my working man today?" She said in a sexy voice throwing her arms around him.

"I'm great and how is my favorite secretary?" Gerald kissed her lips softly.

"Oh I'm fine. So what's the news today?"

"Well I've gotta make some phone calls for some of the witnesses in the Morgan trial and then I have a long day filled with interviews. I have to go visit some of these witnesses since most of them don't have phones."

"Aww so you're going to be away all day leaving me here all alone?" She pouted playfully.

"Well I'll make it up to you tonight. We'll stay here and order some Chinese and then make love until late at night? What do you say?"

She looked a bit disappointed and just nodded slowly.

"Elle? What's wrong? Has you're mother been telling you things again?"

She looked away. "Yes. I think she's right too Gerald. I mean I need to know if you are going to marry me or not."

Gerald groaned in agony. "Here we go again. I told you it takes time. I'm gonna eventually tell my wife about you and then ask for divorce. I've got two teenage children to think about Elle."

She tried to fight back her tears. "Ok fine. But I do want to marry you and have children with you Gerald. Ever since I can remember I've wanted a big family."

He walked behind her putting his arms around her. "Yes baby I know. Don't worry soon I will leave my wife and be with you. I promise."

Elle wanted to believe him but something deep down told her it was all lies. He'd never leave his wife. Yet Elle would not stop until he became hers.

"Elle I told you men like that are not going to commit to a relationship! Men like that just like to mess around. They like the best of both worlds." Rayanne, Elle's friend was advising her during lunch.

They sat in a cozy little restaurant by the beach that sunny afternoon. "Rayanne, I love him. Don't you know how much I do?"

Rayanne scoffed. "Yeah I know you do but those kind of relationships are dangerous Elle. I mean what if his wife goes psycho on you or something, cuz believe me she knows her husband is messing around. Maybe she doesn't know it's with you but she definitely knows. Married women know these things."

"Rayanne, you don't know how much I love him. I mean he's all I think about and he's my dream man. And I'm gonna tell you a secret but please don't tell anyone."

Rayanne listened. "Yeah?"

"Well, I've stopped taking birth control so I can get pregnant. Maybe then he'd get the guts to tell his wife about us and ask for divorce. I know family means a lot to him."

Rayanne shook her head. "Elle that is so despiteful! How could you trick a man into knocking you up?"

"Well you got any other suggestions? He's obviously not budging and I've got my own life to think about. I don't wanna get married when I'm older and not be able to have kids."

"Elle your exaggerating. You will get married hun."

"Yeah to who? Some loser guy? I don't have time to be on the dating scene. I've done that already and I just met a bunch of losers."

Rayanne listened attentively to her friends' pleas. She knew Elle was right about the dating scene. She too had some difficult times and being 29 years old and single wasn't as easy as the thought it would be. Elle had to do what she had to do.

"Oh yeah! Suck it like that baby!" Gerald moaned while Elle sucked on his dick.

Her beautiful green eyes looked up at him and he stroked her pretty face. Her full lips were wrapped tightly around his cock. She could feel the bumps of his veins as she moved her mouth up and down his long shaft.

"Hmmmm oooh fuck you suck cock good Elle. You're so beautiful my precious little slut." Gerald continued enjoying his blowjob.

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